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  • What can I say? The bathroom counter mackage sold it for me. And the weirdly hot kiss outside JTT-as-an-ATF-agent's hotel room. The guest stars on this show crack me up. I loved Ken Marino.

    Will I ever find out why V's mom was/is so sketchy?
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    • Nah, her mom is just a drunk. It's best not to bring up The Lianne Controversy, tho.

      (Fox1013 had me completely convinced Lianne killed Lily Kane and I was UPSET when it was not true. You can view my crushing disappointment early in this thread (along with alllll our crazy theories, lots of talk about symbols of cars and water and stuff that just wasn't there, probably. Heh.)
      Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


      • I am so incredibly jealous of cajun. I would love to see VMars again for the first time.


        • Every season at the end most of your question will be answered. So 1 and 2 have an ending only 3 is more open. 1 & 2 were the best indeed. Still can't believe they stopped this at 3, while other (not so good) shows go on till 5..6..7..8..


          • Originally posted by IssieCol View Post
            Veronica's new boy bores me. I want to like him since he's so nice to her and she deserves that, but I kinda feel like she's bored with him too. And Duncan is cuter even though he is the poor girl's Shane West. I'm not shipping Duncan/Veronica yet, but the flashback scenes of them tonight and last week's smackity dream sequences are bringing me around. I think it'd be pretty interesting to see her with Duncan's semi-asshole best friend. They're making him more interesting each week and I kinda like the tension between the two of them. Maybe it's the P/J influence, but I'm always keepin' an eye out for the sidekick, you know?
            Isadora's comment made me check the beginning of this thread and I saw this jem. Issie, you were the first!


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              • I reread the beginning, and I had completely forgotten that I watched most of the first season of this show. I gave it up because House was scheduled at the same time, mistake on my part as House went very bad very fast.

                You Lianne-is-the-killer peeps were very strident.


                • Yeah. I still have MAJOR issues with the first season finale and the endless major plot points left unanswered. That's when I basically decided the mystery was secondary because there is literally NO WAY Rob Thomas knew who the killer was in the first couple of episodes because SPOILER he didn't introduce the killer until 1/3 through the first season and he still maintains he didn't plan on beefing up Logan's role until watching J-Doh work. So...those things don't really match up.

                  I love Vmars but I will always have issues with some of the plot twists.
                  Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                  • The mystery is always secondary! Or third-ary!

                    I know this is relevant to everyone:

                    A selection of (most) Logan and Veronica scenes from the movie:

                    Part I:
                    Part II:
                    Part III:

                    Also, a great interview with the movie's costume designer:

                    We learned that while the show was filming, the wardrobe was meticulously organized in a warehouse. Was it easy to get these pieces?

                    Funnily enough, the girl who is the archivist for Warner Bros. was a big fan of the series, and so when it wrapped, she went through the boxes of wardrobe and pulled out tons of stuff she thought was important to keep, which, I mean, is crazy in a way. Who would ever think that this many years later there would be a movie? That you would need any of it? The odds are so completely against that.
                    I kinda love that,

                    Just a quick question for those of us who believe in LoVe [Logan + Veronica]: Is Veronica wearing Logan’s shirt when he leaves her to report for duty?


                    She doesn't answer who sewed the buttons back on, though.

                    Interview with Rob:

                    Why did Thomas decide to have Logan join the Navy?

                    "There are actually some similarities between Logan Echolls and Mayo from An Officer and a Gentleman," replies the creator. "That was a character so far down, he didn't know where else to turn. A damaged soul found something in the discipline of the military [and] straightened his life out. So I was intrigued by that. And also because it's noir, I didn't want the big Wayne's World happy ending where everybody gets everything they want. I wanted Logan, at the end, to have to go away. I didn't want [Veronica and Logan] riding off in the sunset together. So I looked for a job that would immediately pull him away from her."

                    Are Logan and Veronica together for good now?
                    "I don't want them to become like Barbie and Ken," says Thomas. "I think the relationship is always going to be tumultuous. They are both damaged people. With damaged people, it's hard to have an unrocky, safe, comfortable relationship. But I don't think they would break up off camera. In other words, if we got to do another movie, I don't think we would start with them broken up. We will play that out, for better or worse. I know fans love seeing them together. I just think if they are together, it's going to be hard. It's going to be tough. Even the fact that Logan is in the military, I'm not sure Veronica knows entirely what she's signing up for there."

                    Does Keith finally approve of Logan?
                    "I was surprised that Logan ended up in JAG, flying airplanes over Afghanistan," says Enrico Colantoni. "I thought if anybody had come the furthest as a character, it's Logan, enough where Keith might consider him as a future son-in-law where he wouldn't have before. That was a nice surprise. ... He saves Keith's life, too. He's got a lot to be grateful for, as far as Logan's concerned. He's got to reconsider the whole Logan/Veronica relationship."

                    So, so many addictions themes -- what's up with that?
                    "I wanted to set it up so Veronica knew all the smart reasons for continuing down the path that she was on [in New York]," explains Thomas. "But what she is drawn to, like an alcoholic to a bottle, is this thing that tends to rip apart her life. It's noir. So if she was going to choose that life, I wanted it to be a hard decision that she knew might not be the healthiest for her. "


                    • The VMars book has dropped to $6.99 on Kindle.

                      I'm thinking of getting an audible membership (because I am literally too lazy to go to the library to acquire all the audiobooks I want that are not available for download) and KBell reading the VMars book might push me over the edge. We shall see what level of crazy I am at on the 25th. Heh.
                      Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                      • This review of the book is making me WANT ALL THE THINGS AND FEELINGS NOW NOW NOW.


                        The Thousand Dollar Tan Line is very good. And it’s better than the movie. Don’t get me wrong; the movie is amazing, especially visually. But let’s face it, it felt rushed and they didn’t have time to explore all the characters and their storylines. The Thousand Dollar Tan Line, however, managed to do that and then some. It’s not perfect, but the book is very close to the spirit of the show.

                        The book has so many references and call backs with the series, I found myself giddy and smiling like an idiot when I read it. It’s not trying to please the new readers, but immediately jumping into the old rhythm that old fans are all aware of. The book is about Veronica, her relationships with everyone, and how she solves some mysteries. By itself, it’s pretty satisfying. It feels old school and will give the fans of Veronica Mars a nostalgic feeling; frankly, as a longtime fan of the show, I feel like I’m finally home.
                        Lots more at the link, but no actual book spoilers.


                        • Ahhh I can't wait. I am so glad the book is coming out so soon. My husband just told me he was working at home on Tuesday and my first thought was dang it he will wonder why I am reading instead of working haha.
                          I still haven't read the script but I think I will do that this week.


                          • Book is out!! love it so far!!


                            • So the book is out and I got a random Kindle credit today! It's fate. But I also haven't decided if I want to read it or audiobook it.
                              Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                              • I am half way through the book and I am loving it. But then got a backer email with the audio of the first five minutes of audiobook and I am really regretting not getting that instead. It sounds amazing in Kristen Bells voice. I may have to get it anyway.
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