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    CW The Vampire Diaries 1.4 share 2.977 mill viewers

    Down a tenth from last week.


    • Price's photo recap for 4,05:

      Klaus must've been pretty stoked that the site of a nine hundred-year-old temple was now an unpopulated forest area! Most Italian ruins are in unpopulated forest areas, it's a known fact.
      Ha! I wondered about that myself.

      If you ask me, these people have all become expert schemers and should know by now that it's best when everyone is fully informed and on the same page. Like, Elena wanted the cure, so if she knew there was one, just imagine how much better Klaus' scheme would've ended up. I'm not just saying this in retrospect of this episode's O. Henry-style twist, I remember thinking it during this scene. Why not tell Elena, she is motivated to help! But yeah, take away this "secret" plotline and a lot of the episode's drama would've gone down the drain. That's probably the main reason why secret-based plotlines aren't the best.
      The man has a point.

      Damon made it pretty clear he was about to murder Connor once and for all. Again, this was a good opportunity for Stefan to go, "Actually don't. Klaus needs him alive for a very important mythological reason that will affect all of us." You know, without giving too many details Stefan could've averted this conflict. Instead Stefan RELEASED CONNOR SO THAT HE COULD FIST FIGHT HIS OWN BROTHER. Good priorities. Good decision making.
      Well, Stefan hasn't been batting a thousand in the making decisions department this season.

      And then she killed him! Which was a nice bit of irony in that Elena didn't know Connor could've provided the key to turning her back into a human. But I'm telling you, wouldn't the pay-off have been far more interesting if she KNEW full well that he was the key, but her blood lust got the better of her, she lost control, and killed him anyway? It would've been much more in keeping with the theme of Elena struggling to maintain self-control AND it still would've provided the nasty twist this episode was aiming for.
      That could have been more interesting, I guess.

      What followed was this emotional speech where Elena was pissed at Stefan for lying (I agreed!) but also she was pissed at Damon for having encouraged her to kill the man who'd just shot her brother and staked her in the torso. Because ta-da! Elena had finally murdered someone! Oh, get over it, Elena. The not-murdering-anybody thing only applied to regular folks. Not mythological hunters. He was fair game.
      He WANTED Klaus to think he'd cheated on Caroline, but the truth was, Tyler and Hayley were organizing an underground railroad (basically) for sired hybrids and Klaus would be super mad if he found out. Caroline seemed to accept this answer, so that was good.
      I like the way Price ties in the underground railroad Stefan used to get into the Grill with the metaphorical one Tyler and Hayley are building! Good catch.

      Damon went on the record as being fine with Elena either way, and Stefan deserves credit for being so chill about this. He honestly has no choice at this point. These brother just have to accept that they are destined to fall in love with the same ladies, and whoever's got the honor of being with her owes it to the other to be a good sport about it. In my opinion. (I've mentioned that die-hard shipping is ridiculous, right? It's ridiculous. Team Everybody's Single.)
      That's the everloving truth right there, hardcore and straight up.


      • If you are not down with Nian squee posts, avert your eyes.

        My poor Nina (woobie darling baby girl) just had a root canal. Fang problems! hardy har har.

        Nina DobrevVerified ‏@ninadobrev
        Root canals are no fun.. Trust me, I know..I just had one.:
        Ian's brother tweeted:
        robert somerhalder ‏@bsome
        @ninadobrev we love you sweetie! Rest and my brother better take care of you...Deacon says hi!
        robert somerhalder ‏@bsome
        T-VD specials are Rockin' and Rollin'.. Check out our FB! Built Of Barnwood Reclaimed Furniture Tables Accent Pieces and Fleur De Lis @iansomerhalder @ninadobrev worked on your project today too!
        He's a carpenter, and he's building Ian and Nina a new bed. At the last con (Bob was there, and brought his son), Ian told the audience that his brother had better build it 'sturdy'.

        An extra from a TVD ep just recently tweeted:
        Maria Clara ‏@MariaFonseca1
        @HannahBliss815 but there is anything in special that you saw between them ?

        Hannah-Bliss Carlton ‏@HannahBliss815
        @MariaFonseca1 Ian bit Nina's arm one time lol

        Maria Clara ‏@MariaFonseca1
        @HannahBliss815 cuuuute :') and what she did ? there is another thing that you remember? sorry for ask, but i am a huuuge fan of them =D

        Hannah-Bliss Carlton ‏@HannahBliss815
        @MariaFonseca1 It was from across the room but she laughed and was like "OWE!" Follow me back!! I'll tell you more through DM lol
        This is in line with what Seb Roache (Mikael!) said at a con about Ian and Nina always biting each other on and off set. ha!

        Okay, RL shipping squeeing over.

        ETA okay, one last thing . . . Nina is on a plane to LA for this guys's wedding: Ben Hollingsworth
        He is in that Cults show with Matt Davis.

        Hoping Ian is with her, and hoping we get pics.
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        • Nothing really going on out there today in TVD land yet.

          There was this twitter exchange where we learned that HDTV ruins shows according to Julie:

          and someone sent this twitlonger to her, that she appreciated. Speaks to the dominant role of American tv and culture overseas, as well.


          • Question: Klaus was so concerned about the possibility of the hunter killing Tyler (who is not even sired to him anymore) that he turned around from being halfway to Chicago *and* set up a personal bodyguard detail for Tyler, but he sent his hybrid Dean into the hunter's traps willynilly with no protection? He could have at least sent some other hybrids in there with him.

            Dean should have been even *more* valuable to Klaus than Tyler, because Dean was still sired and useful.

            I am just going to take this as evidence that Klaus LOVES Tyler bunches and bunches, and thought Dean was a twat.


            • Thoma Galvin's 4.05 recap:

              Damon Salvatore: …Give me your phone.

              Stefan Salvatore’s Voice Mail: Hello, you’ve reached Hero Hair Enterprises. Damsels in Distress, press one. If I murdered your entire family when I went all Ripper last season, press two. If you’re an Original Werepire with a plan to fix my broken girlfriend, press three. If you’re a vampire hunter who would like to schedule a duel at high noon, press four. All other inquiries press five.
              Damon Salvatore: Okay, here’s the plan. I’ll kill him.

              Stefan Salvatore: That’s not a plan! A plan involves everyone doing exactly what I say! Because I’ve proven time and again that my judgement if flawless and my intuition beyond reproach! And I’m totally not making deals with Klaus behind your backs! Why would you even suggest that!

              Damon Salvatore: Really? Because I can move faster than his eyes can see, I’m stronger than him times ten, I’m pretty nearly indestructible, and I’ve gone toe-to-well-pedicured-toe with Elijah and lived to talk about it. So why don’t we put his heart in my hand, then go our for beers and babes?

              Caroline Forbes: And my mom cordoned off the entire block!

              Bonnie Bennet: And I can’t do magic, so I can’t screw anything up!

              Elena Gilbert: That … actually sounds like a pretty great plan.

              Tyler Lockwood: And I called in the Hybrids to help!

              Everyone: …

              Tyler Lockwood: What?

              Damon Salvatore: …Never mind, we’re fucked.
              ha! Thomas' disdain for the hybrids is always delicious.

              Damon Salvatore: Hi Stefan! Thanks for leaving your diary out in the open. And by “in the open,” I mean “inside a lockbox, inside a safe, inside a locked room, in the cellar, guarded by a puma.”

              Stefan Salvatore: Hey Damon! Thanks for not ripping my heart out when you had the chance!

              Damon Salvatore: Hey Stefan! So I assume we’re going to spend the next few episodes searching for another hunter with magic tattoos, right?

              Stefan Salvatore: We sure are, Damon! It’s the one chance Elena has to be happy again!

              Damon Salvatore: I sure hope the cure doesn’t involve traumatizing and / or murdering the one human left in her life!

              Stefan Salvatore: LOL that would be hilarious, wouldn’t it!
              Oh, Jeremy. You are fucked.

              I do not love Elena’s guilt fetish, but mostly because the foreshadowing was less subtle and more a giant two-by-for with nail embedded in it, slammed into our faces over and over again. I think the scene where “murderer” is written in blood on the mirror would have been a lot more powerful if they hadn’t spent the last month telling us it was going to happen. Still, this plot line has potential.

              Damon asked Stefan if he wanted the cure for Elena, or so that he could have Elena, human Elena, back. I love this idea. I said last year that it would be a delicious twist if Stefan rejected Elena because of her vampirism, and I would be thrilled to see that actually happen. Especially after she was so accepting of his minor cross-country murder spree. And I also love that Damon said he would still love her no matter what.

              Finally: KATHERINE! We’ve missed you, Katherine. Please kick everybody’s ass until they stop being stupid.
              If only Hallucination Katherine could actually do so.


              • Kevin Williamson ‏@kevwilliamson
                @julieplec This could the longest we've been apart in five years. I'm freaking out a little.

                julieplec ‏@julieplec
                @kevwilliamson get the f-ck home! New York doesn't want you there, it tried to drown you and then it dumped a foot of snow on your head.

                julieplec ‏@julieplec
                @kevwilliamson P.S. I miss you too.
                Aw, poor Kev. I imagine that their relationship is kind of Will&Grace-ish without the Jack character, and therefore a lot less funny.


                • This one little change just made the lame motorcycle scene AWESOME:


                  • Dianne Sylvan's 4.05 recap:

                    Hey, guys, remember that time someone on TVD kept something secret and nothing went wrong and nobody found out and there was no anger or hurt feelings and everything was just puppies and cotton candy?

                    Yeah, me neither. I’m not sure Stefan watches this show.

                    There are a couple of plot contrivances on TV that make me absolutely spit nails. One is the “walking in on your lover kissing/hugging someone else and immediately assuming they’re cheating on you.” Another is “nobody actually has an adult conversation, but instead flounces off and a merry misunderstanding complicates Act 3.” A third is “some idiot tries to keep a plot secret, which the entire episode hinges around, and everyone acts extra stupid to help make it seem like the character could actually get away with it.” Unfortunately I saw versions of all three of those in The Killer – yet it was still a great episode for a handful of really epic reasons.
                    Yes, and yes. And those are pieces of good storytelling advice, too.

                    I think the show’s aim is to make us sympathize with Stef for wanting a happier life for Elena, but you know, the longer we go on, the less sympathy I feel at all. I mean, if there is a cure for vampirism, and I hope there isn’t, shouldn’t Elena be in on it? Wouldn’t Klaus want Elena to want to be cured? Elena basically says she’s suicidal and Jeremy’s all she’s got. What if it gets to be too much, and without any hope at all she does something stupid? It’s not like telling Elena automatically means she’ll tell the whole world, if she knows what’s at stake. Despite what they seem to think she’s not an idiot child. If she knows what’s up, she can avoid certain kinds of danger (they’re all about her avoiding danger, up until she gets killed) and help them in other situations, everyone working together. Hey, Stefan doesn’t care if the whole reason Klaus wants Elena human is to make her a hybrid broodmare; why should Elena care? Unless of course she might object to that, or….god forbid…prefer to stay a vampire rather than let Klaus make hybrids…but she doesn’t get to decide, because Daddy Stefan has decided for her.
                    YES. I'm so irritated about the whole 'Elena is a problem we have to solve' mindset coupled with the truly awful paternalistic attitude. Looking at you, Stefan, Klaus and Damon.

                    SHANE: By the way, while you’re offing vamps, make sure you don’t accidentally kill the town Witch – you’ll know her by her total lack of a convincing plotline.

                    CONNOR: If you’re looking for magic I feel bad for you, son – I got 99 problems but a Witch ain’t one.
                    hee. I actually liked Connor's attitude there . . . he really is just Mission First, Mission Always.

                    Then Damon asks the question that has been on my mind all season, and I’m sure I’m not the only one, but I never really thought they’d address it:

                    DAMON: So do you want Elena human again because she wants to be human or because she’s not acceptable to you unless she’s human?

                    I pretty much love Damon for asking this. I want to have his little sardonic eyebrow babies.

                    STEFAN: …which answer won’t make me sound like a doucheweasel?

                    DAMON: Yeah, that’s what I thought. Look, I like her however she is, so if I’m helping you, it’s because you’re my brother and even though I want to feed you your stupid diary, I’ve got your back.

                    Stefan actually says “She’s not supposed to be this person. I don’t want her to be.” Which, okay, way to be honest, but…does he have any idea how fucked up that is? What about what Elena wants? Why does Stefan get to decide? I bet you five dollars if he had the cure in his hand and she didn’t want it, he’d find a way to slip it to her. Who do we know who’s done basically the same thing to her in the opposite direction? Hmm.

                    I have to wonder, though, now that he’s gotten to see Elena as a vampire and see the potential she has as one, if Damon would in fact be happy with her as a human again. It’s clear Stefan has waaaaaay too much invested in Elena the Compassionate Loving Human Girl and her Unicorn Lady Parts, but I think Damon would be pretty disappointed to have to give up the possibility of getting with her as a vampire. After all, if she does turn back into a human it’s pretty damn unlikely she’d ever change her mind, so this is a one-shot deal. I definitely think Damon’s taking the more mature position here, but as with everything between these two, it’s not a simple question.
                    So that was Dianne's take of the Defan scene.

                    She does admit that she prefers Damon over Stefan as a character, but she doesn't ship Elena with either of them.


                    • Love this pic that Julie Plec posted from the BD2 premiere (which she attended):
                      Julieplec ‏@julieplec
                      Breaking Dawn premiere. Cheating on Damon w the sparklies. Love it!
                      Dawn Olivieri (Andie Starr Action News) was there, too, and obvs so was Maggie Grace, Ian's ex-gf.


                      • Plec + Berlanti = Possible tv magic?


                        The co-creators/ executive producers of the CW‘s two top-rated series, Arrow and The Vampire Diaries, have teamed for a new project at the network — a series adaptation of the cult British 1970s sci-fi series The Tomorrow People. Arrow‘s Greg Berlanti and The Vampire Diaries‘ Julie Plec will executive produce the project, written by Phil Klemmer (Chuck). In the vein of X-Men and Heroes, Tomorrow People is the story of several young people from around the world who represent the next stage in human evolution, possessing special powers, including the ability to teleport and communicate with each other telepathically. Together they work to defeat the forces of evil.

                        Created by Roger Price, The Tomorrow People, ITV’s answer to BBC’s Dr. Who, ran on the commercial broadcaster for eight seasons from 1973-1979 (watch its opening credits below). It developed a strong cult following and was a favorite of Berlanti and Plec, who are good friends from college. They had been chasing the rights to Tomorrow People for more than a decade, finally tracking them down to FremantleMedia, which rarely licenses its formats to other studios. But, given the level of auspices and Berlanti and Plec’s passion for the project, the company made an exception and will co-produce the adaptation with Warner Bros TV and studio-based Berlanti Prods. Berlanti, Plec, Klemmer and Berlanti Prods’ Melissa Berman executive produce, with SVP Scripted Programming Tony Optican overseeing for Fremantle. This is not the first attempt to reboot The Tomorrow People. ITV tried it in the early 1990s, with the new series running for three seasons.

                        Berlanti has credited Plec with convincing him to go back to writing when he had given up on his Hollywood dreams after a year of odd jobs and a string of rejections by agents and studios. Years later, the two briefly worked together on Dawson’s Creek and sold a feature, Her Leading Man, to Universal, with Dawson’s Creek creator and The Vampire Diaries‘ co-creator/exec producer Kevin Williamson attached to direct. Klemmer recently worked with Berlanti Prods on Berlanti’s USA drama Political Animals as well as the company’s midseason CBS series Golden Boy. Berlanti and Plec are with WME.
                        So! It sounds like a perfectly good set up for a show, and Phil Klemmer is solid (he worked on 14 eps of VMars, as well as 15 eps of Chuck), but I am worried about what this might mean for TVD.


                        • It sounds a bit too much like the premise of Heroes though, no?

                          I would watch it anyway.


                          • Yes . . . but the premise predates Heroes (it's from the 70s!), and Plec and Berlanti have been chasing the project previous to Heroes even airing. So it's kind of the grandpappy of Heroes, I guess. At any rate, it sounds right up The CWs alley, so I hope it happens.


                            • From THR:

                              Tomorrow People marks the latest sale this development season for Berlanti, who has a modern take on Wuthering Heights and family drama Family Affair set up at NBC and an untitled medical drama set up at ABC. He's repped by WME and Felker Toczek.

                              In addition to Vampire Diaries, Plec also is making her first foray into feature writing with young-adult book Tiger's Curse set up at Paramount. She's repped by WME.
                              Klemmer, whose credits also include Chuck, Undercovers and Veronica Mars, is with Sloane Offer.

                              The sale marks the latest high-profile pickup for The CW, which also is teaming with producers Mila Kunis, Reese Witherspoon, J.J. Abrams, Rob Thomas and Bret Easton Ellis for dramas this development season.
                              That's a whole lot on Berlanti's plate, so we'll see. It's not like Plec doesn't have a full plate already as well . . . so maybe they are thinking of Klemmer as show runner if it gets picked up.


                              • Yes, the premise predates Heroes, but I'm wondering if people would want to watch it given the similarities. I hope it happens too. I will watch definitely watch.