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    We saw Bad Santa the other night and it was pretty funny. Billy Bob plays a great surly Santa and Lauren Graham was good too. The kid was my favorite, but I couldn't stop marveling at the size of his head. It was GINORMOUS and I felt immediate sympathy for the vag that had to let that monster pass through it.


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      We LOVED Bad Santa. I was so disturbed it did not deter a small Billy Bob crush that's been hanging around since Armageddon.

      I was kinda whatever to Lauren Graham but that may be my burning Lorelai hate.

      Word on the kid's head, Issie. I'm sure the weight would even vex Lipnicki.

      [RANT] to the fucking fuckers that come in at the last minute and make everyone slide around to couple up the single seats. I am so damn sick of these assholes showing up right when the thing starts and expect everyone to help them.

      Our little tiny ass theatre is busy and there is a line for everything, even turkeys. We, being movie whores, have a whole little routine that gets us there in time to get our middle seats by the bar on the first tier because the guys like it for the leg room.

      Last night, this stupid bitch starts cruise directing our aisle pleading for everyone to shuffle and we were no longer center! I kept starting to say something and I kept getting silenced because even though all of us were pissed, they thought I was being confrontational. [/RANT]


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        I loved Bad Santa.

        I went and saw The Last Samurai tonight and I was pleasantly surprised. Tom was a little out of place (and I loath Tom) but he did a really good job with it. I really liked it. Visually it's just stunning.


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          They're having "advanced" screenings of Love Actually this weekend, so I went with my gay boyfriends. I loved the film. Loved Hugh. When did he become so sexy? My goodness, that dancing scene. grrrrrr. I liked the Natalie character and would have liked the Hugh and Natalie section to be longer.

          I must admit that Colin Firth's kissing scenes do absolutely nothing for me. I him. He *is* Mr Darcy, afterall, but the kissing .

          The theatre we went to was packed and just as the movie was about to start this couple walks in trying to find seats. My friend whispers in my ear that omg, that's soandso, one of Australia's wealthiest people. The wife's wearing a Chanel jacket and they cant find a seat. Hee! So, what I want to know is why are they slumming it with the rest of the population when they probably own their own theatre, with better seats?


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            Okay, dude.

            Skip Something's Gotta Give. It was okay, if you're in bed watching some crap movie on TV for mindless entertainment. But, unless you really want to see JN's ass, or that old lady (whatever her fucking name is) fake the strangest orgasm ever ... skip it.


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              Diane Keaton? Watching her have an orgasm ranks pretty highly on my list of Spork-in-the-Eye activities.
              "But my greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live.---Kanye


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                Yes, that's her. And spork in the eye is far too nice of a punishment, more like a hot poker to my kidney.


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                  I went to see Stuck On You Friday and quite enjoyed it. Hee. It was funny. And, okay, I was laughing at stuff that other people weren't, but it was intelligent stuff, I swear! (Which explains why they weren't laughing, don't you know.) Oh, and the movie almost made me cry, too. Bastards.


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                    I've been wanting to watch Something's Gotta Give, but my DK love knows no bounds. No one else around me seems all that interested in watching it though, so I may just wait for the DVD.

                    And the boy's been wanting to watch Stuck on You since we first saw that preview months ago. He's a Farrelly Bros. fan, and I usually think their movies are pretty funny, but I just have no desire to see this one. Maybe it's Greg Kinnear's weird blonde bowl cut? And I can't buy that he's the studly one when his brother is played by Matt Damon.

                    But RotK!!! 2 days! EEEE!


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                      I loved the brothers' dynamic in SoY. The movie was getting a lot of laughs, but there was a strong emotional undercurrent. The brothers Farrelly were obviously as obsessed with Cheng and Eng as my brother was when they were young. The Two doesn't get the credit it deserves. Hee.


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                        I think I would have liked Paycheck better if I hadn't been distracted by Ben's Tiny Teeth. Typical John Woo fare with a little bit of Minority Report and Memento tossed in.

                        I don't think I'd give up three years worth of life and memory for eight figures. But, again, eight figures is soooooo much. I wonder.


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                          Saw Lost In Translation the other night. Bill Murray was great, not sure why SJ is the 'it girl'. Because I've spent some time in Japan I really enjoyed the depiction of being a foreigner there and the way the country is viewed through Western eyes. Made me nostalgic. They were fun times.


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                            Big Fish was this beautiful movie that hit a little close to home for me since I know two guys very much like Edward Bloom IRL. It took me a little to get into it but the end, even though I saw it coming a mile away, had me crying. I was weirded out that men in the theatre were crying, too. That's more unusual. Hee. I thought the cast was perfect and the young versions resembled the old quite well.

                            The man in Spectre playing the banjo theme from Deliverance is the same guy that was a kid when he played it in Deliverance.

                            As I've said before, Ewan and I haven't really gotten on since Trainspotting, but there were moments were he was charming and attractive to me again. That means I'll eventually get over it. Whee!

                            I had trouble with Crudup's scenes though because I think he was such an ass about MLP and her pregnancy. I hate when actors' real life drama creep into my movies.


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                              I have now tried to go see Return of the King four times, and something big and bad happens every time to postpone it.

                              I think it may be in my best interest to wait for video!
                              "But my greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live.---Kanye


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                                NO!! Don't let it wait till video. Think of the HobbitSlash! And the Scenery! And the tears and the scenery!!!

                                All on the big screen, dude!! GO SEE IT!