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  • Speaking about wanting to cry, JEEZ DAX SHEPARD, JUST LEAVE ME DEHYDRATED FROM THE SOBS. Click the sad face. I didn't know that was a thing, but it is.


    • Wow, so many tears! What an awesome, semi-hilarious tribute.


      • That essay was better than The Fault in Our Stars.
        Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


        • No argument here!

          And buried in there, with all that beautiful sincerity was this, as well:
          He did date, and sometimes even marry, women vastly outside of his pay grade (said the pot to the kettle).
          Love it.

          And the picture had me bawling.

          I ship those two so very hard.


          • dax shepard ‏@daxshepard1 35s
            Reading all of these beautiful responses has been overwhelming in the most glorious way. Thank you to everyone who read and shared back.


            • Apparently Dax is going to be in the movie, according to RT.

              ImperfectSong ‏@ImperfectSong 11m
              @RobThomas @IMKristenBell Will Veronica's new honey be played by Kristen's real-life honey? #veronicamarsmovie
              11:04 AM - 21 Mar 13 ∑ Details
              Rob Thomas ‏@RobThomas 1m
              [email protected] @IMKristenBell I have already written the Dax cameo in the movie. It's a funny one.
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              • That was a very nice Q/A.

                Some stuff:
                Kathryn ‏@KateB222 1h
                #veronicamarsmovie Chances of seeing Duncan & Meg's kid? Duncan?

                Rob Thomas ‏@RobThomas 1h
                [email protected] Odds on Meg's kid? Zero. Unknown odds on Duncan.

                Kristina Chance ‏@Kristina47 1h
                @RobThomas Were Logan& V always going to end up together or did @IMKristenBell & Jason's chemistry determine that choice? #veronicamarsmovie

                Rob Thomas ‏@RobThomas 1h
                [email protected] @IMKristenBell Never sposed to be together. Decision made because of chemistry. Those were our fave scenes.

                J∆KE ‏@flakeyjakey0o 1h
                @RobThomas @IMKristenBell not really a question but a Krysten Ritter cameo would be my ultimate dream! xox #veronicamarsmovie

                Rob Thomas ‏@RobThomas 1h
                [email protected] @IMKristenBell Why just a cameo? I want more than that.

                Courrtney. ‏@CourrtneyMC 1h
                @RobThomas @IMKristenBell Will Madison and Gia be at the reunion? = ) #VeronicaMarsMovie

                Fake Octavio Dotel ‏@NotOctavioDotel 1h
                @RobThomas @IMKristenBell Duncan & Clarence ever made to answer for taking out Aaron? Kendall gonna be in the film? #veronicamarsmovie

                Rob Thomas ‏@RobThomas 1h
                [email protected] @IMKristenBell They both went scott free. Like Woody Allen's Crime and Misdemeanors.

                Pearce McMahon ‏@swiftyfan19 1h
                will veronica be dating anyone? or married? #veronicamarsmovie @IMKristenBell @RobThomas

                Rob Thomas ‏@RobThomas 1h
                [email protected] @IMKristenBell She will open the movie with a boyfriend. What happens in the movie will be rough on her love life.


                • I almost don't want to know too much! How can I both be part of the fan community and oblivious to the script? Impossible.
                  Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                  • I'm just happy that they are getting so much attention form the media.

                    This one won't spoil you at all, though:


                    Thomas is up for a Veronica Mars book series:
                    “I will admit it. I’m probably not interested in sitting down and writing a series of Veronica Mars detective paperbacks, but I could be the Carolyn Keene of Veronica Mars and okay outlines and kind of set up the world for the books to exist in and then bring in writers to do ‘em. I’m totally game for that. I would love to see this franchise get some heat and get its due.”

                    He’s genuinely surprised by the reaction:
                    “I never expected to hit $2 million in however many hours we did — 10? But I probably had similar thoughts to you, that we’d hit our goal at maybe a week or two and then beyond that, I would hope we would keep climbing. Yeah, the tidal wave, I was not prepared for at all.”

                    He has a magic number in mind for the Kickstarter fund:
                    “What I had my heart set on when we’ve launched, what I hoped to get to, was $5 million. And I figure anything over $5 million, I’m pretty damn happy. Anything under $5 million, I was going to be less happy. That was like my mental happiness point.”

                    The money raised won’t all go toward making the movie:
                    “We only get to count the money that we have after we fulfill rewards, and the rewards could be expensive because we are giving really good packages, so we’re losing a lot off the top. It’s not as though you can look at our total, like right now we’re at $3.5 [million], and say, “That’s, $3.5 for their production budget.” [Ed. note: At publishing time, the fund sits at just over $3.7 million.] It’s going got be significantly less than that once we send out 50,000 t-shirts and all those DVDs and posters and pay to rent the giant theaters for premieres. There’s a lot of overhead.”

                    Baton Rouge might have to stand in for Neptune:
                    “What’s going to affect our production budget is the money we raise on Kickstarter, minus the fulfillment, and that’s going to affect very specific things. Like, if the money stopped now, I know that we would probably be faking Neptune, Calif., probably somewhere like Baton Rouge, La., and it won’t quite look right. We’ll do our best to make Baton Rouge look like Southern California, but it won’t be quite the same. We’re going to need to make some more money. Shooting in Southern California is more expensive than shooting in Louisiana, and I want to shoot in Southern California — the movie will look better. The thing is, we’re totally prepared to shoot it somewhere else, but man, suddenly I’ll have palm trees in shots and Veronica will be walking along a sandy beach and it will affect the way the movie looks.”

                    They aren’t doing this to get paid:
                    “For doing the movie, I am taking the guild-minimum. So no one is getting big upfront money. Trust me, Kristen is not getting paid close to her quote, or anywhere near. We’re all working for labor of love prices.”

                    Only he and Kristen are signed so far:
                    “I want [all the actors] in the movie. The assumption is they’ll all be in the movie. We’re in negotiations with everyone. It’s one of those things where everybody wants to do it, I want everybody in it — just deals need to be made.”

                    He really wants Freaks and Geeks to follow Veronica‘s lead:
                    “If they wanted to Kickstarter a Freaks and Geeks movie, I would be first in line. I want the maximum package. I would pay whatever it took to get a Freaks and Geeks movie, because I love that show.”

                    He’s aware of the criticisms about Kickstarter funding a studio-backed film:
                    “I’m watching a lot of the buzz on this, and it seems to me that the people who complain the most, and the complaint is, ‘Why am I giving money to a studio to make a movie?’ as though there’s no return on that money. I think that before people look at it, their sense is, ‘Hey, I’m just throwing money at something.’ They’re not understanding that they’re getting a product in return. That’s where the disconnect is. Those people who are complaining about that, I want to say, ‘If you’re a Veronica Mars fan, you’re getting cool stuff.’ You’re getting stuff I think you would pay for anyway; you’re just pre-buying it, and by pre-buying it, you’re showing the studio that there is enough market interested in making this movie worthwhile.”

                    He has high standards for his movie:
                    “Who thinks we’d be better off without The Godfather Part II, which by the way, is the bar that I’m setting for the Veronica Mars movie.”
                    I'm going to use some of my leisure time today -- house all to myself!-- to recreate my old VMars music playlist. The ipod it was on is loooong gone, and so is the computer.

                    is, if you can remember any of the songs, that would be helpful! I'd like to burrow into a nostalgia hole this wkend.


                    • I don't have the full playlist anymore because of computer switches, etc. BUT. this is what comes up in my itunes library for the playlist (copied and sloppily pasted):

                      Momentary Thing, Something Happens Veronica Mars Soundtrack Rock 96 1997
                      We Used To Be Friends 3:20 The Dandy Warhols Veronica Mars Soundtrack Rock 95 200
                      The Way You Are 5:25 46bliss Veronica Mars Pop 2004
                      Snow Miser / Heat Miser 3:27 Year Without a Santa Claus Veronica Mars Soundtrack
                      Love You Long Time 0:08 Weevil Veronica Mars Soundtrack
                      Celebrate Your Birth 0:08 Wallace Veronica Mars Soundtrack
                      Whore Barbie 0:08 Veronica Veronica Mars Soundtrack
                      Don't Have VD 0:08 Veronica Veronica Mars Soundtrack
                      Repressed Homosexuality 0:08 Veronica Veronica Mars Soundtrack
                      Cartoon Birds 0:08 Veronica Veronica Mars Soundtrack
                      Miss Banks 0:11 Veronica Veronica Mars Soundtrack
                      Lost My Virginity 0:08 Veronica Veronica Mars Soundtrack
                      Like Doin' the Dew 0:08 Veronica Veronica Mars Soundtrack
                      A Chorus Line (Feat. Tim Dog) (Original 12" Version) 6:04 Ultramagnetic MC's Veronica Mars Hip-Hop 2004
                      The girl who wouldn't die 5:31 Tsar Veronica Mars General Rock 2000
                      Diverse City 3:56 Tobymac Veronica Mars Gospel
                      No Blue Sky 4:38 The Thorns Veronica Mars AlternRock 2003
                      All That We Perceive 3:46 Thievery Corporation Veronica Mars Lo-Fi 2002
                      Waiting 2:51 Taxi Doll Veronica Mars
                      Give You More 3:31 Taxi Doll Veronica Mars
                      Weak Become Heroes 6:58 The Streets Veronica Mars Hip Hop 2002
                      Camp-Fire 3:17 Starling Electric Veronica Mars Psychedelic
                      Don't Let It Get You Down 3:31 Spoon Veronica Mars Soundtrack
                      True 5:33 Spandau Ballet Veronica Mars Other 2000
                      Oh! Sweet Nuthin - The Velvet Underground 7:27 Soundtrack Veronica Mars Soundtrack 2000
                      Smarter Than Me 0:06 Sheriff Lamb Veronica Mars Soundtrack
                      Brilliant Sky 3:20 Saybia Veronica Mars
                      Put Your Lights On 4:49 Santana ft. Everlast Veronica Mars Soundtrack
                      Such Great Heights 4:28 The Postal Service Veronica Mars Soundtrack
                      Don't Stand So Close 4:04 The Police Veronica Mars Soundtrack
                      The Bomb 3:36 The Pharcyde Veronica Mars Hip-Hop 2004
                      Just Another 3:14 Pete Yorn Music For The Morning After Rock 2001
                      Saturday Night 3:50 Ozomatli Veronica Mars Soundtrack
                      The New Kid 3:44 Old 97's Veronica Mars Soundtrack
                      Pick Up The Phone 3:56 The Notwist Veronica Mars Alternative & Punk 2002
                      Breakin' 4:01 The Music Veronica Mars Soundtrack
                      Pata Pata 3:05 Miriam Makeba Veronica Mars Unbekannt
                      Marc 3:40 Louis XIV Veronica Mars Garage Indie 2005
                      Here It Comes 3:49 Longwave Veronica Mars Rock 2004
                      Friendship Bracelets 0:08 Logan and Veronica Veronica Mars Soundtrack
                      Best Friend Charm 0:08 Logan Veronica Mars Soundtrack
                      Wang Chung 0:08 Logan Veronica Mars Soundtrack
                      Not Anymore 0:08 Lilly Veronica Mars Soundtrack
                      Whoop de Freakin' Do 0:08 Lilly Veronica Mars Soundtrack
                      Clue In, Donut 0:08 Lilly Veronica Mars Soundtrack
                      Word Up! 2:53 Korn Veronica Mars Hard Rock 2004
                      Patron 0:08 Keith Veronica Mars Soundtrack
                      That's Not Funny 0:15 Keith Veronica Mars Soundtrack
                      Lower Middle Class 0:08 Keith Veronica Mars Soundtrack
                      Kid Rock 0:08 Keith Veronica Mars Soundtrack
                      Supernatural Supergirl 4:08 josh kramon Veronica Mars Pop 2003
                      Edge of the Ocean 4:13 Ivy Veronica Mars Electronica
                      Feel So Free 4:59 Ivy Veronica Mars 131 2005
                      Slow Hands 3:06 Interpol Veronica Mars Soundtrack
                      Hi Lo 3:15 Home Town Hero Bitch City Alternative 2004
                      Private Eyes 3:40 Hall & Oates Veronica Mars Other 1981
                      White Lines 7:27 Grandmaster Flash Veronica Mars Blues
                      Trial of the Century 4:13 The French Kicks Veronica Mars Pop
                      Troubled Times 3:43 Fountains of Wayne Veronica Mars Soundtrack
                      Troubled Times 3:39 Fountains of Wayne Veronica Mars Rock
                      One Thing Leads To Another 3:19 The Fixx Veronica Mars
                      Famous Lover 3:24 The Fire Marshals Of Bethlehem Veronica Mars Rock 2005
                      Rabbit 2:56 The Fire Marshals Of Bethlehem Veronica Mars Rock 2005
                      Make A Deal With the City 2:54 East River Pipe Veronica Mars Rock
                      All They Ever Do Is Talk 3:59 Earlimart Veronica Mars Soundtrack
                      Mister Miser 0:16 Duncan Veronica Mars Soundtrack
                      Fall Behind Me 3:25 The Donnas Veronica Mars Soundtrack
                      Ain't That A Kick In The Head 2:31 Dean Martin Veronica Mars
                      Dangle 2:49 The Daylight Titans The Daylight Titans Rock 2005
                      Butteflies 3:22 David Garza Veronica Mars Soundtrack
                      Insincere 3:51 Dandy Warhols Veronica Mars Soundtrack
                      Little Drummer Boy 3:11 Dandy Warhols Veronica Mars Other
                      Time After Time 4:03 Cyndi Lauper Veronica Mars CHICKS
                      Failed Criminal Law 0:08 Cliff Veronica Mars Soundtrack
                      Tawdry 0:08 Cliff Veronica Mars Soundtrack
                      Time After Time 4:06 Cindy Lauper Veronica Mars Soundtrack
                      Hey Ma 3:41 Cameron Veronica Mars Other
                      Sittin' On Top Of The World 4:00 Botany Boyz Veronica Mars Rap 2000
                      Don`t Fear The Reaper 5:09 Blue Oyster Cult Veronica Mars Other 1998
                      Tulips 3:42 Bloc Party Veronica Mars Alternative
                      All You Need Is Love 3:53 The Beatles Veronica Mars Alternative 1967
                      fireflies 4:43 Amy Cook Veronica Mars Soundtrack
                      Ventura Highway 3:33 America Veronica Mars Soundtrack
                      La Femme D'Argent 7:13 Air Veronica Mars Soundtrack
                      Turn Me Into Costner 0:16 Aaron Echolls Veronica Mars Soundtrack

                      On my server at home I also found this playlist, called "ophys" (and when I try to play any of them in iTunes it asks me for YOUR password. Ha!
                      Come to Jesus
                      Everything Is Everything
                      Lie in the Sound
                      No One Will Ever Love You
                      Break So Easy
                      I don't really love you anymore
                      If She wants me
                      Slash Your Tires
                      Gotta Get Up from Here
                      Lover I don't have to love
                      Do it again
                      Haligh Haligh, A Lie, Haligh
                      Self Esteem
                      When U Love Somebody
                      Modern Romance

                      These are in addition to the original soundtrack recording that I also have!
                      Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                      • OMB.

                        The ophy's one is the one I was looking for!

                        And it's BEAUTIFUL.

                        Going to clean it up and see if there are additions to be made (because I think I did that after S1) and I'll post it here with band info as well.


                        • Do you want the dialogue snippets? I can upload them to an FTP folder if you need them.
                          Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                          • Nah, I'm good. My brain knows right where they go anyway.

                            "Turn me into COSTNER?" ha! Just watched that one yesterday with mr.o.

                            ETA Wow. I only own two of those songs in my iTunes anymore. Might have to just come up with a new playlist from scratch.


                            Last edited by ophy; 03-22-2013, 12:16 PM.


                            • But you already paid for them, right? So you should just be able to redownload them? If you are having trouble I could upload the files for you and you can download them and they would prompt you for your password. Heh.
                              Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                              • ophy, how are y'all doing a rewatch? DVDs? Or are the episodes available somewhere?