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  • There are some bad plastic surgery decisions going on - Kim Novak what have you done, you had cheekbones to die for - mature gracefully please as you would have looked younger


    • The broadcast was more entertaining than I was expecting (not a huge Ellen fan) but there was not a single surprise amongst any of the winners. American Hustle lost momentum awhile ago and Jonze, McConaughey, Blanchett, Leto, and Cuaron have won their respective categories every time out up to tonight. They're all deserving so it's not necessarily bad, just kind of boring. Oscar selfie and Pitt passing out paper plates were my favorite parts. Bette Midler was actually my least favorite part because that was not the time to be a diva. Followed by Travolta fucking up Idina Menzel's name.


      • The pizza and the super famous selfie were my favorite parts of the night. I also liked Ellen bagging on JLaw for falling again because of course she did.

        Leto's speech was also really well done even though you could tell it was verray practiced. He obviously got word about people criticizing his GG speech which was all, "Me, me, me, my art, me, me, me, yay trannies!" and course corrected throughout the season with each speech getting better as we got closer to the Oscars.

        I loved Cate stating emphatically that movies with predominantly female casts are legit money makers and that calling them "niche films" is straight up patriarchy bullshit.

        No one's dress made me gasp with delight, sadly. Obvs we're still missing after parties, but from the pics and the show, so far my best dressed was Emma Watson and it's not like her dress was so amazing or anything. She looked really great in it and her hair and makeup team sent her off looking like a true stah, but if Lupita had worn this...

        ...I probs would've needed someone to revive me with smelling salts. It was my dream dress for her. She looked nice tonight, but eh, it wasn't anything all that special and looked like a million other award show dresses I've seen in previous years.

        NY Mag has a great slideshow of all the dresses complete with designer info.


        • GUH! That dress hurts so good.


          • I read on tumblr that Lupita Nyong'o designed her dress. I'll go check. (I was wrong. Prada designed it for her. Sorry). I really liked it anyway. I think I only hated Angelina Jolie's and Julia Roberts'dresses so far.

            I think the Oscars did a good job with the awards this year. Predictable yes, but worthy somehow?
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            • Lupita said on the red carpet that she had a hand in designing it and implied she picked the color.
              Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


              • On the whole, it was a very lackluster Oscars, fashion-wise. Feels like everyone played it pretty safe.

                I think I preferred some of the after party dresses. An amazing number decided to change:

                I like this on AH better than what she wore to the actual Oscars:

                Same with AK:

                KBell was amazing either way:

                Elizabeth Moss was . . . um . . . .:

                TaySwift! GORGEOUS:

                Nope, on Olivia Munn. Nooooooope.:

                There were a lot of nopes, actually. Kate Beckinsale:

                Rosie Huntington-Whitely:

                Paula Patton:

                Honey, if there is more illusion netting than actual fabric to your bodice, that's a NOPE.

                But for Lupita, I liked her Oscar dress better than her after-Oscar dress:


                • Okay, but this is gorgeous.


                  • Price recaps the Oscars:

                    Poor Travolta. He has dyslexia, you know! Plus, all the crazy and probably also pills, but whatever.


                    • A couple more happy, fucking adorable couples.

                      (Shut up.)


                      • I can not figure out why I don't like Sudeikis and OW. They seem friendly and fun, but for some reason, I find them insufferable and cloying? But on a rational level, I fully recognize that they're not that different from my #1OTP, so I don't know. My taste is so weird.


                        • GAH. Mindy and BJ were flirting so hard on the red carpet before the party. I'm not crazy about the peplum but Mindy looks pretty fab.

                          I like OW a lot but I don't really know why. I feel like Sudeikis is probably a douche monster but she must have some crazy he tempers and I think becoming parents will humble them. They were cute on Celebrity Game Night, obvs charmed by each other but not overly cutesy couple-y at all.
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                          • See, I love them both! First of all, she is super out of his league and he knows it. Mostly I love that he's from my hood and he represents like The J in maple leaf shorts. Like, it warms my cold heart whenever he, Riggle and Rudd come back to do charity events specifically for a children's hospital here, and they're allllways catching a local game, tweeting about the hometown, rocking tees from local businesses... I also met him outside the Conan tour and he was v. sweet.

                            Oh! And on their last visit, TMZ (I can't believe TMZ sent someone here) got vid of them singing karaoke at a dive. I just want to be couple friendssss.
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                            • OW seems wayyyyy into him. She giggled like a schoolgirl on a first date every time he made a lame joke on the red carpet. It kinda won me over. It reminded me of this time that my gal pal posted a vid on FB of her husband doing something stupid to make her laugh and I didn't even think he was funny but she was dying laughing in the background and for the first time in real life I was like: aw, I ship them together (even though they've been married for a decade). She just loves him and its adorbs.

                              Ok, let us speculate: I know nothing about BJ and Mindy IRL but one of those two is keeping them from being together and I don't know which one.
                              Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                              • I feel like it's BJ's fault. I feel like if we trapped the two of them in an elevator for a few hours to work things out, Mindy would not even be mad. She'd probably high five us.

                                Love OW and Sudeikis with no shame. They are just perf.

                                Perhaps her Italian prince was on the serious side, so a legit funny man is just what she needs now. Lots of laughter stored up.