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  • I like Kate so much that S2 is tolerable to me, but it’s not nearly as fun as S1. I am a sucker for the “in love with my sibling’s person” trope, which was a big bonus for me in the story, but every other storyline was stale and boring.

    I just finished Star Trek Discovery S4 as well, and I like to think I am not dumb, but I found the season long story incomprehensible.

    Next up for me is Godless, which is older, but my boy just watched it and talked it up so much I gotta watch.


    • Colin is soooooo boring. I can't even imagine sitting through a season of him and Pen!

      I liked Eloise's subplot best, but that's not saying much as I found everything not just predictable, but flat-out stale.

      I usually like a good naughty "I'm not supposed to be in love with him" romance but this whole thing fell flat for me. I thought both leads were pretty and they had okay chemistry. The writing was just so bad (and not in a fun/delicious or silly way). Just dull. It reminded me of the plodding writing of a daytime soap where almost nothing happens on the midweek episodes. Each plot had the same conversations over and over with nearly zero forward motion. And not much of it was fun! Does Antony feel put upon? Oh, yes, I guess he does. Again. Does Kate have a temper and is she a terrible sister? Yep. Does Eloise like books? Do the Featheringtons have money problems? Everything was introduced in episode 1 and resolved in 8 and almost nothing happened in between. They didn't give anybody a steamy subplot (artsy brother bangs an artsy chick and all we see are some boobes ... zzzz) or even a wackly one. Nobody had any fun except maybe the Queen and even her heart didn't seem into it.

      Also, For a cast this big and with the opportunity to develop characters over years and year before you bring them to the heart of the story? Man, it just feels lazy all around.
      Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


      • S2 was pretty boring for me too. I never love a slow burn romance, even if it only takes 8 episodes to get the couple together. The chemistry was good between the leads, but the Barbie/Skipper parts were skippable for me since we already know that baby sister is a nothing burger character anyway. I will say that based on his look in S1, I wasn't excited to watch the Anthony character be the lead for this season, but he was great with the new haircut!

        I don't know that I care to see all the Bridgerton kids pair up over the next 6 years. As of now, I only care about Eloise. And I like Penelope, but don't think I can get into 8 episodes of her and Colin who is a human Humpty Dumpty. Meh, I guess we'll see.

        The Dropout continues to be amazing. I can not BELIEVE how easy it is to scam venture capitalists! Like they make it look so easy, I'm considering trying it for real. And I actually have my degree plus work experience! Although now that Elizabeth Holmes ruined it for all of us, maybe they'll actually be hesitant to support the dreams of another white privileged girl from Houston. Ah well.

        And V! We get the last bit of Grace and Frankie at the end of the month! This is one of those events that I both can't wait for but also want to put off forever because it's the last little bit and I know there won't be anything more to look forward to once I finish it.


        • Well, I am with ophy, because I loved season 2 too. I want smoldering looks and amazing wigs and pretty people making out! I don't think I am going to get bored of Bridgerton soon.

          Minor book spoilers here, since I've read all the books. Eloise's book suuuuuucks I'm hoping they change it a lot since they already did it with this season which bares very little resemblance to the book especially the second half. Eloise is my favourite, and in the books too, so I was so disappointed by her book.

          The good news is that Benedict's book is very good! I hope they keep the main events as is.


          • And V! We get the last bit of Grace and Frankie at the end of the month! This is one of those events that I both can't wait for but also want to put off forever because it's the last little bit and I know there won't be anything more to look forward to once I finish it.
            I feel all of that! I have not rewatched any of it, but I think it’ll be a show that I enjoy just as much if I watch it all a second time in the future.

            Re: Bridgerton: I just don’t like Penelope now, and Colin is useless, so I will likely just skip the Colin/Penelope season if it lasts that long.


            • S2 was pretty boring for me too. I never love a slow burn romance, even if it only takes 8 episodes to get the couple together.

              Ah, that might be the big difference in taste! I'm finding that the older I get, the more I love a slow burn and I don't even know why. There also might have been a bit too much of the nekkid smexy for me in S1, because I reliably get bored silly by sex scenes in either books or on screen. So this season was a better balance for me. Loooots of longing stares and near hand touches, and only a wee dash of the nekkid.

              I watched half of the first ep of The Dropout but uh . . . dropped out. I really enjoyed the Theranos documentary from a couple years back, but I don't think I can really get into re-enactments, dunno. Amanda Seyfried's eye acting also freaked me out. Maybe I'll try it again.

              Watched The Bubble on Netflix and holy hell that was maybe the dumbest thing I ever sat all the way through for Pedro Pascal's sake. Great cast, suuuuper dumb movie.

              Oh! Are any of y'all watching Abbott Elementary? Everything about it is so cute. I love this show. It's even got it's own Jim and Pam style (slow burn most likely) workplace romance going on and I've been wanting one of those again. It also reminds me of Park and Rec, but in a good way.


              • Yes to Abbott! Normally I’d side-eye the vibe and the format and the slow burn lifted from The Office, but it’s so delightful and I love everybody in it, so.

                Watching everything after it trends is apparently my thing, but I finished Inventing Anna and the last two eps felt so weird. It’s like The Joker and Cruella. I don’t need to see the baby monster.

                You guys are making it really hard for me to decide to do S2 of Bridgerton.


                • I’m just at the end of Bridgerton S2. I think a lot depends on if you enjoy a slow burn or not, which I do. I got bored with all the endless sex scenes in S1, despite the beauty of Rege-Jean. Anthony and Kate have really good chemistry and that’s about the only thing that’s held my interest, although I’ve enjoyed all the pretty costumes and pretty people in pretty settings and Eloise has the occasional good line. I end up looking at twitter during most of the other scenes and Pen and Colin have just been dire this season.


                  • I don't mind a slow burn but I didn't enjoy any of the subplots. I also didn't like Kate that much! I thought she was kind of terrible to her sister. And the sister was mostly boring and had no real personality of her own beyond being perfect in every social setting.
                    Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                    • I started watching Succession, and it is brilliant and the acting is fantastic.. But I don’t like it yet? It’s like my ability to watch and enjoy satire is broken. I was talking to my boyfriend about it last night, and his theory is that deep satire like that is just exhausting and we are all tired right now that I maybe don’t have the mental energy required at the moment.


                      • I watched the Abercrombie documentary on Netflix last night and it wasn't really revelatory. Old company that blew up with college kids after a new guy came in and revamped their branding and then the new guy ended up being a closeted racist (allegedly) whose exclusionary hiring practices and sus product development led to backlash and his eventual removal. The highlight for me was a guy who edited their catalog got interviewed and was SUPER bothered that the bully in the first Tobey Maguire Spiderman was dressed head to toe in Abercrombie. Also their main photographer got sued for sexual harassment with the models. I should have been the target market for A&F as they became huge right when I graduated from high school, but I ended up working at the Gap that was 50 steps from my freshman dorm so I basically just used work as my closet for 2 years. RIP to chunky highlights and lacy tanks under graphic tees though.


                        • Thank you for summarizing so I can skip it and just melt my brain watching people get their homes professionally organized instead of attempting to organize my own shit. Teen Laa had a pretty cute 1950s-looking A&F cream wool sweater with a baby blue varsity A patch and then my mom was like ya DONE with that expensive nonsense. Also, there’s a very specific nausea triggered by just the MEMORY of that cologne wafting out of those stores!


                          • Speaking of (from the other thread) solid adaptations of source material, I watched both The Hating Game (on Hulu) and Along For The Ride (Netflix) and can rec them both as being really faithful to their respective books.

                            THG had great banter and great chemistry and was very satisfactory -- my only quibble was that I thought Nina Dobrev's ex-boyf was a trifle too old and maybe not exactly tall enough for the part of Josh. It did not make sense to me that a white dude that looked like that, had a fancy degree, was from a rich/connected family, and was so crazy efficient at his job would still be a publishing assistant at his age. White dudes with far less of those credentials have usually failed upwards into a vice president-ship by 30. (Austin Stowell is 37, can pass for early 30s maybe) I would have aged him down more, I think. And yes, he's plenty tall, but Josh should be a mountain of a man. Lucy Hale was better than I had expected, though, and I will says that they both sold the shit out of the whole thing -- especially the enemies-to-lovers arc which unfolded nicely.

                            And! the actual real quibble I had was that they both had INSANELY nice apartments WITHOUT ROOMMATES, even though they PUBLISHING ASSISTANTS in MANHATTAN and there's like, no way, that either of them is making much more than $45k a year. I mean . . . it's PUBLISHING for beek's sake.

                            All that aside, I really enjoyed it as a rom com and this is one of my fave tropes and I'd like the streamers to make more of these, plz.

                            Along For The Ride was also fun but in a more gentle YA way. Also really faithful to the Sarah Dessen book . . . and I've been waiting and waiting for someone to realize the Colby beach books would be really sweet to adapt as summer movies for teevee. They were filmed 'round here, which was fun for me, too. Not steamy at all, but very sweet and very coming-of-age without a lot of high stakes involved.

                            On the other end of the spectrum of book adaptations, Death On The Nile was so terrible that I'm starting to think Kenneth Branagh is just trolling us. Someone needs to stop him before he literally ruins Hercule Poirot for everyone forever.

                            Agatha would have haaaaaaaated it so much.

                            But! She might have enjoyed Hugh Laurie's new version Why Didn't They Ask Evans (on Brit Box)? It was very fun.

                            In non-adaptation streaming, I'm also enjoying Welcome To Flatch on Hulu (small town mockumentary), and The Great Pottery Throwdown on HBO Max (I finally broke down and borrowed my brother's log in).

                            Just like The Great British Bake Off, only with pottery yay.


                            • I very much enjoyed The Hating Game and Why Didn’t They Ask Evans. The Great Pottery Throwdown is a fave in my house.

                              I have no intention of watching the new Death On The Nile. I liked the old version, can’t stand Kenneth Branagh and the only reason I’d even considered it was for French & Saunders, but no.

                              I will see if I can find Along for The Ride, sounds good.