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    So “What are you watching” is all “What are you streaming?” now, right?

    Just binged both seasons of The Politician and I mostly liked it! It was very batshit, it made me like a bunch of assholes, and it made me realize how much I’ve missed Bette Midler in my life.


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      We watched S2 of The Politician too and I liked it, but thought that S1 was stronger. The Midler/Light parts were my favorite and even though it felt kind of shoehorned into the plot, everybody loving Gwyneth was actually funny. I read somewhere that they want to hold off on a S3 for a few years to let Ben Platt age a little because it only makes sense that the next thing they tackle would be his presidential campaign. I mean, he'd only have to look 35 which is achievable now and then there's also makeup? But anyway, I'm fine to wait. I started Mrs. America a few weeks back, but put a pause on it. I've really enjoyed it so far, but just needed something a little lighter for right now. I started Padma Lakshmi'a new Hulu cooking show and it's not groundbreaking or anything, but it's what I need.

      Also, I get to watch the Hamilton movie next weekend and I'm super excited about it.


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        I am so excited for Hamilton!


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          We are excited, too! Mr. Is has gone full tilt on creating an outdoor movie theater since we're stuck at home so much. He just put up the new 15-foot screen. LOLOL. We usually host a big cookout on July 3 but since the fireworks are all canceled around here we invited 6 people over to watch Hamilton on the big screen on Friday night. I'd feel more comfortable with just 4 other people but two of the three couples flake pretty regularly and we figured at least one will ditch at the last minute.

          I'm serving wine in plastic cups -- I'm thinking each couple will get their own bottles and basically treat everybody like they're having a disposable picnic in my backyard? I'm giving it too much thought, probably, but I'm considering picking up baskets at goodwill. I just want everyone to feel safe (me most of all).
          Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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            I was going to do stuff today but decided to just watch Hamilton and indulge instead. I loved it. I have listened to the soundtrack so often that I could see when they weren’t quite hitting the same notes, but it was so amazing seeing them acting it again that I didn’t care at all. I had seen the show before I had listened to the recording and then I listened a million times and tried to remember how it was all staged, without success. So now I remember.


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              Is - I think your Hamilton viewing party sounds like fun.

              I was going to go to the beach with my nephew and family but cancelled. I left my purse at my brother's place last night and couldn't bother to pick it up today. So my sister and I stayed in, did some laundry, and watched Hamilton.
              I've wanted to see it forever! Never bought the soundtrack because I'd been planning on going to London over Christmas and wanted to see it then. Then Covid. So my sister subscribed to Disney just for Hamilton. We've watched a bunch of movies - so now we can converse intelligently with the pre-school set. I want to watch the Bobba Fett show. And a bunch of superhero movies.


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                The Mandalorian is really good! One of my faves from this year. Overall, Disney has been worth it for us. Hamilton, Star Wars and Marvel aside, it was also worth having it to get the ogirl hooked on the classic Robin Hood, which she has now watched about 22 times.


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                  I LOVED Mrs. America - but did wish that there had been some other real conservative women that they could profile if that makes sense. Sarah Paulson's character is made up and her conflicted feelings read as fiction for that reason. I loved learning more about all the other women involved in the movement beyond Gloria and Betty Friedan - and did you catch Seth Cohen??

                  Hamilton was so good - we saw it in September 2015 right before the soundtrack came out and I absolutely adored seeing it again. We watched it on Friday afternoon when a big storm blew in and it was perfect. We watched the first half with my 7 yo and 4 yo and the second after they went to bed. I think I'll show them "The Room Where it Happens" and wait til their older for the rest of the second act.

                  If anyone is looking for an immersive time travel show - I recommend Dark on Netflix. It's German and the third and final season was just released. I still have 3 episodes left of the final season so I think they could still biff the landing, but so far it's been one of the best sci-fi shows I've watched in a long time. It's everything that Stranger Things wishes it was.


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                    Ooh, I will check out Dark; I need a good genre show to immerse myself in.

                    I agree on Mrs America about Sarah Paulson’s character. It’s like they didn’t have enough iconic conservative women to throw in there to counter Betty, Gloria, Bela, etc so they tried to make one up.