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    Last night's show awesome! It had Angsty Logan, Weevil bustin' on freshmen, and a fun MoTW. I knew her teacher would end up being a sleaze bag, but I was disappointed for Veronica. Other than her dad, all of the other adults in her life keep letting her down and that sucks.

    That scene with Weevil, Logan, and Veronica watching the footage of Logan's mom jumping was AWESOME. And then she chased after him! [shipper]OMG Logan+Veronica 4EVAH!!![/shipper]

    I can't believe more people aren't crack-addicted to this show.


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      I really liked it, too! I thought the A plot was actually good this week. I was glad that Veronica was wrong because she was falling into that "I'm the titular character and always right" crap!

      The A plot was good but the arc was SO GOOD.

      I loved the Logan angst and as much as I like Logan and Veronica? Logan and Weevil do act sort of crushy on each other, don't they?

      I just think this show is such a quiet little jem. Hee.

      It SO bitters me out that people are watching that OTH shitfest instead of this show!

      I wish I could rewatch all of the pertinent arc scenes again! Does Duncan remember the night of the murder? Maybe he killed her accidently?
      Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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        <wildass theory> I think Abel did kill her after all . . .but I think Abel was hired by Jake Kane to kill his wife, and he killed Lily by mistake (she wasn't supposed to be there that night!). And Abel agreed to take the rap without ratting out Jake because Jake agreed to settle some large amount of moolah on Abel's retarded son who lives in an institution, and Abel was going to die anyway. </wildass theory>

        Probably going to find out that Duncan killed her in an epileptic fit, though, and Abel agreed to take the rap for all the reasons above.

        So how stoopid was it of Veronica to be searching on Duncan's meds and having his medical records out in the open when he.was.standing.THREEE FEEET AWAY.


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          First off, I luuuuv this show. I very much enjoy the camera work! Hee.

          I liked the addition of Trina! I can't believe I didn't know she was the one staying in the hotel. I am an idiot. It's hard to stop yelling: Hey! It's Willow! Awww. I miss Buffy! *sniff* But I was able to get past it as the Trina character was established as being the kind of person who can deliver vicious commentary while never wavering in her "nice" voice. Hee! Evil. I love Dark Willow! See what I mean about having a hard time watching AH on UPN and separating the Buffy? I was also in the throes of Buffy mourning last night so that didn't help. I still get pangs!

          Logan, Logan, Logan! What a fucked up mess you are!! *salivates* Mr. Is said: "You think he's cute! EW! You have terrible taste!" Lucky for him, I guess. Um, I was sort of hoping they wouldn't up the wattage on the Lo/Ve (hee!) ship but I enjoyed it all the same. I wasn't expecting him to break down and I was a little surprised but it's not like he's not an emotional basket case that spends most of his time being angry about feeling sad and lonely so the idea that he lost the only person (such that she was) who gave him any sort of paternal love must have come as a kick in the nuts. And then he was in *major* denial about it and had the rug pulled out from under him by his vicious bitch of a sister so that leads to him breaking down, I guess.

          I liked how Veronica thought back on her dance with Duncan and then had to watch Duncan dance with Meg. Aww! The relationships on this show are so messay!

          Um, HOW old is that "rookie" anyway? Because, seriously? Ew. Couldn't they have made him an intern or something? If I was her dad I would be crackin' skulls!

          Finally, was I supposed to recognize the guy(s) in the bar where her V's mom is on a bender? Some posts I saw at the LJ community said it was Daddy Kane's head of security? Am I supposed to know this? Or is it speculation or what?

          The UPN people are idiots. Why would they not take the chance to build an audience during OTH reruns? It's so stoopid! They should push and build the audience instead of trying to compete against established shows during sweeps! JACKASSES!

          "I can't get away from Tom Cruise!" Hee! Also? Logan had no pants on!
          Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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            The black guy at the end was Daddy Kane's security guy. When I saw him, I swear I got the most fun set of chills. I was all, "Ooh, somebody's gonna die!"

            Poor, fucked up Logan. He's such a mess and it's sad to see that as popular as he is, he doesn't really have any friends. Duncan's got his own set of issues so I can't really be mad at him for not being there for Logan 24/7, but still. I did love that he broke down and Veronica was there to comfort him. And I don't even mean that in the shipper context, really. I'm just glad that he could let some of that shit out to someone who knows where he's coming from and who can relate to all the crap he must be feeling. When Veronica went to her car to cry after seeing Duncan and Meg, I did think that it was Logan who came to find her when Lil' Deputy knocked on her window. I was all, "Yay, reciprocity of comfort in a time of distress! Logan and Veronica 4evah!" Alas, it was not so.

            I swear my KB girl crush grows just a little more each week. It helps that they give her snarky, funny lines and that her delivery is mostly spot-on. "No, you'll be superfine", is something I'm so totally stealing.

            Is it not gonna be on next week at all? Damn those anorexic cows on ANTM.


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              It's not on again until March 29! That's WAAAAY too long. Well, there will be reruns (I hope).

              Once again, basketball kept me from seeing this episode. DC UPN better not screw up showing the repeat (at 10 on SUNDAY, against the damn Oscars!) I still have not seen one of the episodes b/c they ran the wrong one


              • #97
                I enjoyed last night's VM! Betty! Riverdale! Hee!

                I liked Veronica making cookies and secretly cheering Wallace on. That was really nice of her and made me forgive her for being weak on friendship. And it was time we spent more time with Wallace. It was also nice to have Wallace tell her that the whole world isn't out to get her and she can sit with him and his new friends.

                My heart was sort of breaking for her over the mom stuff. I want to say this episode cleared up *something* but it really didn't!

                And did her mom really need to dry out at such a facility? She's only been drunk for a year, for cripe's sake! It might have been a safe place for her to hang on the DL but it was pricey, no? AA is lame but free, yo. Of course, she's just a young girl who wants her mother and pieces of her old life back so it was very sad, if not entirely plausible.

                I really hope Duncan and Veronica are not sibs. And I *like* incesty overtones (Flowers in the Attic, 4evah!) so I'm not sure why.

                I think it's weird that Duncan and what'shername are super!couple! of the year all of a sudden. Wasn't Duncan mental last time we checked?

                And they are pushing the Celeste thing pretty hard, no? I highly doubt she killed her own daughter.

                I liked the use of the flashbacks -- way better than The O.C.'s Chino-cam.

                Police dude? Still creepy that he's dating a teenage girl.

                Shamefully? I missed Logan. I kept waiting for him to pop up in some random scene but I got nuthin. Oh, well.
                Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                • #98
                  Stillllll hate Mommy Mars.

                  V and Wallace are BFF 4-EVA.

                  I am happy.

                  That is all.


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                    I could not love the Wallace and Veronica friendship more! I love friendships! I'm the biggest friendshipper ever.

                    Aw, I like Deputy Leo. I was trying to figure out today if I'd want my 17YO daughter going out with a 20YO, and I had no answer! Because, see, I likes the deputy. And if Veronica shoots the sheriff, well... (sorry)

                    I'm so happy to be caught up!

                    And I still like OTH. Hee.


                    • The boy and I have agreed to a spoiler-free rest of the season for this show, so I have no idea what's gonna happen in the last 5. How do people DO this!? It's so frustrating! We've also got a little "Who's the killah?" bet going on where the loser buys dinner and has to watch a crap movie that they would ordinarily if the other person wanted to watch it.

                      But I'm so BAD at guessing shit like this. I never pick the right one. I'd been thinking that it was Duncan because of the meds and the weird, unpredictable behavior, but last night I changed my mind! It seems like they want everyone to think it was Duncan and so now I don't think it was him. I think Celeste is too easy 'cause she's been the uber-villain for so long now. I don't want it to be Logan or Weevil and the more I dwell on it being one of them, the less it makes sense. Oh, I don't know! I hate this! I want to read spoilers so bad it's like an itch! Is this what junkies go through in detox? It sucks.

                      As for last night's show, it was awesome. Logan was back! I know Veronica tries to take the moral high ground, but I totally would've taken his money. She needs it and he has it to pay for the services she rendered. I felt so bad for her when Weidman got to Amelia before Veronica could get what she needed, but I am glad that she and her dad are finally teaming up. With all her research and all his inside info, it'll be fun to see them piece it all together.

                      Oh! And based on the scenario they set up for Jake being the killer, I don't think it was him. If he'd caught Lily and Weevil, there's no way that Weevil would've backed down in that confrontation. He's already got intense class issues and he'd totally fight back if he thought that Daddy Kane was insinuating that Lily was too good for him.

                      OMB, I NEED to KNOW!


                      • OMB, last night was good stuff! I give up! I'm a Lo/VeR! Bwah!

                        I have been largely spoiler free for the entire season (with the exception of one or two minor casting and Lo/Ve spoilers). I'm not even sure *where* to get spoilers for this show and have enjoyed playing dumb, as it were.

                        I had all my money on Duncan so now I have NO fucking clue. Perhaps the mystery is less about *who* it is but about *how* it was covered up and how much more devastating it is for everyone involved once it is uncovered. Lilly was the center of their universe (the Kanes, Veronica, Weevil, Logan) and Duncan was just left of center. So, his killing Lilly makes it all the more devastating for most for the key characters (minus Weevil).

                        Of course, it could simply be the case that Duncan came home from Soccer practice, threw his smelly/sweaty/maybe even bloody clothes into the washer and headed upstair to shower. He showered and never even knew Lilly was dying/dead outside.

                        But then who? If they lame out, it will be Veronica's policeman/boyfriend.

                        And OMB! I so thought of Neo during this episode! Vince Vanlough! It was Neo's favorite Professor Creepy! And the mustache! Singing Hall & Oates! BWAH!

                        I love this show.
                        Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                        • It's totally Lianne Mars.

                          I'm convinced of this. I'm working on an actual reasoning, beyond "because it would devastate Veronica, and yet we would get the horrible actress off the show."

                          But it's Lianne. I'm sure of this.

                          Also, school board president's daughter?


                          • Ah, Ken Marino! He'll always be the "I wanna dip my balls in it" guy to me. Hope we see more of Vinny and his ma.

                            Good episode . . . .sweet and tender Logan, poor, messed up Duncan, even a Weevil/Lily sighting. But, no Wallace? What, did they think we od'ed on him last week?

                            I think Jake, Celeste and Duncan are all too obvious as suspects - is there anyone else they might be trying to protect? Maybe one of those full time housekeepers is a little loco and violent, but they consider her part of the family?

                            Yeah, staying spoiler free is driving me nuts, too. Grrrr- I just can't see a good way to end this. if it's the Kanes, Weevil or Logan, I'm going to be pissed.

                            I almost hope that it *does* turn out to Abel Koontz, but his motive and connection to the Kanes is the real mystery.

                            Nice Harry Hamlin reference in the motel room. hee.


                            • Finally some love for Ken Marino. It took you people long enough! I actually managed to catch this episode in it's entirety.

                              *pouts and waits for the DVD* Stupid local UPN station!
                              "But my greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live.Ē---Kanye


                              • Yes, but why do they have to go there with the hyper-competitive Asian parent thing. Who would hire a dumb-ass PI to harass the ir kid's academic competition? I guess it's possible, but this aint cheerleading with the kerrazy showbiz moms.

                                I Logan, but I still cannot get in to V. She still bugs me.
                                It's all about me and my precious.