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  • The comments after every article sound exactly like the conversation we've been having all day. Somebody posted this little gem in one of them and I can't stop giggling over it:

    “Veronica Mars is smarter than me.” -Warner Brothers
    Someone else mentioned they hoped Deputy Leo would make an appearance and OMG YES!!

    Characters I NEED to be in the movie:

    Veronica, Keith Mars, Logan, Wallace, Weevil, Dick, and Mac.

    Characters I HOPE will make at least an appearance:

    Leo, Madison, and Lynn Echolls <--it could happen, they never found the body!
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    • This is pretty cute:

      Kristen Bell ‏@IMKristenBell
      dear pope: Im sorry VM fans stole ur thunder on ur 1st day. I mean,Im not really that sorry,but i thought it would be polite 2 say so. xo
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      gloop, I think RT mentioned Piz was included as well. Which is strange because he didn't go to high school with them, so I don't know why he would be there.

      My list would be Veronica, Keith, Logan, Wallace, Weevil, Dick, and a cameo of Lilly Kane, and (pleaseohplease) Vinnie van Lowe. The more money they get, the more people we are likely to see.
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      • I mean obvs Carrie Bishop has to make an appearance right?! (With Mr. Rooks!)

        I'm torn because my fangirl-side who looooooooves this is in conflict with my work-side who is disappointed at the blow this dealt to indie film. But blows are dealt to indie film all the livelong day by much bigger, insidious sources so mostly, I this.


        • That video was shot *last* February! (As in February 2012)

          I hated that the guy from the Atlantic said this came from 'a dark place' as far as the cast is concerned. It's not like this is going to jumpstart careers or take them into fame and fortune they didn't already have. It's going to be a small thing enjoyed very much by a hundred thousand people and that's basically it. What is so dark and grasping and greedy about it?

          KBell did this because she's a fangirl herself,and because she understands fandom better than most starlets. That's where her roots are. And of course, because she's an actual ray of sunshine masquerading as a human being. I'm sure Rob would have let go long before now, but she wouldn't let him.

          $2.5 mill! Maybe we actually will get a naked submarine chase now.


          • dax shepard ‏@daxshepard1
            To everyone who helped my most beautiful, nerdy angel (@IMKristenBell ) today, THANK YOU!!!

            @IMKristenBell: @daxshepard1 I've never been prouder to be Veronica Braverman
            Shipping them!

            Kevin Williamson ‏@kevwilliamson
            Okay, @RobThomas how many lines do I get for 10K?

            Kevin Williamson ‏@kevwilliamson
            I'm a little too excited about a Veronica Mars movie. That show is on my all time fave list.

            Kevin Williamson ‏@kevwilliamson
            Dawson, Joey, and Pacey go to Veronica, "Jen didn't die of a heart thingy, we believe she was murdered. Please help."

            Kevin Williamson ‏@kevwilliamson
            Pitch tweak: "Jen faked her death and is really alive. Please find her. We can't kickstart without her."

            Rob Thomas ‏@RobThomas
            “@kevwilliamson: I'm a little too excited about a Veronica Mars movie. It's on my all time fave list.” Thanks to my first first boss, Kevin
            Fandoms collide!

            max greenfield ‏@iamgreenfield
            @RobThomas and @IMKristenBell Congratulations on winning the internet today
            Deputy Leo! Rob tweeted back to tell him to 'get ready'! I take that as confirmation Leo will be in it.

            Lauren Graham ‏@thelaurengraham
            Dudes, I hear you, and thanks! But I can't be the #GilmoreGirls @kickstarter. Only Amy can start that kick.
            Yeah, I'll bet LG and Nathan Fillion and Kristin Chenowith and a whole bunch of other genre tv folks got bombarded last night.

            The trendline has slooooowed down majorly. At the height, I think it was trending to $62mil, and now it's trending to $39mil.


            • What if Deputy Leo became the Sheriff and he got killed and fingers are pointed at Keith? That would be a good cameo for Max Greenfield and be personal enough to get VMars BACK on the case!


              • Good thinking, Breezy! I like.

                Piz is the only head scratcher for me. He didn't exactly scream long-term love interest to me...but! I realized that I haven't re-watched season three, really. I never got around to buying those DVDs and I also realized that when I was re-watching on Netflix instant I was just wrapping up season two when it was pulled. So I gotta get on that because I realized I forgot a lot when I was YouTubing like the huge fucking dork that I am.

                So! Massive rewatch this summer! Wheeee! Maybe I'll just be a lazy bitch and buy it on Amazon streaming so I can watch it on the iPad or the TV, depending on where my lazy ass is when I feel like watching?
                Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                • It's probably also time to finally watch Party Down.
                  Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                  • You can watch online for free:

                    Every ep is there, and it's legal.

                    I have all three season on DVD, but I don't know when I'll get the chance to rewatch.

                    I like the idea of Leo being sheriff now, that could work. Oh, they have to figure out how to get around the whole thing where he was disgraced and kicked off the force, though.

                    Last night I was writing dialogue in my head for when Veronica and Logan run into each other at the Neptune Grand the day before the high school reunion (SHUT UP), and it occurred to me that maybe Veronica could come back to investigate Madison Sinclair's murder. She and Mac were switched at birth, right? In my head canon, Mac and her birth mother (Madison's mom) ended up building a real relationship once Mac was an adult, and so Mac calls V back to Neptune because her birth mother is not happy with the investigation. Madison could be one of those girls who never really moved on after high school (kept the same friends and paramours, etc.) so that's why Veronica has to investigate all of the old high school gang. Maybe Madison was married to Dick? And he's suspect numero uno?

                    Oh, and in case you are wondering, Logan became an acclaimed indie film director. He makes small dark movies that win awards but never get much of an audience. Madison recently slept with him, hoping for a part, but he just laughed at her and kicked her out the next morning. This comes to light, though, because V discovers the 'affair' and it makes him a suspect. Plus it gives him and Dick some good scenes when Dick finds out.

                    Anyway, I liked the idea of Veronica seeking justice on behalf of the Mean Girl that made her high school life miserable. Madison Sinclair is like a totem of high school injustice for Veronica, so it would be poetic. And there *is* that Mac connection, so it's not so farfetched.

                    I'm sure Piz will be in it somehow. He and KB stayed really good friends, so they would find a way to include him. Maybe he is now Logan's cinematographer and alibi for the murder. Or he is Leo's live-in lover?


                    • Party Down is so freaking good - there are only 20 eps and they're a half hour long, so it's 10 hours of your time! Dooooo it.

                      While I think Piz is cute and I've liked the actor in other things I've seen him in, I could not care less if he's in this movie. For me, Veronica Mars is all about the high school milieu and her bumping up against the upper class, which was totally lost when she went to college. So that's why I think the fact that it might center around her 10 year reunion will be great, see her really struggling again in Neptune.


                      • That link doesn't have season 3, oph!

                        I'm down with VM (obvy), Logan, and Keith. Everybody else is negotiable. I mean, Wallace, Dick and Mac would be icing but I'm not even that greedy. If I had ONE person I would love to see aside from them? It's Vinnie Van Lowe.

                        ETA: Also? I don't need a fangirl splooge of LoVe fans who are bitter if it's not a romantic movie. Like, I don't even CARE, I just want to see these characters.
                        Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                        • WHAT.

                          I thought it did.

                          Yeah . . . if it's just Veronica in a badly decorated school cafeteria drinking punch and trading barbs with everyone from S1 and S2, I'm good. I don't need a plot or nothing.

                          But I *think*, given that KBell is a LoVe shipper, and that Rob is super duper aware that lack of LoVe closure is what has fueled some of the fandom drive the past few years, we will most def get a wrap-up to that storyline where it is clear-ish that Logan and Veronica are going to try again to make it work. I don't think they will repeat the mistake of the S3 finale by leaving it too open ended. I assumed that was part of what his whole note at the bottom of the Kickstarter page was all about . . . a veiled promise to do right by LoVe this time around.


                          • (flails)

                            Yes. I'm with you. I will take what I can get and I will LoVe it.


                            • Vinnie van Lowe is TOPS of my list for secondary characters I want to see!

                              At this point I don't care what they do, as long as we get to see these characters together again. I really don't want anyone to ruin this with complaints about how the story will go. Yes, I want a LoVe reunion and happy ending, but its not going to hinder my excitement if they don't go that way. I just want to see everyone again!

                              I don't know what's wrong with me. I just now realized Deputy Leo and Schmidt from New Girl are the same actor. I think I'm slipping.
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                              • I am honestly too excited to care about plot right now. I will love whatever we get.

                                I did a full re-watch sometime last year and actually, I don't even really dislike season 3 . The mysteries are weaker han previous seasons, for sure, but episode to episode, there are still a lot if thngs I loved. I mean, all 3 seasons have weaker episodes and they are still better than good episodes on a lot of other shows. I'm also really not bothered by the lack of LoVe closure. I thought the finale made it clear that they weren't done with each other.

                                I don't mind Piz, even as a love interest, but thought it was pretty clear he was not a long-term option for Veronica. I don't need need need any particular secondary characters, but the more we get, the better.