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  • Yep. She's probably owned what? Three or four cell phones since she last saw him?

    Yet his pic still comes up with the pukka shell necklace and frosted tips like back when Lilly was still alive and things hadn't gone so horribly wrong yet.


    • Where exactly is the digital copy going to be available? I don't seem to be getting any of the emails and I never got my stuff either. I don't know what's up with that. I don't really care, except I want to be able to watch the movie Friday and the closest theatre is three hours away!


      • I don't know where the download will come from. I think I'm supposed to get a movie poster and a blu-ray of the movie still?
        Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


        • I can't even remember which one I signed up for. Pretty sure I get a blu-ray, too.

          Movie review:

          Despite writer/director Rob Thomas's fervent statements to the contrary this is a movie for (and by) the fans. While the opening does a quick job of recapping three seasons of mystery solving greatness if you have never watched the show this movie is not going to play as well for you. It's simply impossible to recreate the three seasons worth of character building and relationships in two hours and so plenty of major emotional moments unfortunately mean a lot less to non-fans despite hitting perfectly with fans. There's an easy solution to this issue though: go watch Veronica Mars. Now that you're a fan this is your movie and you're going to love it.
          No major spoilers in that review.

          SXSW: There's No Difference Between a "Veronica Mars" Screening and a Pack of Hungry Hyenas
          That one also includes a transcript to the Q/A with the cast post-screening. Again, no spoilers.

          I'm really not seeing any major spoilers on twitter or tumblr. I did read that it's important to sit through the credits, though.


          • Very spoilery review by TV Guide:

            The cast is heading up to the NY premiere:

            Love this. Hope we get to see at least one Keith and Logan scene.


            • Ah! The one time in however many years that I am questioning my leaving NYC decision:

              Jason Dohring ‏@jason_dohring 12h
              Free gelato on Logan! Grom, Columbus Circle. P. Daggs @PDaggsIII to join! Where you at?
              Sarah Cote ‏@sarahphim5 9h
              HUGE thanks to @jason_dohring for treating us to gelato and to @PDaggsIII for joining him to meet fans. Nicest guys!

              Shannon ‏@ChitownShannon 9h
              Thanks for the pic last night, @jason_dohring! I was ridiculously nervous and it was kind of you to stop.

              DEVLIN HE▲LEY ‏@d_heals 9h
              @jason_dohring So amazing to meet you! Thanks for everything & hav

              Angela ‏@anglee23 9h
              @jason_dohring @PDaggsIII Thank you for the meet up tonight (& the gelato Jason)! So good seeing you guys again & also meeting @ivanovitch !

              Meaghan ‏@LittleMeag 9h
              @jason_dohring it was amazing meeting you! Thank you for everything! Enjoy the city!! #veronicamarsthemovie

              Kennedy ‏@WyoKennedy 10h
              Logan Echolls bought me ice cream! @jason_dohring @veronicamars

              Cami Smith ‏@kehotek 5m
              Super excited to meet @jason_dohring last night! Thanks for the laughs and pics!!

              11 hours ago
              Oh my gosh I just chilled with Jason Dohring.

              Today in NYC . . .

              KBell on GMA:

              The boys at PIXX11:

              And I sort of have spoilers?

              Several people have confirmed that yes, Veronica and Piz split up and Logan and Veronica are together by the end of the movie. Also, there is a spoiler about someone who has been with the show since the beginning dying . . . but the informed spec is that it's Sacks who dies, in the car wreck where Logan saves Keith's life.

              I wouldn't call those *major* spoilers, but it's all I got.


              • Notreadingspoils. Notreadingspoils.

                JDoh's eyes match every single person he takes a picture with! HOW. Logan Echolls, buy me ice cream!


                • JDoh's eyes match every single person he takes a picture with! HOW.
                  Wow. That is hella freaky. Something he learned at the Celebrity Center, maybe?


                  • Enrico Colantoni ‏@ricocolantoni 19m
                    Weevil cares about the old Sheriff. @franciscapra @veronicamars

                    Ryan Hansen ‏@HiRyanHansen 25m
                    LO -gan
                    VE -rdick

                    Going to be so sad when promo week is over.


                    • I'm already sad it's almost over! *sob*

                      Also, seeing beautiful celebrities with fans is always depressing. Why must so few of us look like celebrities? Hee!
                      Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                      • Is Ryan a clam?


                        • No, I don't think so.

                          So Sarah Dessen won the Date With Kristen:

                          Omaze ‏@omaze 4h
                          Meet Sarah, @IMKristenBell's date to the @veronicamars movie premiere! Thank you all for supporting @pathpartners!

                          sarahdessen ‏@sarahdessen 3h
                          Here's the @omaze contest I entered (and, um, WON!) … If I MUST bury my face into @jasondohring, husband will be okay.

                          sarahdessen ‏@sarahdessen 3h
                          I HOPE husband will be okay, I mean. Because I will say it: Logan then. Logan now. LOGAN FOREVER. Sorry, Piz! It's not personal!!
                          It's always great when rich famous people win stuff. (Just kidding! She's just as big a fan as the rest of us, and deserves it just as much.)


                          • Srsly? I'm trying to not be bitter. It's not working.


                            • Ha! I know, I spent several minutes mired in bitterness, until I remembered that I didn't even enter to win.

                              The NYC premiere is happening now-ish.

                              Waiting for a full length of KBell's dress, but her smoky eyes are on point.
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                              • Maybe he really is magic after all.


                                Gary Miereanu
                                Turns out @jason_dohring is a con man. I only lost a $10 bet. Wait'll @PDaggsIII has to pay up. #VeronicaMarsMovie