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  • Yes! Loving Caroline and hating Vicki is the way to be.

    Although, apparently Kayla Ewell (who played Vicki and was Nina Dobrev's roommate IRL before she she was killed off) is the world's sweetest and bestest human being. But Vicki sure wasn't! Ugh. Vicki was the worst.

    Unfortunately for me, I was spoiled for that Katherine reveal. "Hello John. Goodbye John." Ha!

    Man, I'm just thrilled that we are going to have you and your fuckmazing avi in this thread. So happy!


    • Do you have season 2? It took me a while to watch Season 1 (the first few eps were bad, and the Stefan/Elena back and forth between eps 6 and 10 was boring to me) but I watched Season 2 in about a week.

      If you love Caroline already you will lovelovelove her in S2.

      I was suspicious about "Katherine" in the finale, but I thought maybe Elena had been compelled just because of the Damon kissing - way out of character. Katherine and Caroline own the first half of season 2.
      Bitter Shipper


      • KW wrote/crafted that whole Katherine thing in the finale, btw. That was all him, finger slicing and everything.


        • Ha! Klaus's manly single tear!


          • Luckily, though I've read this thread, I didn't realize it was Katherine in the finale until she was twiddling with the knives and John's fingers came off. It was a fun surprise.
            Oh I had NO idea it was Katherine and when Damon was slowly leaning in for the kiss I was all "OMG!! REALLY? THIS IS HAPPENING?! OMG I TOTALLY WANT THIS TO HAPPEN!!"


            • I'm back and forth about Paul Wesley. Sometimes, I think he's very attractive. Other times, I just think he's strange looking.
              Paul Wesley also gets more attractive. If you go back in this thread, I believe there was a discussion sometime early in season 3 about how he'd gotten much hotter somehow.
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              • He gets SUPER hot in the first half of S3. For some *strange* reason. ha!

                I actually think Damon has gotten much hotter this season than previous seasons, but I just think the hair and makeup people are doing their jobs better. Beek knows, Ian is hot regardless. (And I also think Paul Wesley is a fiiiiine looking man. Majorly, majorly fine.)


                • Interview with Grace Phipps:

                  Alloy Entertainment: Are there any secret initiations for welcoming new TVD members on set?
                  Grace Phipps: Yeah there’s this whole ‘drinking blood from a skull’ thing that happens after hours. [laughs] Oh no. Everyone’s been really welcoming, especially Claire [Holt]. When I had my first fitting on set and I hadn’t met anyone yet, I passed her in the hallway. Suddenly, she stops me and says “wait” in her Australian accent. “Wait, you’re the new girl. Take my phone number [and] all me if you if you need anything at all.” It was such a lovely thing for her to do because she knew what it was like to be in a new city and living out of a suitcase in a hotel and so she was like take my phone number so that was amazing of her.

                  Alloy Entertainment: Which of your co-stars so far seems to be the life of the party?
                  Grace Phipps: Oh! I think Claire is definitely the life of the party and Candace is so good at planning things. She’s always planning these amazing events for her friends. She’s always like, “So I’m planning a scavenger hunt for so and so’s wedding.” She’s very good at it! She’s a little bit like Caroline in that way I think. Ian is really funny. And you know who else cracks me up? Paul Wesley. He’s funny and I don’t think people give him enough credit for how actually humorous he is. He’s always making jokes. Additionally, I love working with Eric Miltonstein – he might be the life of the party. To be honest, everyone is great and it’s been such a fun experience so far!

                  Alloy Entertainment: What has your favorite part of being on The Vampire Diaries been so far?
                  Grace Phipps: Acting is definitely my favorite part of being on set…which is a really boring answer now that I say it. Sorry! [Laughs] I actually really love doing drama because I basically exist in a multi-camera sitcom. That’s pretty much the genre I live my life in and so it’s really fun to then go from rolling around on the camera team’s chairs in the hallway with Eric in the distance doing a Zoidberg from Futurama impression and then like, it’s time to go to set and so then you have to go cry and be in utter distress. It’s awesome. I love April for allowing me the opportunity.

                  Alloy Entertainment: Were you a fan of the show before you joined the cast?
                  Grace Phipps:I was and still am. I was worried when I got on this show, I was like, G-d I’m gonna ruin the Vampire Diaries. It makes so uncomfortable. I hadn’t seen every single episode though. I started watching when [Chris Gruper] started directing in Season Three and so I was very confused and then I was like, okay I’m confused, so I started back at Season 1. So I had this big old two season gap I had to fill in.

                  Alloy Entertainment: A lot of fans were quick to note resemblances between April and Anna, Jeremy’s former ghost/vampire love. What are your thoughts on that?
                  Grace Phipps: I mean, [the style team] curls my hair the same way, but — no really — that’s cool. I liked that character and still have a lot of respect for all she’s been through. She’s such a kickass vamp!

                  Alloy Entertainment: April literally just made a new friend – Rebekah – and then that friend got daggered by her hybrid brother. Will April question Bex’s disappearance at all?
                  Grace Phipps: [sighs sadly] I know. How heartbreaking is that? That’s going to be hard for April because she’s finally found someone who understands her and can help her out. Everyone else knows that there are strange circumstances surrounding her dad’s death but no one’s telling April about it and so when somebody’s like, “I’ll help you look into that,” that’s a really big deal for April. And then all of a sudden her new friend vanishes. So, April ’s definitely, she’s not gonna just go along with what the excuses people keep feeding her. She’s going to keep asking where did [Rebekah] go?

                  Alloy Entertainment: Will any sparks fly between Jeremy and April in Season 4?
                  Grace Phipps: I think April and Jeremy have a lot of history. I think primarily a kind of brother-sister thing…maybe. [laughs]

                  Alloy Entertainment: When compelling April in “Memorial,” Elena said that she’d help her through all the pain and sorrow. Will she make good on her promise?
                  Grace Phipps: April and Elena have such a history and she’s really going to be like a big sister to April. But then again, Elena has SOOOOOOO much going on this season on TVD. It’s all like, ‘No big deal, I’m just a new vampire, I can’t keep down normal blood, and there’s an intense hunter on the loose.’ Seriously. She has a lot going on and it’s not going to be the same sort of situation as when April was in town and she was 13 and learning from her babysitter, Elena.

                  Alloy Entertainment: April is dealing with her dad’s death but she still hasn’t seen the letter that her dad left her – which Connor now has. Is she going to grow suspicious of all the supernatural disturbances in Mystic Falls sooner rather than later?
                  Grace Phipps: I think when you’re not looking for something, you’re not gonna notice it as loudly. [laughs] I know you can’t notice things ‘loudly’ but I just enjoy saying that. But, there’s so much going on in Mystic Falls that it is going to obviously be confusing for April. Also, she’s been compelled so there’s gotta be a little bit of a twingy gap there — this tiny bit of doubt where you have this memory but you kind of always brush over it in your head.

                  April has this memory her dad’s funeral and she remembers some vivid parts and the rest of it is a blur. The idea of taking someone’s memory is to me is just so dramatic and messing with somebody’s memory is borderline violent — and so all of that is truly interesting to act out.

                  Alloy Entertainment: It sounds like April is going to be the show’s ‘new’ Aunt Jenna in a way!
                  Grace Phipps:Oh true! The only problem about being the Jenna or Jeremy of TVD Season 1 is that it’s very dangerous. It’s the whole Spider-man ordeal…where you try to keep people in the dark to keep them safe but they’re not gonna be safe that way because if a vampire comes to the house, Jenna’s going to let him in — to invite him into her home without knowing his ulterior motives.

                  Alloy Entertainment: We just have to know — is there anything actually written in the journals the characters keep on the show?
                  Grace Phipps: April has one prop journal which was debuted in episode 4.02, my first episode. She’s been journaling for a while and was inspired by Elena, whom she looks up to. And it’s just cool to have my prop journal. I write in it whenever we’re on set. I go write in it on my set chair. [laughs] No, but really — our prop team is detailed about things like that. They’re good about writing things in the diaries, and sometimes scribble down funny things that happen while on set in there. And then I write in it, in my handwriting — in cursive of course!

                  Alloy Entertainment: Aww! Now we’re kind of struggling with whether or not to ask you if you are Team Damon or Team Stefan. We don’t want to put you in a tough spot or anything...
                  Grace Phipps: [laughs] Oh, that’s easy! I’m team Elena. I want her to be happy regardless of what man she’s with.
                  I love hearing about nice everyone is on this set.

                  Interview with Candice:
                  TVLINE | What’s going on with Caroline in this week’s episode?
                  She’s going to get to know a little more about where [Tyler and Hayley's] friendship started and what it stems from. We’re also going to hear about why Hayley is in Mystic Falls, why the other hybrids are there and what their intentions are and the bigger picture.

                  TVLINE | Tyler said nothing happened between him and Hayley. At this point in their relationship, does Caroline trust him?
                  Caroline definitely trusts Tyler. It’s easier to look as an adult watching the show and be like, “What?! Come on!” But they’re very young. This is also a very young relationship. Maybe he did spend time with another woman, but it doesn’t mean exactly that he cheated on her. This is the first time that he has given her a reason not to [trust him], but he’s opening up about it and he’s talking about it.

                  TVLINE | Should we question whether Tyler’s telling the truth when he says nothing happened?
                  That’s the argument – if you sit around with your girlfriends and someone says, “Well, he’s been spending a lot of time with this other woman, and he told me nothing’s happening,” obviously a whole group of women are going to say, “Umm, I think you should rethink the situation.” [Laughs] And within this particular circumstance of their supernatural world, Caroline and Tyler constantly risk their lives for one another. We will see this week that Tyler opens up a lot more [about] the basis of their friendship, which gives Caroline more reason to trust him. … I remember reading [the script] and being like, “Oh, come on!” ‘Cause that’s what I would say to one of my girlfriends, and I root for all of these characters. But then it’s remembering, oh wait, these characters are so young. I think Caroline has every right and reason to trust Tyler.

                  TVLINE | What’s her interaction like with Hayley in the coming episodes?
                  Caroline and Hayley definitely have issues between them, but it will be addressed.

                  TVLINE | Does Caroline have to help Tyler and Hayley perpetuate this lie, that something happened, to throw Klaus off the scent?
                  We will see the tension between Caroline and Tyler addressed. I don’t want to give a lot away.

                  TVLINE | Do you see hints that Klaus and Caroline could be compatible?
                  There’s definitely a certain sense of that. But there’s also a lot of game-playing. A lot of what could be misconstrued as compatibility is that they’re both equally in tune [with] knowing how to push each other’s buttons in order to win a game that they’re playing against each other – or at least a game that Caroline is playing against Klaus. Klaus is dripping in manipulation with every word he says, but Caroline’s clued into this and knows how to play his game. That’s definitely a type of compatibility.

                  TVLINE | Klaus is pretty relentless when it comes to his feelings for her. Is he wearing her down, or is she just sick and tired of him?
                  They both just love the game. It’s a back and forth. It’s a push and a pull. That’s what makes it so sexy. It’s a lot of almost.

                  TVLINE | Does Caroline have any feelings about Elena’s romantic life and who she should be with?
                  I’m sure Caroline will have plenty of feelings towards Elena’s romantic life [Laughs], and I have a feeling that she will not keep quiet about it.

                  TVLINE | It seems she might be on Stefan’s side since they have a nice, little friendship.
                  Caroline has been a Stefan ‘shipper from the start!

                  TVLINE | Are there any Stefan/Caroline scenes you can tease?
                  There are great Stefan/Caroline scenes coming up. … I don’t necessarily see Caroline bringing out a fun and frivolous side to him at this point just because right now there’s so many weighted things going on within both of their lives. They’re going to find a comfort within each other and a comfort within their friendship because they both are in the difficult situation of wanting to support the ones that they love even if they don’t agree with what they’re choosing to do.

                  TVLINE | What’s Caroline’s mindset about the future and life post-graduation?
                  We’ll definitely hear Caroline talk a bit about her future. She’s definitely thinking about it!
                  STEROLINE. *swoon* I do love Stefan and Caroline scenes.


                  • Candy Cola did quite a bit of press yesterday, which is interesting considering I don't think she's mentioned in any of the stills or descrip or spoilers for tonight's ep.


                    Zap2it: Last week it became pretty clear that Caroline and Hayley aren't going to be besties any time soon. Will they join forces for Tyler's sake?

                    Candice: Well... Hayley has a goal that she wants to accomplish, and Caroline wants to support Tyler. So we'll see them interact, but there will definitely always be a little bit of tension in the room. They both want to support the cause, and for Caroline, the cause is to support Tyler. For Hayley, the cause is just to support the cause.

                    While Elena is having murder-guilt hallucinations this week, what is Caroline doing? Is she still in a hybrid bubble?

                    Yeah, Caroline's really preoccupied with Tyler. As much as she's listening to Tyler -- and I think that she wholeheartedly trusts Tyler -- but the bottom line is that she's going to be around him and stand by her man. I mean, if Hayley's going to be standing by her man, Caroline is going to be standing even closer. She'll be by Tyler's side this week.

                    I obviously really love what Tyler's doing, and I love the idea of him and Caroline taking a stand against a greater evil, but I'm a little concerned about what it will mean for their relationship with Hayley being around and Klaus moving in. Are these the first cracks in their foundation?

                    This is the first time where they're not just fighting for their relationship; they're fighting for something bigger than their relationship. A real relationship would be able to withstand the ups and downs of fighting for this cause, but they're young, and they've just worked so hard to get to a great place within their relationship already, so I think they're going to need to be a lot stronger within the relationship than they might have anticipated.

                    Should I prepare for heartbreak?

                    Oh, they're definitely going to have some hurdles to get over, but I mean, right now, they're still fine. They're definitely still very determined. Caroline loves Tyler, she wants Tyler, and she's worked so hard to be with him and be happy. Right now she feels strong within herself, and she's at a point where she just wants to support the people that she loves and to do what's right.

                    We've seen surprisingly little interaction between Klaus and Caroline so far this season, but there are pictures from upcoming episodes that show them getting a little closer.

                    We definitely have plenty of Klaus and Caroline scenes coming up in the future. It's going to let us see maybe the lighter side, the softer side of Klaus. What's so appealing to the viewer and so fun for us is that it's sexy, because every scene that they're in, there's really a push and pull. It feels like a big game, and as frustrating as games are, they're really fun to watch on TV. That's what the appeal is with these two characters. The games, though, can also lead to revealing different perspectives and higher truths, letting you see a little deeper into both of these people.

                    He's not easy to love, given the whole mass-murderer thing, but there's got to be something that appeals to Caroline about Klaus, other than his accent and his face. He has saved her life once or twice.

                    Klaus has saved her life. I also think she likes the control that she has over him. She likes that this is the first time in her life that she's felt that she's better.

                    Last week, Julie Plec said that while Klaus thinks Caroline and Tyler's relationship is weak, he'll take the opportunity and make a move. How does Caroline handle him being more forward?

                    The Caroline that we met in Season 1 would've slept with him last season, but Caroline now is just like, 'No. That's not what I want. I know all these bad things about you.' We're dealing with a mass murderer original vampire, so that's not necessarily relatable, but when you humanize the whole situation, it's really just a matter of -- Caroline used to be young and date bad boys. She dated Damon. And now this new smooth-talking bad boy comes into town and she's like 'You know what? I already know how this story ends. I already know exactly how you're going to be, and I don't want it anymore, and so you can chase me until the sun comes up, but I'm still going to know better.' It's a really fun evolution that we've seen within the character of Caroline.

                    I'm always so pleasantly surprised by the chemistry between you and Paul Wesley when you have scenes together. How is Caroline's friendship with Stefan going to progress now that things are rocky between him and Elena?

                    I think Caroline's biggest struggle is parallel to Stefan's biggest struggle. This is a season of Caroline just really wanting to do the right thing, and to do the right thing by the people that she cares about. She recognizes what the right thing is, and she can't ignore it. She wants to do the right thing. It coincides with Stefan, who just wants so hard to do the right thing and to have Elena grow and experience being a vampire in a perfect, safe, right way. He's almost re-doing the way that he became a vampire through Elena. He's getting another chance, and he wants things to go a certain way, even if it's not necessarily the best thing for her, he wants it to be right. Caroline wants to be strong and support Tyler, but she doesn't necessarily believe in supporting him. She's not sure that he's going about things the right way, so she's conflicted. He's potentially risking his life, and she doesn't like that, and Stefan is feeling the same way about Elena. I think that's where the bond of friendship comes from. They're both trying to support the people that they love, even if they don't agree with how they're going about their lives at the moment. There's a really beautiful friendship that is continuing to grow from Season 2 -- it took a vacation for a minute, but the roots are still there, and we're able to watch it grow now.
                    I really like her insights into Caroline and Klaus, and Caroline's evolution from 'girl that wants bad boy' to 'girl that wants to do the right thing'. Also! What she said about Stefan re-doing his own transition into vampirehood through Elena rings really true. ("Even if it's not necessarily the best thing for her.")


                    • Oh, nevermind . . . looks like we will get Tyler/Caroline/Hayley scenes tonight.

                      "They are stronger than ever," the actress said. "And Caroline's intention is to keep it that way. She 110% trusts Tyler."

                      In fact, on tonight's "We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes," we'll delve further into the Tyler/Hayley friendship, while Accola says Caroline will make it her mission to "completely support" Tyler's goal of de-siring more Hybrids.

                      What about her BFF, Elena, who will be suffering from some serious hallucinations?

                      "Caroline will there for her as much as she can be. But it's hard for Elena to talk to Caroline because it's been so easy for her. Her transition was atypical in how she caught on a lot quicker."

                      That's certainly true. The character sky-rocketed in popularity and confidence ever since Katherine made that bloody move in that hospital room oh so long ago. So what about this buzzed-about cure? Would Caroline even take it? Would she want to return to human form?

                      "I think it's too early to tell," Accola said, unsure of her answer. "She really is stronger than she ever has been as a vampire. She's more secure, very sure of her moral compass. So we'd have to see her go through a whole other transition again the other way."

                      But the star did tease one upcoming development related to the cure: Everybody will find out about it.

                      We'll also see a lot more of Caroline with two of the show's leading men.
                      First: Stefan. Viewers were treated to an interesting scene between the characters a few weeks ago, with Stefan asking Caroline to keep an eye on him in case of any Ripper-like tendencies returning. What else can we expect from these pals in the future?
                      "You'll definitely see that friendship develop," Accola says. "The parallel that runs through both of their lives right now is that Stefan is trying to do right by Elena even if he doesn't agree with her choices, while Caroline is doing the same with Tyler."

                      Second: Klaus. At least one already-released Vampire Diaries photo makes it look like this Original still has feelings for Caroline. Are they reciprocated at all?
                      "They will interact more, I'll say that. They really are fun to watch together because they love to play games. I think that's what makes it so appealing and sexy for fans. Caroline is usually manipulating Klaus. But does that go both ways? Is he just toying with her?"

                      It's hard to say, but Accola did end the interview sure of one thing. Offered the chance to pen her own diary entry, following last Thursday's return of Elena and Stefan putting their thoughts to paper, the actress laughed and scoffed.

                      "Caroline doesn't keep a diary. She's too busy watching The Real Housewives."

                      Read more tv spoilers at:


                      • People's Choice Awards are open for voting:

                        TVD is up for:

                        Fave Sci Fi/Fantasy TV Show (super tough category . . . Doctor Who, SPN, OUAT and The Walking Dead)
                        Dramatic Actor: Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley (interestingly enough, The CW dominates in this category- Jared Padelecki and Jensen Ackles are in it, and only Nathan Fillion is not on The CW)
                        Dramatic Actress: Nina Dobrev (she won this last year)
                        TV Fan Following: TVD Family (up against Gleeks- yikes)

                        Pretty sure that this is the most noms TVD has ever had, so good on them.


                        • Okay, okay, okay, okay. I LOVED THIS EP. It was tight. There was nearly nothing extraneous. It was GOOD.

                          And that was one of the most civilized break-ups I have ever seen on tv, and all of it very much in character.

                          So . . . do we think Shane = Silas? I think Shane might equal Silas.

                          Hallucination Katherine was AWESOMESAUCE. She basically summed up the fandom's every complaint about Elena EVER in one speech.

                          I'm glad that Tyler was angry about what happened to Chris. That felt right. I like the way they are going with the hybrids as a pack, that feels right. Everything about this ep felt right, to be honest.

                          So many great things.

                          My only quibble is that they keep cockteasing me with that damn fugly ring. I thought for sure it was gone this time. Stupid Damon and his stupid ring rescuing powers.


                          • I liked it too. I agree, the break-up was in character and mature.

                            Hallucination Katherine was almost as good as real Katherine. I miss her so! I could watch her berate almost anyone.

                            There were parts I wasn’t fully paying attention to in the beginning, but why were Bonnie/Damon/Stefan /Caroline/everyone not willing to work with Klaus when he, sensibly, wanted to lock Elena’s crazy ass up until they could figure out how to fix her?

                            I think I would really like to see Klaus get cured at this point. I think that would provide the most drama and be the most interesting to me.

                            Look at Matt, being the only smart one on the show suddenly. Ugh, someone kill Professor Crazy Eyes soon. He still annoys me.


                            • I did love that Matt got all smarty pants and involved! That's a good sign for his character going forward. In my head canon (and in Zach's), he and Sheriff Forbes are indulging in something wildly inappropriate with each other, and that's how he is getting access to cop stuff.

                              I still can't get over just how much went down in this ep. I really wasn't expecting anything beyond the rumored breakup and Elena going cray. But there was so much more!

                              That daytime still of D and E on Wickery Bridge was a foiler, though.

                              but why were Bonnie/Damon/Stefan /Caroline/everyone not willing to work with Klaus when he, sensibly, wanted to lock Elena’s crazy ass up until they could figure out how to fix her?
                              I know, right? Stefan's plan of just busting in there was a dumb one.

                              I think I would really like to see Klaus get cured at this point. I think that would provide the most drama and be the most interesting to me.
                              THIS. Absolutely. He's top of my list of 'to be cured'.

                              D/E fans are already complaining that the way the breakup went down suggested that Elena only wants Damon because she's a vampire now, and that they would never have had a chance to be together if she had stayed human. Possible, I guess. I don't think it matters very much, though. We *know* (or at least I do) that Elena was in love with Damon when she was human, too, she just wasn't able to admit it. At this point, what Human Elena wanted is kind of moot.

                              Julie's mentions on twitter are totally bi-polar right now, veering from 'Julie you are ruining my life, you have just killed TRUE LOVE' to 'Yay! Finally! We've waited four years for this!'. I hope she's able to get away for Thanksgiving to an undisclosed location.


                              • Episode reactions sent to Julie:

                                WesMorgan_SE ‏@LittleLiar_xo
                                @julieplec you've made a lot of people hate Elena, your main heroine. Happy?

                                Melisshha the Bee ✌ ‏@yuppitsmelissa
                                @julieplec thank you julie for all the hard work you've put onto delena and the show.

                                Jessica G. ‏@JessGranof
                                brb my heart is being ripped to shreds. Thanks a lot @julieplec

                                Damon&Elena always ‏@DEliciousssvamp
                                @julieplec THANK U YOU TOTALLY MADE UP FOR THE 4X04 CRAP NOW DO NOT RUIN DELENA PLEASE..Delena Just Started

                                TeamKatG ‏@xoTeamKG
                                Yup It's true I am officially done with TVD. It's GOODBYE for now. Haha not even sorry besides @julieplec can't write good stories anyway.

                                Tracey ‏@traceypharm
                                I'm so emotional, I think I'm going to throw up. Unbelievable that I am lovesick over a fictional couple! @julieplec

                                Wendy Nguyen ‏@WendyyNguyen
                                I hate @julieplec

                                Nicole Gonzalez ✌ ‏@nicolemgonzo
                                @julieplec i dun believe ur lies anymore

                                Laila. ‏@weneedstelena
                                @julieplec you can go fuck yourself. k, goodbye

                                AndyStarActionNews!! ‏@NinniesCentral
                                @julieplec Ok I think I'm getting over the shock of it.....Did that just happen...did it happen tell me it happened..I'm so afraid to behapy

                                damon salvatore. ‏@iStanForDamon
                                I think "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" by Taylor Swift should be a SE song. @julieplec :-)

                                BOB Army ‏@Somerholic_1D
                                @julieplec JULIE I LOVE YOU MORE AND MORE EACH DAY

                                karin rosh ‏@ka_rosh
                                @julieplec Thank you for destroying a love...

                                PHENOMENAL♥KP ‏@phenomenalkp
                                @julieplec u will lose alot of TVD fans if u allow Delena to happen! I am so upset & hurt right now! STELENA was supposed to be forever :'(

                                no mundanes allowed. ‏@claryslightwood
                                @julieplec you should know it's 3:30am here and it physically pains me to exist because I breathe stelena and now I have no more air

                                thisFriday ‏@thisFriday
                                So haaaapppy Stefan dumped Elena's ass. @julieplec. She doesn't deserve a man like Stefan, she's a hideous a person not a good person.

                                Katestalimus Bourbon ‏@DamonsBourbon

                                Jessica❤Mikitaverse ‏@xMikitaForever
                                @julieplec you really piss me off

                                Kaitlyn McKay ‏@kmmckay15
                                @vampirediaries @julieplec Worst ending ever. Whadaya mean they broke up!? Not acceptable. If this isnt fixed theres going to be a problem

                                Delena's warrior. ‏@FlawlessDelena
                                @julieplec I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. I DON'T THINK YOU UNDERSTAND. YOU'RE PERFECT.

                                NoŽl Breaux ‏@NoelElaineOTH
                                So is @julieplec hunkering down in a bomb shelter somewhere? #TVD