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  • I actually wouldn't mind if they went to a format in which they only showed the big 15 awards or so. The 4 acting awards, director, screenplays, picture, maybe documentary, animated, and short, and song? Cut it down to a couple of hours and do the others with the tech stuff. I'm a bitch, but I really don't care that the best cinematographer/costume designer/score producer loves his wife and still feels like movies are magical.

    I cared that Leo brought Gisele to a major event and held her hand on the red carpet for the first time and sat on the front row with her in her weird dress that made her look like she was trying to conceal a pregnancy.

    <-- shamelessly shallow


    • Of course, Brando got the biggest applause
      Did anyone else find it bizarre that he didn't get some sort of separate tribute? They did one for Johnny Carson, who was by and large a TV personality, but Marlon fucking Brando just got a few extra clips in the Montage o' Death? The hell? It's Brando! I don't care how much the Academy hated him, his career warranted more than that. Also, they should have put up a shot of Lumiere for Jerry Orbach. And no Seven Brides for Seven Brothers clip for Howard Keel?

      <-- Very critical of the MoD, apparently.

      So Hilary Swank won again. Nice. You see, Kate, it's not enough to turn in consistently wonderful performances in a variety of quality films. You have to make room in your schedule to do things like The Core before they'll give you anything.

      The fashion was v.v. disappointing, IMO. Aside from RZ, who always looks assy to me, nobody looked truly horrible. But nobody looked stunningly gorgeous, either. I think Salma Hayek and Clive Owen were my faves. They should totally date. Mmmmhotness.


      • I'm always hoping the Swank will bust out with "Thanks for firing me Aaron Spelling!"

        I think Brando got so little extra because his death wasn't recent enough! How can we expect Hollywood people to remember something more than six months old? Clearly Johnny was more important since it just happened! (Although I thought the rule for the Death Montage was that it only went calendar year, and Johnny went after the Dec. 31 cut-off.)

        RZ's face seems to be showing the damage of all that recurrent BJD weight gain/loss.
        "But my greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live.Ē---Kanye


        • I think part of the reason Johnny Carson got his own little tribute is because he hosted the Oscars a few times, so he had some kind of relationship with the Academy.


          • I thought the tribute to Johnny was perfectly appropriate (and it made me go "sniff"). They usually do it for the Oscar-to-Oscar deaths, not the calendar year, as far as I can remember.

            Brando they should have done more for.


            • I'm not big on keeping up with these types of things so I've just read that Jon Stewart will be hosting the Oscars this year. And I'm scared! Scared because hosting that event can be such a death knell. Scared because it's such a conservative environment for him and his humour. Scared because I never wanted him to become such a big ticket stah.

              My love for Jon will be on tenterhooks!


              • Did everyone see Busy sitting to Michelle's left in the front row of the Oscars? They are SO CUTE. I love that!

                It would only have been better if TomKat were there! That would have been so fabulously weird! What a photo-op, yo! *sigh* Another year, I guess. I'll have to settle for Beek & The Dirty J at the Emmys if both of those shows come to fruition. Hee. Poor fellas!

                Also? CRASH!? WTFE. I haven't even seen it but I already know it's going to have to be genius for me to get past its tedious and cloying premise. Somehow I don't feel Haggis inspires genius.

                I loved Clooney's speech. It was the highlight of an otherwise dull broadcast. And I'm usually one of those people who are surprised when they hear other people complain about how dull the Oscars are! Generally I find this shit mire entertaining that the average person.

                The only really funny thing Jon Stewart said was about the rap group's number of Oscars (1) as opposed to Scorcese's (0). Heh. That will crack me up for some time.

                So, yes, dull.
                Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                • I thought Stewart's jokes were really funny and I laughed out loud at a bunch of them. The twenty million montages were strange, but I did like the campaign commercials for best actress. "Keira Knightley: acting while beautiful" CMSU and so did the hoity toity British ladies dissing Judi Dench. I liked Reese's speech and teared up a bit when she was talking about just trying to live a life that mattered. I mean, she's so Type A that she probably practiced that line in her bathroom mirror every day last week, but damn if she didn't come off sincere as all hell when she said it.


                  • Crash was not the best movie of the year, at least to me. It didn't annoy me to the same Shakespeare In Love level, but I still think it was SO the wrong choice.

                    I enjoyed the opening with the other hosts, and loved the campaign commercials.

                    But basically it was a year of people that I really like winning, although I didn't think they actually deserved it. With the exception of myReese.


                    • I thought Stewie did a great job. It's just tough playing to such a humorless crowd. Keira Knightley looked so nervous she probably would've thrown up if she opened her mouth to laugh and Charlize...ugh. Like, I know your dress was staging a coup and trying to eat your head, but seriously, crack a fucking smile.

                      I haven't seen Crash, but almost everything I've read suggests that it won because its LA setting and it's "Racism still exists and it's BAD, y'all" message were more relatable to academy members. Whatever. I was bummed for Brokeback but it received plenty of praise and attention and that's all to the good.

                      Is, did you see/hear that Joaquin mouthed, "I love you, River," to the camera when they cut to him while announcing the Best Actor noms? I was expecting your post to be full of flaming nonos over that. Hee.


                      • Are you sure that's what he said? DUDE. I convinced myself he said "Rainbow"!

                        I had a mental block that would not allow me to believe he said "River"! HOLY CRAP.

                        Whatev, Leaf. Whatev.

                        I wonder if Leaf is close to those crazy ass parents of his. I'm going to guess not. They had a pretty tight hold on the brood back in Riv's day but now? I'm guessing not so much.

                        *sob* WHY? WHY? WHY?
                        Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                        • Well, I thought it was all entertaining enuf. Of course, that's probably because I watched it the following morning on Tivo and got it down to about 45 mins. What was up with all the stupid montages? The gay cowboy montage was brilliant, but the others had no real point. And Lauren Bacall made me almost cry. I really don't ever want to get that old, yo.

                          I didn't realize he said "River". Holy crapoloa. I secretly wanted him to be saying "Reese" because the rumors that he fell for Reese during shooting, even though she's a happily married family gal, and that they now have a June and Johnny kind of relationship are all tru enuf for me. That was the only Oscar nom best movie I saw this year, and I didn't even see it until we rented it at our hotel in NY last friday. (And seriously, that movie was Oscar quality why? Just because they did their own singing?)

                          So anyway, I didn't have any opinions on who won for what. I only watch for the dresses, the skits, and the scandal.


                          • This was my deal with Crash-- I liked it as a movie well enough, but I thought it was just too over the top in it's message. I get it, we're all racist. We're all victims and perpetrators. Great. But I just did not find any of the characters relatable on any level, and I live in the city it was taking place. There was a great article I read that said the most insidious type of racism today is the covert kind, not the ridiculously overt stuff that they were peddling in that movie.

                            I saw 3 of the Best Picture nominees (Brokeback, Munich), and I think they were both much better than Crash. Hell, I thought Hustle & Flow was better, even though it wasn't nominated in that category.

                            There's been a lot of controversey here with people accusing the Academy of being homophobic. I don't think that's the case at all. The Oscars are basically just like a big popularity contest. Since pretty much everyone either worked on Crash (or else knew someone who worked on it), they got the most votes.

                            And yes, Lauren Bacall made me that strange combination of horribly uncomfortable and deeply saddened.


                            • See, I loved Crash. Or, at least, I thought it was much better than Brokeback. I liked Brokeback well enough, but thought it dragged most of the way through and I think it's totally overrated. Especially Heath's performance, which I found kind of annoying.

                              I felt that Crash, Capote, and Good Night and Good Luck were all more engaging than Brokeback (Munich I didn't see). I probably would have picked one of the other 2 over Crash, and I was glad Brokeback won the awards it did, I just didn't think it was the best picture of the year.

                              I didn't think he said "River" when I watched it, and I was looking for it, but I'd have to watch it again to be sure.
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                              • OMB I that Michelle was there with Busy and I how all the fashion people Michelle's look. I that she and Heath were *this* close to a his & her Oscar. They were TOO cute together. Take that CuntyFaceFreakyCoat!

                                It also CMSU that almost every crash clip had Ryan Phillipe in it. It was like the clips were edited by a Ryan apologist. "No, no Reese's husband is really talented. Look, he was in an Oscar nomiated movie!" At least he didn't get forgotten like poor Chad.
                                It's all about me and my precious.