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  • I sort of want to start watching this show just so I can appreciate ophy's fangirlness better!

    ophy the secret agent fangirl


    • Harrrumph. That's fangrrrrrl. I do make a distinction.

      My secret agentness is almost a disease at this point . . . I'm faking insomnia at home so mr.o doesn't wonder why I'm staying up so late to be online while he sleeps ("yeah, I still can't seem to get to sleep . . guess I'll go into the living room so I don't bother you with all my tossing and turning, honey.") And I even completely shut out a convo he and I were having about our wedding invites, because I was thinking about my next post here. (SIDE NOTE: I JUST GOT BUSTED AT WORK TYPING THIS, WITH A FANFIC SITE OPEN AS WELL. *SOB*)


      • OMB! I was ON the spoiler page and SOMEHOW clicked away!
        That "spoiler" page doesn't actually have any real spoilers (not the murderer, nor the rapist), and they say they don't want the murderer spoiler. V. v. disappointing if you're actually curious about the murderer right now.

        RT et al are doing a really good job of keeping this under wraps; I couldn't find the answers in 1/2 hour of looking last night.


        • *shakes head sadly* Lack of spoiler organization? Just another sign that this is still an emerging market.

          keenai, come back! broken link! broken link!


          • posting after myself- what, like you are surprised?

            Just wanted to bring this over (RT really seems to live and breathe within TWOP): oldish interview

            "It's like the guilty pleasure scene in 'Soapdish' where Sally Field goes to the ball and gets to be adored," Thomas said. "The day after a 'Veronica Mars' episode airs, if you swim around in the Television Without Pity Web site, it's what a producer on the show calls 'a tidal wave of love mixed with a thousand paper cuts.' " Thomas said these articulate viewers sometimes even come up with theories about the show and its characters that never occurred to the show's creator. "Somebody did a complete psychological breakdown of Logan and suggested that he resents Veronica for her loving relationship with her father, and because he has a cold relationship with his father, he can never appreciate Veronica," Thomas said. "That never occurred to me."
            Articulate viewers. Mmmmm. And yet when I visit, all I see are people posting the same thing the person above them posted. And that the person above them posted. ad infinitum. The board (particularly ep threads) moves so fast, it's not even like having a leisurely convo with friends anymore. RT should come here instead. Isadora would bake him a cake!


            • Darn it, I messed that link up 3 times.

              Here it is, ophy:


              • OMG. I that essay. So many cars!

                May it spawn a thousand carfics.

                edited to say: the link is live! UPN is showing the opening scene to Trip to the Dentist and it's a fucking doozy.
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                • I'm not watching til the episode, and if you spoil me I will CRY.


                  • Awww, I woudn't do that.

                    Funny where diff people draw their lines in the sand . . .I'm violently anti-spoiler, but because this clip is the next sequential thing we will be seeing, it doesn't bother me to watch it a few days early. Now if it was a random clip taken from the middle of the ep I would NEVAH watch it.

                    Which completely contradicts my fascination with dissecting the promos. Hee.


                    • You bitches are going to be around to chat and watch, RIGHT???

                      I'm going to need moral support Tuesday!
                      It's all about me and my precious.


                      • I've read whole episode threads at Twop and found them TEDIOUS as shit! And the speculations are so bizarre! Are they even watching the same show we are? I have no respect for that board! I felt truly embarrassed that the moderator is letting them use that dorky LoVe nickname with NO irony! NONE! It's shameful!

                        I just don't find the conversation there to be very enlightening at all! I do not need to read justifications for Logan being a rapist! Shut it, Spike and Sawyer lovers! Don't ruin this show for me, too!

                        diesel? You *need* to watch! download the episodes and catch up! It's not like you have anything bettah to do! Hee!
                        Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                        • Yeah, I sense a real Logan backlash coming if this fangirl apologist crap continues. Such a shame.

                          So anyhoo, my highly unoriginal S2 spec is that the Big Mystery will be revisiting Lynn Echoll's "death". They invested so much screentime to this fucked up family, and besides- more Harry Hamlin! Who wouldn't want that?

                          Not sure if that can be sustained over a mega number of eps, but there's gotta be some reason they left it inconclusive.


                          • My finals are OVAH!

                            *salivates for tonight's show

                            It's been a long time since I've been this anxious about seeing a show, people. It's a lil' scary.


                            • Issie, dude! It's ALL I can think about it!

                              I can not believe how barely spoiled I am for this episode. I know a few things (including what I saw in the UPN 2-minute preview) but I don't know who raped Veronica or who killed Lilly. It's amazing.

                              And I can't hardly wait until tonight's episode!
                              Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                              • *breathes heavily*

                                It's Not What You Have, It's What You Don't Have That Counts: The Lianne Manifesto

                                Yeah, that's right. I'm AWESOME.