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  • iphigenia already has her recap up:[quote]

    Vampires might be awful, but Caroline Forbes is fucking amazing; werewolves will straight up kill you, but Mason Lockwood did a pretty good job maintaining a regular life. Witches are all-powerful, but Sheila Bennett held down a teaching position and didn't try to play god; and right now, there's no one in Mystic Falls as great as Matt Donovan, regular human guy.

    I don't know. I like that the show goes to great lengths to show us that no one's really better than anyone else. Humans might be the weakest of the bunch, but everyone keeps clutching us to their bosoms, you know.

    2) It's horrifying to realize, but: other than Caroline, Damon is the best adjusted vampire on this show. I just--I feel like that explains so much.
    Elena's actually writing in her diary! That's great, because otherwise we'd have to start calling it The Vampire Living History, and that's a little too wordy.

    BONNIE NO WHY DO YOU TRUST THAT GUY. I mean yeah, he's hot, but he's a stranger! Nothing good has ever come of trusting a stranger on this show! That's how people (literally) get their hearts ripped out and parts of the hospital destroyed! I get that you want to find your way back to magic, but for real, he is sketchy as fuck and you do not know him.


    13) Seriously. The second Shane was all "so when did you take off your earring", I would have clocked him in the head with his pot of tea and fucking bolted. BONNIE YOU ARE FRIENDS WITH VAMPIRES NOT REMEMBERING THINGS IS BAD.
    THANK YOU. How did Bonnie ever think any of that was okay?

    Aaaaaaaaand now we're doing the twin switch, but with personalities: Stefan's making decisions for Elena, for her own good, while Damon's irritated she's making her own decisions but urging her to be smart about them. This season is gonna end with Delena boning, isn't it? I don't--I'm sorry, I'm still on Team I Choose Me on this one.
    Yep, noticed that, definitely. Damon trusts Vampire Elena so much more than he did human Elena when it comes to this sort of thing - plans, action, etc. I find that an interesting view into his opinions concerning vampires and humans. It's like she magically joined a new level of camaraderie once she became a supernatural creature. He sees her as more his equal, and that bodes well for them (if they are going to progress into a relationship, and oh yeah I think they will).

    Dear Mystic Grill owners: You guys live in Mystic Falls. I would rip that bricked-over wine cellar open ASAP, just in case, you know, ghouls become a thing. Or pumas! Something! Seriously, you basically live on a Hellmouth: the more exits you have, the better.
    She has a point. Also, who actually owns the place? We never see anyone but Matt and Jeremy and a random blonde bartender upon occasion. And busboys don't arrive first to set up, long before the actual cooks get there. No sense.

    I--okay, again, this could just be me, but I don't honestly think Elena should be freaking out about this. The first person Caroline killed was that really hot carnie that Bonnie was flirting with--remember? A billion years ago? She killed him because she was hungry, and scared, and didn't know any better. No one had told her what she was, yet.

    This isn't that. This is Elena, down in the dark with a man who threatened her friends and her brother--her brother, the only family she has left--and who was going to kill her, and Stefan, and Damon and Tyler and Caroline. Everyone she loves, almost everyone she has left. He'd have done it because of what they were, not who they are. He didn't care that Caroline is the reigning Miss Mystic Falls, or that Tyler didn't have a choice about being a hybrid, or that Stefan and Damon are here because they made a poor romantic choice in 1864. He'd have done it because they're vampires, and not for any other reason.

    This is life in a war zone, Elena. People die. You can feel bad about it, that it was necessary, but don't feel guilty. Burying him was a good thing, but don't mourn him. Don't mourn yourself.
    Well . . . this is Elena. Elena is a special case, what with her compassion and empathy being in overdrive even when she was human. I think the reaction was perfectly in character, tbh.

    "You told me to kill him. So I did." OH MY GOD NO YOU DIDN'T. You didn't kill Connor because Damon told you to, okay? If I tell you to eat a lasagna and you do, and it messes with your stomach, is that my fault? NO, because you are a goddamned legal adult who can make her own choices, Elena. You can be mad at Damon for encouraging a general air of "violence is not always bad", but for killing this one specific dude? No. You did that. You were not talked into it by the goddamned Batman. Damon's great at talking people into shit, but mostly through compulsion.
    Well . . . Elena is clearly going through a 'Damon symbolizes everything I am becoming but don't want to be' phase right now. So I'm taking this latest comment to be in line with that. It's not rational, and it's not fair, but she's not been rational or fair in the past five episodes.

    Damon saying he'll take Elena either way he can get her? Unsurprising. Damon saying "if we do this, I'm doing it for you" to Stefan? UGH SALVATORES HOW DO YOU EVEN. Best brothers on TV, by far.

    Although, the Winchester boys are pretty cool, too.


    • Carina has lots to say about Tyler's storyline as a secret hero (no real spoilers):

      Not going to post excerpts, but there's stuff from Julie in there.


      • I didn't even pay enough attention to the Bonnie stuff to really know what happened. I know she lit some candles?

        Loved Elena killing that dude, who I hated and was not interested in AT ALL, for some reason. Up until that part, this episode was honestly not doing that much for me, but Elena taking shit into her own hands and just fucking up all the plans? Amazing. Also loved the Defan stuff at the end. And crazy Elena will be spectacular, I think.

        I still love Caroline so much. I am kind of okay with Tyler dying, if that were to happen.


        • Solid TVD episode! Bonnie wut? What a boring subplot!

          But Elena's whole scene was awesome with her sobbing and covered in blood! And Defan being all "I love you bro" eyes at each other. Aw.

          Caroline is not getting enough to do so if killing off Tyler is the price we must pay to get her more plot? Ok. I'm not anti-Tyler like so many of you appear to be. Bonnie is a way more of a plot prop/awfully boring when she's given anything to do (and she's never given much).

          Finally Jeremy has some relevance to life in Mystic Falls so that's good. Not sure I care but it is good!
          Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


          • I think Tyler is going to become a big damn hero, and then go out in a blaze of glory. I just hope it's not Klaus who kills him, because that would snuff out dirty, inappropriate Klaroline doings, and I need those.

            So folks on the Ian board were really interpreting the Defan scene at the end as Stefan more or less admitting that he will have trouble loving Elena as a vampire. They are all like, "Oh, S/E fans must be crying right now, in one scene their whole ship was destroyed!" I did not read it that way. Stefan said he would always love her . . . I mean, yeah, there was a bit of a pause, and he did sort of condition it. But it's not like he set the ship ablaze right then.

            Y'all who like S/E more than me will have to chime in. I didn't see any reason for mass weeping and rending of garments, though.

            But! I not-so-secretly think that if Stefan *did*have trouble loving a Vampire Elena, it would be in character for him. Obviously, I think that, because I made it the reason why they split up in tempests. So if they went that way, I would believe it. But I don't think the show has been showing us that in the past five eps.


            • The TVline post-mortem with Julie (mild spoilers):

              Luckily, the reveals will start as soon as next week, previews executive producer Julie Plec — and that includes Elena getting filled in on all the details. “We don’t linger in the secret land much longer.”

              The events of Thursday’s episode lead to what Plec calls “some pretty big moves,” so we’ve broken down all the scoop on what’s ahead, character by character.

              ELENA/STEFAN/DAMON | If you’re wondering what an out-of-control Elena’s attraction to Damon means for the trio in the future, Plec advises, “You need to ask, ‘How does it impact the triangle next week?’” For one, after finding out that Stefan made a deal with Klaus, “[Elena] definitely starts next week really super mad at him. Forgiveness and understanding and learning the truth of what he’s up to and what he was up to, all those things are up ahead. We’ll see how she handles it.” As for the brothers, while they found a nice moment of peace, “there’s going to be a lot conspiring against them as all of the aftershocks of the events of this episode start to do their damage.”

              ELENA THE KILLER | As the blood-soaked ending of Thursday’s episode hinted, “The consequences of that first kill are pretty profound,” teases Plec. So what’s behind Elena’s disturbing hallucinations? “Killing a hunter comes with a price. There’s a weird consequence to it all that she’s going to have to deal with that takes her to some dark, dark, dark places.”

              JEREMY AND MATT | “Right now, it’s just the beginning of [Jeremy] being awakened,” says Plec. “Connor told him he was a potential, and this is a hint that Connor was speaking the truth.” Meanwhile, Matt will continue to be the human voice of reason “as Jeremy struggles with supernatural urges to kill vampires and as Elena’s going down the rabbit hole of the consequences of having killed someone.” (The Gilberts are now also “supernaturally predisposed to be in conflict.”) Adds writer Michael Narducci: “Matt and Jeremy are going to become closer as [Matt] takes on an older brother role to help his buddy, who’s going through these difficult problems.”

              THE LOVE SQUARE | Rather than coming in to create relationship drama, “[Hayley] is there for a reason,” explains Plec. “It’s about Tyler’s story and what he, as a hybrid free of Klaus, wants to accomplish on behalf of the people that are part of his pack.” Thinking that something more-than-friendly happened between Hayley and Tyler in the past will “give Klaus this gleeful, perverse little power thing he thinks he holds over Caroline and Tyler and will allow him to be emboldened enough to try to squeeze in there and make a move or two. But when all is said and done, they’re currently pulling one over his eyes a little bit.”

              THE PROFESSOR AND THE WITCH | Bonnie’s finally found someone to help her, but the good – or not-so-good – Professor Shane has “an alternate agenda that he’s hiding,” confirms Plec. “We just don’t know if it’s in her best interest or not. A lot of that will start coming to light over the next chapter.” And it won’t be long before he comes into contact with her friends, too. “[He] starts to cross paths with our group next week with some answers. Whether they’re legit or not remains to be seen.”

              THE UNLIKELY FRIENDS | Mystic Fall’s oft-compelled resident, April, who Plec describes as “a fun little human folly,” will actually be “our vessel to start getting some answers about that really surprising twist of events at the end of the [season's] first episode. That mystery has yet to be solved, and she will be a part of putting the pieces together.” As for her friendship with the currently staked Rebekah, “that will all pay off down the road with a vengeance.”

              THE CURE OF IT ALL | Wait: If there’s a possible way to undo Elena’s being a vampire, what does that mean for the show’s other creatures of the night… and its entire universe? Rest assured, the cure is “going to make our characters ask a lot of questions about themselves… Would they want it? What would they do in order to get it?” says Plec. “It’s going to make them realize, ‘Wait a second. Klaus, this immortal hybrid who’s been relatively indestructible, is there somehow a way to suddenly make him destructible?’ There’s going to be a whole lot of questions asked about what could happen if this cure were to be uncovered and who would go to great lengths to make sure, ultimately, it didn’t fall into the wrong hands.” The characters will also wonder: If killing an Original means taking out all of its offspring, does curing one de-vamp its entire bloodline? Lest fans get too carried away with what-ifs, Plec points out that “this announcement of the cure, at this point in the narrative, is equal to Katherine [wanting] a moonstone, is equal to Damon’s looking for a crystal. It’s just the beginning.”

              KATHERINE, ELIJAH, KOL & MORE | The previews for next week revealed Katherine is finally back (as a hallucination?), but we also haven’t seen the last of Connor. As for the Originals, Plec offers this: “We’re already talking Episode 16 and 17 in the [writers'] room right now, and Elijah’s name is all over the board.” (On a related note: Nathaniel Buzolic, who plays Elijah’s brother Kol, has also been tweeting from Atlanta, where the series shoots.)

              Read More at:


              • I think we were meant to imply that he might have as hard a time as Elena with her transition. The things he loves about her are very much tied to her humanity. He loves the same Elena we (and by that I mean me and Linda) do: The overwrought girl who thinks of everyone before herself. So I think he WILL always love her and protect her but that he is mourning his girlfriend as he knew her. You can't be the same person after you become a vampire (unless you're Caroline). So to that end? I think he'd do anything to get her back. Now that she killed someone? She probably couldn't ever be the same anyway.

                That doesn't mean that Stefan doesn't love her. Or that he stopped loving her after she turned. It just means the earth shifted and it probably spells the end for them. And he probably sees the writing on the wall.

                Why are they all in Mystic Falls again? Just like, hanging out and going to high school? It's perplexing to me. See the world, y'all! Enjoy your endless youth without the constraints the rest of mortals have to put up with!
                Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                • The cold open answers that question! It's their home. Everyone needs one.

                  If they left, where would they go? Nobody belongs to them and they don't belong to anybody outside of MF.

                  And you have to admit they have built themselves a fucked up little monster family of a sort. With Matt as the Marilyn.

                  And he probably sees the writing on the wall.
                  You think he does see it? I need to go back and pay closer attention to his diary entry. He said something about not recognizing her, or something . . . but again, I sometimes confuse the show with my fic, and I already wrote them going through all of this. So it's deja vu, big time for me.


                  • So folks on the Ian board were really interpreting the Defan scene at the end as Stefan more or less admitting that he will have trouble loving Elena as a vampire. They are all like, "Oh, S/E fans must be crying right now, in one scene their whole ship was destroyed!" I did not read it that way. Stefan said he would always love her . . . I mean, yeah, there was a bit of a pause, and he did sort of condition it. But it's not like he set the ship ablaze right then.
                    I was a little taken back by that pause. Like there was a silent "but I don't think I could be with her" going on in his head that he couldn't bring himself to voice.

                    Loved VampElena breaking Conner's neck with Damon's own patented neck-snap move! But at the end when she was burying the dude all I could think was FOR THE LOVE OF GOD ELENA WIPE YOUR MOUTH!! Next episode should be good with the hallucinations.

                    Bonnie's story is boring. I'm not even sure what's going on with this different type of magic thing and what the hell is wrong with her that she's letting someone she doesn't even know hypnotize her? Maybe if I found the creepy professor guy the slightest bit attractive I'd feel differently but she's just automatically trusting him?

                    Jeremy has a starter tattoo!


                    • If that pause was there to lead us all to that conclusion, then yes. Writing is on the wall, yo. Imminent breakup.

                      I'll prob be going through more recaps than usual, because I want to get a consensus of how folks saw that scene in particular.

                      Kicking it off with popcultureinteruption:

                      She can’t voice her frustrations and loneliness to Stefan, because she knows that he’s already carrying enough guilt about her death. She, being the compassionate Elena that she is, doesn’t want to burden him with what she feels are her own problems. She knows that if she tells him about her true feelings – that sometimes she feels like ending it – that he’ll never forgive himself for letting her die (he probably won’t ever get over it anyway, but for the sake of Elena’s thought processes we’re just going to go with it).

                      On the other hand, she also can’t tell Damon. The most obvious reason for this being that they’re a little rocky on account of her dirty dancing (her words, not mine) episode at the frat house the night before. She’s embarrassed and ashamed of the way the blood affected her and she’s afraid that it could happen again. But the heart of the matter, why she really doesn’t open up to and confide in Damon, is that Elena is afraid of what might happen if she does. She’s afraid that if she opens those doors even a sliver – like she did in that motel last season - that everything she’s kept bottled up for the past three years will come rushing out. And she’s spent too much time trying to convince herself that she’s happy with Stefan and that she wants to be with him to just turn around and walk away into the arms of his brother.

                      When it comes to Damon, there’s a part of Elena that knows deep down that he’s going to be the one to help her through this transition – he’s the brother who’s embraced what it means to be a vampire. Stefan has never and will never accept that he is, by nature, a predator. And we know why that is – it’s because he can’t control himself when it comes to human blood – but if he can’t help Elena through this difficult time, then that really only leaves one person.
                      Well, it also leaves Caroline. But anyway . . .

                      The episode ends with Elena suffering from hallucinations as the result of killing a hunter, and with Stefan admitting to Damon that he prefers Elena in her human state. Because of this, he’s still dedicated to finding the cure. And Damon tells him that he loves Elena no matter what she is, but that he’ll help Stefan find the cure because he’s his brother.
                      Okay, so that's how she saw that scene, as an actual admission of Stefan's preference for Human Elena. Not as just him saying that she can't handle/shouldn't be this new person.


                      • offcolortv:

                        Okay, let’s discuss Bonnie reading Creepy Professor Humperdink’s book. It’s called “Book Of The Occult”, and the cover looks vaguely bloody with a generic font. ART DEPARTMENT. This is what I’m talking about, goddammit! Is anyone important reading this? Hire me to work in be your art department. I’ll show these bitches how it’s done. I spend like, a couple hours a week on Pinterest, so … yeah, I’d say I’m pretty qualified. You’re welcome.
                        ha! I didn't even notice that.

                        “Bonnie, what do you think we’ve been doing for seven hours?” Ummmm … I’m gonna guess smoking drugs and butt stuff? Also, what kind of molester has that many candles just lining their dark office? That is fucked up. And do you guys think she really lit those candles? Because Bonnie is really pretty fucking useless, as we ALL know, and I think there’s an above average chance that he roofied her, and when she opened her eyes, it was the next day, and he had lit them all himself with a goddamn Aim-a-Flame. Is it too much to hope that THIS might be the season that Bonnie dies? PLEASE?
                        I don't actually hate Bonnie, but for some reason I find Bonnie hate to be so delicious. But no . . . unless Kat Graham specifically asks to leave the show to focus on her music, killing Bonnie ain't never gonna happen.

                        And we get one last amazing brother scene with Damon and Stefan, and it was incredible. I love them joking around about Klaus coming to murder Stefan in the midst of this serious conversation about Elena and her killing the hunter. And then it turns into this serious conversations about the conditions or lack thereof on their love for Elena … and kind of each other. They are the absolute best–by far the best part of this episode and shaping up to be the best part of this entire season. (For the record, I think Damon was the best part of S1, Caroline the best thing about S2, and Ripper Stefan the best part of S3–I know a lot of people will say the Originals, but I stand by my decision.)
                        She didn't seem to take away a lot of significance triangle-wise from that scene. Not like 'OMB that ship is ONFIRE - in a bad way'.


                        • The AV Club for 4.05. Carrie gave it a B:,87789/
                          Well, if The Vampire Diaries is going to go all-in on this vampire cure business it looks like we might at least get some decent character stories out of it. The interesting thing is that by keeping the entire existence of the cure from Elena, the story surrounds her without involving the character at all, creating a strange and somewhat unsettling situation where our female lead’s future rests in the hands of two men who have no interest in letting her make her own decision in the matter.

                          It starts with just one man, though: Stefan, and his unholy alliance with Klaus to secretly find the cure. I find the idea of Stefan keeping this secret from Elena fairly reprehensible, like she’s some delicate flower he needs to protect from disappointment at all times, but it’s especially reprehensible that he’s doing it in cahoots with a person who wants to use Elena as a hybrid factory.
                          I'm with Carrie on this one. Stefan should have said that the condition for him helping Klaus was that he would consult Elena on all of this and let it be her decision. Because you know Klaus is bluffing when it comes to not following through with the cure if Stefan spills the beans. Klaus wants it as bad as Stef does, he doesn't really have the upper hand. Stefan should be smart enough to know this . . . Stefan really has the upper hand, because he could just take Elena and vanish. Go on the run from Klaus forever . . . and then what would Klaus do? He already has like, a zillion people on the run from him around the world, and he apparently sucks at finding them.

                          The absolute best part of all of Stefan’s incessant counterintelligence and attempts to control the situation is that Damon doesn’t buy any of it for one second. This episode was all about the Salvatore brother relationship for me, in all its love and hate and codependent glory. That these brothers can be on the opposite side of almost everything on a weekly basis and yet still always begrudgingly accept that fact and move on as family, well, that’s kind of beautiful. It was inevitable that Stefan’s secret pact with Klaus wouldn’t remain a secret for long, especially since Damon reads Stefan so well.
                          So now we have Stefan and Damon working together to find this cure, but for very different reasons—and these reasons make all the difference.

                          Stefan’s attitude towards Elena’s vampire transformation has been iffy from the start, and tonight we finally got a true beat on his feelings: he doesn’t believe this is who Elena is supposed to be, and therefore doesn’t want her to be this way. This is crucial, critical character information that’s been hinted at throughout the season so far but never so plainly stated, and puts everything Stefan has done since the season premiere in sharp focus. All of his attempts to get Elena on the animal-only diet, all of his insistence she couldn’t handle hurting another living thing: although potentially true, they were also coming from a very deep place inside himself, a place that didn’t want to accept that Elena has to be a different person now. And Damon? Damon just wants Elena to be, no matter which way she ends up. It’s an interesting difference, and one that will likely be very important to the love triangle going forward.
                          This is fairly nuanced. I like this interpretation.

                          Yet while Elena’s remorse and distress over killing Connor felt completely in character, having him be the first person she kills and mourns feels like a bit of a cop out. He wasn’t someone she killed simply because she wanted to: he was an immediate threat to her and her friends. Also, Elena the human has killed a bad guy! Elena is not a stranger to wanting bad people dead. A true sad situation would be her killing an innocent. Still, Nina Dobrev played everything very well tonight.
                          Has she? I don't think so. Elena has been the *cause* of many bad guys (and not so bad guys) dying, but I don't remember her ever killing anyone.


                          Least nuanced interpretation of the Defan scene award goes to buzzsugar:

                          Damon asks a very tough relationship question: would Stefan love Elena more if she were human again? I don't even care what he says, because it leads to Damon giving us the least romantic declaration of love: "I'm fine with her either way." Uh, cool.



                          Stefan's reasons for wanting the cure for Elena might be read as selfish, especially as Damon says he's fine with her either way. How I've interpreted this confession is that Stefan understands the pain and lack of hope that Elena is feeling and so he is looking at it for her and her alone. It's understandable why they won't be revealing this potential cure idea to Elena at the moment, but it's a little infuriating that she will be kept in the dark once again about something that will have a huge impact on her life. At this moment Elena doesn't feel like she can trust Stefan, even though he had her best interests at heart and the distance between them is growing with each episode. Is their relationship beyond repair at this point?
                          So she does read this a bit differently than the others.
                          Last edited by ophy; 11-09-2012, 08:22 AM.


                          • The writers would not have included it if Stefan didn't feel that way to some extent.

                            And I don't like that Stefan is keeping it from Elena. It goes against all his "her choice" bravado in the past (though, in his defense, her choice did lead to her death last time). And given how fragile she is right now I can get that he's feeling protective.
                            Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                            • You are prob right that the writers would not have included it if it was not laying groundwork in some way. I just don't know how I feel about this actually underlying an eventual S/E break-up. Conflicted!

                              Hollywood crush's recap is basically useless, but this is how they took that scene:
                              Stefan and Damon’s love wins out: Stefan told Damon about the cure. And Damon said, I’ll help you, but know this: I love her either way. Can you not love her as a vampire? And Stefan was all, I’ll always love her, but she’s not supposed to be like this. Is Damon’s love somehow truer? I mean, Stefan’s love was pretty manipulative, in, like, saying that if you love me, you’ll trust me and not come to the battle (which she did, eventually.) But it’s kind of abusive...
                              I wouldn't call it 'abusive', and I think she is oversimplifying everything. But it was asking a lot to expect Elena to stay there, against every possible instinct that she had.


                              Leaky News recap:

                              Stefan and Damon’s complicated relationship came to a head when Damon nearly ripped Stefan’s heart out. While the brothers are always playing fistycuffs never have their arguments become that intense. Yes they try to stake each other from time to time, but there is something poetic and unnerving about Damon ripping his brother’s heart out. Since Elena seems to be on the brink of breaking up with Stefan, we may get to see this after all, in the more figurative sense.
                              The poetry of the moment struck me at the time as well.

                              All that aside, did you see the look in Damon’s eyes when Stefan revealed the secret cure? You may disagree, but the first thought Damon had was hunger. He wants the cure not for Elena, but for himself. Hopefully this will play a role in episodes to come.
                              Huh. I don't know about this. Obvs, Damon has wanted to be human, and he misses being human. But Damon is very practical, and he knows that having super strength etc, is super useful when you have people and a town that you want/need to protect. I don't know that I saw any hunger for the cure there at all.

                              Let’s talk Stefan. He really was little miss bossypants in “The Killer”. Yes he was keeping Klaus’ secret and trying to keep Connor alive, but he just came off petulant. The loss of Alaric has really disturbed the Salvatore dynamic. Without Alaric’s level headed (while sometimes drunk) mediating between them, Stefan and Damon are having trouble deciding who’s boss.
                              True! As in, yes . . . Ric did play an important role as a buffer, agreed. Never really thought about that before.

                              Holy crap Nina Dobrev. Nina always kills it, but in this episode Elena came out of her shell and we FINALLY saw her for what she is, a vampire. She’s no longer the innocent girl constantly in need of saving, she’s the protector. If Elena was going to kill someone, doing it to protect her brother was so entirely Elena and also incredibly badass. With the blood puking and the crying we haven’t gotten to see Elena fight before now, and yeah she can hold her own. Those Salvatore’s better not piss her off.
                              This recapper does not address the last Defan scene.


                              • Song list from 4.05:

                                Daughter “Smother”
                                Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Tick”
                                Cat Power “Keep On Runnin’”
                                The Album Leaf “The Light”

                                They have been killing it with the music choices this season so far. Definitely upped their game in this area.