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  • Is she gonna make out with 70 year old Harrison Ford in this? Because that's what the trailer is telling me and NOPE. Not tryna see that.


    • Um, I would make out with 90-year old Harrison Ford if I had the chance. He's HAN FUCKING SOLO.

      Ahem. I also saw that trailer before a few movies this fall/winter and laughed my ass off every time. I mean, I hate her and her GOOP-y ambitions as it is but seriously, that movie is going to be so fucking terrible. Back to writing about BBQ's in old timey English for you, Boobs Leggsley!


      • I don't think the journey of making these movies could get any weirder/crazier/awkward-er/more LOLtastic . . .

        ‘Fifty Shades’ Sequel to Be Written by E.L. James’ Husband

        Niall Leonard, E.L. James husband, has been tapped to pen “Fifty Shades Darker,” the sequel to Universal’s “Fifty Shades of Grey;”


        • She's a genius, maybe? In terms of contract negotiations, she's the Anti-L.J. Smith!

          I say if she's got this leverage? Make ALL the money, girl!
          It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


          • To be fair, he actually is a screenwriter for tv. So it's not as cray as I thought it was when it sounded like she dragged her rando slob off the couch and said, "Honey? Have you ever wanted to be responsible for a billion dollar movie franchise? HERE'S YOUR CHANCE."

            Doesn't look like he's ever written an actual movie before, but he has written several Wild At Hearts and Monarch of The Glens.

            He also blogs on what it means to be Mr.Fifty, so there is that as well.



            • I'm cautiously excited about the new Pixar movie Inside Out. It sounds like the most perfectest thing ever for the ophygirl, who has been replaying the trailer non-stop for days. But on the other hand, when she gets disappointed in something she's built up in her head, the fallout can be brutal.

              This interview with Mindy Kaling and Amy Poehler is very encouraging, though:


              It also features two of Hollywood's funniest women, Amy Poehler and Mindy Kaling. In the animated film, they voice some of the emotions who live in the mind of young Riley, an 11-year-old girl feeling adrift and depressed after her family's cross-country move: While Joy (played by Poehler) clashes with Sadness (Phyllis Smith from The Office) over how Riley should react to her new situation, Disgust (Kaling), Fear (Bill Hader), and Anger (Lewis Black) are left to steer the girl into tricky emotional territory. It's heady stuff (literally!), and in large part thanks to Poehler and Kaling, Pixar pulls it off.
              Q:The macro story here, beyond what's going on in Riley's mind, is about a girl who's bummed and doesn't know how to talk to her parents about it. The fact that a $200 million movie would be made about something that simple but relatable is so refreshing to me.

              Mindy Kaling: I love that. She doesn't have to find an amulet, she doesn't have to reverse a spell to save her father, all she has to do is learn how to be happy. Just the fact that Pixar would put the importance of mental health on a pedestal and say, "If you're uncomfortable about something, it's worth talking about and it's a journey worth seeing," is fantastic. The fact that Pete [Docter], the director, is writing this about young women makes you want to give him a big smooch. He's really a good guy.

              Q:One of the things I found most unique about this movie — and it's already pretty unique in most ways — is that in the end credits, there's actually an "additional jokes by" credit that's given to many of the actors. You don't often see something so generous in Hollywood.

              Poehler: It's yet another example of why Pixar succeeds: They're generous in how they collaborate, and they're not stingy. It's a very democratic group-mind over there, and it's just a confirmation of my theory that talented people are usually good collaborators because they're not coming from a fear-based place of only having one good idea.

              Q:What did they think of it? The film is so smart that I've seen people wondering whether it will play well to young children.

              Poehler: My boy is 6, so he's in the Anger demo right now. [Laughs.] He thinks it's really funny when the fire comes out of Anger's head, and he loves when Disgust gets Anger mad. That, by far, is my kids' favorite comedic setpiece. Am I sure that they got the idea that no feeling is final and change is the only thing you can depend on? I'm not sure, but they feel this thing there. And, you know, too many films are too ahead of children when it comes to violence, and there's never any question of, "Is this gun-shooting too sophisticated for them?" Too many films decide, "Your child is almost ready to handle this violence." It's so cool, then, that Pixar says, "Or your child is almost ready to handle these conversations about his emotions."

              But the best part of the interview is this riff about The Daily Show:

              Amy, last question: I can't imagine you had the time in your schedule for it, but did Comedy Central approach you to host The Daily Show, as rumored?

              Poehler: Well ...

              Kaling: I'll answer it.

              Poehler: Yeah, Mindy, answer it for me. Mindy's my manager. A lot of people don't know this.

              Kaling: I have a little management company.

              Poehler: Tiny.

              Kaling: I rep just a handful of really elite female talents.

              Poehler: It's Danica Patrick …

              Kaling: Danica Patrick, you, Ruth Bader Ginsburg for personal appearances …

              Poehler: … and the bee girl from the Blind Melon video. Who's an amazing poet.

              Kaling: And Mulan. So I rep those people, and they came to me and said, "Does Amy want to do The Daily Show?" And I said, "I've never heard of it."

              Poehler: And she called me and told me that and I said, "That's troubling. As a manager, you should know this."

              Kaling: And then we had an acrimonious falling-out and she fired me.

              Poehler: If there was an offer, it fell apart because Mindy blew it.

              Kaling: That's why I'm just gonna stick to writing and acting. [Whispering to Poehler] I feel bad! Do you want to answer that question for real?

              Poehler: [Shakes head vigorously.]
              Some kind of dramz there, I guess!

              But yeah, I have high hopes that Inside Out will help the ogirl talk about her FEELINGS which is a tricky thing for her.


              • Twice the Tom Hardy, you guys!


                Love the idea of Hardy going all Maslany on us with this twin role. And I'm a bit of a sucker for British gangster movies anyway, don't know why.


                • Really had fun with this book, and it's hard to not root for Mae and Lauren, so I think this could be great:


                  Lauren Graham, Mae Whitman Teaming Up to Adapt 'The Royal We' (Exclusive)

                  Lauren Graham and Mae Whitman, who worked together on TV’s long-running drama Parenthood, are teaming up to adapt the The Royal We, the book by Jessica Morgan and Heather Cocks, for CBS Films.

                  Graham will write the script for the project, which is being eyed as an acting vehicle for Whitman. The duo will also produce.

                  Published earlier this year by Grand Central Publishing, We takes its cues from the real-life courtship of Kate Middleton and Prince William. The story is of an American girl-next-door who moves to England to study at Oxford and falls in love with a fellow student, who happens to be the future King of England. There’s even a red-headed troublemaking brother on one side and a sister on the other. And there's his need for secrecy, her sudden tabloid fame and the royal family’s many requirements.
                  I wasn't picturing Mae Whitman as the Kate Middleton character, but I can see where that might really work.


                  • The new Star Wars trailer gives me all the feelings. So much so that I bought myself a ticket for the all 6 movies marathon, which might be clinically insane of me.


                    • Oh my god, ditto about the FEELS! I started to tear up! Han and Leia, Han and Leia!

                      Link to the trailer for anyone who hasn't seen it. The music! I am going to be a blubbering mess in the theater before the credits even start.


                      • Srslyyyyyy. Just bought tickets for Thursday night! brb gonna watch the trailer three more times before bed.


                        • Maze Runner: The Death Cure

                          I think they have left in the trailer the scene where Dylan O' Brien had his accident!