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  • I think they are all on vervain now, vampire and regulars. At least, I super hope Caroline is on vervain, if the spoilers are right. At least Katherine was good for something . . . she's the one that showed them vampires could build up a tolerance to it.

    One of the great things about this show is that you *can* almost make sense of it, which seems to be unique in this general genre. And the show rewards careful watchers (instead of punishing them!). But yeah, I don't get the reason why Klaus is refusing to just torture or compel or whatever them to get his family back. He's being way too civil.

    I can't spoil what I don't know! I swear I have not gone looking for spoilers at all. I just like watching Joseph Morgan be all welsh and sexy in interviews. By the way, he's been tweeting Hamlet lately. *swoon* Now I want Klaus to move in with the Salvatore Bros and re-enact scenes from Shakespeare 24/7.


    • Do I even have to say PAMBIC at this point?

      Vid interview of Nina and then Ian on the red carpet at the PCAs discussing the rumor that he had proposed to her and she turned him down:

      Interesting wording on both parts. She does seem to imply that if she *had* been proposed to, she'd be wearing a ring.


      • Trying to untangle the many relationships of the TVD cast . . . because that's how I decide to spend the naptime hours on my birthday. *sigh*

        Steve McQueen (Jeremy) used to date Candice Accola (Caroline), but then he supposedly dated Malese Jow (Anna) who used to date a Jonas brother. I couldn't figure out which one, and does it matter? But now he's with some rando blonde named Hilary. He seems to be quite the player, though, and has been linked to several girls this year, so who knows.

        Candice Accola has been dating Zach Roerig (Matt) for awhile now. RLTL!! Sort of.

        Michael Trevino (Tyler) has been dating Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina from Glee). That's kinda cute, I gotta say.

        Years ago, Matt Davis (Alaric) dated Selma Blair, Zooey Deschanel and Leelee Sobieski - nice work, Ric!

        Kat Graham dated a NFL football player for the Rams (Steven Jackson) and an LA DJ Cottrell B. Guidry. There were rumors that she hooked up with Lil Wayne, but that was false!

        Before Nina, Ian was dating Megan Auld, a documentary filmmaker, as recently as March 2010, but they had split by July. Before Megan, he was linked to designer Sarah Malatesta, Maggie Grace, Kate Bosworth, Nicky Hilton and Ashley Greene (?!). Um . . . interesting variety there, Ian. You have definitely traded up.

        There's like, no gossip on Nina pre-Ian, but that might be because she's Canadian.

        Paul dated some other chick, and then he got married to Mrs.Paul. Booooring.

        So at last count, there were three official couples on set, and one set of ex-es. Drama!

        And speaking of Zooey Deschanel, she and I share this birthday today with Betty White and Muhammed Ali.
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        • Happy birthday!

          I did not know all of that gossip. I was all behind on the Steve McQueen/Candice Accolade info. Ophy, you have definitely elevated this thread to a new level. This is one of the only shows I pay complete attention to when it's on and I still don't remember half of this stuff. Once I start asking too many questions, I just allow myself to be hypnotized by the sex eyes and then I'm good.


          • Once I start asking too many questions, I just allow myself to be hypnotized by the sex eyes and then I'm good.
            There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

            Also, I don't have to remember back as far as you guys, because I watched all the eps marathon-style only a few weeks ago. I didn't have to wait through any summerses and hiatuses (hiati?) between finales and season premieres, and I watched almost nothing else for a couple of weeks straight. Absolute TVD immersion- it's the best way for memory retention and for spotting continuity!

            Yes, this is what I have accomplished in my 37 years on this planet. I weep for me.


            • Happy Birthday! And it's one very well spent, IMO.
              Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


              • Pop Sugar talks to Klaus.
                Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                • Oh, Klaus.

                  I've been re-watching the last few eps of S2, and noted that Damon's werewolf bite didn't really matter in the grand scheme of things. Klaus was determined to take Stefan with him when he left town, regardless. He always meant to recapture their bromance, and he would no more have left Stefan behind than he would have left behind one of his siblings. The fact that Stefan came to him, vulnerable and willing to make a deal, just made things that much easier. But he would have compelled Stefan to come with him if no other opportunity had come up. So Damon can stop feeling so beekdamn guilty about that aspect of what went down last spring.

                  I don't know the WHYs of this, but it's crazysauce:
                  A mash-up of TVD and THG. To hear JoshH's voice come out of Damon is HYSTERICAL and WRONG.


                  • I really like the way this guy does recaps for TVD:


                    Elena Gilbert: Punch! Kick! Stab!

                    Alaric Saltzman: Wow, you sure have a lot of pent-up frustration to work out!

                    Elena Gilbert: What do you mean did I kiss Damon no I didn’t kiss Damon I would never kiss Damon Damon is evil and gross and so so hot but no bad Elena that’s wrong and dirty and you’re a dirty girl aren’t you oh yes you are but no you’re good and pure and in love with Stefan and Stefan’s abs but Damon has abs too and now I’m all confused!

                    Alaric Saltzman: …Well, I’m going to go take Jeremy to the airport. You know, since you mind-raped him via proxy into thinking Denver is the new hotness.

                    Alaric Saltzman: Wait wait wait, since when did you care about who lives and who dies?

                    Damon Salvatore: Since it started looking like keeping you idiots alive was going to get me into Elena’s pants.

                    Alaric Saltzman: Oh right, the old “redemption via vagina” plot.

                    Elena Gilbert: Okay Stefan, what’s the big plan? ‘Cause we all know this whole “turn me into a vampire thing” is just a bluff-

                    Stefan Salvatore: Super vampire force feeding Elena my blood powers activate!

                    Elena Gilbert: Why are the Salvatore brothers always forcing their bodily fluids down my throat?


                    Elena Gilbert: Okay, so threatening to kill me on the same bridge that murdered my parents? Dick move, bro.

                    Stefan Salvatore: That was a great bluff, right? I can’t believe he fell for the old “murder your girlfriend so your arch nemesis can’t have her” ruse! What an amateur!

                    Elena Gilbert: You are going to be so disappointed when Damon comforts me with his penis.
                    He also has an interesting take on a possible endgame for S3.
                    I’m starting to wonder if Team Elena might not need Klaus to take down Stefan at the end of the season.

                    It would fit the TVD Big-Bad pattern. Damon? Katherine? Elijah? All of them quasi-redeemed in order to take on an even bigger threat. Having Stefan be the Big Bad of Season Three would allow Klaus to stick around which pretty much everyone is demanding and allow Stefan to undergo his own redemption arc when the even-bigger bad inevitably rolls around.
                    I hadn't thought of this, but I like it.
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                    • Has this thread become my personal TVD blog yet?

                      NINA DOBREV SAVES THE CHILDREN.

                      No, really. A girl was trying to watch TVD while babysitting her 3 yr old cousin, who has cerebral palsy, and realized that *only* Nina Dobrev's voice could take his pain away and calm him down. The kid's doctor's can't explain why, but apparently it works every time. So they made a dvd mashup of TVD and Degrassi Nina scenes, and they play it for the kid when he is in pain or needs to go to sleep. Nina got him one of those teddy bears you can record your voice on, and put a special message on there for him.

                      The kid with his cousin:!/TVD_dna/status...756482/photo/1
                      The letter she wrote to Nina (from Nina's mom's twitter):!/paintaworld/st...886848/photo/1
                      Nina with the bear she sent:

                      As Ian would say, that's the magic of Nina Dobrev! ('s voice, apparently). Maybe she need to record some children's audio books to see if it works on other kids as well. I wonder if it also works when she is speaking Bulgarian?

                      (I'm just not going to comment on the fact that the cousin was WATCHING A VAMPIRE SHOW while babysitting a THREE YEAR OLD. Except I guess I just did.)

                      In other news, they have released the episode description for 3.14 (otherwise known as Cute Boys In Tuxedos). Do y'all consider those spoilery?: #TVD episode 314 description: "Dangerous Liaisons" — Elena (Nina Dobrev) is surprised to receive an invitation to a formal ball, and when Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Stefan (Paul Wesley) hear the party is being hosted at Klaus’s newly renovated mansion, they both insist on attending the event with her. Caroline (Candice Accola) and Matt (Zach Roerig) also receive invitations to the ball from unexpected admirers. At the elegant party, Elena learns of a horrifying plan that could lead to numerous deaths and she must decide who she can trust wither her new information. Caroline discovers a side of Klaus (Joseph Morgan) no one would have suspected. Finally, after an evening of violence and dashed hopes, Damon finds a new way to cope. Chris Grismer directed the episode written by Caroline Dries (#314).

                      I'm guessing Matt's admirer is Rebekah, maybe? Which means she is undaggered! However, I'm a little freaked out about Damon's 'new way to cope'. That sounds . . . not good. Although, his old ways of coping involve alcohol and killing people, so maybe this *is* something good? Volunteering at an animal shelter, perhaps? Learning to crochet? Scrapbooking? Naked sex with Elena? (Probably not, given the 'dashed hopes' line! *sob*)

                      Speaking of CW starlet's Funny or Die rap vids, Kat Graham (Bonnie Bennett!) contributes 'Black and Jewish' to the genre:

                      We on the corner, shootin' dreidels.

                      Which is all well and good, Bonnie Bennett, but can you SAVE THE CHILDREN WITH YOUR VOICE???


                      • Aw, that story about the CP kid is soooo sad. He's in constant pain? That will bother me ALL DAY.
                        Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                        • That story made me cry! Aww, Nina. She does seem very sweet.

                          Love that Katerina Graham rap video.

                          Tonight's episode was preempted in my area for college football and I may have had a minor meltdown for about 3 minutes when I attempted to watch it.


                          • Oh NOEZ. I don't know how I would have handled that . . except it probably would have involved a frantic call to my congressman's office.

                            Did you ever get to watch? If not, then look away now!


                            HALLEFREAKINLUJAH. That just might have been my most favorite decision of Damon's EVER.

                            Speaking of, the actor (Daniel Gillies) has a pretty amusing twitter.
                            _danielgillies DANIEL GILLIES
                            Gentlemen. Dating Tip: If you put ‘Jnr’ at the end of your name, women immediately think you can play piano.

                            _danielgillies DANIEL GILLIES
                            If someone says ‘HIGH FIVE!’ to you in the style of Borat and you don’t set fire to their personal belongings, you and I are through.
                            1 hour ago

                            _danielgillies DANIEL GILLIES
                            RT if you want to SLUT-KNUCKLE-DICK-MANGO end Tourret’s.
                            1 hour ago

                            _danielgillies DANIEL GILLIES
                            Bummer. Hey, a child dies every 15 seconds in India. RT @heidimontag - I need to get an iphone, my phone keeps malfunctioning
                            12 Jan
                            Anyway, on to less awesome stuff:

                            Bonnie's mom is boooooring and her excuse for leaving MF was laaaaaame. It was nice to know how Mikael ended up all dried out in Charlotte, though. I felt like a lot of this ep was under written . . . did we ever figure out how Klaus even knew to send his hybrid to Abby's house in the first place? And oh, Elena. Nice job leaving stuff you want to keep secret RIGHT ON THE KITCHEN TABLE. Beeksus, woman.

                            And OH! ELENA! It was so important to say "Damon kissed me" to Bonnie and "I kissed Damon" to Stefan. The distinction was nicely done and totally in character . . . . although the timing? Was weird? I mean, did it have to be right then? However, it was an interesting callback to Lexi's Rehab for Unreformed Rippers that the kiss admission coupled *with* the pain from the wooden bullets managed to shift Stefan's dimmer switch. You could actually see the switch move on his face (and Paul Wesley for ALL THE AWARDS this season), followed by the apology for The Incident At Wickery Bridge - which is totally what a newly emoStefan would want to ge out of the way first thing.

                            Poor Stefan! He has worked so hard for the past few months to push Elena away . . . but he thought he was pushing her towards a vampire-free life, not right into the arms of his vampire brother! He didn't make all of those sacrifices just so Damon could get into her pants. Poor, stupid, Stefan. He should have known what would happen - but he has always had Elena on too high of a pedestal, and he has always underestimated Damon's ability to get under her skin. No wonder he was pissed! The more I think about his reaction, the more it makes sense given how jealous even BunnyDiet Stefan used to get.

                            It was nice to see Klaus finally take some initiative in getting his coffins back. See how easy that was, Klaus? Just find one of the frail humans and make them tell you. You could have done that 3 episodes ago. You know nobody can keep a damn secret in this damn town.

                            Speaking of, Mrs. Paul! It makes sense that somebody at that hospital would have figured out the many uses for vampire blood. They should have a council meeting about it, and set up a blood exchange. The friendly vamps in town (Caroline, Damon, Stefan, and Tyler) can donate blood in exchange for non-stolen blood bank bags. Seems fair, right? Honestly, I don't know why the frail humans aren't carrying around vials of the stuff all the time anyway, just in case they get an ouchy and Damon isn't around. And we need to know if Tyler's blood can save a vampire from a werewolf bite, because if so they should keep a stash of it at Caroline's house and the Salvatore place.

                            Overall, I thought this ep lacked a certain spark. The dialogue was kind of flat in places, and it didn't feel like an important ep, if you know what I mean. I looked up the writer, and he has written a lot of filler eps that weren't terribly memorable. But he also wrote The Last Day, which has my favorite Stefan/Elena schmoopy scene where they go on a hike and she confesses that she doesn't want to become a vampire, and there are lots of tears and pretty mountains. So whatever.

                            But I do think that what happened in this ep is going to drive a wedge between Elena and Damon and further delay the mutual nekkidness we keep waiting for. Now that Elena has got it all out in the open, and she knows Stefan's position on it and how he is likely to react to Damon over it, I think she is going to use the excuse of 'not wanting to come between the brothers' as the reason for pushing Damon away again. They need each other more than they need her, especially as Stefan begins his struggle to regain his humanity. But Damon is going to get hurt, and he is going to do something stupid. It's been too long since we saw Damon do something stupid, so we are definitely due. I hope it's spectacular.

                            I did come across two spoilers . . . well, not so much spoilers as just twitter rumors (non character death related):We won't see Tyler in the next five eps- making rooms for Klaroline, maybe? And the 'new way of coping' that Damon discovers? Sex with Rebekah. Yikes.

                            I do have a question about Stefan . . . how is he feeding? We were told that he can't control himself on human blood, but also that he can't just go cold turkey straight back to bunnies without intensive rehab first. But he seems to be fairly contained right now? I assume we must be dealing with blood bank bags here, but that doesn't make sense. If Stefan could have just lived in a controlled non-murdery way on blood bags than why hasn't he just done that for the past few decades? Because he doesn't seem very murdery right now, and we were told that people blood = murderyStefan. I don't really get what's going on with him at all, and it seems like somebody should be asking that question.


                            • You might be the only person who is wondering why Stefan isn't more bloodthirsty. I chocked it up to a plotting device. You totally pay attention on a level I never have.

                              Who is Mikael? And I completely missed that plot point during Bonnie's mom boring conversation because I zoned out.

                              The kiss stuff? That I paid attention to.

                              Stefan as sad ripper is awesome! I don't think you get to be upset that Elena is kissing other people after you went serial killer but still...enjoyable! I do get that he thinks he sacrificed his sanity to save his asshole brother only to have asshole brother running after his girlfriend while he's been compelled to serial killer-dom. So, yeah, Damon sucks.

                              Isn't it kind of dangerous to be shooting humans up with vamp blood all the time? Is it sad I can't even remember how they turn vamps on this show? They drink the vamp blood and it's an elixir and...then they have to die and then eat somebody? I am at a loss.
                              Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                              • Who is Mikael? And I completely missed that plot point during Bonnie's mom boring conversation because I zoned out.
                                Mikael was Klaus' NotDad (and therefore Elijah and Rebekah's RealDad). Katherine found him in a coffin in Charlotte and woke him up to kill Klaus at Homecoming, remember? It actually happened during GhostWorld, which might be why you don't. Ha!

                                Apparently, Bonnie's mom was besties with Elena's mom (not Isobel, but her other one), and Mikael came to MF looking for Elena which she was a child so he could kill the doppelganger and end the Petrova line before Klaus could use her to break the curse. Bonnie's mom Abby used all of her magic to lure him out of town and stick him in a coffin and desicate him in Charlotte. That's how she lost her witch powers. And then for some laaaaaame reason, she just decided to stay in North Carolina and be a different person, leaving her baby (Bonnie) behind. From that convo, I thought it was interesting that Elena has been in danger from vamps her whole life without realizing it. It's not like the Salvatore's brought this on her, really.

                                Isn't it kind of dangerous to be shooting humans up with vamp blood all the time? Is it sad I can't even remember how they turn vamps on this show? They drink the vamp blood and it's an elixir and...then they have to die and then eat somebody? I am at a loss.
                                You've got it! You will start transitioning if you die within 24 hrs of drinking vamp blood. Then you have another 24hrs where you will die if you *don't* drink human blood to complete the transition. I don't know of blood bag blood will work, but maybe?

                                So your point is super valid, considering that's how Caroline became a vampire. I guess if you use the vamp blood on someone, you also have to be willing to keep a 24hr watch on them in the hospital.

                                ETA that I just realized how Klaus knew to send his hybrid to Abby's house. He mentioned on the phone that one of Forbes's deputies was 'super chatty and useful', and we know the Sheriff was the one giving Bonnie and Elena the leads to find her mom. Still. That was clumsily done in the script.