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  • Yes, yes, yes, yes! I don't even care who they cast!


    • I miss new TV seasons. Anybody watching anything?
      It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


      • I’m looking forward to Chilling Adventures of Sabrina! And I binged SMILF a few days ago when I should have been napping and it was charmingly effed up.


        • I started S2 of Atypical and it's still so good! I binged S1 over a weekend several months ago and have kept it on my radar ever since.

          And Laa, Shipka is my baby Hermione so getting to watch her play a witch is A++. I'm definitely gonna watch it.


          • Oh, I love the Shipka! It’s so adorable how she’s so obsessed with food and so excited to finally work with other young people. She’s who I would want to be if I were a child star.


            • As a Jane Austen completist, I am cautiously optimistic about this new PBS Sanditon adaptation. IT COULD GO SO VERY VERY WRONG BUT WHAT IF IT DOESN'T.



              (February 15, 2019) — As filming commences on brand new series, Sanditon, in and around Bristol (UK) including The Bottle Yard Studios, ITV and Red Planet Pictures are thrilled to announce casting for Jane Austen’s final and incomplete novel, which is being brought to a wide television audience for the very first time. Sanditon will star Rose Williams (Curfew, Changeland), Theo James (The Divergent Series, Downton Abbey), Anne Reid (Last Tango in Halifax, Hold the Sunset) and Kris Marshall (Death in Paradise, Love Actually).

              The sumptuous period drama, adapted by Emmy® and BAFTA-winning screenwriter Andrew Davies (War & Peace, Les Misérables, Pride and Prejudice), will see Austen’s original 11-chapter fragment brought to life in an eight-part series for ITV and MASTERPIECE.

              Written only months before Austen’s death in 1817, Sanditon tells the story of the joyously impulsive, spirited and unconventional Charlotte Heywood (Rose Williams) and her spiky relationship with the humorous, charming (and slightly wild!) Sidney Parker (Theo James). When a chance accident transports her from her rural hometown of Willingden to the would-be coastal resort of the eponymous title, it exposes Charlotte to the intrigues and dalliances of a seaside town on the make, and the characters whose fortunes depend on its commercial success. The twists and turns of the plot, which takes viewers from the West Indies to the rotting alleys of London, exposes the hidden agendas of each character and sees Charlotte discover herself and ultimately find love.

              Rose Williams will star as Charlotte. Excited by the promise of adventure that Sanditon offers, Charlotte is a young woman of enormous energy who builds a reputation as an integral part of the new town. Open and optimistic in spirit, she’s excited by the changes the nineteenth century promises and she’s ready for a new life; she’s a truly modern Austen heroine. Confident in her opinions but unfamiliar with the rules of high society, Charlotte’s self-assurance is knocked when she meets Sidney. Will Sanditon give her somewhere, and someone, to love?

              Rose Williams said, “I am absolutely thrilled to be playing Charlotte Heywood. This role is such a blessing. She’s a brilliant character — modern, headstrong, with heart and a voice. Andrew’s scripts are so beautifully written and wonderfully full of powerful female characters. I can’t wait to start filming soon with the wonderful cast and creative team on Sanditon.”
              Theo James plays Sidney, a man never the same from one moment to the next. Unpredictable, roguish and restless — seemingly never settling in one place for very long – self-made man Sidney finds his responsibilities to his family in Sanditon somewhat tiresome. And yet, his cynicism masks a sensitive soul wounded by a broken heart that has never fully healed. In the company of Charlotte, Sidney must rediscover who he is and crucially, learn to trust again.

              Never seen Theo James or Rose Williams in anything, but at least they are all pretty?

              And I feel like Andrew Davies won't do anything too wackadoo with what JA left behind. It can really go in several different directions, I guess. I've literally waited YEARS and YEARS for someone to do this one right.


              • Rose Williams was on Reign. She was great with all the crazy shit the writers threw at her, and she IS so pretty.


                • Theo James was on the Divergent movies and he is TOO handsome. He's an ok actor, but to be fair, I've only seen him in those shittay movies based on the books that made me want to throw many things in many directions