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    Yes, EW finally stopped looking at RG like he has the cooties. He did look pretty scruffy in that last movie, though!

    She still watches Harry all the time and that's sort of weirdly nonplatonic but whatevs. It was good times. My audience was sooo into it! They were adorable. They cheered at all the right spots (there was much whooing when Harry kissed the girl) and cheering with Umbridge got road off by the man-goats.

    Fun times!
    Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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      OMB, I so badly want to see this!

      We can't leave the ophykid with a babysitter yet (still months way from that due to her attachment issues), so I've asked mr.o to just drop me off at the cineplex so I can see it by myself next week. Then he can go by himself on a different day and we can regroup and discuss. So complicated! We'll probably have to do the same with the Simpsons movie.


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        Um, HP has gotten kinda hot! I have inappropriate feelings about him.
        Inappropriate? Are you kidding me? Dude, after the last HP movie I started noticing his budding hotness!
        You two are disgusting! He's a CHILD! I would never think such a thing! And I certainly wouldn't go trolling around for pictures of him from the naked play he did last year! And I'm sure those picures weren't totally super hot and didn't make me feel very dirty and ashamed or anything like that.


        I saw it yesterday and I loved it. Easily my favorite of the films. I thought most of the changes they made were great. Loved Luna, loved Neville, hated Umbridge just as much as I did in the book. I totally gasped when she slapped Harry.

        The (few) things that really bugged me:
        -McGonagall being cowed by Umbridge. Um, no way that would ever happen.

        -Emma Watson. I'm sorry, but she's just awful. She doesn't pick up her cues and she huffs out every single line. She was actually better in the first two films than she's been in the last three. It probably wouldn't bother me so much, but Radcliffe and Grint just keep getting better while she's stagnated at PoA-level.

        -Gambon's Dumbledore sucks ass. When he told Harry he "cared too much about [him]" at the end, I almost guffawed. The man exudes no warmth whatsoever. They should've recast the role with Patrick Stewart. He does the detached affection thing very well.

        Other than that, I was very happy. Bring on the snog-fest that is Half-Blood Prince!


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          ITA about EW and Gambon!

          Like you said EW has gone downhill rather than getting better like the other two; DR is still a bit stiff at times (ha) but he is sooooooooooo much better than in the first movie.

          I saw it on a bigass Imax screen this morning. Woo hoo! My only complaint is that the seats didn't recline so this pregnant lady was not too comfortable!

          I agree with yall that they did a good job of condensing the book into the movie. I was pleasantly surprised by the Grawp scenes. I was expecting it to be awful but it wasn't bad. I still think it was completely useless, but oh well.

          I was totally not expecting Dudley to be all gangster wanna be. It cracked my shit up.

          Oh and Cho totally looked like she was not just touched but kicked by Down Syndrome! WTF was that about? But I
          how they kept showing Ginny being all jealous of Cho-Harry. She's a cute girl and all but I really really really hope she has a growth spurt soon since she still looks about 10! I need her to be a little bit older looking to be not squicked out for the Harry-Ginny stuff in the next movie. I that part of the book and I'd love to see proper snoggin'!

          One thing I thought was interesting about the film is how sympathetic they made Harry. I just remember being so pissed off with the book version of him, and they really played down the assholeness of Harry. I guess my consistent gripe with the movies has been it's inability to properly capture the punkassness that I like so much in the book Harry. DR's version is like the kindler gentler Harry.

          Oh and they need to bring back Wood. And Krum. Just for me.
          It's all about me and my precious.


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            My mom came out and we saw this together. It was good! I pretty much agree with everything everyone has said so far. (OMG!! ITA!!)

            I was surprised that they dropped the Kreacher stuff, and a lot of the Grimmauld Place stuff, and weren't Hermione and Ron supposed to be prefects this year? Also, we didn't visit St. Mungo's and see Neville's parents. However, having Cho be the D.A. betrayer (but unwillingly) was actually a nicer and neater solution than how it was handled in the book with Marietta.

            Luna was perfect. Really nice casting.


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              ITA! I totally forgot about the Kreacher stuff! I actually like how he looked, better than Dobby actually, but why did they even bother with him? He has a role in HBP but I'm sure they could write around him. So bizzare now that I think about it. And yeah, I also thought it was kind of strange that they dropped the prefect stuff. It wouldn't have take that much time to explain, and it would have helped reinforce the Harry feels left out thing. I kind of liked the Neville telling Harry approach about the his parents rather than seeing them in the hospital.
              It's all about me and my precious.


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                I'm so happy I can't remember from one book to the next so I don't feel cheated by the movies! Hee!

                I seriously need a HP6 primer so I can figure out where I'm picking up fromm this weekend! Seriously, the ONLY thing I remember about the last book is the big SHOCKING kill at the end. Nothing else. At all.
                Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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                  That's why I went through all six audio-books this spring! I probably should have been listening to HBP this week to refresh, but RL has gotten in the way! How am I supposed to read the new HP when I'm moving into my new house this weekend? Granted, I'm not allowed to lift anything heavy but I can't exactly sit on my ass and read while my husband and two sisters do all the work. Or can I?

                  I may go with them to see HP on the Imax again. None of them have gone to see it yet. Hee!
                  It's all about me and my precious.


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                    One of my oldest BFFs is coming to visit this weekend--and she's been delayed by a day so she might not get here until late Saturday night. I haven't seen her in nearly five years (since my wedding--and she was a bridesmaid!) because she moved to Kansas and then Nebraska. So I was actually happy when I talked to her and she said she was delayed. Because I now start Harry Potter ASAP.

                    I'm a bad person!

                    ETA: There is a Borders on my block--it's literally around the corner. When I drove by it this morning at 8 a.m. there was a line half a block long! WTF?
                    Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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                      They're splitting the last book into two movies! YAY! It should be interesting to see where they do the cut off, but I don't really care. I'm just excited because it means I get to get my PotterGeek on for that much longer. Oh, and release dates are going to be 2010 and 2011.

                      And not that it matters anymore, but I always wanted them to make 4 and 5 into two movies because those books had so much information that really fleshed out the backstory for the secondary and tertiary characters, the ones that superfans had grown to love like Neville and MWPP.

                      I wonder if they'll gay up Dumbledore in the movies in light of Rowling's revelation that he sikritly lurved that other evil genius magician. Probably not, but it'd be awesome if they did.


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                        New trailer up for HBP:


                        Getting a teensy bit excited. IMDB has the release down for 11/21/08.

                        The kid is appropriately kerreeepy - and is apparently Ralph Fiennes' nephew, so there's even a bit of a resemblance.


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                          This is the creepiest trailer they've released for any of the movies. I got chills watching it and I already know what's gonna happen.


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                            It really does look super cool, though I kind of wish Dumbledore's outfit was a little more pimp-y, like it was in the book. I was really looking forward to that.


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                              Half-Blood Prince was pretty good! I think I liked Order of the Phoenix better, but this was definitely up there. I was okay with most of the cuts/changes, I luvluvluved Crazy-in-Love Lavender and Jim Broadbent was fantastic as Slughorn. I wasn't a fan of the character in the books, but holy crap did JB make him interesting and sympathetic.

                              The good:
                              The whole Felix Felicis sequence. Dan Radcliffe was brilliant in those scenes. He should do lots of comedy after the series is finished.

                              Ron playing Quidditch! Ron on Love Potion! Ron complaining about his lips being chapped from snogging so much!

                              Tom Felton brought it as tortured, conflicted Draco. I was really impressed, especially the scene where he sees Katie Bell for the first time after almost killing her with the necklace.

                              Gambon finally seemed to get Dumbledore. Also, the scene in the cave was almost as chilling as it was in the book.

                              Cormac was hot! And hysterically slimy while hitting on Hermione. Dean Thomas was also hot, though apparently mute.

                              The Twins joke shop was great. I just wish we'd seen more of them.

                              The bad:
                              The pace! Oh god, so sloooooooow. The Director is way too fond of those long, silent, zoom-in-on-significant-objects shots.

                              Can people, like, react? To anything? Dumbledore's death was so very...stare, pause, pause, grimace, stare, look up, lift wand. These people cared about the man! They should be crying! Hagrid should be running over howling! WHY IS EVERYTHING SO QUIET?

                              The actress who plays Ginny has been good in previous films. Who fed her valium before her scenes? And could Harry have acted like he was attracted to her and jealous of Dean? "Show don't tell" is one of the basic rules of filmmaking! How about less of him verbally commiserating with Hermione and more of him shooting Dean dirty looks?

                              Um, screenwriter guy? Ron likes Hermione. He's only with Lavender because he's pissed that Hermione dated Krum. So maybe you could've had him get annoyed when Cormac asked for an intro? Or had him say something about not wanting Hermione to date him? It was right there in the books, you know. You could've just copied it.

                              Not enough Voldemort history. I wanted to see the crazy inbred relatives!

                              The last scene made me STABBY. Harry and Hermione stand around planning what they're going to do next while Ron....sits about 10 feet away, snoozing? The three of them are a unit. They're not "Harry and Hermione and that random Ginger Dude they hang with sometimes." Quit marginalizing my fictional boyfriend!
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                                I finally saw it! I liked it. I probably liked the last one better but the movies are improving each one over the last (minus the third movie, which was shit).

                                Anyway, I had many of the same fee fees as Roly. I'm glad Hermione's hair was often disheveled. It was too smooth in the last film and I did not like that.

                                I thought the scene in the cave was great, captured the spooky horror of the book very well! I was surprised the Draco kid pulled off his angst. I really hadn't thought of him as much more than a snarly scenery chewer before.

                                I enjoyed how often the kids got drunk or high in this movie. They each had at least one turn! I don't think I really thought of it that way when I read the book (of course I always read the books in like 3 hours so I could not be spoiled on the evil internets so perhaps I should re-read the series to pick up on actual themes?). Rowling is sly with her ability to introduce adult themes in a way that passes on child-friendly! Ha!

                                ETA: I felt that Dan Rad's make-up was totes distracting. Ease up on the lip gloss and blusher in like 50% of his scenes.

                                ETA2: I thought Jim Broadbent was brill as the potions teacher!
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                                Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.