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  • Oooh.

    You don't think that is too subtle for this show, though? They do love their complicated mythological reasons.


    • Most likely very probably almost definitely it's wrong. Kinda brilliant though if it were true.


      • Random gifsets:

        Ian talking about Mitt Romney:

        "You know Mitt Romney hates trees and he hates women . . . and those are two things I really love to put my arms around, so we don't really have a lot in common."

        His haircut is really working for me in a major way this season. Ian, not Mitt.

        Paul talking about Ian:

        And Daniel and Joe talking about each other:


        • Erin, a TVD recapper and general BNF, compares vampire cures on TV shows:

          The Vampire Diaries Tackle The “Cure”

          Show #1: Forever Knight (1992-1996)

          A Canadian television show that ran in the ’90s about a vampire detective and how he himself dealt with vampirism in an ever changing world. Main character, Nick Knight, was an 800 year old vampire who was desperate to find a cure to make him human again. Nick, similar to Stefan on TVD, had relegated himself to drinking animal blood in order to curb his thirst for human blood. He found himself constantly battling his inability to have actual relationships with humans, especially for fellow colleague and medical examiner, Natalie.

          In the 3rd and final season, Nick is reunited with his vampire sister, Janette. Janette it seems has mysteriously turned from vampire to human. The exact events are never made clear as to how Janette became human. The process is only described as Janette feeding on her human lover and through the ultimate act of making love, she was transformed from vampire to human.

          Through a series of events, Janette is killed but it does not stop Nick’s quest from finding out what exactly this cure is. In the series finale, Nick makes a decision to try to cure himself by using Natalie as his lover. Given Nick’s inability to control himself while drinking human blood, the process is deemed extremely dangerous. Natalie agrees though if it means that she and Nick can be together as humans. Spoiler alert: The process fails and Nick ends up killing Natalie by accident, unable to control his thirst. In a grief stricken state, Nick has his maker, LaCroix, kill him so that he can be with Natalie in the after life.

          This is a show where the cure ultimately failed for our main protagonist, but gave us the illusion that vampirism isn’t a permanent curse.

          Show #2: Moonlight (2007-2008)

          Moonlight, similar to Forever Knight, was also a show about a vampire detective (and a show I will never forgive CBS for canceling). Protagonist, Mick St. John, was an 85 year old vampire who worked as a private investigator. Mick was forcefully turned by his wife, Coraline, and after murdering her (or so he thought) in the 1980s, lived in a wallowing existence. He constantly was fighting to be as human as he could (thankfully these versions of vampires could walk in the sun, in fact these vampires were straight up awesome: screw a cure).

          In an episode entitled, The Ringer, Mick is asked by his friend (and wannabe lover, Beth) to help find the missing cameras of Beth’s friend, Morgan. All seems normal until Mick meets Morgan, who bares an uncanny resemblance to Mick’s ex-wife, Coraline. No, this show did not implore the use of doppelgängers, Morgan was in fact Coraline, masking herself as human using a special “compound.”

          In an effort to make up for the horrible things Coraline put Mick through (I won’t go into it, watch the show! It’s only 1 season..unfortunately), Coraline allows Mick to use some of the compound on himself. This compound isn’t exactly a cure and the ingredients of it aren’t exactly known either. All that is known is that the compound was created hundreds of years ago for a royal family of vampires to use to mask their vampirism during a purging of the creatures. Mick is unsure as to how long the compound will last but has Coraline give it to him without hesitation. What looks like a thick blood-like concoction is placed on an open wound of a vampire and sinks into the blood stream.

          Mick becomes human but in the end has his vampire friend, Josef, turn him back into a vampire in order to save Beth from a pack of evil vampires.

          It is unclear as to how The Vampire Diaries will tackle this topic. Will the cure be an elixir, a spell, a donut sprinkled in unicorn blood? The show has already tackled witch craft being able to turn vampires human again so I venture to guess this cure will be a little different. All I know is that The Vampire Diaries vampires are also pretty awesome (eternal hotness, ability to blurry run, and the ability to eat whatever the hell you want without counting calories) and I would probably say “nah, I’m good.” if I was a vampire offered their cure.
          Vampire detectives. *sigh*


          gifset from a con where Joe reveals that he stole the jacket he is wearing from Paul, and then DG notices that Paul must have taken it from a shoot or something, because it's a sample:

          "Just spread that message. If you want to film something, film that, film me saying ‘Paul Wesley’s cheap."

          Hot boys sharing clothes. Must be love!


          • Nina has been tweeting pics, so she must have some down time on set.

            Baby Nina with her brother:
            Nina and Ian's ass't Jessica in the Bahamas last weekend:

            Yeah, that looks nice. I'm not jealous at all, as I sit here and it's cold and I'm coughing and I'm sick and I want to not be sick anymore and can I go to the beach somewhere please.


            • Claire about Nina:

              Claire Holt ‏@MissClaireHolt
              ninadobrev and her 2nd love...the persimmon #weirdo
              That's the second pic we've gotten of Nina practically making out with a persimmon. ha!

              ETA and Steve McQ just posted this super cute pic of Claire and Nina cuddling and spooning on the couch:
              Steven McQueen ‏@McQueeninchains
              Okay, shipping 'em. Clairina.
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              • Nina seems super boring.

                I saw some posters at FF bemoaning the fact that there seemed to be no Republicans among the Vampire Diaries cast. Made me LOL.
                Bitter Shipper


                • Nina seems super boring.
                  She's not boring! She's just Canadian! There is a (slight) difference!


                  • I think dinner with Nian would be so tediously sincere and nice. I'd have to just stare at how pretty they are and tune them out.
                    It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                    • They both seem SO boring. I would watch their sex tape and all, but hanging out with them would be the worst. I feel like they would show me a lot of pictures of their cats.


                      • I have nothing to add except my friend was raving about persimmons the other day and I almost couldn't hear her over my internal monologue: This is too fucking boring to count as an actual conversation!

                        Almost as boring as telling you guys about my friend telling me about persimmons.


                        • I would just say, "So, Ian . . . tell me about the future of green energy in this great nation?" and then sit back and ogle them both until he ran out of words (like never). So much pretty pretty pretty.

                          But I'm majorly allergic to cats . . . in all truth, I probably could not get within 10 feet of them or their clothing. I had a co-worker who had eight cats (it was an accident! she had two cats, then she married a guy with two cats, her sister got divorced, so they got her sister's two cats, and two other cats just showed up at their Queens apt all like, "S'up? We heard you like cats"), and we couldn't even hang our coats next to each other on the coat rack at work.

                          The kiddos are already in bed, fully melatonin-ed up. Wonder what the odds are that they will stay that way for the next full hour and a half? *every phalange crossed*


                          • 10 mins to go and I hear someone running around up there. Oh, crappity crappity. Go the fuck to sleep.

                            TVD would basically make my life so much better if they moved to 9PM. Sooooo much.


                            • WOOT.

                              That was great. That was a thrill ride.

                              Thoughts? Um . . . I can't even articulate any thoughts.

                              OH, YES, I CAN.

                              Elena got to kill a motherfucker, that was rad. And it's even more rad that her killing a motherfucker will result in so many tasty consequences, including the world's best hallucinations. This was also one of those rare eps that will make D/E fans happy, S/E fans happy, AND Defan fans happy. It was the total package.

                              I'm still squeeing over the fact that Elena got to subvert the plans that a bunch of men were making for her behind her back. FINALLY. And we got one of my most fave EVER scenes between the bros. Like, hands down, just an awesome scene for Stefan and Damon.

                              linda! I think you will love this one. I got my Killer Vamplena, and you will still get your Guilty!Emo!Humanity!Elena in the same ep. It was beautiful. Totally believable on every level. Nina KILLED it in this ep. And yes, that was an intentional pun.

                              Even Nina was pleased with Elena:
                              Nina Dobrev ‏@ninadobrev
                              Yeah baby, Elena's a Badassbitch! Hahaha :P “@julieplec: Go Elena is trending.”
                              The one thing bringing this ep down was Bonnie and the prof. Every time they cut to them, I was like, "Really? You are going to interrupt this for THAT?" Ridic. All we learned from it is that the Prof is good at hypnotizing high school girls to take off things, and that Bonnie has her mojo back. Whoop de do.

                              More thoughts tomorrow. MIL is taking the ophyboy in the morning, so I will be able to do a re-watch.


                              • I have SO MANY THOUGHTS about that last Defan conversation, guys.

                                When Damon was asking Stefan if he wanted the cure for Elena because he couldn't love her as a vampire, I was having so many many many fanficcy feels. So many. SQUEEEEE.

                                And Damon! "Just so we're clear? I'm fine with her either way. So If I do this, I'm doing it for you."

                                That makes up for the bloodsharing, right? RIGHT?