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  • Seriously, Dick was a revelation!

    His crazy antics were fantastic but he actually worked that last scene like a champ. What a crazy mess! And I was confused about what he did. He looked like he'd been blowing sailors at the beach for spare change and meth but I'm guessing he just hit rock bottom what with the drinking and downward spiral. His cruelty to Mac was so weird and yet fascinating. Dick is just a complex asshole, no? She was his beard. He'd rather his little brother were gay than interested in her? They are so gonna do it. Actually, I don't believe that. I think Mac will be gay. She's the new Willow! And her sex problems make me sad. Poor thing! I just love her to bits and pieces!

    Logan cracked me up! "Nice shirt." What a sad, desperate little bastard he is! It didn't entirely surprise me that he was still living at the hotel. He's desperate for stability and maybe he loves it because his father was killed there? Also, how many nice hotels are in Neptune? He's already at the best. And they probably gave him a discount when they realized his friend and dad died there on the same night! Also? I loved his desperate need to get Dick back! Ha! And the hug! And the SEX OMG THE SEX. The cuddling was a nice afterthought, is my guess.

    I liked Piz okay. He was doing his sensitive schtick from Life Goes On and that's okay. He was likable on that show, too. I don't mind him thus far. I'm glad Wallace has a friend to girl watch with.

    Parker was sort of needlessly perky. And yet another slutty girl is punished in Neptune. Whatev. Add her body to the pile, I guess. Eh, everybody is punished in Neptune, right, ophy? I found that plot deeply disturbing because the implication is that Veronica and Mac were RIGHT there while she was being raped. Veronica went in the room, for chrissakes! SO upsetting. The screaming? Ugh. Horrifying.

    Keith was completely out of character, I thought. I was very surprised he'd "hang" with those two. Also, I was very confused about that he fell for that Vinnie nonsense. I knew Vinnie did that! How could he not. But I think that will play out in the next episode. He's stuck in the desert and I'm guessing there will be a showdown with Liam and the others? Very confusing. I feel like my brain dumped this entire subplot and can't pick up the thread.
    Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


    • I clearly did not pay enough attention last season and am doing a piss poor job of it so far this season. Heh.

      Thus, I don't have much to say other than... Is Dick the new Logan now? It's like Logan lost the Colin Farrell edge and it landed on Dick.
      It's all about me and my precious.


      • Ooh, good call! Yeah, some folks are speccing that Dick and Mac are going to replay the S1 LoVe dynamic. I don't see it. But I bet we get some pretty meaningful scenes now and again with those two. Which is great . . .I was afraid they were going to gloss over the Beaver denouement for the sake of new viewers, and I wanted to see fall out. Dick is like, personifying that fall out, and Ryan Hansen is awesome, so it's all good.

        Logan *has* to grow up and get over his drama queen self some time, and maybe nursemaiding Dick will be a good way to show that. Lord knows that Veronica probably never gave him a chance to take care of her after once she found out her dad wasn't dead after all, and Logan needs someone to take care of right now. Maybe that's how the big break up is going to happen! V is going to show a tiny vulnerability (maybe she gets hurt hunting the rapist?), Logan is going to be all over her with the comfort and care, and she's going to feel smothered and keep pushing him away. He'll woobie her to death!


        • Okay, so Dick totally bounced back. *sigh* I guess Logan's hugs are like, magic or something. No wonder Veronica is all okay! despite the Beaver rape reveal a couple of months prior.

          Good ep, but the sorority infiltration reminded me waaaaay too much of the S1 cult ep, only this time she found pot where she expected to find a naughty room, and last time she found poinsettas where she expected to find pot. Is it just me, or was that too much pot for one cancer patient's personal comfort? And what about those 4 reliable reports? They may not have anything to do with the rapes, but I think the sorority ain't just one big happy family of innocence and florals. And they *were* breaking the rules with the drinking and the boys. I found myself with zero sympathy for them.

          I did like the Van Gogh reveal . . .way better than Kendall just having a suitcase of cash. I thought they resolved it less confusingly this time . . .wondering if Keith will still have to deal with Liam, though. Hope so.

          The prisoner experiment (and how cool was it that they had Homer Simpson guest star!!!) was fairly interesting. Not the best use of Samm Levine, but I was digging the way Logan stayed in control the whole time. No way in hell was beaten-regularly-with-a-belt boy going to crack, and I think that was very clear.

          My only quibble is that Logan and V are too casual with each other. The "starcrossed" comment was cute, but they are rapidly losing heat and chemistry. Bring on a fresh case of angst please!

          In other news, Kristin has an ubercute new vid of the two Logans up, where they talk about Matt Czuchry's role on VM. It airs 10/24, and there will be boys surfing together. Ahem.


          • I hated the experiment. Lame! I liked that Logan wasn't likely to crack because some douchebag was yelling at him. Vintage Logan would have beaten his ass, though, just because he was crazy and knows how to take a punch so they don't hurt him as much as they would someone else. Star crossed! Ha!

            Liked that Wallace used sneaky methods--he's learned from his BFF, no? Beyond that? *snoresville* Not an interesting use of Sam Levine at all! Whatev.

            Found the sorority plot a bit silly as well, but no more silly than most of the season one MotW. I did enjoy hanging with Veronica, though and I understood her feelings about the sorority. They were nice to her and she saw no evidence of anything beyond the usual college shenanigans. I have no problem with college kids drinking. Hee! That said, you're right. That seemed like a helluva lot a pot for one cancer lady! That seemed like enough maryjane for the entire house, at least! I liked that Veronica's expectations were subverted, though I think her having one girlcrush really seemed to sway her! She's making friends left and right in college, hunh? Closing a sorority her first month on campus! Alienating the RAs and the TAs! Nice job, V!

            Mac's subplot was a bit drawn out but it was nice to hang out with her, too! She's a sweetheart! I just love her! And I would be awash in mad guilt if I were her or Veronica so what can you do?

            Was there an implication that one of the angry chicks was responsible for the rape(s)? There was that weird implication of a sex toy, the fact that some girl(s) have access to sorority wannabes keys, the women dropping off Parker with the nerdy RA? It all seemed strange to me. If it is a crazy chick with a dual ended razor/vibrator? I'm gonna be pissed.

            Also? OMG. Lamb's nasty comments to Veronica about her rape make me HATE HIM. I forgot how evil he is; generally I just think he's lazy and stupid and then BAM. ::::hate::::

            Generally so bored by Keith's subplot I almost didn't know what was going on. Liked the painting bit at the end. Kendall was much smarter than anyone gave her credit for being. I still have a hard time believing she was all waiting for this unattractive dude to get out of jail. She seemed so much more interesting than that.
            Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


            • So weird that it didn't *seem* like a whole lot going on in this ep, and yet- there were 4 plots! Parker's rape, the sorority expose, the prison experiment, and Keith vs. Cormac. 4 plots! They even threw in a tiny bit o'LoVe. And RT had promised the network to simplify things this season- as if!

              Didn't find next week's cold open posted on the CW site, but it was posted on VM's MySpace:
              Piz will apparently be working at the campus radio. Oh, and there's another too brief glimpse of casual LoVe. Some heat please! Need to see it! Please don't waste this 'ship!

              They also have a new vid with MM here:
              Muhney is a slimeball! and a geek! And he loves the fans! So nothing new, really. hee.


              • OMB!!!! Cutest couple EVAH!!!

                Finally, Veronica shows a little heart where Logan is concerned. How much do I that they played that adorable "Break my Fall" song during the stair kissing? How. Seriously, it was like the most perfect complement to last year's angsty "Sway" (Now that I'm coming down/Won't you be my solid ground?) only this was clearly for Veronica and Sway was for Logan, and . . . can I be any more of a shipper?

                Those last couple of mins made up for some rather, um, non-credible plot points. I was cool with the footballer plot (and I had guessed it was Pop, so it was nice to be wrong), and I loved everything about Veronica (very much in character) trust issues with Logan (totally believeable! Even Logan doesn't trust Logan!), but the Lilith House vs. Lampoons vs. Dean O'Dell vs. his rocker son felt overplayed and hokey. And did the pod people come down and abduct Weevil? That was just not the same character at all. I felt like I was watching a brand new person and not in a good way. And Veronica got the Dean's car to Weevil how? And paid him 2k of her own money? Very confusing.

                But anyway, that last library scene is soooo making into the LoVe rotation. KB in particular totally rocked it. It's not quite up there with Epic, or The Camelot, but easily right there with Spy Pen, and Bathroom Counter. And if you know what I mean by those, then you are a shipper, too!


                • Oh, I know. I know! I did not notice the music, however. Ha! You are a bigger lame-o than me (othankgod though not where Jim/Pam is concerned though. I got you beats, I think!).

                  So I was LAMED out by this episode until that last scene! Until that final scene I was completely disinterested in rewatching but then I decided to save in order to rewatch all of the Logan/Veronica scenes later! Too bad Mr. Is monopolized the TV for the rest of the night! Grrrr.

                  Finally some passion and some interest in each other. Yipes. That was a good kiss! And Logan looked all torn up about their fighting but also surprised that Veronica might actually want/need his attention. I did laugh out loud at Veronica saying you would bug your boyfriend's car if you only knew how! I wouldn't, but the justification cracked me up!
                  Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                  • So that song that I said was a perfect counterpoint to "Sway" last week? It's called "Fidelity". Oh, you cheeky monkey, RT!

                    Overall, a pretty flat ep. JDoh did a nice job with his scenes with MC, and I did enjoy watching them together. But I wasn't feeling any real zing, and Keith's whole subplot was boring.

                    What I really want them to deal with is the Mystery of Dick. What happened to his downward spiral? Is he still living with Logan? Does V not remember that it's Dick's fault she was raped?? We've not seen them deal with any of that, and it's making me bitter.


                    • I enjoyed the Logan stuff and the rape plot development. Not being a big fan of Just Shoot Me, I did not care about Keith's subplot!
                      Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.



                        ďRyan Hansen, who plays my friend Dick Casablancas, is also married and Kristen is in a committed relationship,Ē Jason says. ďSo we don't sleep around much on the set.Ē
                        Much. hee.

                        Jason also does a super quick bit where he interviews his wife, and it's cute. She seems like a good sport- you know, putting up with his dorky crush on KB and all.


                        • I was almost too distracted by Francis Capra's bizarre face/head pox to concentrate on the ep. Seriously, what is he on? It's like the opposite of whatever Richard Greico is on- I'm assuming he never got over heroin chic.

                          I do like seeing V bring Logan into her investigations, even when it doesn't directly involve him. Overall, a pretty tight ep- and we even got some Wallace! Fave part was when V reached out and pulled the necklace off the bitchy little girl. Unexpected, and yet expected. I don't know why, but I loved that moment.


                          • I that! I was so happy she did that! Hee!

                            From an email from my one former coworker that watches VM:
                            I also have many, many theories about what happens next in VM. Of
                            course, I don't want to spout off for fear of being wrong. I do have
                            one question, though: is that acne on Weevil real or make-up?

                            Weevil needs proactiv!

                            I hate the impending break-up of Logan and V. It seems sort of pointless to me. Just solve mysteries, bitches.
                            Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                            • Oh, Logan. Stupid, stupid Logan. "I can't tell you, but you have to trust me"? Does he not know who he is talking to? Well, I had far rather have them split because of trust issues than over some lame "Logan cheats" reason.

                              I love how different Dean O'Dell is than Clemmons! So unsuspecting. He truly doesn't know Veronica very well yet.

                              After what Lucky TA said, I'm becoming more and more convinced that the raper (tm Dick) is a woman. It's *really* hard to rape someone with a penis and leave absolutely no DNA behind. So my guess is that we have a psycho woman who hates the kinds of girls who go to frat parties, and thinks they deserve to be taught a lesson that will "wisen" them up about how evil men/frats are. Maybe it's a girl who was actually raped at/after a Pi Sig frat party herself - and she shaves their heads because that makes it visible and difficult for the girls to stay quiet and hide the fact they were raped. The visibility helps her to use the rapes to also get revenge on the frats.

                              They will be wrapping this story up soon, and they have 2 choices- they can reveal as a bad guy someone we care about or know well (like Aaron or Beaver) or they can go for a different kind of shock value with who it is (like a female rapist). It's not going to be anyone we know well or care about too much, because it's not going to be someone we have known well from previous seasons (has to be someone who was on campus last year, so not our fave Neptune '06 grads). But we should still be at least somewhat familiar with them, and they shouldn't be someone we have only seen once.

                              So that leaves us with women who would have been around on campus last year, who have also been in more than one ep this season. There aren't very many of those . . . I lean towards Nish, the ex-editor. But we also have the long haired militant feminist, Claire and the Dean's wife. That's about it for females in more than one ep who aren't freshpeople, I think. Am I leaving out anyone?

                              I really, really, hope they don't have a *gay* female rapist, though. Not after Beav's ambiguous sexuality and homosexual encounters with Woody.




                                20 ep pickup!!! Not quite as good as 22, but still.