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    Come onnnnnnn, Don Cheadle!
    "But my greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live.---Kanye


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      15 minutes in, and I'm ready to declare Renee Z. worst dressed. My gosh, what a horror.


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        Renee looks HIDEOUS. Not that Pruneface evah looks good, but MAN, she looks particularly stanky tonight.

        I was a little saddened by the E! show. It was hard to effectively hate Star Jones REYNOLDS (hee) when Kathy Griffin was so fucking annoying. UGH, what purpose was she supposed to serve? You know it's bad when I'm getting offended on behalf of actors I don't even like.


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          I saw River in the Lumet montage. *cries*

          I just have to say it's totally weird watching all of this having seen none of the films.


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            I totally would want to do my acceptance speech from knee-deep in the audience. Sigh. I guess it really is just an honor to be nominated.


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              Why is there so much Beyonce on my TV?

              And the 45 second speech rule is total BS for categories that have more than one recipient! They're only giving out one award every ten minutes but the speeches have to be that short?
              "But my greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live.---Kanye


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                Sean Penn is a killjoy.

                Annette Bening is totally ready to cry. For a second, I thought Hilary Swank looked like Morticia Adams and Skeletor had a million dollar baby.

                I'm not interested in those awards either but they should at least be allowed on stage like the others they've been grouping Miss America-style.


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                  Yay for the writers of Eternal Sunshine! Finally a movie I've seen, and loved.

                  I would feel so bad if I was nominated in one of the ghetto categories that don't even get to go on stage. Especially since it's not like this show is running any shorter than in previous years.

                  Poor Johnny. *sob* Though I'm sure Jamie Foxx was very good and all.

                  ETA: I fucking hate Clint Eastwood.

                  And also: they didn't show clips from the nominated films. I can't stand that. This show was weird, though I do love Chris Rock.
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                    *clutches Teen Beat and sobs for Johnny*

                    What's the cross?-Ra?-pin thingy a bunch of them are wearing including Johnny? Don't judge, if it's not made by Carter's, I don't recognize it lately. Hee!


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                      I forgot we had this thread! I'm a dumbass. I totally lost the Oscar pool at my hose because of Clint Eastwood! I had Scorsese and The Aviator all the way, man and I was gloating big time when The Aviator was winning all the tech awards throughout the show. It's the first time since I picked Crouching Tiger over The Gladiator that I've been wrong.

                      The good:
                      Annette Bening lost. Again. Some more. To the Swank. Sometimes life gets it right.

                      Chris Rock making fun of Sean Penn for being an over-serious ass. Now I want him to partner up with Matt and Trey to make a anti-Sean Penn movie.

                      The bad:
                      All the weird mermaid style dresses.

                      Don Cheadle losing. I picked Jaime Foxx in my house pool, but I didn't want him to win.

                      Beyonce and her creepy family

                      P. Diddy's unnecessary presence that served only to prove Chris Rock's Def Oscar Jam joke true


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                        Did Marty S. shit in the middle of the floor at an Academy-sponsored event at some point in the past? Because, seriously, WTF?

                        Renee Z. looked like HELL! OMG!

                        That was too much Beyonce for one evening!
                        Its just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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                          Not having seen it yet, you've all got me worried that if I watch I'll have to witness so much Beyonce. And I'm wondering why?! Was she the singer of one of the nominated theme songs or something? That's about the only reason I can think why she'd even *be* there.

                          Yay for Cate Blanchett. But no, it doesn't make up for that travesty of the non-Queen Elizabeth year.

                          Martin needs to put a horse's head in someone's bed and scare them into giving him one. It'd be 99% odds on he'd deserve it anyway so what the hell.


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                            Apparently Marty is not really all that popular in Hollywood, and Clint is. And the whole thing is just like the homecoming court in high school anyway. I actually had heard during the last few weeks that a lot of people were voting for Clint, so I picked him in my pool. And, apparently, The Aviator isn't all that impressive from a directing standpoint. But that's just what I've been told. But I also had heard there was a Jamie Foxx backlash happening and that Clint might sneak in for Best Actor...but clearly that didn't happen.

                            <---has only seen one movie in a theater in the last year


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                              deux: She performed 3 of the nominated songs last night. For no reason that anybody can name.

                              I love that Chris Rock was not afraid to make fun of Sean Penn and Tim Robbins.

                              Jamie Foxx was so sweet in his acceptance.

                              I liked when one of the tech winners said he was glad there was no fourth installment of LotR. *crazy fangirl moment*


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                                I finished watching it now anyway. "Watching it" is a broad term considering in the meantime I also watched X-Factor, Desperate Housewives and an interview with Prince Frederik and Princess Mary of Denmark. So I saw Beyonce once for a fleeting moment of channel surfing. OMB, that whole show was so boring.

                                My favourite bit was on the pre-Oscar show where an Aussie reporter was interviewing some stylist guy who's the middle-man between the stah and the couturier. She asked if anyone threw tanties. He said of course, that some were known for extremes of it. She asked for names. He refused. She asked for initials. He gave "HH". Hee. How easy is that one! It's as easy as CZJ or RZ!