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  • I am not a super fan on any level and didn't actually know any of the lore surrounding the Twickenham sessions (or even that they were a thing) and could not even name the Beatles albums in order to be honest, but I LOVED this. I watched the full eight hours and could have watched another eight hours quite happily.

    Fave moment: When the two baby faced coppers (both names Ray!) showed up to shut down the rooftop concert, chewing their chin straps and totes fuhreaked out that the Beatles were RIGHT THERE within touching distance and yet so adorably determined to do their adorable wittle keeping the peace duties, I just about plotzed.


    Second fave moment was when Billy Preston shows up and they are all just filled with glee and inspiration and start actually getting shit done, and Billy Preston is the smiliest most lovely person throughout, and then John seriously muses that they should invite him to become the fifth Beatle and George suggests asking Bob Dylan to join too, and Paul just shuts that down like, "Uh . . . Bob Dylan is not joining the Beatles" and that is that but! Billy Preston brought them all back together as a band, and maybe they SHOULD have continued on another couple of years with him as a fifth Beatle!

    but yeah, people just gloss over the fact that 30% of Beatles songs are word salads.

    Oh, for real. I'd put that percentage even higher! It's like the lyrics just did not matter half as much as the music/sounds etc. Watching them turn Paul's original word salad babble of Get Back into a nearly coherent anti-anti-immigration protest song . . . and then a couple of days later right back into non-coherent word salad was just so illuminating to me.

    The music itself just seem to flow effortlessly, the lyrics were a whole nother can of tuna.

    And George asking John to help him with a specific Something lyric! But this was the best they could come up with!

    "something in the way she moves . . . attracts me like a pomegranate . . . "


    Drugs, man. Drugs are a helluva drug.
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    • Ugh, I haven't been able to watch it yet, but I am sure I'll enjoy it and of course, there's always the FF option at the boring parts.

      I guess I might be the biggest Beatles fan here. There's not a song I don't like and the lyrics never bothered me. They were before my ime but me brother had a tape with some of their songs and he kept listening to it and I was hooked. But I am a casual fan, as I am with every famous person. It's not that I ever tried to learn anything about their lives. I guess this doc might be the first time I'd see them interact with each other.


      • Started the doc and I’m digging it so far. Watching the instrumentals just fall out of Paul is crazy.

        Just finished the Beanie Babies doc. Where do we pitch our FanForum/MBTV/PP doc?


        • I started watching Harlem on Prime to see if it could fill the void that Insecure left, but it's just ok. Maybe I'll start liking the characters more after a few more episodes, but so far, none of them are as funny or relatable to me as Issa. I also saw Breezy recommend Station Eleven so we started that and I can recognize that it's a good show, but I don't know if I'm ready to do multiple seasons of a post-pandemic story where people go back to caravanning. It's a little too triggering for me right now and I'm not sure that will get better with time. Mr. Issie really likes it so we'll keep it on the list for now. We also started the Tom Brady doc on Hulu (Man in the Arena) and it's very well done. I think you definitely have to at least be interested in football to really like it, but you don't have to be a Brady/Pats fan (I am not). And my favorite thing I've watched in the last couple of weeks was The Hating Game. OMG, it was perfect. I'm not sold on Lucy Hale, but she and Nina Dobrev's ex have fun chemistry and it's really faithful to the book which I also enjoyed. I ended up buying it through Prime so I don't know when it actually comes out, but no regerts and I'll def watch it again.


          • I read Station Eleven before the pandemic and really enjoyed it. I have absolutely no interest in it at this point. The Hating Game is more my speed at the moment - I enjoyed the book so will watch the movie.

            I am on Star Trek Discovery S4. Hopeful science fiction is just what I need.


            • Two things came out last week that were exactly what my brain needed. The 2nd seasons of both Cheer and The Babysitters Club were perfect. Cheer dealt with the fallout of Jerry's child solicitation which was brutal and also the insanity that the original team dealt with after S1 turned them all into social media stars. It also brought in their rivals from Trinity Valley and followed both schools while they prepped for Daytona 2021. One bummer for me was that the Navarro 2020 team that never got to go to Daytona was an absolute killer. They were clearly so good and polished and I wish we could have seen that routine. BSC S2 was just as great as the first season, but I have all kinds of nostalgic feelings wrapped up in this world so I probs would have liked it no matter what.

              I basically just want my TV content to be a mix of these 2 shows plus Ted Lasso and Grace and Frankie.


              • haven't watched The Hating Game yet, but I wanna!

                I devoured Cheer S2 when it came out. I thought it was better than S1, maybe because of how they weren't afraid to be entirely meta about the cheerlebrity thing, but also because spending more time following Trinity Valley was such a smart, smart move.

                I also thought they handled the Jerry situation very well. Counterpointing Monica and Gabi Butler's weird ambivalence over the accusations with actual interviews with Jerry's actual victims that made it clear that these kids were a) literal children and b) real people with their own dignity was really well done. It would have been so easy to fuck that up, but they didn't.

                As far as the outcome of Daytona goes, I feel like as soon as Monica signed up for Dancing With The Stars she had to have known she was probably throwing away that year. And she just seemed so checked out when she came back. (although that could have been leftover fatigue from the covid, obvs). There was no fight in her. The only thing she was really into was that damn stage.

                I have somehow managed to get my fam hooked on my very favorite kind of TV (shows where British people murder other British people) and so we've been re-streaming Poirot, Vera, Father Brown, Miss Marple, Midsomer Murders, etc. together. Our latest is Queens of Mystery on Acorn, which has a lovely bright feel to it. Like Pushing Daisies meets Midsomer.

                Although it was a little disconcerting that they swapped the main actress for a new one between seasons, but c'est la vie.


                • Cheer S2 and The Hating Game are awaiting me once I get through Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, which I do not understand why everyone loves it. I get that the outfits and the music are fantastic, and I love Susie and Tony Shaloub, but Midge herself is just the most annoying fictional character. She is presented as perfect at everything with everyone instantly loving her, though I will point out she’s a terrible mother and also not genuinely funny.


                  • Oh, the show knows she can be a complete asshole. I love her.


                    • I did enjoy the first two seasons of Mrs. Maisel, but by S3 I just got a bored and DNF. A little of that show goes a long way for me. And also, I think I was bittah over her ditching Zach Levi to hook up with her cheating ex again at the end of S2. Not that I didn't understand why she couldn't marry Zach Levi, but still! And I also had super complicated feelings about Midge and Lenny Bruce, but b/c he's a real person that means he can't be her endgame, so!

                      After the GG reboot, I don't trust Amy Sherman Palladino to give me a HEA with the right ship and that makes it super hard for me to watch her shows, I guess? Like I don't trust her and I don't trust Rob Thomas (obviously) and I also don't trust the Gossip Girl peeps (because from what I've seen on tumblr, Dair made so much more sense than Chair), and I don't trust the HIMYM peeps b/c of Robin and Barney, so I just avoid shows by untrustworthy showrunners these days.

                      I'm becoming way overprotective of my tv heart.


                      • I feel the same as ophy about showrunners, so none of those shows are for me. I wish I could find tne more Ted Lasso but alas. I can't watch teenage shows anymore. I think I've outgrowned them. So that leaves me with a very limited number of shows.

                        I forgot to add that I really liked the Hating Game. Very cute and quite faithful to the book.
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                        • Oh, the show knows she can be a complete asshole.
                          I feel the same way, I don't think the show tries to Mary Sue apart from wanting us to believe that she's a comedic genius. She's def a straight up neglectful mom and behaves with a LOT of entitlement. I think we're also supposed to know that she's selfish and unapologetic about it? I also don't have a real ship on this show so while I liked her best with Zach Levi, is this really a spoiler when it's been like 3 years?, I don't care that much who she ends up with.

                          New GG is the same for me in that I kind of hate all the kids so I don't care who becomes an OTP out of any of them. The new show also treats sexuality and gender as pretty fluid for a bunch of the characters so anyone who ships one couple unwaveringly will get their feelings crushed.

                          I never watched the OG HIMYM so I don't have any interest in the new one. Rob Thomas can still go play in traffic, though. I'd watch that before watching any new version of VM that he comes up with in the future.

                          ITA on all your Cheer spoiler points, ophy. Given all that Monica went through during S2 filming, it was actually crazy how close they came to winning! They were one messed up stunt from taking it again! And I truly believe that the judges did not want them to win and scored TVCC generously on Day 1 in order to keep it close. There was no way that they should have scored so highly given that they had at least 3 visible mistakes.


                          • I feel like S2 does a much better job of saying she’s a complete asshole. It has made me warm up to her a lot. She’s such a dick.


                            • I indulged in the sads over the weekend and watched The First Wave, the Nat Geo doc about the first months of the pandemic in New York and man, it was brutal. It's very well done and the filmmakers have had enough time now to go back and do follow ups with the people they featured so you do get some real closure even though we're all still in this hot messy clusterfuck. They focus mostly on healthcare peeps and a few patients who ended up having to be hospitalized long-term. One thing I kept thinking about while watching is how much footage they have of people they may have wanted to feature but who ended up dying. It's maybe too triggering for a lot of people, but I just wanted to cry it out the other night and I knew this would do it for me.