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    • And JDoh joined insta just in time for this drop! Not much on there yet since it's just been a couple of days, but all VMars content so far so I got no complaints.


      • Gonna post it again for the new page . . .

        with actual gifs this time!

        . . . or do y'all perfer things sloooowed down a bit?

        I assume they were filming the sportsball scene when this bts moment happened . . .

        ETA Oh, here we go.

        I really appreciate JDoh's commitment to the fans, ya know? Because all of THAT ain't easy, I'm sure.
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        • Oral history of VMars!

          They talked to pretty much errrybuddy (even TDunn!). Just some bits and pieces from it . . .

          Dunn: I didn’t remember the character, because he only had five lines in the pilot. My agent and manager said, no way you do a pilot with five lines. I remember Rob really pushing it…. The fact that I was living in a dilapidated building with roaches helped push me out the door.

          Thomas: There’s this intense scene where Logan’s dad pushes in the cigarette lighter, and you can tell there’s this whole daddy dearest thing going on. Jason was so powerful in that scene…it was no contest.

          Dohring: After that scene, Rob came up and hugged me…. In the final audition, he said, “We’re not going to do that scene because it’s freaking people out.” I was like, what are you talking about? I’m fucking acting.

          Bell: I didn’t know how to do life, so I was sort of making it up as I went…. I remember one of the first couple of episodes, when none of my paychecks had cleared. I was behind on my heating bill, or the heating had broken in my little studio house and it was freezing. I went out and slept in my car with the engine on all night.

          Thomas: We wrote the role [of Detective Van Lowe] with Paul Rudd in mind. Paul’s schedule changed, and then Ken said he could do it.

          Ken Marino (Vinnie Van Lowe): Vinnie is the sardine in Veronica’s peanut-butter sandwich. Sometimes he’s good. Sometimes he’s bad. But without Vinnie, you’d just be left with some buttery nuts smeared between two pieces of white bread.

          Bell: I don’t look at Jason and think, I’m absolutely in love with him, and am going to leave my husband. But when you watch us on film, something’s there, and it’s undeniable.

          Lowell: Logan’s a frickin’ sex bomb. He’s the bad boy that everyone wants with a heart of gold, which is a fantasy.

          Ruggiero: Rob’s assistant, Alex, had to buy Paris Hilton’s Chihuahua french fries, because the Chihuahua ate McDonald’s french fries. Me, miss animal lover, was like, is that all she’s feeding that dog, fucking fries?

          Dohring: In a fictitious town, we created a real world that was interesting and emotionally complex…. We fucking meant it.

          Bell: I suppose its current legacy is an entertaining show about a real-life superhero that people can look to, to find strength and inspiration. A person who’s being the change that they want to see, and experiencing the problems we’re all experiencing. I don’t know what the ultimate legacy will be, because I just hope it’s not over yet. I’m going to do it until everyone in Neptune is dead.

          They talk about TWOP*:

          At the vanguard of social media, the writers flocked to the website Television Without Pity, a fan forum that offered immediate feedback during and after episodes.

          Etheridge: Getting the fans to so quickly jump in and say we’re passionate about what you’re thinking about, it bonded us immediately to them. That happens so routinely now that it’s not profound—but it was then.

          Thomas: People wrote very thoughtful essays. It wasn’t 140 characters. It’d be a solid two paragraphs.

          Ruggiero: You could go on there and have your ego boosted, or be completely crushed and crawl into a bottle for a week. They’d be guessing something that was going to happen, and they’d be right, and you’d be really worried about it. Or they’d be so far off,** and we’d be pretty excited because we knew we were safe.

          * which means they are talking about us.

          ** I think we know*** what they are referring to.

          *** Lianne Mars Killed Lilly Kane!!!!


            It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


            • They totally did!

              Okay, more press from Percy and Jason:

              For you, Jason, Rob wrote these books that kind of take place right after the movie and Logan’s military background is a big part of those books. Have you ever read them or has he informed you of what happened with Logan in those books?

              Jason: Yeah. I’m somewhat familiar with that story. I did a lot of research into the military myself as well with helicopter pilots at bases around Los Angeles. For the iZombie role, which I [later] found out was sort of a comedy show, I went to train with a sniper in Virginia for three days. He was one of the founders of Blackwater, which is a private military training company. So I went and did that and we’re shooting flamethrowers. Then I found out it was a comedy and I was like, “Well this is a little overkill.” [laughs]


              I just now thought of this but have you guys gone back and watch any old Veronica Mars episodes recently?

              Percy: I haven’t had a full on binge, but the fans have requested re-watches so I’ve re-watched episodes that they were interested in here and there. Sometimes we catch the movie and my son is like “Daddy” and so we may end up watching the movie. But as far as going through all the episodes, it’s been a little while. I think when we were getting ready to shoot, I did some re-watches, just to get in touch with my character and everyone again.

              Jason: Yeah, I did that too. Like for the movie, I think I watched all 60 episodes again just to get an idea.

              Last question — our website is called Talk Nerdy With Us because we all have some kind of inner-nerd. So what is something you guys are currently nerding out about?

              Jason: Apple trees. I’m a freakin’ gardener man, how nerdy does that get?

              Percy: He’s got a green thumb. [To Jason] I need to come up and get bags of good stuff.

              Jason: Dude, I’m the nerdiest guy around. Come see it. I’m like all about my soil. I’m like, “Wow, look at this” and I’m showing it to my son. I’m serious, man. It makes a huge difference.

              Percy: It makes a huge difference.

              Jason: Dude, it’s incredible. You’re going to try some of this, you’ll die. It’s great.

              Percy: Well, it tastes different. So I guess I’m nerding out about organic eating. That’s what I’m nerding out about right now.

              Jason: Dude, I have five beehives.

              Percy: What? I’ve got to bring my son up because he’s super interested in that.

              Jason: I have five beehives. I did four bee rescues. I rescued a bee hive from Lea Thompson from Back to the Future.

              Percy: Are you serious?

              Jason: Yeah, they’re Back to the Future bees. How nerdy does that get?

              Percy: I can’t top that.



              • New trailer!

                Holy shirtballs, it looks SO GOOD.


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                • I'm so worried they're gonna kill Daddy Mars and I CANNA HAVE THAT.
                  It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                  • So season 4 dropped a week early on Hulu and I was excited but then I got spoiled for the ending and now I 100% know I can't watch it until someone else does and tells me that it's gonna be okay and won't emotionally destroy me so . . .


                    • Yeah.


                      So . . . I have thoughts and they are mostly sad angry ones?

                      Given how integral the fans (especially the segment of fans who were shippers desperate to see their ship's story continue) have been to the revival of this show, this seems like a weird and shitty way to kick them in the gut. I read a review that was basically like, "the movie was drecky fanservice, but the revival is the true noir story it should have been" and I'm just . . . the world is seriously crappy and everyone feels bad all the damn time and the world is literally on fire and this revival was one of the very very few things I was super excited about in a very long time so FUCK NOIR, I WANTED THE FANSERVICE.

                      This is even going to make re-watching old eps kind of painful. Rob Thomas just stomped on one of the few happy places I had left and I am really bummed about that.

                      But you know, that's the kind of bastard 2019 is, I suppose.

                      Looks like a lot of other people are feeling that way too, so I guess it's good they don't need more kickstarter money.


                      • I only watched 1/2 of S1 so this is not personal to me, but Rob Thomas pissed me off none the less.

                        I read an interview about how he thinks about a couple in a show, and to him putting a couple together is a death blow to drama. Which is such an immature ridiculous way of being, and yeah I get that Moonlighting sucked, but that’s not because Dave and Maddie got together. If you can’t write a decent television show with a couple in it, then you suck as a writer.

                        Also it’s shock value for its own sake, and throwing out a fuck you to the fans.


                        • Yes, what V said.

                          1. Does RT honestly think we've all been watching the show because he is so brilliant at crafting mysteries for Veronica to solve? Because that's what we are left with for the future of the show so I guess he does! The last time anyone was sincerely invested in any of V's cases was Who Killed Lilly Kane, and even that one ended up being pretty weak in retrospect. The cases were just opportunities for V to snark quippy banter in between wholesome scenes with Keith and pining/angst/making out with Logan. LITERALLY NOBUDDY CARES ABOUT THE DUMB MYSTERIES they are never more than marginally competent! Raise your hand if your dream show is bitter Widow!Veronica having meaningless motel flings with randos and 'solving' paper thin mysteries full of plotholes for C-list guest stars every week, yeah I didn't think so.

                          2. It is the exact same issue I have with iZombie and why I stopped watching that show. In 4 seasons, Liv had FIVE love interests, any one of which would have been a perfectly good character to build a HEA ship around, but they killed off FOUR of them and keep friendzoning the fifth, and so when I heard they were also killing of JDoh's character, I peaced out. It was too much. Too much losing for the protangonist, not enough winning. Now that V has brought over RT's philosophy about couples on tv, it makes sense that he's is so backwards and bad at this but oh! I only wish someone had told me that RT skipped "How To Write A Satisfying HEA" day in writing school before I wasted so MANY YEARS getting emotionally invested!

                          3. This was insanely dumb from a marketing perspective. At every possible opportunity, they used Logan and Logan/Veronica to sell this revival to the fandom as "Come see Logan and Veronica in a grown-up stableish relationship! It's everything you ever wanted! Sexytimes!" and then we got this MOST EXTREME bait and switched so why would anybody trust RT and co to deliver on anything satisfying in S5? This ship was the one motivating factor for the vast majority of fans and now people aren't going to be excited at all to do re-watch parties or to become activists to get future seasons/movies/ Like . . . why would you intentionally cut your legs out from under you like that? Even if! even if we assume that JDoh decided he didn't want to be part of any future VMars projects (and he has NEVER intimated that and it's not like he has a lot going on really?) and even IF you wanted to give Veronica something more recently traumatic and angsty to deal with, you should at least leave the door cracked open, right? Break them up, send Logan off on assignment, do whatever you think you need to do narratively, but when you take away that last bit of hope, you just kill the fandom momentum for the show entirely. I mean . . . not only have I seen people abandon their re-watches, tell friends they are sorry they recc'ed the show, and decide not to watch the revival at all after being spoiled, I have even seen several folks say they only signed up for Hulu for this and now are going to cancel their subscriptions. This was JUST PLAIN STUPID business-wise. It's like, "Oh hey, people really really love Jason Dohring and Logan/Veronica is the favorite aspect of the show for basically ALL of the people who are the most passionate about the show SO GUESS WHAT Let'S KiLl lOgAn wOw ThAT'S So BRaVe Of uS".

                          4. There's not really a separate number 4, I'm just still mad that's all. But oh, why would you decide to make something intentionally to anger people and make them cry and be sad when it would have been SO MUCH EASIER to write something to make them feel happy instead? Everybody is out there taking the Weiss/Benioff 'make your audience mad' pills these days and I wanna smack them. It feels like RT was stung by the critics not loving the movie and how they were sniffing that he tried too hard to make fans happy and so he swung haaaaard for the other side of the fence and YES it's a FUCK YOU to those of us who spent a heckuva lot of money and fought to bring back his show just so we could get a 'fix' for the ship he left dangling in S3 and HE JUST UNDID ALL OF THAT GOODWILL WHY. I mean, wasn't it totally obvious that this was the ONE THING that would fast track turning everyone against this show AND all future RT projects? I even saw someone on twitter say they didn't think they could watch KBell in The Good Place anymore, because they are just that mad at everyone involved in this.

                          RT and the cast have been frolicking all over SDCC this week all happy happy joy and basking in audience adulation and hoo boy. I don't think they are entirely ready for the enormity of this backlash.


                          • I think fans are hoping that the outcry will force Rob to reveal that Logan is actually just in a very peaceful coma. You know, get him to undo this the way fans forced Arthur Conan Doyle to un-do Reichenbach Falls. Not impossible of course, but probably just denial/bargaining!


                            • it is super easy to ret-con this into “They faked it for dumb plot reasons”


                              • I was about to start binging tonight, but these black bars are frightening me!