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  • O.M.B.

    apparently TPTB overheard Isadora's fervent wish to see Dohring use a hands-on-face method
    Oh, I noticed! And I appreciated. And I noticed the New Brown Coat of Love, too. Hee! I'm such a sad little fangirl right now!

    I was so not expecting the smackity! And the previews? It's like an embarrassment of riches! Hot smackity and a fantastic season-long story arc. I am so buying this shit on DVD!

    Vegan thoughts:
    From the first scene I was like: OMB! They used the Capeside soft, "Hey" greeting! Hee. Peroxide and fingerprints. Nice dodge, Logan. And then he kept giving her the sheepish, "I've thought about what you look like naked" face, too! At the school, in the office and before the smackity two.

    My very favorite thing - aside from, you know, everything, was that it was SO twisted to bookend their budding relationship (seriously was NOT expecting relationship and sneaky smackity! I'm in shock!) with someone getting his ass beat at Logan's house and Veronica having memories of her dead best friend's fidelity issues while in dead best friend's ex-boyfriend's (and now Veronica's boyfriend's) car! So twisted. I LOVE IT.

    I thought of ophy when Logan suggested they meet in the "mop closet!" I would have licked the screen if Logan had said "eraser room" or "boathouse."

    A Plot thoughts:
    Veronica's shakedown of Lenny (um, how hard is it to shake down someone named Lenny) in the hall was sort of lame but I would have done the same thing in high school. I was like mad crazy vigilante girl then, tho. I would have yelled at Ms. Depesto's spiritual daughter, too.

    Was there something about a dognapping? I dunno.

    Lilly Kane, whu?
    It upset me when Lenny was thisclose to calling Veronica a slut. WHO started that and to what end? Is this related to the rape? I get more nervous about that rape thing all the time! *bites nails*

    Celeste's arrival surprised me! I was bittah when Daddy Mars interrupted! I also got the idea that this was the first he'd heard of the affair -- that can't be right, can it? He did race off for that DNA test in his very next scene! What does it mean? I do not know.

    I just don't see it being Weevil but my confidence in the Lianne outcome is shaken. Help me, Fox1013! Restore my hope in the force!

    Sarah, I can NOT believe you are not watching this shit! I can't believe any of you not watching this shit! It's so gravy I could sop it up wit' a biscuit!

    ETA: Rob Thomas did an interview with AICN (and it includes some minor spoilers) wherein he states: Interestingly, I also wrote the Pacey sleeps with teacher episode of Dawson's Creek. (Or maybe that's not interesting.)

    I owe RT so much more than I thought I did!
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    Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


    • I thought of ophy when Logan suggested they meet in the "mop closet!" I would have licked the screen if Logan had said "eraser room" or "boathouse."
      Me too! Me too!

      OMB I can't stand this shit. He's so Pacey! He was ready to beat the crap out of a bully. I him. I'm liking V more too! OMB! OMB! OMB! He bettah not been rapist or the killah! I would cry buckets. He's the best thing on television right now!!!

      I don't believe it was Weevil. I am verrrray curious about what was in the pen. But WHY would he wait until now to go get it?

      I have no clue who the real killah and rapists are. Is it possible that she was never actually raped? I could may be see Logan setting her up to make her think she was raped which would be pretty damn bad. How evil was Logan before? I can't remember that far back!
      It's all about me and my precious.


      • I've actually managed to catch TWO episodes of this now! Had any of you told me Aly Hannigan was on it, I would have tried harder, sooner. Maybe it'll come out on DVD soon. *grumbles*

        And who hasn't made out with their dead best friend's ex whom they hate? Come on.
        "But my greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live.Ē---Kanye


        • Originally posted by ophy
          <wildass theory> I think Abel did kill her after all . . .but I think Abel was hired by Jake Kane to kill his wife, and he killed Lily by mistake (she wasn't supposed to be there that night!). And Abel agreed to take the rap without ratting out Jake because Jake agreed to settle some large amount of moolah on Abel's retarded son who lives in an institution, and Abel was going to die anyway. </wildass theory>

          Probably going to find out that Duncan killed her in an epileptic fit, though, and Abel agreed to take the rap for all the reasons above.

          So how stoopid was it of Veronica to be searching on Duncan's meds and having his medical records out in the open when he.was.standing.THREEE FEEET AWAY.
          I was just rereading our posts and came across ophy's post from Feb. Could Abel have killed Lily thinking she was Lianne? They're both blondes! Kerrazy mama could have hired him.
          It's all about me and my precious.


          • So Lianne. SO Lianne.

            Dude, Daddy Mars JUST found out the extent of the cheating. He JUST decided to find out if V is for-serious his daughter. This means that somehow Lianne had SOMETHING that kept Celeste from telling him, right? Especially given that Celeste and Keith used to be close.

            She's so the killer. So, so, so the killer.


            • I loved Daddy Mars in the scene with Celeste! It was like he wanted to slap her into the next room and then cover Veronica's ears.

              Do you think Daddy Mars will figure it out before Veronica? What if he has to tell V. that her mommy is a liar and a murderer? And that he's not her real daddy? *sob* I will not be able to take it!

              And how are they going to crush this whole Logan thing? Logan was at the rape party, at least according to the dozen fan vids I watched last night. *cough* If he set her up I will be one crushed little fangirl!

              I love how every scenario I can think up involves Veronica just being crushed at the end of the season. Upbeat, I like it.
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              Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


              • Oh dude, there was a mop closet mention?? Damn, mr.o. He interupted me three times during Smackity: The Redux to show me garden furniture at, and I missed a lot of the dialogue. I'm still too secret agent to replay the scene in front of him- he thinks I watch just to find out who killed Lilly. *cries*

                S'okay, I have the feeling jerilee will provide.

                Speaking of fansites, I have caught up on some of the flashback scenes and eps on Neptune High. They have the rape party clip and yeah, Logan was definitely there.

                Now, I'm betting that Logan slipped her the roofie drink just to be a jackass without premeditation, and then Duncan discovered her and uh . . . finished the job.

                At some point, it's going to come out, and bye bye smackity in the mop closet.

                I'm leaning towards Celeste as the killer now, but for some reason that we haven't even guessed yet. Duncan definitely saw what happened . . he must have been there, and gotten blood on him - hence the laundry and the three day black-out. It could also explain why Celeste is so keen to keep him medicated. Jake probably thinks Duncan did it, and has no clue about Celeste's evilosity.

                Or it's Lianne. Whatever.

                Either way, I'm convinced that Veronica ends up very, very alone at the end of the season. Yay!


                • The clips are up. Bwah! Viva La Jerilee!

                  Weirdly enough, after last night I don't think Celeste did it, not even a little bit.
                  Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                  • Checked out the clips *fans self*. Oh, my.

                    The forehead thing Dohring does was killing me. He played the whole thing just marvelous . . . very intimate, but with a hint of "this is way too good to be true."

                    Which means, of course, that it is. *sigh*

                    So we have several instances of Logan being violently protective of the females in his life, and it's a few too many just to be character filler. Trying to figure out how to work that into any of the mystery-solving. . .

                    edited to say that the very toning down of Celeste is what makes me suspect her now. I just think maybe the *reason* will end up being the shocker, instead of the murderer.


                    • Wee! More smackity! And I so totally saved those files on my comp so that when UPN finds out about them and orders her to take them down, I'll still have them 4evah. Or until the DVDs come out. The second smackity was even better than last week's even though I didn't squee as much.

                      The A plot this week bored me, but I did love Veronica's smackdown of that kid in the hall. "SHUT UP! If I want you to speak, I'll wave a snausage over your nose!" That made me laugh over and over again. And I love that everyone fears Veronica because they know her threats are not empty. That's awesome.

                      *longs for the day when I have such power*

                      One thing that kinda bugged was that Veronica seemed to not know Spanish when she was dealing with the dog guys, but way earlier in the season, she did know enough Spanish to interpret what Weevil was saying to his cousin. Oversight? Usually this show's really on top of continuity, but with all the balls they currently have in the air right now, it'd be easy to forget something like that. And only a psycho like me would even notice anyway.


                      • SO not just you. I bitched about it immediately to the two people I was chatting with, and decided that it's not a big deal or anything, but still pisses me off, because I need SOMETHING to piss me off to prove I love a show.

                        Something besides the crazy shippers, I mean.


                        • I think we can expect a whole lot o'kerrazy from the shipper base out there.

                          Especially once the whole thing goes terribly WRONG, which it has to because they are both so FUCKED UP. And it has happened too fast, so it's gotta be less of a life-long LoVe and more of a Momentary Thing which leaves them both more broken. Well, TPTB were definitely trying to send some kind of message with that damn song, otherwise why drag it out of 1997?

                          So that'll spin the true fangirls (unlike me and isadora who are really only tru enuf fangrrrls who care only for hotness and critiquing the make-out techniques of 20-something teen drama actors- which is better, hand-on-face, or forehead?) right round like a record, baby.

                          Any bets on what the rabid Vegan-ites will send into the producers and writers in order to proclaim their unwavering desire to control the show's couple-ness by sheer force of will and cheap tchotkes? I'm guessing crowbars. Very Logan-esque and packs a threat. Oooh, or leather belts! Heh. And if he was actuallly involved with the rape, then they should send in packets of fake roofies.

                          Personally, I'm going to build a diorama of a mop closet and overnight that straight to Rob Thomas.


                          • Oh man, if I had known there was going to be hands-on-face technique used, I might have made a different choice in the House/VMars thing.


                            • You have DirecTiVo! You don't even have to choose.
                              Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                              • Veronica did know what they were saying. I think it was all of them yelling at her at once that threw her off.

                                Vegan? Is that the new Veronica/Logan shipper name? Sigh.

                                I'm so glad I have you guys to solve the mystery for me! I really wish I could pay attention to those kinds of facts. Then again, school's almost out. I can marathon before the finale airs.

                                So, I finally paid attention to the credits and the little drawings on the notepads. Logan's is ALL Lilly scribblings. Huh.