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  • Veronica Likely Cancelled.

    USA Today's Robert Bianco explains in his weekly chat: "According to our reporter Gary Levin, the show has been cancelled. And he's almost always right about such things."
    Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


    • Man, they really know how to use the Neptune Grand elevator effectively, huh? It's like a metaphor for the ups and downs of LoVe.

      The pic of Larker all shiny and smiley on the cake? Classic. I love seeing Veronica all angsty over the end of the LoVership, and I'm cool with her macking on Piz for awhile.

      The MOTW was super lame.


      • You know I'm all LoVe and I totally don't get the Logan/Parker thing but this episode was great (aside from the heavy handed MotW)! Loved Mac and Max! Loved Mac snarking on Logan, "You bet your friends you could turn me into prom queen and then fell in love with me!"

        Dick was awesomely cheeseball as usual.

        "I've never seen him...on a cake like this!" Seriously! ON A CAKE! And then Parker gives her the Logan piece! Bwahahahaha. I almost think Logan is paying Parker to be his girlfriend just to torture Veronica.

        I loved all the stupid interactions. I even liked Piz kissing Veronica.

        That said? If this show is canceled and I don't get a LoVe ending?

        Also? I didn't realize how much I missed Wallace! Aww. Love him.
        Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


        • Yeah, I was all into Wallace this ep. I also like badass Sheriff Mars cleaning up the town. He gave "Stosh" a Bon Jovi pic! Awesome.

          Logan as the perfect boyfriend (on a cake!) is totally bizarro world. Logan and Parker are like the new Duncan and Meg. Which means as soon as he knocks her up, she's going to die.

          Mac was great, and I enjoyed her with Max, but I like her better with Bronsen. More hawt.

          There's an interview over at with JD, and this part makes me remember why I miss the Echolls and the Kanes so much:

          Jason: Yeah, I love that, because you saw it, when the adults are there, you saw more of the kids, you know, like more of the backstory of the kids and stuff like that and what they're dealing with and...
          Spacecitymarc: You have to sort of imagine like they're on their little island.
          Polter-Cow: You remember that they're really just kids.
          Spadada: Yeah, yeah, exactly.
          Jason: Exactly, dude! That's right.
          As per usual, any interview with JD is nearly incoherent. But still, it sounds like he misses working with the grownups. Also, he liked being the wiseass better than being Dick's straight man. Well, duh.

          As far as LoVe goes the few (very mild) spoilers I have seen hints that Veronica is going to tell Logan to get out of her life completely in the finale. I doubt they are going to end on that, but still - all signs point to no LoVe reunion by the end of S3. Better damn well get that FBI renewal!
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          • I irrationally dislike the VM Big Name Fans!

            I can't explain it. Just a bunch of annoying ass kissers!
            Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


            • Dude, are you kidding? It's entirely rational.


              • I enjoyed last night's ep, but half-way through realized this was not actually the VM we all used to love. Well, duh. I know, I'm slow to these things. Lots of folks have been saying it, but I didn't actually *feel* it until last night.

                I don't really care that it's a new show entirely, because I enjoy this incarnation, too - just in a different way. But last night I got to wondering when we last had a moment that made me gasp out loud, or think to myself that this idea, scene, or line was a brand new thing and something to be remembered and re-watched. *scratches head* I really don't remember. And when did we last have flashbacks? I have the feeling the two are connected.

                In other news, Paul Rudd! I do love Paul Rudd.

                "Like, leftover gum?"


                • Mr. Is, who barely watches the show, said the same thing, ophy!

                  He was all bitter about Paul Rudd's character finding some redemption, particularly with the aging fan girl at the end. He was flat-out horrified by that!

                  That said, I'm in your camp. It's different. Not better, I guess, but I'm pretty sure I was in the minority of not seeing the genius of season two, even as I liked it a whole bunch. If that makes sense.

                  I like these characters and I'll follow them to the FBI, if that's where it goes.
                  Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                  • I think it's been axed. Word is the "official" announcement won't come until Thursday's Upfronts presentation, but all of the network's pilot pickups have been leaked and more than a few insider blogs are saying it's gone.

                    I'm ambivalent about the cancelation, but at any rate, I think it's ridiculous that Rob or someone won't just come out and say something definite. Especially since it's leaking slowly but consistently all over the net. By Thursday, it'll be old news to everyone save for the few who were desperately holding out hope of its renewal.

                    I did really enjoy last week's episode. Paul Rudd!


                    • Yeah, when I heard that they didn't bother to fly KB out for the upfronts, I knew it was all over. *sob*

                      Somebody out in fandom had better write a kickass Veronica-in-the-FBI fic. I was all geared up for LoVe spy games!


                      • It might still be a mid-season replacement. Maybe
                        Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                        • Don't forget that the 2 hr series finale starts tonight at 8 PM instead of 9 PM on that network whose name I will never use again.


                          • Going to really miss this show.

                            But that aside, seriously? The last ever scene of VM and they go out on a scene of Veronica voting??? I know they didn't know for sure that it would be the last scene ever of VM, but still. They had to have had an inkling. Kinda anti-climactic all around. Didn't feel the slightest like a season finale, let alone a series finale.

                            I guess I'm grateful that they didn't end with a cliffhanger that I actually cared about. I prefer Keith as an outcast PI anyway. And there were some lovely callbacks in this ep. The painting of Lilly totally freaked me out until I remembered seeing Kyle Secor in the credits. And Clarence! It was cool to see Clarence again. Oh, and Logan as his OPJ violent self was also nice.

                            Grrrrr. I'm feeling all angsty and dissatisfied with this ending.
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                            • It was seriously anti-climactic!
                              It's all about me and my precious.


                              • I don't read much about Veronica behind the scenes, so what's the word on the odds of them getting a midseason position? Is this one of those things that can be influenced by the fandom sending in cans of soup or whatevah? 'Cause I'll do it. It's not the show it used to be, but I still love it lots and want to see them get more seasons.

                                And yeah, the finale was really blah.