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    NPR has a series of LoTR pieces here:
    Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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      Booked my tix for Wednesday! Wheee!


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        My finals are done, so last night I finally watched the extended version of TTT to refresh for Wednesday and I it! The extra scenes really fleshed out the story and answered some questions I had the first time around.

        I also watched most of the Appendices, and a giant word on the Viggo love felt by one and all. The entire cast and crew seemed to have Viggo crushes. I laughed a lot when Dom, Billy, and Elijah were giving Orlando a hard time about his broken rib. "I think it's still healing." Hee!

        Each BTS piece that they included had me gaping and OMGing all over the place at the amount of work everybody involved put into the movies. It was awe-inspiring.

        I will say that Tolkien freaks all have this uncanny resemblance to one another. I don't know what it is. It goes beyond the nerdiness, they actually look alike: long faces, dark hair, kind of gaunt, really skinny, over-exaggerated features in general. It kind of creeped me out.


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          <--- Starting to get over-the-top excited about Tuesday. Though I don't know when to show up at the theater. The elf-ear-wearing freaks will probably get there the night before, but fuck that noise. I just want a seat a few rows back. It's a dilemna.

          One of my friends was listening to me go on about how the EE's are the real movies and the theatricals just for the masses and said I was crazy for wanting to sit in a theater all day waiting to see what is essentially a 3 1/2 hour preview for a movie. Hmm, I hadn't thought of that.

          I picked up the Vanity Fair with Viggo in it. He is such a freak, but calls his mom in the middle of the interview and that's just dreamy-cute. He's still much hotter as Aragorn, though. *sigh*


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            This Jenn23 is because tomorrow's the day and I need to say: Yay! It's almost time! I hope I can sleep tonight.


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              I hate being the one coordinating everything. Somehow I've ended up booked from 9:30 straight on til 4 AM tonight, organizing everyone into cars and multiple car trips.

              But, LotR! RotK! Other acronyms! Woo!


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                <----Has died from the joy.

                Bestest Movie Evah * INFINITY

                Sean Astin rules.

                Will probably be able to make coherent thoughts in a day or two.


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                  Okay, back with real thoughts. The movie was fantabulous. I could quibble about not getting to see the parts that are my favorites from the book, but the truth is that the movie told the story it was supposed to and I know my stuff will be in the EE. Much as I would love 3 1/2 hours of Aragorn, Eomer and Eowyn+Faramir=TL4Eva, the truth is the core of the movie really is Sam and Frodo's journey. Like I said in my late-night post, this movie belongs to Sean Astin. I've not really noticed him one way or another in the first two - he was just sorta there - but he is stunning here.

                  The movie is long, but once the Siege of Gondor begins (really from the time they light the beacons which gave me chills bdw), it moves so fast that I hardly noticed the time going by. And I cried through all the many endings of the movie, though probably my favorite one was the very end and "Well, I'm back." I'm so glad they decided to end it with that line. The right line and the emphasis on Sam's happy life. Love him.

                  The Trilogy Tuesday crowd was raucous and fun, yet deadly silent during the parts they should have been silent for. New Line had some gifts made just for the occasion - these little collectible frame holders with a frame of film from each of the three movies. Each one has just random frames, so it was really cool. I scored an Eowyn in TTT, which made me very happy. Edited because I found this cool page all about my little film frame thingy. it.

                  Seeing the EE's of the first two was cool. I noticed lots of stuff that I hadn't really in watching the DVDs at home. One of my friends thought that it was just the lack of distractions in the theater vs at my house.
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                    I still haven't seen TTT but I think once the third one comes out on DVD I'll line them all up and try to wade through the EEs.
                    Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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                      Going to movies like this with a geek crowd is entirely too fun. Needless to say, I loved it. I haven't read the books (yeah, I know, bad geek, shame, etc.), but the movie made me all sniffly. It was wonderful.


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                        Mr. S went on Wednesday with work, but I think we'll see it sometime this weekend with friends. If you haven't seen it already, our ever useful paper lets you know when you can run for the bathroom if you can't make it through the duration.

                        <-- amused


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                          I totally had a strategy for the first two movies, but there is really no good point in the last 2 hours of RotK to go, since Arwen's main parts are early in the film. My advice is to dehydrate yourself beforehand.

                          My BFF bought me LotR magnets for Christmas.


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                            I finally saw it this morning and I cried my eyes out, as expected. A little boy sitting near us started bawling in the next to last scene and instead of being annoyed (as I normally would), I was all, "Me too!"

                            I'm so glad that my worrying about the presence/importance of the Hobbits being reduced turned out to be needless. Merry and Pippin PJ's decision to put Merry in the battle at the Black Gate is one change I'm completely on board with. And Sean Astin just wrecked me. "Don't go where I can't follow!" Sniiiiiiiiff.

                            I have to say that I'm surprised at how quickly they breezed by Aragorn and Arwen's reunion/wedding. After all the slo-mo scenes of LT crying we had to sit through here and in TTT, they make out for two seconds and that's it? I know I should be happy, but it just makes me pissed at all the cutting that was done to service their plot.

                            Overall, I'm v.v. pleased. I think my absolute favorite part was when all the people bowed down to the Hobbits. Well, that and when Frodo almost made out with Sam at the Grey Havens. You know he wanted to.


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                              I agree that the Aragorn/Arwen reunion/wedding kiss seemed rushed, but it didn't bug me much cause Liv Tyler was really the weak link in the trilogy.

                              Ain't It Cool News has very early spoilers about the RotK EE DVD here. is disputing the WETA part of this, but I really hope all the rest is right, cause I want to see that movie bad.


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                                I am so madly in love with Sean Astin that it's not even true. He fucking RULED!!!

                                Best. Film. Ever.

                                I'm including Gossip in this, and Dirty Dancing. I'm deadly serious.

                                I think I might try read the books. For the 400th time. Hopefully this time I'll get beyond Chapter 1. Hee!