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  • So I'm super bummed that Boyhood lost Best Director and Best Film. I just loved the SHIIIIIIIT outta that movie and I've now seen it 3x and just keep on loving it more. I know I'm probs mega biased because it's basically one giant love letter to so many of the parts of Texas that I love, love, love (my hometown, my alma mater and Austin, my Lastros, Big Bend) but man, the filmmaking on Linklater's part was magnificent too. The story felt seamless and flowed beautifully and I just wanted to keep living out those characters' stories. Like, I could have watched that Coltrane kid all the way up to his move into assisted living, you know?


    • I completely agree Issie! I loved it so much and let out an audible OH NOOOOOOO when it didn't win for best editing because I saw the writing on the wall. A very concentrated smear campaign against it worked (like a totally bizarre piece in the Times two weeks ago about how it was just a knock off of the Seven Up documentary series??) and that makes me sad.


      • Cosigning both your posts.

        I haven't loved a film the way I love Boyhood in a long, looooong time (and I'm not usually a Linklater fan.)It was flat out sublime from start to finish. I got so excited when it looked like it would take the big one and increasingly antsy as Birdman gained momentum in the last couple weeks. Last night I continued to hold out hope but once Sean Penn walked out I knew it was over. It also doesn't help that I hated Birdman.

        If I had to evaluate the best pic nominees from best to worst-- Boyhood, Whiplash, Selma, Imitation Game, Theory of Everything, Birdman, Grand Budapest Hotel.
        I didn't see American Sniper.

        ETA: One of my fave things about Boyhood was the local TX casting like FNL did hence appearances by Pam Garrity and Street's baby mama, Erin.
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        • when it didn't win for best editing because I saw the writing on the wall
          I should have been smart like you when this happened because I did yell at my TV like, "WHAT? 12 years of footage cut together perfectly, assholes!" But I still held out hope so when Birdman won, I was all, "BOO, YOU WHORES!"

          And it's not even like I hated Birdman, I thought it was a good movie and I'm glad I watched it. But in comparison to Boyhood, I just did not care that much about it. But its story of a washed up actor getting super powers or whatever probs really spoke to the insecure hearts of many of the academy voters. By BPing Birdman, they were really just rewarding themselves. Which, I mean, typical, you know? That's how I'ma rationalize it anyway.


          • See, I never considered Boyhood would win Best Editing and figured it would be the one "big win" for a Best Pic nominee that had no hope of winning Best Picture, in this case either Whiplash or American Sniper. I was really happy with the Whiplash win. Even Inarritu winning didn't seal it for me because they've split director/picture the last few years. But the category presenter really telegraphed it like when Michael Douglas presented for 03 and Chicago won (another totally ridiculous BP win.)

            I think it's interesting that none of the major nominees were shut out and every picture went home with something but also interesting that considering some suspected American Sniper might sneak in and take it all, it's only win of the night was a technical award.

            This year was like bizarro world for me. Normally I don't like Linklater's films but loved Boyhood, do like Inarritu's films but hated Birdman, hate when a gimmicky biopic perf wins over an original character but thought Redmayne deserved it over Keaton, hate when Harvey hijacks it but felt Imitation Game could've had more recognition, etc.

            I thought NPH did fine and I'm not really a NPH fan. Hosting the Oscars is a totally thankless gig.


            • I haven't watched a lot of this year's noms yet, but GBH winning for makeup over Foxcatcher and Guardians? My eyes rolled so hard they hurt.