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    I think at least 3 of us watch this regularly and now that it's getting all skanky, I hope more people tune in.

    I don't get Rory's pissiness at Lorelai at all. Did she think her mother was going to be supportive of her decision or encourage her to continue the affair? How crazy is that? And it doesn't really gel with the logical side of Rory that they've tried to show over the years either. I guess I can see her being that way if her attitude was the manifestation of her own guilt as the scene with Lane would suggest, but then even after that scene she kept right on being an ass to her mom. Eh, maybe she just didn't want to admit her wrongness to the one person whose opinion matters most to her and who called her out for being a dirty whore. I'll choose that explanation.

    Luke and Lorelai are cute and I hope they don't break it off anytime soon. Oh, and I hope that Emily and Richard make-up too.
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    I really thought this show was over and done for me, and then Luke had that *smile* on his face when Lorelai called to talk about their kiss, and I was sucked right back in.


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      That was AWESOME.

      I could not Emily more.

      I love that Rory is being an unapologetic whore. Hee. She didn't even notice Dean had his ring on! Uh huh. Miss He Took the Ring Off. She can't stand being wrong, but she's such a passive Miss Know It All, and Lorelai totally called her on it. "You could have said no. But you didn't."

      Sookie was great with her reaction to Luke/Lorelai. And L/L were so cute! I can't stand it!

      I covet Lorelai's pants.


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        I could not squee any louder.

        Everything rocked on the episode. Rory's complete whorishness, Deans complete jerkiness. Luke's adorableness and open-ness and Lorelai's hesitation and embracing of it ness.

        But you know what killed me? Lindsey's pure joy at getting the roast beef right. Admittedly, the show has only portrayed her from Dean's POV and made her something of a shrew last season, but she does sad and kicked puppy well.

        *wishes it were next Tuesday*


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          I LOVED it! I, too, figured that I was pretty much done with this show and then it got interesting again at the end of last season. I didn't think the premiere could possibly meet my expectations, but it surpassed them. Luke and Lorelai are both so cute, but also acting grown up. I thought that was particularly clear in the phone conversations they had. Very much like teenagers, but there was no shying away or not going after what they both, clearly, want very much.

          to Dean. I felt terribly for Lindsay and I was so disappointed in Rory. I'm glad she took off for Europe.

          And FINALLY, we have some distance/tension between Rory and Lorelai. I've been waiting a long time for them to separate and not be so dependant upon each other. Really, I'm just amazed at how well they picked up all the storylines and moved them along. Awesome.


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            The first time Dean ho-ified Rory I was understanding how it *could* happen regardless of how I find it completely unacceptable and morally bankrupt.

            Last season, the painted Lindsey as a whining shrew who didn't work and pressured Dean continuously about what they should have and should be doing. I *was* sympathetic with Dean because he has (unfortunately) loved Rory and he shouldn't have married Lindsey.


            Last night, as Laura pointed out with the roast beef, Lindsey was insecure, nervous and not at all being a dick to Dean. Dean was the dick. Out of guilt, I'm sure but it was obvious to me that Dean's the one all along that didn't want this to work because he has never gotten over Rory. That whole conversation with his phone was just fucked. As if anyone in that town wouldn't know the girl answering his phone was Lindsey. WTFE, Dean. Cut your hair.

            So now that he and Rory hooked up again instead of immediately telling Lindsey or breaking it off with Rory I think they both are selfish and suck ass.

            But I that I think they suck ass! It means this show's got a groove again! Wheeee!

            I was cheering for Emily, too. Richard can take Pennilyn Lott and shove her up his ass. If you think you have to lie about it, you probably shouldn't be doing it! Ass.

            There's nothing to add about Luke and Lorelai. I'm glad Lorelai didn't go all selfish asshole mode on him when she broke up with Rory for the summer. I love it when Lorelai finally acts like a mother and is kind to others.

            I finally seem to love my GG again!


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              Wow. Two weeks in a row. I think I'm officially watching this show. My feelings thus far:

              Dean. He'll be begging her to take him back by November Sweeps, yes?
              Lane. Layne? Her entire free fries rant was gold.
              Luke & Lorelei. The necklace! The pretense to go make out! The almost-kissage! *dies from the cuteness*


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                It is confusing to me to like Dean's hair more than Rory's. Totally distracting.

                This episode was good. I love Lane. I knew she wanted Zack (and that he wants her).

                Aw, Lorelai turns into Emily when she's upset. That's so cute.

                Dean is stupid, and Rory is stupid. Perfect.


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                  Did Lane ever officially break up with Dave? 'Cause even though I know the Brody is never coming back, I need closure for that ship!


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                    I was hoping for more drama between Lorelai and Rory. It's BIZARRE Emily didn't pick up on their tension; my girl Emily is not stupid.

                    Emily would be loathe to find Rory as the Town Ho. I think that's worse than Lorelai getting pregnant at 16.

                    Anyway, the rest was super cute and ohsohappy!

                    Two episodes without Paris =


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                      So I was already falling back in lurve with GG, and then they go and do something that makes me even more sparkly-eyed about them . . .they're bringing on Shirtless Sean from Young Americans. Mmmmm . . . Shirtless Sean. He was my favorite- remember the train tracks, piggay?

                      Matt Czuchry and his beeeyutiful six pack . . . *sigh*. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any pics of the shirtless variety for those of you who had too much of a life back in the summer of '00 to have become addicted to YA (and shame on you! it's all your fault we lost those happy times forever), but I did find one lonely fansite under construction. he looks a bit like a girl here

                      I think I might start squeeing now.


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                        Was he Kruddy's townie friend who was in love with/possibly the boyfriend of Kate Bosworth, when she wasn't making eyes at her potential half-brother? (Man that show was SO GOOD!!!)


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                          Rory's new boy is cute! I vaguely remember him as Townie Sean, but he's cuter now with the rich elitist snob hair. But I'd sacrifice Rory and all her story lines altogether if it meant more L/L time. 'Cause they're awesome.

                          "Are they gonna make us break up?" Hee!


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                            I think that's the happiest an episode has ever made me. Rory was stupid, but I guess that's to be expected.

                            But Paris and Emily were awesome. And Luke/Lorelai were off the charts cute. I'm dying of cuteness here.

                            "This great man was not brought down by my vagina."



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                              S2 of GG will be released on DVD on Dec. 7th.
                              The 6 disc set will go for $59.98, English with subtitles in French, Spanish & CC.
                              There will be unaired scenes, a featurette on the international success of GG, a montage of the best yelling matches of the season, a film by Kirk and "Gilmore Goodies & Gossip" (onscreen factoids appear throughout episode: A-tiskit, A-tasket).
                              Season highlights include: Carole King's guest appearance, Max's proposal and Rory's struggle between Dean and Tristan.