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    Damn! That's what was pissing me off throughout the episode! The only two sexually interesting characters were missing! And so were their scores. Hee!
    Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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      That said. Breaking into lit mag? So perfect I think I actually ached a little.

      And, dude, did they just do cast recruiting on the Mean Girls set, or what?


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        I was bittah she didn't open the test results! HELLO, this is about a murder, bitch, not just your parentage!

        Oh, and will the hot boy come back? *sob* What a dark and twisted little show this is! It's too delicious to imagine him being all sleep deprived and hungry! Aww! Poor kid!

        Oddly, I sort of enjoyed this mystery of the week! Perhaps because it wasn't some lame mystery but more of a character study? I dunno. There was a good balance between Big Story Arc and the mystery related more to Veronica on a personal level than on a lame subplot level.

        And I loved Wallace. He amuses me.
        Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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          I enjoyed it too - I like cult stories!

          I cannot believe she didn't read the results. Maybe Keith will piece the shredded page together and find out what Veronica was up to.

          Isadora calling Veronica "V" up above confused me - I'm usually the only V around. Hee.


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            V makes me think of space lizards.

            Any who, I did not get why she would bust in on her dad in the middle of the night to shread documents. I really think Dad would piece that shit together. Even if he can't read the results, I'm sure he'd at least figure out that she lied to him about the HIV test and was questioning paternity. Oh and what fucking health class makes students do HIV testing for extra credit or whatever. Huh? How would the teacher know the students actually took the test?

            Any who, those rantings aside, I did like the episode. But where the fuck is LOGAN!
            It's all about me and my precious.


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              Weevil reading the "poetry" had me . He looked so earnest about his plagiarism!

              I liked this week, too.

              Oh, and will the hot boy come back?
              Man, he had serious chemistry with Veronica. I thought they were going to do it on his grandma's grave.


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                Did anyone see it last night? This show is such a delight... I didn't even realize it was a new episode and then it was one of the best all season!

                Like Is, I tend to watch for the overarching mystery, but I can't get too upset about a mystery o'the week that involves all the main hot boys getting down to their boxers. And one of the main things that I love about this show is that ALL the characters have chemistry with each other. I don't even care that nobody's hooking up, b/c that means that anyone could get with anyone else at any time.


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                  I love this show! It made me laugh a lot. I was so happy to see Weevil and Logan back. Both mysteries were predictable, but I like the way they dovetailed at the end. Good times.

                  And I love when Duncan lets his personality show.


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                    The thing I may love best about this show is how much it fucks over the badfic writers. Like, all the worst things they could plan? The show's already done it, and better. Rapefic? Incest? TRY AGAIN, FUCKERS.

                    I am also convinced that Logan is going to end up coded completely bi, if for no reason other than to fuck up his parents' ideals. I think it could be fun. Especially when he and Weevil mack on each other, as they clearly intend to do.

                    Also? Not!Drunk Duncan as Heat Miser?


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                      I enjoyed this episode! The boys are soo gaaay (TM: Margaret Cho's Mom) I really felt like any of them could have ran his fingers through another boy's hair at any moment and looked deep into each other eyes.

                      I was pretty surprised by the final scene, too! Poor Logan! His parents are so awful. I liked that the actor looked vaguely terrified and stunned. Nice work.

                      I am SO IN LUV with Logan, bdw. Seriously, he's dreamy! Le Sigh.

                      I liked Logan & Duncan's spat, too. I think Duncan was really mad Logan has been cheating on him with Weevil but that they finally decided to have an open relationship. I hope that works out for them.

                      Everyone at my house was *deeply* disturbed by Lisa Rinna! WHAT the fuck is up with her mouth? It looked like she had 50 cold sores covered in lip gloss. Heinous! It actually looked more puffy and weird than usual! It was VERY upsetting!

                      In Veronica news, I was excited that she confronted Daddy Kane! And he was all freaking on her! That was fun! And I love how this show leaves so much dangling every week. What will Daddy Mars say about seeing Veronica and Daddy Kane? Did Momma Kane get the photographer to scare Momma Mars away? I'm thinking she did! That bitch! And if that's true, why? You know when they solve the murder it will be such a disappointment!

                      I'm still not convinced Kane is the Real Dad but I'm enjoying the mystery.
                      Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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                        Am I the only one still watching Veronica?

                        I LOVE Logan Echolls! SO MUCH. I loved how he smirked as Veronica was arrested -- and waved at her! I loved how he blames Veronica for the death of his Tru Luv -- that nicely explains much of his kerr-azy ass behavior. I love what a fucked up home life he has and I REALLY love that his mother may have just jumped off the bridge! And do I really need to say that Lisa Rinna looks like she has some sort of disease on her lips? When she popped those pills in her mouth and it looked like she had huge bumps and pieces of skin flapping off of those scary lips of her? OMG. TERRIFYING!

                        I hated the karaoke scene, howevah. Lame-tastic.
                        Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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                          I'm still watching it and I still love it muchly. It's actually my favorite show right now and I keep bugging everyone I know to tune in so that I know I've played my part if it gets cancelled at the end of the season.

                          I love Logan too! The more they reveal about him and show why he's such a mess and why he hates on Veronica so verray much, the more I sympathize.

                          Oh, and I lurvved KB's kareoke! I think she's awesome and I swear the girl has chemistry with every moving particle that whizzes by her. Lurve her.


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                            I'm watching, but I keep seeing it on TiVo-delay, and then forgetting to come talk about it. I don't think I'll get a chance to watch last night's episode till tomorrow.


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                              In D.C. they decided that ACC basketball was more important than Veronica Mars So now I guess it will be on Sunday night at the same time as Desperate Housewives. But I am still watching and loving it. I also am trying to get everyone I know to watch, but when they hear UPN...


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                                Heeeeee. I TiVoed it to watch with the West Coast crew.

                                Mommy Echolls is about as dead as Lilly is.

                                I'm not sure if that means both or neither of them.

                                Also, Logan and Weevil and even, grudgingly, Duncan.

                                But not nearly as much as I Veronica. And her dad.

                                And EVERYONE.

                                This is the best show ever. I don't even have anything I hate. Except the fans at TWoP who hate Wallace. But that's only because they're wrong.