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  • So I finally watched last week's episode and I liked Veronica's character development. It seems the show is becoming more character and less plot-driven. Perhaps that's not true. Too tired to really think it through.

    How do I feel about Logan running off with Mercer and leaving people to fend for themselves or die? Logan's not the most sensitive fellow unless you're in his loyalty circle (Illegal Homeless Boxing? Seriously, he's a sick boy!) so I'm not even that shocked. But I know Veronica assigns great expectations to those around her and who the hell can live up to that? I felt bad for Keith. Interestingly, Mr. Is was the one who was like: Veronica's right, it's a douchebag move to sleep with a married woman and he's been morally slipping all season.

    And he only watches the show over the top of his laptop screen and has to ask what's going on like four times an hour. Whatev.

    I was seriously terrified for Veronica for a minute. This show is so twisty that she could have been kidnapped or something. Remember when Logan was tortured? Dark show!
    Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


    • I'm actually *dreading* tonight's ep. I'm (unspoiled-ly) anticipating a really ugly break up, and I don't think my poor wee heart can take it!

      Unless Logan takes his shirt at some point. Then, whatever.


      • I know! The promo did not look good for LoVe! Seriously, burning down a hotel? You know that's going to catch up with him. I would at least like to see him be tortured by the guilt of it or something. It's totally understandable that he would run in a panic,but there has to be some sort of residual effect.

        Seriously, I thought Veronica was going to be raped again. The show is seriously dark and twisted. I'm not sure where they're going with the whole rape thing. So far they've offered up bad frat guys and fabrication by the feminazis. Seems way to simplisitc. I'm sure it'll be something else entirely in the end, but way to play to stereotypes!

        And I don't get the Keith downward spiral at all. Did I miss something? Sure he almost died in the desert, but come on! And what's up with Vinny helping V out? Seemed a bit out of character to stick his neck out so much. I can see him doing something to destract so it's not clear he's the one who did it, you know what I mean?
        It's all about me and my precious.


        • I was scared for Veronica in the bar, too! I wasn't surprised that Vinnie helped out. He's worked with Veronica before and he's more opportunistic than evil.

          Ugh, I can't take a break-up this week! I'm exhausted, people! I have HOURS of TV to catch up on still and I just can't deal with sad Logan right now. And Piz now officially annoys me. He's too pure and nicey-nice for this show.
          Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


          • I'm actually surprised at how much Piz *isn't* annoying me. I particularly liked how he didn't bother to correct Logan's misapprehension that Veronica had been staying alone with him. He was very smooth and baldfaced about it, which I thought was pretty sneaky and guylike. Nice and subtle.

            Oh, sad Logan! We'll be seeing much of him, I assume. What happened to the downward spiral Dick subplot, though? I guess Dick moved in with the Pi Sigs, but we got no actual closure on what the deal is with him. And I'd really like to see Mac again, people . . .

            I'm sticking with the assumption that the rapes were done by one of the feminists. Probably Nish.


            • Poor sad Logan. So sad. Very, very sad.

              Didn't Dohring nail the sad there at the end?

              I'm stll very confused about the feminazis . . .so they faked more than one of the rapes? I think V should have hung around long enough to figure out which ones were real. And seriously, it didn't occur to the feminazis that by faking some rapes it would make it that much harder for the authorities to catch the real rapists? Stupid. And I guess they were the ones who assaulted Chip - giving him a keister egg is actually really dark and ugly, and I wouldn't have thought they were quite so evil as a group.

              Someone dies next week. I'm guessing either Mrs. O'Dell, Prof Landry, Parker or Weevil. But it's suppose to set up the 2nd mystery, so it needs to be someone significant enough that V will get involved and feel motivated. I'm not sure anyone really qualifies to make it feel personal enough to her except for Weevil . . . they ain't going to kill off Keith, Logan, Wallace, and I think they have other plans for Piz. Could be Parker, I guess. If it's Mac, then I can't be held responsible for what I might do.


              • If they have to break up Logan and Veronica, I'm just glad they're doing it because of issues that are already there, and not because of Piz. I mean, Logan is clingy and overprotective and has been since before they got together (we all remember that he went charging off to rescue her and that lead to their first kiss) and Veronica is independent and has a hard time trusting people. So basically, I love where this is going, even if the CW promos are just as misleading as the WB's and UPN's.

                Other than that, man, Patty Hearst is a terrible actress.


                • Patty Hearst is woooooden! Wow. I've always been Team Tanya, anyway!

                  OMB the sadness! Logan looked like he was going to cry! He's such an overprotective/possessive nut and she's so incapable of being vulnerable and she's too tough for her own good. Wowser. Good character driven plotting. *sob* I don't want them to break up! They haven't had enough hott sex yet! And I'm pretty sure she's too judgemental to handle the whole Mexican Hotel thang. She had a hard time with just setting a pool on fire. I don't recall her reaction to the illegal homeless boxing.

                  What the hell will they do with Logan after they break-up? They haven't exactly set him up as integral to her lone wolf detective agency style.

                  And was that the resolution to the rape case? Because I didn't even understand their conversation. Very weird. No DNA evidence? Whu? Were any of the rapes real? Hunh? So confusing. I mean, Parker was raped, right? Or was she having the casual strange and then got a buzz cut? God, I'm at an utter loss.

                  And will there be a real resolution next week in addition to the SOMEBODY DIES promo?

                  No clue about the death. I'm hoping it will be Dick, at least then it will be important to some of the characters, right? And it will keep Logan in the mix? Hell if I know, honestly.
                  Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                  • Noooooooo! Not Dick. That would bother me.

                    Yeah, I think we have yet to get the real resolution to the rapes yet. I guess maybe Claire's rape and the other feminazi rape was faked, but the other three were real? I have no idea.

                    The promo looks awesome, though. Piz and Mac on the roof!

                    Logan being clingy and over protective, and Veronica not able to fully love/trust someone? Totally the most believable reasons for a LoVe breakup. The best part is that it's not an irrevocable kind of thing (like cheating may have been), and it also sets us up for some nice angsting all around for the rest of the season.


                    • Awwwww, I liked Dean O'Dell! I totally wish they had killed off Landry or Mrs.O'Dell instead.

                      Fave part of the ep? When Logan walked by the diner window and took the bat to the cop car. That's my boy! Nice to see Logan back to his car smashing ways. Got me feeling all nostalgic for days gone by.

                      All in all, this really wasn't as whiz bang as earlier season finales . . .which is what we expected would happen with the way they are stringing out three mystery finales instead of one big one. But all in all, there actually had been a lot of nice set up in the clues throughout the season,(and I hadn't guessed it) so I was pretty satisfied. I really love that Parker was so instrumental in bringing down Mercer. That felt good.

                      Not a bad ep, and Logan did a nice, dignified job of breaking up with Veronica. Really glad they threw in the shower scene, though, otherwise it would have been hard to know if V was affected at all.

                      Oh, and unicorns! Very nice.


                      • OMG, I cracked up when Logan took the bat to that cop car! BWAHAHAHAH. I only wish we could have seen the carnage in the jail cell! LOVED IT.

                        I liked this episode and I was genuinely worried and freaked for Veronica! Eeek! I didn't really get the Mercer domination of the dork but what can you do.

                        Nice set-up, overall!

                        Loved the break-up. Veronica is such a mess, poor thing. And this leaves plenty of room for angst. Hott.
                        Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                        • I really, really loved the break up scene. It was perfection what with the forehead kiss and him telling her he'd always be there even though he knows she won't ever cop to needing him for anything. And her breakdown in the shower made me feel really bad for her because it was exactly what Logan was talking about. She has all these people in her life who care about her and want to offer her support/comfort and she just won't or can't accept it, so she has to bawl her little body out all alone in the shower. Poor, messed up V.

                          I feel gipped that we didn't see the jail smackdown. We bettah get some footage of that with the new shows.


                          • So the way I understood the Mercer/Moe dynamic was that we are to see it as a parallel to Ryder and Horshack. When we first met Moe, he made a comment that he took part in the prison experiment freshman year and it was a lifechanging experience. And he got all spacey there for a second. And while V was on the floor all drugged up, Mercer called Moe "prisoner" and sounded a lot like how Ryder yelled at Horshack. If so, it makes sense that we saw Horshack taking notes for Ryder, and then later heard he was caught cheating for him as well. That was just to set up the psychology of Mercer/Moe's weird Master/Slave issues and make it more believable to us. That said, I think they should have made it more explicit, because it wasn't all that obvious last night.

                            Anyone know exactly when they are kicking off the next round of eps? I couldn't find the info on The CW site, and TWOP is down for me.

                            As far the next mystery arc goes, Keith is going to feel super guilty about the Dean's death. I don't know if that's quite enough to make V really care about it, though, and give it real emotional resonance. Our main suspects are Landry, Mrs. O'Dell, Lilith House, Lucky Tim (who could be setting up Landry for some reason), and unknown bookies (the fitzpatricks?) that the dean owes gambling money to.

                            The Lucky Tim stuff couldn't have been just throwaway- anybody catch the real reason he asked Veronica to come see him in his office? He cracked a joke, and then introduced her to his gf, Bonnie the MS Slut, and that was it. Seems odd. I guess he had circled the Pi Sigs who Bonnie had slept with on that frat page. Which is creepy. And maybe he wanted V to notice that? It was an odd scene all around, and I'm guessing it has second arc implications. If so, they need to get him a better wig, stat. I'm finding it very distracting that we are supposed to see Lucky Tim's fake hair as his real hair, and Parker's real hair as her fake hair.


                            • Not much to add except that I the first finale.

                              I've been quite meh on VM this season and was very eh about the news that it'd been picked up for more episodes. But damn it, if this one episode didn't change all that.

                              I think the show is well served by the mini arcs thus far because Mercer, while surprising, was not out of the realm of possibility. (*coughBeavercough*) And I'll never again see Ryan Devlin as the adorable, goofy guy who hosted ETonMTV. I was fairly impressed by his turn on VM, especially last night.

                              I guess Alia Shawkat reprising Stacy wasn't as much of a done deal as was first reported. I was bummed not to see her in the episode, though.
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                              • Hmm. Looks like Veronica Mars is dropping mystery story arcs altogether in favor of all standalone episodes.

                                Hmm. That's going to be different.

                                Rob Thomas insists that that he and the CW came to the conclusion together -- that the big mystery formula doesn't work. "One feeling is that the big mysteries keep away the casual TV viewers," Thomas tells E! Online, "and the other is that the thing that has been least successful since season one -- meaning the things we get the most complaints about -- are the big mysteries." Thomas does say, however, "we will still have ongoing personal life stories from Veronica, so there will be romantic relationships and the normal travails. We just wouldnít have a mystery at the core."
                                Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.