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  • I did catch the plural!

    I believe everything Klaus says. It's very confusing to me! Am I not supposed to be rooting for him at this point?
    Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.



      It's just like this crazy show to make you not care how many people someone has KILLED, but makes you love them and want the best for them anyway. They have done it over and over again. I used to care! I can't believe that it was just a couple of weeks ago that I didn't even want Elena to hug Damon because he was eeeeevil. Now that I have fully surrendered to the magic of TVD, none of that stuff matters at all!

      I'm *this* close to being on Team Klaus at this point.


      • I have a friend at work who is just getting into this show and has only watched about half of season 1. She was asking if Damon and Elena were together currently and I told her they kissed for the first time last week. She basically said "who cares?" I was like, "you say that now. WAIT TWO WEEKS. You will be BESIDE yourself!"

        I'm hoping they will just do with Klaus what they did with Damon and in 3 weeks he can just move in with Damon and Stefan and they can all fight the original mom when she comes back. And then he can sex up Caroline.

        I like to think that no one in Mystic Falls can have pets because Stefan keeps eating them.

        Have I mentioned that I love how Alaric is just a straight up alcoholic, just running around town constantly drunk, only taking time out to make concerned faces at the possibility of Damon/Elena? And that no one mentions that it might be a problem? Cause I love it.


        • I like to think that no one in Mystic Falls can have pets because Stefan keeps eating them.
          Excellent point! So who is eating all of the children and housekeepers, then?

          Yeah, Ric has *issues*. And yet this is the man they entrust the care and teaching of their teenagers to. However, knowing how to take down a vampire is probably considered a better qualification than a teaching degree in MF.

          Also, WHY is he so beekdarn concerned about Damon and Elena, but not the least about Stefan and Elena? He couldn't possibly think Damon's too old for her. Or too killer-y. Not in comparison, anyway. Maybe he's holding a grudge over the many times Damon has killed him personally.

          Upon naptime re-watch, I realized how much I love Damon and Alaric's convo in the parking lot. "Since when do you care who lives or dies?"
          "I have a short list."
          "Talk about a humanity dimmer switch." heh.

          Damon's list:
          Katherine (if we are being totally honest)
          Caroline's mom
          . . . and Anyone Elena Is Going To Get All Weepy-Eyed And Judgey About

          Nina tweeted about a couple in France who were not allowed to name their kid after Damon:


          • I will say I used to gasp at some of the stuff on this show. Like when Damon snapped Jeremy's neck? I almost fell out of my chair! Now? I'd be like: Eh, must be Thursday.

            I must assume that Alaric is really just grudgey at Damon for being slightly less predictable than Stefan. At least when Stefan is good? He's absurdly good. When he's bad? He's absurdly bad.

            The thought of Stefan nomming on everybody's puppy is sort of awful/hilarious!

            It really has taken me awhile to warm up to Klaus. I was eye rolls over him, then hated him for being eeevvvilll and now I want him to talk all dramatic, immortal vamp stuff to anybody who will listen.

            I wouldn't even question it if this show became all about three slightly murderous vampires who hang out and protect Elena and family and friends. I don't even think I would grow bored with that.
            Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


            • I would watch the hell out of that show.

              I will no longer accept any endgame for S3 that results in Klaus leaving the TVD. Hear that, Plec?

              Speaking of whom, I've been twitter diving, and Julie Plec (the producer of TVD) likes to tweet fanvids and fanart. She doesn't tweet shipper vids, though, because it would be too controversial- agreed! She likes this cute happy vid a lot:

              Also, I discovered that Paul and Mrs. Paul are really good friends with Emanda and Joseph Morgan IRL. They are couple friends! Dinners out and double date nights and stuff. They tweet each other all the time . . . Paul was the first person Emily VanCamp tweeted at when she joined twitter. Emily starred in a small indie movie that Paul helped to produce. I don't know if they knew each from before that as well, though. Paul is more likely to tweet at JoMo and EVC than Nina and Ian. I find that adorable. It adds an extra layer to the Stefan/Klaus bromance. Whenever they fly anywhere, Paul and Joe make sure they sit together. And they both tweet about it. Mrs. Paul tweeted at them that they should just go ahead and join the mile high club already. She must be a Klefan shipper!

              Mrs.Paul is an interesting person. She is apparently a very good violinist (played violin for Stevie Nick's latest album *plus* starred as a vampire in the music video), and has an etsy store where she sells her photos. Her sister is in a roller derby. Oh, and Mrs. Paul volunteers all the time at hospices. Paul writes and produces films. Mrs.Paul tweets back at Paul fans, even when they ask if they can borrow her husband for awhile. She seems like a good sport.

              Klaus took Emanda to Wales last summer. He paints, and has an artist's studio. They're crazy cute together. She's always tweeting his promo pics, and calling him 'love'. He tweets his fans and 'compels' them to watch Revenge. Because he wasn't with Emily on thanksgiving, Kat Graham (Bonnie) had him come over and do thanksgiving with her family. His favorite Klaus moment so far, was that scene with Caroline- I think he's a Klaroline shipper! He also likes to tweet fanvids, and likes this one . . . The Klaus Diaries spin-off show:

              Pics of Klaus and Emanda in Wales:

              It's a little bit harder to be intimidated by Klaus once you know he likes Shark Week, is scared of flying, and loves his mum (his real one . . . his tv one, not so much I guess). Oh, and that he would look this this as a ginger:!/vampireXdiarie...312064/photo/1

              Can you imagine what fandom would have been like if twitter had been around during the Dawson's era???? Josh tweeting pics of himself hanging out at Firebelly's, The Beek gushing about craft services, Busy and MW tweeting goofy song lyrics at each other??? Ah, what could have been.


              • It was a simpler time! And the barrier to entry was higher, frankly. Hee!

                Now I had to go and follow all these celebs even though I'm always rolling my eyes at people who follow celebs on Twitter. *sigh*
                Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                • Oh noes!

                  Looks like Emanda may have broken up with Klaus for Daniel!!!!! HORRORS.

                  From 1/06
                  Is the world’s cutest couple no more? Vampire Diaries’ Joseph Morgan (Klaus) and Revenge’s Emily VanCamp had been dating for quite awhile (by Hollywood standards) and were a pretty smokin’ pair. But in the new issue of Glamour, they ask the “newly single” VanCamp what she looks for in a guy. (She answers, “Integrity and humility. Also, if he can make me laugh, that’s the key to my heart,” which we would think describes Morgan to a tee.)

                  Morgan and VanCamp met on the set of the TV miniseries Ben Hur in 2010. In September 2011, Morgan confirmed to E! that they were dating.

                  We are seriously bummed, but seeing as they are still following each other on Twitter, maybe there’s hope for a reconciliation?
                  Followed by this:
                  As their on-screen Revenge romance has heated up, so has Emily VanCamp and Joshua Bowman's relationship off-screen!
                  According to the new issue of Life & Style, Emily and Josh spent New Year's Eve in Paris together ... "making out all night."
                  A source tells the magazine that the new lovebirds partied with the rest of the Revenge cast at a private table at Paris nightclub Rasputin on Dec. 31.

                  “They were acting very lovey-dovey and kissing the entire night," the source dishes.
                  Josh has previously dated Miley Cyrus, while Emily recently split with Vampire Diaries star Joseph Morgan.
                  Considering how hot and heavy Emily Thorne and Daniel Grayson have gotten on Revenge, it's little wonder their sizzling chemistry translated to their real lives.
                  On one hand, RLTL. On the other hand? Josh Bowman dated MILEY CYRUS.

                  Emily. DUDE. This is NOT trading UP.

                  This must have happened kind of fast, because she was just re-tweeting Joseph on Dec 26th. Not that that means much, I guess. The last time he tweeted directly at her was Oct 13th.

                  Poor sad Klaus. No wonder he's been so tender and full of pathos lately. *sob*

                  Daniel is also British IRL, though. (Who would have guessed??) So I guess she has a type, sort of. But he used to be friends with Amy Winehouse. I can't even . . .

                  ETA that I am highly suspicious of the second bit of news. Josh Bowman is only 23.
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                  • Aw, sadness! Total downgrade.

                    I think you can follow the instagram goodness so long as you know their name on this site: Nina Dobrev, Ian S., Michael Trevino (Tyler), and Paul Wesley.
                    Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                    • THANK YOU.

                      There's some awesome stuff on there.

                      Ian is SUCH a Delena shipper.

                      ETA that casting JoMo as Klaus was actually Paul Wesley's idea!
                      Paul Wesley suggested Joseph Morgan for Klaus

                      Julie Plec: “We were having dinner with Paul Wesley at Christmas and we hadn’t read Joseph yet. I forgot about this conversation completely until Paul rubbed it in my face many months later, but he said, ‘You know who we need to cast as Klaus? This guy Joseph Morgan. I’ve seen him work, he’s amazing, he’s a great guy.’ So we cast Joseph Morgan and Paul’s like ‘Yeah! I knew it!’ And I’m like, ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about!’ He was like ‘Dude! Really? That was my idea.’ He was so certain.”
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                      • Soooo . . . Klaus is the strongest guy in town, and has a private army, yeah?

                        So why hasn't he just grabbed Stefan, locked him up until the vervain wears off, and then compelled him to give up the coffins? Or, if he doesn't want to wait that long, why hasn't he just captured Elena and Damon and tortured them until Stefan gives in? Attending Founder's Council meetings and doing the diplomat thing with the mayor and sheriff just seems like an odd, indirect way of going about things when he could just grab, smash and take.

                        Also it's been a while since we had a good 'tied-to-a chair-and-tortured scene', and we are long overdue.

                        Oh! And we are forgetting Katherine in all this. She's the one that came up with this plan, right? She wanted Stefan to get so angry with Klaus that he went for revenge. So is she actually pulling some of his strings from behind the scene? I can't believe that she's giving up on making sure that Klaus is killed, considering that's been her goal for so many centuries and the only thing that will release her from constant running and hiding.

                        I looked up the transcript from the end of Homecoming:
                        Kathrine: You and I both know that is not true! I loved you, I've loved Damon, too. Humanity is a vampire's greatest weakness... No matter how easy it is to turn it off- it just keeps trying to fight it's way back in. Sometimes I let it...

                        Stefan: I don't want to. Not after everything I've done...

                        Kathrine: Of course you don't want to. But if you don't let yourself feel, you won't be able to do what I need you to do next.

                        Stefan: What`s that?

                        Katherine: Get mad.
                        And then they very next thing we see is Klaus discovering that Stefan has his family.

                        What Katherine says about the switch seems to be in line with what Rose said . . . the simplicity of it only applies to young vampires like Isobel and young Ripper Stefan, and the older you get the less you can actually do anything about feeling or not feeling. It's going to keep creeping in no matter what you do after awhile. Stefan and Damon may have reached that point in their vampire lifespan where they no longer really have a choice. Like Damon said, 'your switch is fried'. Well, so is yours, Damon.

                        I see rippers as something else entirely, though, because it's more like being an addict. So it's a disease that lays underneath all the 'normal' vampire instincts . . . kinda like the difference between a casual drinker and a raging blackout alcoholic that literally can't keep themselves from drinking themselves to death. It's like a physiological weakness. I'm guessing that other rippers (ones that don't have a Lexi in their life) don't last very long, because they annoy other vampires and draw too much attention to vampirism as a whole. It would be dangerous for every local vampire when a ripper comes to town, and much safer just to take them out as soon as you meet one. So rippers probably don't normally reach the point where their feelings and humanity start to return . . . and if they do, the guilt might likely drive them to suicide.

                        Of course, Stefan isn't actually acting very Ripper-ish at this very moment. He's steeled himself to be all cold and callous and focused, but that's not what rippering is about. Rippering is a rabid fever of destruction and slaughter and cruelty. Damon said Stefan 'was operating on crazy right now', but that's the opposite of true. He's all logic and calculation, and not crazy at all. It's like a third kind of Stefan. And of course, you could tell by Pauls's shiny eyes and raspy voice on the bridge that he very much DOES care about what Elena thinks of him now! But it's no longer going to sway him from the goal, because nothing matters more than the goal. This is RevengeBot Stefan with a mission, not Ripper Stefan acting without humanity. We should hook him up with Emanda, actually. He could be her new sensei!

                        I just want to know what Katherine's role in all of this is.
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                        • PAMBIC.

                          Super sexay interview with JoMo.
                          Somewhat spoilery . . . Klaroline is on like Donkey Kong! At least, as far as Klaus is concerned. He says Klaus is going to fall in genuine LOVE with Caroline and pursue her, but she's not going to be into him. It's a fab way to move Klaus' character further down the line of humanization, which is clearly the way he is going this season. It could get very interesting if Klaus has something he wants even more than making hybrids, or carting his coffin family about. And it will tie him even more to MF, and perhaps make him more protective of the town. This can only be for the Greater Good! Unless, of course, her rejection pisses him off and he kills everyone she knows. Eh. Could go either way.


                          • You are killing me!
                            Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                            • Deep thoughts about vampires on The CW.

                              I HAZ THEM.

                              Oh, and spoiler I still LOVE tormenting isadora with spoiler tags. That never gets old for me!
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                              • I read your spoiler tags in this thread but if you spoil any deaths or super major plot points for me I will be bittah!!!

                                I am going to keep posting after you in this thread just to continue to get you to post and stoke your obsession.

                                Did I already mention that I have never tried to make sense of TVD? If you scroll upthread you'll prolly see numerous instances of my going: Wuh!? and jennk going: Just stare at the pretty! and me going: ok.

                                I didn't even realize Stefan was taking Verv to stop Klaus from compelling him. Bwah! I seriously don't even catch half of what this show is about.
                                Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.