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  • I just now realized Deputy Leo and Schmidt from New Girl are the same actor. I think I'm slipping.
    Ha! That's funny. They are obvs very different characters.

    I did like Piz. I have no problem seeing him in the movie.

    The TVLine Defense:

    Sometime between 10:30 am Wednesday — when the Veronica Mars movie Kickstarter campaign was announced — and 11 am, something unfortunate, but perhaps inevitable, happened. People started getting kicked for kicking their money in.
    What started off as a celebration of the impassioned TV fan turned into a condemnation of those who, I like to think, have a say in how their own money gets spent.

    Hell, even I was left to feel “dirty” about writing a story about it, the outcry, criticisms and finger-wagging blogging came flowing so hard. But in the end, as I donated my $[SPOILER] just minutes before the tote board ticked past the important $2 million mark, I achieved peace with my pledge.

    Wouldn’t that money have been better donated to a charity?
    This was an early refrain from those who questioned this Kickstarter project. First speaking for myself: I donate throughout the year to assorted medical research and animal welfare causes. I also chipped in for the “loftier” Showrunners documentary’s Kickstarter campaign (as well as to the fundraiser for the way-cool Spike keyboard for iPhone). And who’s to say that a meaningful portion of the tens of thousands of Veronica Mars backers don’t also give to worthy causes, to the extent they are able or willing? No one ever went to bed feeling better about themselves because they spent their day assuming the worst about humanity.

    But perhaps the most echoed criticism came in the form of: Why are you donating your hard-earned money to get a studio film made? When Warner Bros. will kick back and reap any profit?
    The short answer: Because this was a time for the little guy to make a difference.

    Television is an impactful medium. Quality and/or ambitious shows get cancelled too quickly, far too often. (People are even mourning Zero Hour, after two episodes.) And 99 percent of the time, once the Nielsen Ratings Gods have spoken, we are left to do nothing, to feel without resource.
    But this time… this time, the little guy was heard. Some 30,000 people who will never brush up against celebrity, Regular Joes who will not once see their name in an end credits crawl, were afforded — and passionately seized — the opportunity to produce a piece of entertainment. I ask: When does that ever happen?

    Movie studio executives greenlight any and whatever projects they like, and in this instance, Veronica Mars: The Motion Picture simply was not going to happen. Yet when put in the hands of the fans (and their friends) who have steadfastly and long-anticipated this unlikelihood, that excited mob rallied to secure their piece of happiness.

    A lot of the time, the Internet is used to tear things down. To mock Smash, to snark about red carpet fashions, to hurt. All from the cozy, oft-anonymous comfort of everyone’s couches.

    For 10 thrilling hours on Wednesday, though, 30,000 strangers banded together online to create something.

    No, the Veronica Mars Kickstarters will never see even a fraction of a back-end point if the movie happens to turn a profit. But they will smile knowing that they were a part of something rather historical. A gone-too-soon series was plucked from the ashes not by a struggling network anxious to plug a scheduling hole, but by the very people who loved and were left to mourn it. Stand on a soap box and question the dissemination of discretionary income all you want, but do not dare rob other people of their self-defined joy.
    Matt Mitovich!


    • Forever YA weighs in:

      There's a bunch of polls!

      Yesterday, something amazing happened. Something we've been waiting for for years. Something incredible and historic and immense.

      White smoke came out of the papal chimney, indicating that Veronica Mars will finally be made into a movie. PRAISE THE LORD!

      Now that the Kickstarter campaign has reached its goal, it's time for fans to weigh in on what they hope to see in the film. Because obviously our opinions will be taken into close consideration by Rob Thomas. Right? Right.

      After the initial excitement died down here at FYA HQ, things immediately got contentious. I mean, I thought our Movie Madness arguments were bad, but Veronica Mars is so sacred, it's like a holy war up in here. We couldn't even agree on the basic truth of LOGAN AND VERONICA. That's bad, y'all. Seriously, send in the UN, because this conflict is DEEP.

      But it makes sense that a great show like Veronica Mars would inspire rabid passion in its fans, and today, we're giving you an outlet for that passion. So check out our fight intellectual discussion below, then cast your votes and chime in the comments section with your opinions!


      • Kevin Williamson has definitely read Plane Sects. Just saying.


        • Oh, guys! You're the only ones that I understand how I feel. It's really happening. It starts in the summer!!!


          • They're almost at 2.8 million, so 3 should be reached by night's end. It'll keep slowing down from here, but I feel like 7-8 million is a good goal for them to reach by the end of the 30 days and that's a great budget for a little movie.

            I'll admit I care a little about the plot. Not so much the murder mystery, but the resolution of character arcs. But it seems that everyone involved knows this is their last hurrah so I'm not really worried about RT leaving things unfinished. I will feel a little bummed if we don't get LoVe smackity. Even if they break up right after, I'd feel let down if I left the theater without seeing those two make out.

            ETA TWOP's thoughts on the movie:

            Upon hearing that there was a real possibility of a Veronica Mars movie, if creator Rob Thomas could raise enough money through his Kickstarter campaign, the first reaction of any self-respecting fan of the show was to reach for their wallet and hand over all of their money. But the bigger question is: if they do meet their $2 million goal [Update: accomplished in a mere ten hours], is a Veronica Mars movie actually a good idea? We weigh the pros and cons.

            Con: More Isn't Always Better
            Veronica Mars is one of our all-time favorite television characters; her sarcastic wit had us at hello, and we were crushed that her show ended when it did. But as evidenced by the attempts to do more Battlestar Galactica, in the form of extended TV movies and direct-to-DVDs like Razor and The Plan (and that's completely leaving aside the spin-offs/prequels), new doesn't mean necessary, or even good. These return visits felt pointless and failed to recapture what was so compelling about the series, even though it had the original cast involved. We're already afraid of what the newly reformed Arrested Development might look like all these years after the show's original run, and worrying about Veronica Mars: The Movie might give us an ulcer.

            Pro: Maybe They Can Recapture the Magic
            Still, we're secretly hopeful that if anyone can revive these characters in a way that feels vital and compelling, it would be Rob Thomas. If he can pull off a story that feels like we stepped right back into the show without missing a beat, we'd be suitably impressed and beyond thrilled. After all, it did work for Serenity, even though that movie had the difficult task of trying to appeal to people outside of the existing Firefly fandom. Hopefully, by having a fan-funded movie, Thomas and Co. will have the luxury of making a movie aimed that just needs to satisfy the hardcore audience without worrying about converting new viewers.

            Con: The FBI Thing Wasn't What You'd Call Great
            We watched the Season 4 mini-pilot on the Season 3 DVD to get an idea for what a post-college Veronica Mars would look like, and we weren't exactly won over. It had some potential, but it lacked the show's specialness. We loved her relationship with her father and her interactions with the Neptune community and its class system. Taking her out of that world made us think that a post-Neptune Veronica Mars would be more like slightly darker version of a show like Covert Affairs, and that isn't what we'd want to shell out hard-earned cash for.

            Pro: Bringing Veronica Back Home
            That said, Rob Thomas mentioned in his Kickstarter message that it is time for Veronica's ten-year high school reunion, which would give her a reason to return to Neptune. That actually sounds a lot more promising than watching her off on her own fighting crime the FBI way.

            Con: Hard to Make Her an Outsider When She'd Be Awesome Now
            One of the great things about Veronica as a character was her outsider status, and the fact that she didn't quite fit in with any faction of high school or college students, and just had her little gang to support her. But now that she's post-grad, wouldn't people in the real world have come to appreciate her awesomeness? We presume that she'd have grown into an even more kick-ass adult who had a large circle of friends who appreciated her brilliance and would have loved that she'd run background checks on all their significant others and/or take a tire iron to their car. And if this movie is set at her high school reunion, wouldn't her former classmates be impressed by her FBI credentials and successes, like Sandy Frink in Romy & Michele's High School Reunion?

            Pro: Getting the Gang Back Together
            While Kristen Bell has starred in a bunch of movies and is currently on Showtime's House of Lies (and, of course, voiced Gossip Girl) and Amanda Seyfried is a bona fide movie star, most of the rest of the cast hasn't had such promising career opportunities post-Mars. And seeing everyone reunited would be fun and thrilling, though we worry that people like Mac (Tina Majorino, who is currently on Grey's Anatomy) and Deputy Leo (Max Greenfield, who is Schmidt on New Girl) may be swamped with their current gigs and not able to make an appearance, but we're hopeful. The mere idea of Logan, Weevil, Wallace, Keith, Dick Casablancas and Veronica all in the same room together again makes us smile. But though we feel bad for Chris Lowell, we could live without a Piz sighting (especially since he knew Veronica in college, not high school).

            Con: Would High School Relationships Still Matter?
            Presumably, in the years since she's been out of Neptune, Veronica's moved on with her life. Would she still be hung up on Logan? We know, they are epic and all of that, spanning years and continents, but realistically a great deal of high school relationships don't work out. So would she still want to be with him? Would the fans donating to this Kickstarter understand if she no longer cared? What if she no longer kept in touch with Weevil? Or Wallace? Would Weevil even still be alive?

            Con: Condensing the Mystery Is a Problem
            As evidenced by the way that Season 3 did the mini-mysteries, getting rid of the long-drawn out season-long arcs isn't a good thing for this show all. The series played best when Veronica really got to dig her heels into something dark and twisty and convoluted, and if devoting only a few episodes to one crime wasn't enough, how can they possibly squeeze a big mystery into a two-hour movie and make that compare to Seasons 1 and 2?

            Pro: It Could Start a Trend for Other Brilliant But Cancelled Shows
            More Kickstarter campaigns might be started for either reunion episodes or full-on movies featuring characters from the many gone-too-soon series that didn't get the proper resolution. Be it the likes of Pushing Daisies or the long-buzzed about Deadwood movie or the silly Spike movie (though that one would need some kind of time machine app, as James Marsters is not exactly looking youthful these days). Not that we'd really be anxious to see how those play out, but by making fans responsible for the start-up costs, it would really put the onus on the people protesting the cancellation of their favorite under-watched show to keep the fires alive. It's an interesting proposition given the different mediums available (On Demand, Netflix, etc.) that are available now, and it would separate the real supporters from the social media gadflies.

            Con: It May Not Live Up to Fan Expectations
            Now that the collective fanbase is directly contributing money (more so than just buying DVDs or investing hours watching the show) to the campaign, they are going to have even loftier expectations of what this movie will look like, and more importantly, how it will end. On the Kickstarter page, Rob jokes about the fans wanting Logan and Veronica together, and we're sure that if that doesn't happen, there will be a large part of the fanbase that will outright revolt. And we're concerned that with these investments and the fact that people have waited so long for this to happen, there's no way the movie could possibly satisfy everyone. Either the hardcore noir fans who love the darkness of the series will be upset, or the shippers will be disappointed.

            Pro: We'll No Longer Have to Hear People Gripe/Wonder About a Movie
            Since the show ended, we've heard people lament the fact that it was cancelled, and that the much-talked about movie hadn't happened. Every time two VM cast members were in the same room, it stirred up hope anew, and then the subsequent silence made people complain that there still wasn't a movie being made. Then again, people still complain about Firefly's cancellation and that got a widely released big-screen sequel, so we're sure fans will just find another thing to bitch about. "Why aren't there two movies? Why can't Netflix make it into a series again?" Sigh.


            • All of their cons are really silly.

              THERE ARE NO CONS TO THIS.



              • THERE ARE NO CONS TO THIS.
                Word. It doesn't have to be perfect, it just has to BE. Why can't people get this?


                • They added some new stuff, mostly tix to NYC and Austin premiers. I think that'll bump up some interest. They should hit $3mill today.


                  • LA Times:,6613285.story

                    Indeed, this is less like a business than it is like a barn-raising, a mix of altruism and community spirit and an expression of enlightened self-interest. Thomas had a huge advantage, of course. "Veronica Mars" was a cult hit: Its audience had longed for this day, they were a flood waiting for the gates to open. Most such projects won't succeed so wildly.

                    But if crowd-funding never becomes the backbone of the entertainment industry, which relies on bigger paydays than Kickstarter is liable to provide, it nevertheless adds a new route to Making Things Happen: a way paved with love.
                    Okay, that made me a little teary. A barn raising! A way paved with love! *sniff*


                    • Just hit $3M!!

                      Making Things Happen: a way paved with love.
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                      • $3million!

                        TVLine looks at other canceled shows that should (and some that shouldn't) try this as well:

                        I agree that Freaks and Geeks, Wonderfalls, and Pushing Daisies would be AWESOME. But I say no to Gilmore Girls.


                        • I loved Gilmore Girls but I feel no need whatsoever so see a movie about it. I got closure. And recasting Sookie? HELL to the NO.


                          • Yes to Pushing Daisies. I would like to check in on Rory and Lorelai, but I don't need to. Plus, Carina Mackenzie was right that it would be hilarious to see LG and SP try and mask their hatred of each other, but that it would basically make the project impossible.

                            One show that could easily be made into a movie (heck, make it a TV movie on Lifetime!) and that I would run grannies over for would be Reunion. WHO WAS THE KILLLER!? OMG, I'm gonna die not ever knowing.

                            OH! And my fave that no one else here watched was GCB. Man that show was delicious and really should have gotten more time. Everyone on it was amazing. I would totally kickstart a movie about those bitches. Y'all should really watch it. It's only 13 episodes and it is GOLD, I promise. Who was the one who said y'all had to watch Veronica? ME. I don't recommend shit!
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                            • Issie! I'm pretty sure they said who the killer was after the show got cancelled. I think we posted about it in the thread.

                              I would be all about Wonderfalls!


                              • They said it was maybe, most likely the daughter, but I want to know for real!