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    Originally posted by NeoMaxy
    Everyone I've ever met that is a Conroy fan has cursed her black heart and acrylic nails for that steaming two-hour pile of poo.
    <--- As shown here

    She has a permanent spot on my grudge list for that movie. I will never ever ever forgive her that crime. I mean, did she even read the book?


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      Jumping in late here, mostly to say how boring I thought the telecast was. And the fashion. And the awards themselves.

      The Best Song performances were actually the most enjoyable part of the night for me. I like Alison Krauss, and I really dug the Triplets of Belleville song--how fun!


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        I thought there was a Golden Globes thread but I couldn't find one. Close enough is good enough.

        Scraping the barrel:

        Best Performance By An Actor In A Television Series - Musical Or Comedy
        Charlie Sheen - 'Two And A Half Men'

        How is that show even still on air?


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          I was all set to add a new thread for the Oscars in the TV forum, and then finally figured out why there wasn't one already.

          Hey - it's early, okay?

          ANYway - the reason I got confused was because today was announcement of the announcer of the announcements, and it's Adam Brody. I nearly drove off the road because I was all "Seth? Seth's announcing the Oscars? How? Whu?" and then I realised that it's ADRIAN Brody.



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            Noms are up.

            I've always though that Bening should have won for American Beauty instead of Swank but this year the buzz looks like Swank could steal it again.

            <-- hasn't seen anything



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              Aww, even though I haven't seen Ray I'm so pleased about Jamie Foxx's nomination! He was so sweet when he won at the Golden Globes, I think I even teared up a little.

              <------ such a sap


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                Fiona's got a guy at work who is an ac-tohr, and he's in the BAFTA voting thing (the British oscars), and so we've seen a couple of the noms - namely Vera Drake. I only saw the last 45 minutes, and Fee said the start was kinda slow, but holy fucking shit, Imelda Staunton is amazing. It's so painful to watch, and she's just so damn believable.

                I kinda have it in my head that Swank is a republican, but can't find anything to back it up. Did she not appear on some campaign trail? Therefore I do not want her to win.


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                  I haven't seen Million Dollar Bay and chances are, I'll never see whatever movie Benning is up for, but I gotta say that it totally bitters me out that Kate Winslet still has not won one! I mean, she's so awesome that she probably doesn't care that much, but still!

                  And there's no way she'll win it this year, so the next time she gets nominated, the "we owe you one" rule better apply to her.

                  Only in Hollywood can Le Gwyneth of the Ill-Fitted Pink Dress not only beat Cate Blanchett, but get an Oscar before Winslet and Julianne Moore.


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                    It's weird but I have ZERO interest in MDB. Swank bugs me. I can't help it. I never saw her Crying Game-like movie either.

                    And I, too, feel the Winslet love. She can pretty much do no wrong on screen. She's fantastic and makes interesting movie choices and is always totally believable. She was great in that over the top movie Quills, she was adorable in Titanic and genius in Heavenly Creatures. I just like her in everything I see her in. I like her in movies, on Oprah, in magazine interviews. I don't know that there is another celebrity I can say that about. Hee!
                    Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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                      Sense & Sensibility is my fave KW movie. My sister and I love to watch it while knitting.

                      I want to see MDB for Eastwood and Freeman, not so much for the Swank. And I also want to see Vera Drake because of IS - I've liked her in everything I've seen her in so far.


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                        Have I mentioned my absolute need to see Winslet be Tonks in the HP series? Seriously, she would be awesome! How effective are those online petitions, anyway?


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                          Okay, I made my fabulous bean dip, chocolate chip cookies and a spice cake. Something for everyone coming over to watch the Oscars tonight!

                          I'm considering dressing up just as a joke. Perhaps I'll wait to see what Nicole Kidman is wearing? I do have a black strapless number. I've always wanted to dress up and then just sit in my house so I know how it feels to get all dolled up and then not do anything for hours. Hee!

                          I picked Clint Eastwood over Scorcese in my office game but now I'm wondering if Marty will FINALLY win. Probably not because those jealous Academy bastards hate him! Gah.

                          I have no prizes to give people if they win. Basically one of my friends was like: 'Hey, you should have us over' and I said, "um, okay."

                          The biggest quandry for me is whether to watch Joan & Melissa or Star Jones. I hate Star so much that I will probably enjoy that better than Joan. But the Rivers are at the point where plastic surgery has made them terrifying and that's fun, too. And they are sporting diamond encrusted microphones. Hmmm.
                          Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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                            I see Star on E! and the Thumbs-Up dudes on ABC. Which channel has Joan? Three options muck up my jump button.


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                              I think it'll be Scorcese's win tonight. Clint is a problem, though.

                              I am so nervous for Johnny. Last year it was just silly, him being nominated, but hopefully this is his year.


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                                I found Rivers! Dude, someone needs to take the Madden stylus away from Melissa right NOW. HATE!

                                Adam Duritz' tux was ass and his dreads looked like a snowboarder's jester hat.

                                V, I know! I think it's Jamie Foxx's night though. *cries*