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    Hey, it's not OTH! Whoo! GOD, I am so happy I dumped that shitfest. I don't even know that I like VM that much. I just know it's not OTH.

    So I watched episode two and I enjoyed it. I like the 1940s dialogue (salt and peppered with words like email and ruffie -- shouldn't it be ruphy?), the Parker Lewis-esque camera angles, the fiesty female lead, the wacky flashbacks with that slutty girl from Mean Girls. It's all very enjoyable!

    And she lost her virginity to date rape! That's a show I can sink my teeth into, frankly. This is sort of what I imagined Fearless would have not been like if it ever made it on the air, you know?
    Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.

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    Poor Veronica. I wanted to give her a hug after last night's episode. When she ran after her mom's friend, thinking that it was her mom, I cried. And then when she was all heartbroken after finding out that her mom had taken off again and she had to drive home all by herself, I cried some more.

    Oh, and if I'd had a dream like Duncan had about my dead sister talking to me while blood gushed out of her head wound, I would be damaged 4evah. No amount of anti-depressants/anti-anxiety/anti-psychotic meds would ever be enough to handle my level of damage.


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      Yesterday, I caught a rerun of the Paris Hilton episode on MTV. And despite the skank factor, I really liked it. Like, I was sort of eating my dinner and reading the paper, and then I had to put the paper down and just pay attention.

      So unless MTV plans to keep rerunning it at 7 (which would make Tuesdays my complete teen show night), I think I'm switching from OTH to this.


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        MTV is signed on to reair the entire series at 7 (check local listings - hee!) every Tuesday.


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          Yes, they are. Thank God. Because I do like the show, and actually don't mind being a week behind everybody else in the UPN having world.


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            I feel so sorry for Duncan now - he just seems so broken. I hope it's not him that killed his sister, and I hope it's not him that raped Veronica.

            I love Keith and Guidance Lady. They're so cute.


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              Mrs. Kane is creepy, maybe she did it. Maybe JonBenet's brother did it!

              They've done well making me sympathetic for people I wouldn't have thought deserved it.


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                Aww! Poor Duncan! I don't think Veronica gets that his whole life fell apart, too, and that he's really on the edge emotionally. I think I'm a Duncan/Veronica shipper! Hee. I found his entire story live very engaging. Aww. I like this show!

                I don't find the boy Veronica is kissing to be cute at all.

                I enjoyed the mystery of the week! "Dad?" Hee! Good stuff.
                Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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                  Veronica's new boy bores me. I want to like him since he's so nice to her and she deserves that, but I kinda feel like she's bored with him too. And Duncan is cuter even though he is the poor girl's Shane West. I'm not shipping Duncan/Veronica yet, but the flashback scenes of them tonight and last week's smackity dream sequences are bringing me around. I think it'd be pretty interesting to see her with Duncan's semi-asshole best friend. They're making him more interesting each week and I kinda like the tension between the two of them. Maybe it's the P/J influence, but I'm always keepin' an eye out for the sidekick, you know?


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                    I thought last night's episode was just blah. I didn't think the flashbacks were that moving or fun so it just felt a little flat, though I'm sure if I were 16 it would have seemed like the best.night.evah!

                    I am finding the mean sidekick interesting, too. I don't really understand the level of his hostility toward Veronica. Is it just because of her dad? I don't think I was paying enough attention to the first few episodes because I didn't realize he was Lilly's boyfriend until last night.

                    I do like that the show is continuing to develop the characters that I assumed would just be foils for Veronica. Who knew the asshole friend was really hurting over Lilly? And I did think it was sad that Lilly's dad started to cry during the film. It made me doubt he killed her. Maybe the mom killed her? Mom seems deranged.

                    OH! And why was Weevil crying? In-ter-est-ing.
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                    Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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                      Oh! I forgot about Weevil crying and thinking that was weird.

                      I figured the tension between Veronica and Best Friend is because she sided with her dad when he insisted that Mr. Cane might be involved in Lily's murder. If Best Friend was really into Lily, maybe he resented Veronica and her dad for making the situation even harder on everyone else. He may have doubted her loyalty/BFF status to Lily if she was willing to stand by her dad while he stirred up trouble and caused more grief for the Canes. And then when she ended up getting raped and turning into the person she is now, he probably resented her even more for appearing to be above all the hate thrown her way which could explain why he's always trying to push her buttons. Maybe he just wants her to admit that all of that hurt her in some way, too.


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                        Good points. I think we don't know enough about the meltdown of the relationships to know for certain how it all went down but it seems like she openly defended her father and that probably caused some serious tensions.

                        I think it would be provocative if the killer was not Lilly's dad. It would make everything slightly more tragic, no? I think Veronica's mom was having an affair with Daddy Kane and Mr. Mars's initial "suspect the parents" feelings were compounded and raged out of control after he realized he wife was sleeping with the main suspect.

                        I also think Weevil was Lilly's booty call! Logan was either crazy in love with Lilly and he's angry that he lost her or, like in that movie Rebecca, Logan hated Lilly and knew she was a big ol' slut who didn't really care about him.

                        Wheee! I never speculate! Fun times.

                        Hmm. Perhaps I like this episode more in retrospect. We learned so much about the characters!
                        Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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                          Re: the scenario Is stated:

                          But wouldn't that make it basically the EXACT same situation as what happened with Paris Hilton? And Logan went KERRazy and that was just for a skanky ho, not for his Dead NotGay (or is she...?) Girlfriend?

                          Oooh, now that I'm remembering that PH episode, wasn't there a bit of interaction where it looked like Logan and Weevil had some sort of friendship/understanding? Now I'M speculating as well!


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                            I the Paris Hilton episode. I when socs slum it with the greasers! When I saw Weevil get misty I totally thought they were hooching!

                            I like that characters are multi-dimentional. I thought maybe the Logan was the one who date-raped Veronica, but now I'm not so sure. May be it was a random soc. I had this fleeting thought that it was Troy when we first met him, but now I don't think so. I kind of like the new boy, though Duncan off his meds was pretty likeable. I don't think I'm a Duncan-Veronica shipper. I Lilly more and more. Why does she have to be dead? The Duncan hallucinations were pretty damn funie.

                            On the mom thing, it didn't make me misty or anything. May be I'm just heartless but I'm like, your mom left, DEAL. I don't get why her mom is on the run. I can understand her skipping town to get away from the drama but why would she be afraid Veronica's dad would track her down? I don't get it. For some reason I thought at one point that may be mom and Lilly's dad had an affair. May be Veronica's Lilly and Duncan's half sister! Ha!

                            In any case, Lilly's mom is a PSYCHO but it would be too easy if she was in fact Lilly's killah.

                            The plot thickens...

                            Also, I'm pretty damn
                            It's all about me and my precious.


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                              I hate that I'm a week behind everybody! Maybe I should start dl'ing eppies.

                              I think I'm a Duncan/Veronica shipper! Hee.
                              Me too! He's just so sad, you know? And I don't like her new guy.

                              I love Wallace. I'm so predictable.

                              And that little Justin acted little circles around everybody else in that ep.