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Grey's Anatomony--More titular character hatred.

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  • Grey's Anatomony--More titular character hatred.

    So I'm five episodes into the first season and I assume it gets better since everybody loves this show. It's pretty good, so far, if only because I the Roswell chick. I also love Sandra Oh, of course.

    And please tell me you all hate Ms. Grey herself! OMG. She's so annoying. She's right every week and finds things no other experience doctor can find! And her voiceovers. Blah. She annoys me to no end! And everyone is in love with her--even George in spite of the fact that Izzie runs around in front of him half naked. Whatevs.

    I also hate the credits.

    So, yes, I'm in, I guess. Hee.

    What else? I like Scrubs better. And don't spoile me, bitches.
    Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.

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    Oh - I LUV this show. Season 2 starts here on Thursday. Yay!

    It does get better. And yes - Meredith is an up herself cow. But the others get much bigger, so that's good.


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      I just finished the first season last week!

      - Yes, I hate the credits. The Mr. is ready to divorce me after saying it every single time. But I have just that much hate.

      - And yes, I hate Meredith for all the reasons you mentioned. Plus she's odd-looking and has an annoying voice.


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        I hate, hate, hate hospital dramas, yet I love this show. So I have no idea why.

        Try to ignore Meredith as there's some other really good characters. Totally agree about the odd looking and the voice is grating.

        We're quite a way in to the second season and I'm loving it more every week.

        I *lurve* Dr Bailey and yep, Christina too. They're both hilarious. I'm not that keen on Meredith or Dr McDreamy though.

        Has anyone noticed that the bartender is the guy from that reality show where the girl had to pretend to her family that she was marrying the big slob in order to win? He was the fake fiance.


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          I said not to spoil, bitch!

          I just finished season one yesterday. Don't hate hate hate Meredith as much as I did but I still find her the least compelling character on the show. She's bratty and selfish and far too loved by those around her. At least the crabby lead intern is always on her ass. That made it less annoying for me.

          I'm excited to findout if Sandra Oh has an abortion. I will be ENRAGED if she loses the baby. I want her to make a real decision.

          What else? Loved George getting the syph! Hee. I love him.

          Oh, and I so couldn't care less about McDreamy's bitch wife! *snore* I do like that they are showing adult couples who like to actually have a lot of sex. That seems rare on TV but then I watch teen dramas almost exclusively. Generally the problems of grown-ups makes me want scratch my own eyes out.

          So on to season two. I'm not sure I can crank through the next 22 episodes before season three starts, assuming it starts this month.
          Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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            Meredith grew on me a lot in the second season. And McDreamy's bitch wife is awesome. The only thing I don't like about her is her taste in men.


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              Where did I spoil? The actor playing the bartender was the fake fiance in the reality show - not in GA!

              I think it was called something like My Bit Fat Fake Fiance.

              See what happens when you don't watch all the trashy reality shows, Is? You can't spout useless trivia to others on MBs.


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                About halfway through the second season, they stopped doing the credits altogether. I kinda miss them though!


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                  Halfway through season two and I'm finding Meredith less horrible. I'm still annoyed that she's always right and finds silly things (like she alone thought of co-bedding? oookay) and I don't like her voice overs. Tedious.

                  LOVE Izzie and the asshole intern. Love Burke and Christina! Love George at all times, except I don't believe he's in love with Meredith AT ALL. I don't get it.

                  I love Addison and now don't like McDreamy AT ALL. I enjoyed him in the first season but his watery-eyed wishy-washy bullshit has pushed me to hatred. I've always had an issue with Dempsey's watery eyes but DAMN if it doesn't irk me now. SHUT UP, McDreamy!

                  I did get spoiled for one thing in S2 that I wish I hadn't --Meredith sleeping with George!-- but aside from that I'm clueless.

                  I think I've finally gotten to the point where they drop the credits. YAY!
                  Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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                    So I just watched Ep1 of S2 where the train crash happened. And I bawled my way through it.

                    I hit Fee and told her that if she ever gets impaled on a pole I'm going to kill her.

                    Other than that, I love Katherine Heigl.


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                      I cried and cried in that episode! And I'm so not that sappy! Also, the fact that it was Abby from the Creek resonates with me. Hee!
                      Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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                        Oh shit! So it was!! I thought she looked familiar.

                        Destined to die, Abby.


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                          I think I'm back to hating Meredith. Allow me to explain, spoilers up to roughly season 2, episode 18: Okay, one of the things I generally like about Meredith is that she's slutty. And I don't mind that she's pining for McDreamy--I sort of get it, even if I think he's a wishy-washy douche. Also? Burke is AWESOME and so many times hotter/more interesting than McDreamy! But that's another story.

                          I knew Mere was going to sleep with George and that it would be a huge mistake. But the harshness of the event itself was so beyond what I was expecting that I was almost impressed. I was impressed that Shondaland & Co. are eager to make the so-called star a hugely insensitive bitch about everything except her beloved McDreamy. I enjoy flawed characters so that's cool but this was sort of unneccisarily cruel, IMO. Is Meredith so completely oblivious to George's feelings? Is she so self-absorbed that she'd use a friend like that? And as crazy as I think Izzie is? I'm still with her on this one: I choose George (though I think Izzie is insane about loyalty issues in general). I mean, OPENLY weeping after agreeing to sleep with someone? What a freakshow bitch. Oh, you're in pain. Whatevah! The world doesn't fall at anyone's feet so get over yourself. It's no excuse for using people and needlessly hurting those close to you, especially those that just got up enough courage to be honest with you. OMG. I was just horrified by her behavior!
                          Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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                            I was really weirded out by that episode as they seemed to try to make it overly light or comedic, then threw that disturbing crying in bed part in. I'd seen the previews the week before so knew what was coming, was prepared to cry my little eyes out for George but couldn't muster anything because the episode was so all over the place. The comedic attempts at all other scenes not involving George and Meredith's previous liason were far too over the top compared to other episodes. I remember thinking I hope the show doesn't go on this ridiculous every week from now.


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                              I that we're using spoiler tags for season 2. BWAH.

                              In short, I this show so much! There is so much to hate about both Mere and McDreamy. It's like Joey and Dawson yo! She is that self centered and oblivious!

                              However, unlike DC, I've generally found the episodes well written and well executed. I don't think any of the eps were ridiculous including the ep discussed above. I that the show is so over the top some times.

                              Although one thing that irritates me is that the Shondaland & Co are such Meredith apologists! Gah. I think it was in the Fall preview EW they were complaining that Mere is empowered and people who don't like her are just afraid of strong women or something to that effect. Huh? I think her slutty ways are totally realistic and fun, but her self absorption is of epic proportions! That's why I dislike the bitch!

                              However, I did when she told McDreamy "You don't get to call me a whore!" What a self righteous asshole.
                              It's all about me and my precious.