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  • One ring to rule them all

    We totally need one dedicated place to discuss Lord of the Rings. I've started watching TTT:EE, but I keep getting interrupted by stupid life stuff and haven't made it through yet. Grr. That said, I love that they added the Denethor/Boromir/Faramir scene back in. I Faramir *INFINITY, and I hated that everybody who only knew him from the movies finds him less cool than Boromir (who I find weak). Plus, Eowyn sings! She's the bestest.

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    Well I'll just keep posting and I'm sure somebody will talk to me eventually. Anyway, Newsweek has done a cover story on RotK here. There is some interesting stuff on how New Line was trying to shortchange the actors on their share of the incredible profits. There are also spoilers about what is and is not in the movie. Beware the sidebar if you want to be spoiler-free. I am not spoiler-free: I was dismayed to learn that the Houses of Healing chapter (where Aragorn heals Eowyn) did not make the cut, but I can wait a year for that (considering I've waited 26 years), but I really, really hope this means that The Steward and the King did not get cut - I will *die* if I have to wait a year to see Eowyn and Faramir fall in love. I know they filmed their wedding, so I'm sure it will show up eventually. And this article dispelled my one great fear - that PJ would change it so that Eowyn does not kill the Lord of the Nazgul. That would have left me Monica-style bitter.

    The Saruman stuff I found out about 2 weeks ago and confuses me. If they don't show the Voice of Saruman then how are they going to wrap up his story; how will they get the Palantir?

    I've known about The Scouring of the Shire for a long time and I totally agree with Peter Jackson. I understand thematically why it's needed, but Borrrring.

    Also, I watched commentary on my 3rd viewing of the DVD and apparently PJ originally wanted Uma Thurman to be Eowyn and Ethan Hawke to play Faramir. Thank goodness we dodged that bullet.


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      I watched commentary on my 3rd viewing of the DVD and apparently PJ originally wanted Uma Thurman to be Eowyn and Ethan Hawke to play Faramir. Thank goodness we dodged that bullet.
      Too tru. I was following the production stuff on the net from way back so I remember the whole bruhaha during casting when people thought Uma and Ethan were going to be cast as Eowyn and Faramir. Kermie was LIVID (he :luv :luv :luv the LOTR and hate hate hates Ethan Hawke).

      Oh and thank jeebus PJ changes his mind about Stuart Townsend. Can you imagine that weasel as Aragorn?

      We haven't done the commentary track but I really liked the extended scenes. It added a lot. Like the whole horse whisperer thing. When it came back and "saved" him after he washed up, it explained why a "random" horse picked him up.
      It's all about me and my precious.


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        Watched with the cast commentary today. Dom and Billy Dom is filming a movie in NYC right now (with none other than Jason "Chris Wolf" Behr) and I'm seriously considering a little stalkage. I need help.

        Sean Astin? I've loved you since I was 11 and I'm sure I'll never stop, but seriously? SHUT UP. Gah.

        vanessa, I was really relieved to hear about Eowyn and the Witch King, too, but I disagree about the Scouring of the Shire stuff. I so wanted to see that. Sniff. But then, I'm all about the Hobbits. And Eomer, because Karl Urban is LAVA. Orlando who?
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          I'm all about the people, especially the Rohirrim, so there's our difference. We do not disagree about Eomer and Karl Urban. Mmmmm. He needs to have a bigger part in the movie.


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            Apparently the LotR boys were in Toronto late last week for some sort of promo thing at the Royal Ontario Museum. Since I'm all about the stalking I have no idea what it was about.
            Was in the Roots store on Bloor - they have poster size pics of various celebs that were taken during past Film Festivals - they have one of EW. Also one of Ethan and Uma. hee. I really think they should update those things - there's one of Kim & Alex Baldwin, too.

            <--- really have nothing useful to add


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              vanessa, thanks for the link.

              I hate they aren't going to show to the Houses of Healing. I loved that chapter. I'm also happy about Eowyn slaying the Witch-king. I did want to see the Scouring of the Shire, and the Voice of Saruman. Especially the Voice because, like you stated, how will Aragorn get the palantir? I'm pretty satisfied overall with the movies. Hopefully, Faramir's part will be fleshed out a lot more in this one.

              I can't wait to see how they end it. I'm thinking they'll just have a voice-over showing Frodo in the shire getting sick, Sam getting married, kids, Sam accompanying Frodo to The Grey Havens. Then, Sam walking in his house and saying "I'm back." Maybe with some shots of Legolas and Gimli traveling together, with Aragorn, and what everyone else did afterwards. Anyway it happens, I'll probably be crying.

              Trilogy Tuesday cannot come fast enough for me.


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                Dudes, Karl Urban in RL looks so much like the lizard it scared me. I kind of like him bettah with short dark hair in all the interview stuff. Me fucking Ow.

                Eventhough Kermie was ALL against going out and seeing it opening day, I think we may have to since we CANNOT wait.
                It's all about me and my precious.


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                  I'm all about them being out of their wigs (except Viggo. Orange? Really?). The guy who plays Haldir is pretty yummy with dark hair, too. I didn't find him remotely appealing as an Elf, but when I saw him in one of the interviews, I was all, "Oooh, who's that?"

                  I think I'm waiting until the Saturday after it opens to see RotK, since I have all sorts of work-related Holiday crap I have to go to in the evenings that week. I keep reminding myself that it's just as well, since I hate super-crowded theaters, but I know I'm going to be a huge, geeky mess for those three days, thinking and talking about it nonstop. Sigh. I swear I used to be cool. I don't know what happened to me.


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                    Well, I guess I won't be "cool" like when I saw Episode 1 twice in the first 24 hour period. Wed night may be too crazy. I actually have a real job now, and my sister will be in town during those few days visiting (seeing LOTR is not high on her priority list). I may have to go see it Thursday night, or may be skip out of work Friday to see? I don't know what to do.

                    BDW, Roly, you should TOTALLY stalk Dom and give us a full report!
                    It's all about me and my precious.


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                      I'm going to Trilogy Tuesday, but then I don't know when I'll see it again after. I may wait a week or two because the crowds just bug the shit out of me. I have some concern about the TT crowd, but those will be the serious LotR geeks and hopefully they'll be quiet throughout. Otherwise it's going to be a long 12 hours in the theater.

                      And Aragorn is *so* much hotter than Viggo it's not even funny. David Wenham is also a hottie. I love my LotR men. AragornFaramirEomer


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                        Watching the appendices today I learned some stuff:

                        -- Viggo Mortenson is insane. He is willing to do anything to get the scene filmed. I think everybody in the cast/crew has a crush on him.

                        -- Bernard Hill is a pistol and dead sexy as Theoden. I love his voice *INFINITY. I understand the older-man thing now. I've always loved Theoden (like all the Rohirrim), but this batch of rewatching has made me go "mmmmmmm" about Theoden in addition to Eomer and Eowyn.

                        -- The process by which they created Gollum is the coolest thing ever and I say once again, "Eat It George Lucas!"

                        -- I hate that they tore down all the Edoras structures. I don't know if I'll ever get to New Zealand, but it would have been nice to dream of going and seeing the Golden Hall. *sigh*


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                          The four Hobbits are on the cover of Premiere. Scans and such are here. them. So much.


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                            Karl Urban is known in some circles (okay - me and scully from the buffy boards - not a circle, more a line) as the Eeeevil Unibrow as he plays a fucking bastard of a villain in Xena. Shaddap. Anyway - he plays Caesar and I can't look at him in LoTR without cringing. Bastard.

                            Mum and I are going to have a rewatch the night afore we go to the piccies. CanNOT wait.


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                              Empire magazine also has some pretty hobbit pictures, Roly. Here. Also with all the other cast and producers. My new boyfriend King Theoden is very amusing talking about the Winnebago he shared with Orlando and Viggo and driving it through the streets shouting "Cunty libre!" Hee.