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    Word about Charlize's "tan," Issie. Bitch was orangier than KH on her orangiest day. I didn't really notice SB's as much, but the shtick she and Travolta were doing was painfully unfunny.

    Uma clearly traveled back in time to steal her outfit from the wardrobe truck of The Pirate Movie. She was the only one who I thought looked startlingly bad.

    I wasn't crazy about Garner's dress but at least she decided to spare her boobs from the smooshing they usually get come Award Show time.


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      I was sleepy last night and forgot to mention my other big winner, fashion-wise: Angelina Jolie. Mr. V & I were both very appreciative of her entire look.


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        Depp sporting his 21 Jump Street 'do again.

        Hee! I actually said that to Mr. Is!

        Eh, I hate it when movies sweep because I wanted The Mighty Wind song to win.

        What was up with Bill Murray's reaction to losing?

        Y'all know I don't like CZJ but she was crazy beautiful last night.

        Rene Zellweger seemed so nice in her acceptance speech. Maybe I'll start to like her. Except every time I see a clip of her from that movie I cringe because it seems like an embarrassing performance.

        I sniffled over Chalize's acceptance speech because her mother killed her father to protect her. *sob*

        Could Billy Crystal have SUCKED any harder? I hated that stupid song at the beginning and just about everything else.

        And who was that guy Billy Bush (?) during the preshow? He was being really obnoxious/offensively sexual with the ladies.
        Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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          Geez. I just finished watching the delayed telecast. Now I have a headache. Or I deserve an Oscar.

          Totally agree with the Zeta-Jones gorgeousness. I think it was because she had her hair down. Made her look young again. Zellweger still bugs. I'm sick of her 1940's gowns. They're lovely but I couldn't tell the difference between tonight's and some other award show gown of hers, either the Emmy or SAG awards.

          Someone asked what's with the trains? I'm asking what's with the pale antique gold lately? Love it as a colour but there's not many white people that can wear it.

          The highlight of the night for me was seeing Cusack. Even though he doesn't look white hot in a tux, I can't recall ever seeing him at an Oscar show before. No Ewan (*sniff*), and I much prefer Depp grungy so after the glimpse of Cusack I had to gush over the women. Although I wanted to whack Sarandon for leaving her strap down. I hate the intentional unintentional look.


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            BB was annoying in the limo with Keisha (and her mother looked so bored). And I wanted to kill him when he introduced Keisha to JD - simply because the kid sounded like she wanted to die of embarassment and he just seemed to get off on teasing her.
            And what was up with Elijah Wood saying he wanted to tear the diamond dress off Maria Menudos? I was sort of thinking "Oooookay." jeesh.
            But I only got to watch a half hour of the show - I had to turn in early because I had to get up at 4 a.m.

            But I do have it on tape - I might watch some of it when I get home. I've seen some clips at work and other than a few WTF? I've been wondering if Julie Andrews has had any knife work. Her face looked kind of strange during the Jim Carry/Blake Edwards stuff. The debate at work is over Diane Keaton's wardrobe: why does she wear scarves and gloves? I think it is because she's got a wrinkly neck and old lady hands.


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              Hee! to Adrien Brody popping a breath mint before announcing the best actress winner.

              Yeah, that's all I got.


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                I'm happy for the Lord of the Rings people and everything, but I get bored during award shows when one movie wins everything. I like to see some variety.

                And I personally thought all the Best Song nominations were so boring, except the one from The Triplets of Belleville which I liked a lot.

                I was also confused about what was going on with Bill Murray when he lost. Whatever he was doing, he seemed kind of jerky.

                I Jack Black and Will Ferrel.

                And Adrien Brody is always the cutest.


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                  I want to see "You're Boring" as a write-in candidate for the Best Song category at next year's show. Everytime someone goes over on their speech time from now on, I will automatically think of that song. I wonder if the mp3 is up yet.

                  *runs to WinMX

                  I'm glad that LOTR won everything because I wanted that whole team to be recognized for all their years of work on one project, but I was bummed at the lack of surprises all night long. I knew my little Keisha had no chance against Charlize, but man, I would've loved to see the crowd reaction had she won.

                  Also, I'm tired of seeing these mediocre actresses win Best Actress every year just because they're willing to be uglified/white-trashified. Julia, Halle, Nicole, and even Charlize are all pretty and semi-talented, but Best Actress? In any year? No. As with all things, I blame Gwyneth who seems to have started the trend when she robbed Cate Blanchett of her deserved Oscar back in the day.


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                    I felt sorry for Bill Murray at first, but he could have done a much better job of pretending to be gracious and that bugged me. I was hoping he would win cause I like him, but I'm not that sad that Sean Penn won cause he rocks in everything he does. Suck it up, Bill.

                    I thought the show was kinda limp this year. I mean, I liked the blowout wins for LotR (I'm sure that's a surprise), but even at that I wish there had been some surprise in the song category or something. (None of the biggies, though, I'm fine with no surprises there this year). I think the problem is that there was very little entertainment beyond the awards, the nominated songs and the (necessary but numerous this year) odes to the dead. I know I roll my eyes when they do too many production numbers, but one would have maybe livened the show up a little. I actually blame the whole thing on Sophia Coppola and Renee Z. They were both so lifeless, they dragged down the whole thing.


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                      <-- is crushing on Angelina

                      Res, I was ranting the exact same thing when BB dragged the girl over to meet Depp. I threw my blanet over my head for her. OMG. for that BB guy. And I don't know who he is either.

                      We were happy for the LoTR crowd but it was sososo boring because of it. Part of me was irked because they already won for FX and stuff in previous years so some of it seemed repetitive.

                      I think Bill Murray got up in the aisle in a mock tantrum and started to leave and by the time the camera got back to him he was sitting.

                      I kind of wanted Penn to thank his Princess Bride. Hee.

                      Charlize deserves the award way more than Gwyneth or Nicole did. At times, I thought she was channeling a bit of Jodie Foster's Accused performance.

                      Y'all lay off Depp's hair! I'm so thankful he didn't wear a stupid hat. He lent it to Diane Keaton.


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                        I believe Billy Bush is a Bush, nephew to senior and cousin to W. Does that explain his behavior?

                        He's a correspondent for Extra or Access Hollywood or one of those entertainment news programs.


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                          I forgot to say that I was also annoyed by what that stupid Bush guy did to Keisha Castle-Hughes. But, I thought Depp was pretty sweet about it, and it made me love him more.


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                            Billy is on Extra (I think) and they always slather all over the celebs yet try to act like they hang in the same circles. It's odd.
                            I wasn't crazy about Garner's dress but at least she decided to spare her boobs from the smooshing they usually get come Award Show time.
                            Word to the Roly. Same thing I said during the show! Hee.

                            I really, really hate the Dead People Clap-Smattering. Clap only at the very end, or STFU.
                            "But my greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live.Ē---Kanye


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                              Mm. I HATED that Billy Bush's behavior! What a smarmy ass!

                              And I LOVED how nice Johnny Depps was to that lil' girl! Awww! He was SO cute, trying to talk to her for a few minutes away from that evil Bush! What is it with those Bush men? Jebus! Everyone at work today was talking about nastay and inappropriately smarmy he was with every female he spoke with!

                              Was Diane Keaton trying to invoke a win by dressing up as Annie Hall? Seriously, it's not the '70s anymore! Get with the now, freakshow!
                              Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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                                Originally posted by isadora
                                I sniffled over Chalize's acceptance speech because her mother killed her father to protect her. *sob*
                                Wait. What?!?

                                I heard Billy Crystal say he hadn't hosted in three years. In a trivia quiz, I'd have said he's hosted every year for the last three! Who the hell hosted them then, Whoopi Goldberg?