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    And Ali could not have been more gracious about Conway and Conway's problems and backstabbing. She seems like she's really done a lot of work.
    Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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      You guys!

      Y'all got me super interested in this and when I went to find it I realized I don't have HBO Max! Not fair!


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        I just got myself HBO Max so I am going to put it on my list.


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          One of the concessions we've made in this no good turrible year is that if we want to watch something, we just get the streaming service it's on and don't fuss about it*. Right now, we're subscribing to Netflix, Prime, Disney+, the cheap Hulu with ads, HBO Max, and we've had Apple TV on and off. Mr. Issie just got a free year of it with his new phone. Is that ridiculous considering we also have cable? Yes, absolutely, Have I lost one second of sleep over it? Absolutely not*.

          I started The Wilds last night and it's good so far. It's Lord of the Flies + Lost, but with only high school girls. I'm still bummed that Teenage Bounty Hunters got cancelled because that show was legit so much fun and so addictive, but this is a nice replacement. I also tried one episode of The Flight Attendant and it was ok. I'll probably go back to it at some point, but it wasn't super gripping for me right away.

          A few weeks ago, I watched Selena Gomez's show where she learns to cook with different chefs and it was cute. She had some of her friends who are quarantining with her and her grandparents who live with her try out the dishes she made and sometimes they turned out awesomely and other times, they weren't great. She called Taylor on one of the episodes to show her some tacos she'd made and was super proud of.

          We watched Anna Kendrick's show Love Life a couple weeks ago too (HBO Max has been on heavy rotation for us) and I liked it more than Mr. Issie. I'm not even sure he could give you a synopsis without guessing since I'd bet he spent more time on his phone than actually paying attention. But if you like AK, she's great in this. It covers the love life of a girl in her 20s and spans maybe 10ish years as she goes through several romances and tries to figure out how to adult.



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            Adding those to the list! I started Virgin River last night, but I’m just going to call it Hart of Everwood. Also binging Grace & Frankie because it feels like a hug.


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              I've finished the second season of Virgin River recently. The first season was cute! The second was a slog to go through in the first class of episodes but gets better, especially after ep5.


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                I also have every stupid service, basically.

                Everyone here should get Apple TV's app -- if only for a month -- to watch Ted Lasso. It's the best show of 2020 HANDS DOWN. Mr. Is and I both laugh-cried cried-laughed through the ENTIRE 10 episodes and it's just a source of such incredible joy in this fucking terrible year! I'm so glad I only just discovered it because it made my month. It's the first time we finished a show and said: Maybe we will just watch it again right this second?

                We enjoyed the first episode but by the end of the second episode we were OBSESSED and we never like the same shows on the same level? LOL
                Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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                  Murder on Middle Beach...
                  I think Jill hired a hit man. She is the only one who is evil enough and was unapologetically so. I don’t know all of her motive, but damn, she was just smirky and cold.

                  For a while I thought it was Ali, but I didn’t want to think so, so I am glad she was cleared. Conway is certainly a mess, but I don’t believe for a minute that she could stab her sister or hire a hitman.

                  Jeff is super duper sketchy, but not the murdering kind of sketchy, more the shady business Kushner family kind.

                  When I don’t think it was Jill, I think one of the AA people who felt taken advantage of might have done it.

                  In conclusion, I need him to make a follow up documentary.


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                    Jill was a hilarious badass. She gave ZERO fucks about her crimes and basically called her own family a bunch of haters for distancing themselves from her when she went to prison. I mean. That's amazing. I can see her going the hitman route, too, but the weird little convenient coincidences still make me think Madison's dad is the one. I could also see a scenario where Madison's dad and one of the Ponzi scheme ladies worked together to kill Barbara. The documentary makes it seem like the killer definitely knew Barbara and that the way it went down seemed too intimate to be done by a stranger who was hired to kill.


                    • I know dad is much more likely, but Jill’s evil is just so very out there.

                      The Mandalorian: I wasn’t sure if I liked it at first, and I felt like the first season really dragged in the middle, but I am now all in. All of Star Wars is manipulative fan service porn for me now, and yet, it works every damned time. They just have to pull out Boba Fett and Luke Fucking Skywalker and I am in tears pledging my fealty to Jon Favreau.

                      Welcome to Virgin River, peeps. Isn’t it bad? And yet, I watched both seasons because my brain was having processing anything else for a week there. I am mostly only watching for Annette O’Toole and Tim Matheson because everything else is too stupid for words.

                      Now that I have HBO Max, I am going to hoover up all sorts of things - going to try Veep next because I could use something light.


                      • I really enjoyed this season of the Mandalorian! I got vaguely emo at the end and I don't even care that much about SW? LOL.

                        I watched Harley Quinn on HBO Max -- both the movie and their new cartoon series -- and the cartoon is definitely better. The entire supporting cast is great even as I continue to dislike HQ herself in every format.
                        Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                        • I couldn’t make it through an episode of Veep. It was just constant secondhand embarrassment for me.

                          The BeeGees documentary was good as a diversion for a few hours. My favorite part was that racist ass Eric Clapton taking credit for their success. It was really sad to think they all died relatively young and poor Barry is stuck playing festivals on his own.

                          HBOMax is too much for me I think. I am overwhelmed with choices at the moment.


                          • I finished The Wilds and liked it, definitely looking forward to S2. I watched all of Bridgerton over the past 3 days and it is perfection. It was exactly what I needed for Christmas break, just a beautiful romance novel come to life. Also the guy who plays the duke is too hot to exist. I occasionally just stared at his face like “UGH, how dare you walk around with that face? How dare you be so hot.”


                            • Mr. Laa saw me watching the trailer for Bridgerton and was immediately like, “That’s going to be your new thing, isn’t it?”


                              • I am struggling to finish Bridgerton. I get bored during sex scenes in both movies and books and I also can't get over how dumb . . .

                                the duke's reason is for being so angsty over not having kids. Oh, so you had a bad dad? GET THE FUCK OVER IT ALREADY. I mean, who DIDN'T have a bad dad in the 1800s? Fancy rich dads rarely saw their kids and if they did pay any attention to them, it was peak 'spare the rod spoil the child' time. You have a nice enough gal (not really a fan of Daphne tbh) as your wife now, so put away childish things like daddy issues and move the fuck on. I'm almost done with ep 6, is it worth finishing the whole series?

                                That said, the costumes are really pretty and the casting is great, and I do enjoy Eloise, Benedict, and Pen.