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    I can't recall exactly what it was, but there was one Eowyn/Eomer moment in RotK that almost made me go [Summer] "Ew!" [/Summer] in the theater because it was so incestu-icky. Also, I seriously thought Sam and Frodo were going to make out at the end. In that one shot where they were facing each other in profile? Such a classic framing device for a romantic movie-ending kiss!

    But my one true ship for LotR is Legolas and Gimli. Elf + Dwarf 4EVA! *throws arrows and axes with the rest of the Gimlolases*

    Anyway, my main problem with Eowyn (and no, I haven't read the books) is that she doesn't value anything other than fighting. Theodan asks her to perform some really critical tasks, and she's just a whiny, petulant baby because she doesn't get to fight. In TTT, when she gets all whiny when he asks her to escort the women and children to Helms Deep while the men stay and fight? Dude! That's a HUGE responsibility! He's basically entrusting the care of their people to her and her alone and she doesn't see the value in that. Same in RotK when he tells her he wants her to rule Rohan if he perishes in battle and she goes off to battle anyway. (I didn't spoiler-tag that because, well, wasn't it pretty obvious both that everyone would be in a big battle and that Eowyn was gonna run off and fight in it against everyone's wishes?) Like, isn't ensuring that her people have a good and honest leader in a time that would be very devastating for them (if Theodan died) pretty damn important, too? Eh, she just bugged.


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      I keep my hair short so I can even remember individual horsey dudes, but I still Mr. D's list.

      In Rohan, the ability to fight is valued very highly among the men, and Eowyn was raised in a very male environment, so she would naturally see staying at home as a pat on the head. Combine that with her long-term sadness because she had to care for messed-up Theoden all those years with Grima sliming after her while her brother got to go out and have fun, and the Aragorn-caused broken heart leading her to want to die, and I completely understand her leaving to fight.


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        OMB, Merry and Pippin up until ROTR were totally just buddies, but they SO crossed over to lovers status in the last one. HOLY SHIT. They were SO in love!

        I'm split on Eowyn. I think I liked her better in TTT than ROTK. I didn't hate her in the movie, but I didn't LOVE her the way I thought I would. I totally identified with her issues in the book. However, I would have gotten my man. But I digress.

        I liked Gollum better in TTT, may be that's why I like the second the best. The Gollum-Sam-Frodo love triangle was the best yo!
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          Oscar nominations are out. No acting nominations for LOTR. Sorry, fans of Gollum -- I think Andy Serkis deserved the nod.

          Does anyone else think of Jack Valenti as the Sauron of Hollywood?


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            I had expected Sean Astin to get a nomination, so that's disappointing. Andy Serkis did great work, too; there should be some special Gollum category just for him.


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              Had my third viewing today and the Charge of the Rohirrim just keeps getting better. Merry, then Eowyn: "Deeeeeaaaaath!" Me: *Sniiiiiiiiiff!*

              That said, I think I've finalized my list of s:

              - The Wilhelm Scream. I don't care if it's some sort of shout out. It's weird and tacky and takes me out of the moment. These movies are (or should be) too classy for that crap.

              - The "Denethor Eating" audio during Pippin's song/Faramir and Co's ride to Osgiliath. The visual would've conveyed the point PJ was trying to get across just fine. The sound grosses me out and, again, takes me out of the moment. Listening to people eat is quite possibly my number one pet peeve.

              - The cut to the Corsair ships after Eowyn gets knocked down by the Witch King. It's possibly the only cut in the whole movie that really bothers me. He should've continued that scene until she and Merry killed him, then gone to the ship reveal. Then back to Theoden's death scene.

              - The biggest (I may have bitched about it already): Sam should've worn the ring when going to rescue Frodo. The scene of him creeping into the tower and heading up the steps should've been from his POV, then he should've whipped the ring off, revealing to us that he had it. That way, PJ could've had the big reveal he clearly wanted and made me happy. And oh yeah, stayed truer to the book.

              Other than that (and all the stuff that's destined for the EE DVD), the movie's perfect. Speaking of the EE, I've heard it's going to clock in at 4:10 (approx. 50 minutes longer). Squeeeeee!


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                Hee. You post amuses me because when I talk about LoTR, my conversation sounds more like:

                "And didn't it suck when the one dude killed the other dude with that thingy? That's fighting dirty."

                "I love the dwarf."

                "I only find Orlando hot as Legolas. Otherwise, he does nothing for me."

                "WTF is that big thingy?"

                "Why is Liv Tyler crying again?"

                "Wait, is that dude the same dude from before? I thought he was dead? Oh, that was the Other Random Dude with a Beard. Oh."
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                  Neo and I share a special vague LoTR speak! Hee.

                  Something about Sam and Frodo, ooh! Walking Trees! Like Ren Fest! Wheee! Ugh, Liv Tyler! I hate her. Her fat sister is SO much prettier than she is. I always get Orlando Bloom confused with Hyde's brother and, sometimes, that kid that was in E.T.
                  Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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                    I have a question: Why does Bilbo get to move to the west? What has he done? And why doesn't Sam go? We all know Frodo won't be happy anywhere without Sam.

                    And I still need to state once again my bitterness for the lack of contribution Galadriel could have provided given her power (a magical power, which is my favorite power). Even the one gift she's given to Frodo ends up just a fucking flashlight. Why not just delete her completely from the movie? Stupid.

                    I think ROTK sucks because they pace the scenes to quickly. They could have just made ROTK 1 and then ROTK 2 next year and the movie would have flown better. Nobody will agree with me of course. Hee!


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                      Bilbo was a ring-bearer. I do think in the appendices it says that Sam goes to the Grey Havens after his wife dies, since he wore the ring for a short time. I believe that Legolas and Gimli go also.


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                        Yes, Legolas and Gimli built a ship - Gimli having been allowed to sail to the undying lands because of his love for Galadriel.

                        They could have just made ROTK 1 and then ROTK 2 next year and the movie would have flown better. Nobody will agree with me of course. Hee!
                        ITA!!!! I mean, I didn't really have a problem with the flow, but they could have done twice as much movie and I'd have been happy.
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                          This looks like the coolest thing - the music from the films performed live with a symphony, conducted by Howard Shore. ::sets Outlook to remind at 8am tomorrow to buy tickets::

                          ETA: A pointer to Howard Shore's site that lists all the dates he's doing this.
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                            Info on the disc and extended version


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                              In addition to the above exciting news, there are also plans to do a super-duper collection of the music from the movies. Yay! More ways to celebrate the love.


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                                While visually stunning, the last LoTR movie was a tad looooonng.

                                I really, seriously, did not know what the fuck was going on for half the movie. I can't remember everything I saw in five hours over the last two years! They really should include a "previously on Lord of the Rings..." on the DVD.

                                Also, Poor Sam! They had to tack on that hetero ending! Gah! As if I'd believe some chick with no lines and two kids could compare to his One True Love! Puh-lease! Also, I found it annoying that everybody was so "FRODO! YAY!" but, really, Sam *carried* that bitch -- and not just part of the way up the volcano. Frodo was a whiney weakass bitch and Sam was *so* the unsung hero! *sniff*

                                I felt really bad that the blonde daughter of that nice King when she was rebuffed by Aragorn and then had to watch him get smackity with the elf -- who I thought was going to die, bdw -- and then Peter Jackson never wrapped up her storyline but the fucking hobbits got 20 more minutes. WTFE!

                                I don't know anybody's name! Hee!
                                Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.