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  • I'm very TIRED of the people who watch this show like it's created in some kind of vacuum where there are no constraints of any kind. Specifically addressing two complaints I am seeing all over the place 1) That Gabby Douglas's cameo was too short and she had no speaking role and 2) that, just as in 3.14 and the last pageant, Bonnie wasn't allowed to attend the formal event this year. Because Julie hates Bonnie and hates the Bonnie fans. *sigh*

    So as for 1, the plan was for a bigger cameo and an additional scene, but they ran into child labor laws and couldn't do it. End of story (and did y'all ever think that maybe GD didn't *want* a speaking role? That's a lot of pressure, and she seemed *really* nervous already).

    And as for 2 . . . good god, people, what more do you want from Kat Graham? Blood? She is hustling her ass off to legit have two careers here, and the writers are trying their best to accommodate her. IIRC correctly, she had several shows to do the week this was filmed, and I don't even think she was in ATL. It's not Julie's fault that Bonnie can't be in every ep. This is clearly how Kat wants it, so she can launch her singing career. And even with all of the writers accommodating her, she is still pushing herself too hard, in my opinion. She landed back in the hospital (food poisoning this time) on friday . . . . and that's the second time in the past few weeks (I think the first one was for exhaustion). And she still had to attend events this weekend after getting out of the hospital.

    She just released a new single and she's promoting it everywhere. I don't think Bonnie's amount of screentime is her top priority, and nor should it be.

    Cut the girl some slack, and stop bitching like the writers are sticking Bonnie in a corner for nefarious purposes.


    • Wait, you believe she was hospitalized twice in a short period of time for exhaustion and food poisoning?

      Oh, Kat. You got problems, girl.
      Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


      • You are so cynical! Sometimes people get food poisoning. Don't they?

        Anyway, valid point is still valid. Bonnie's reduced screentime is not because Julie has a vendetta against Bonnie fans and don't want to see them happy.

        She actually only has a vendetta against Steferine shippers and doesn't want to make US happy. TRUFAX.


        • Is exhaustion even a real thing people go to the hospital for? I always thought that was code for drugs and/or eating disorder-related issues.

          She is wearing a lot of eye makeup in that one picture for someone in the hospital.


          • Her twitter feed is exhausting. She'll do three states in two days, seven states in a week . . . out in Florida to do a whole string of shows, and then back in ATL to be on set for a 4:30AM call time. She had to leave the hospital on friday and go straight back on set, actually. Apparently, she flew over 100k miles this year. I need to be hospitalized after just reading about it.

            And now I feel bad, because I've been working my way back through her feed, and I don't see an earlier hospitalization. Maybe I am misremembering it, and this food poisoning one was the only one. But why did I think she had been in before? Huh.

            Sorry, Kat! My bad!

            ETA Nope, I was right. She was in the hospital on 10/16, but she doesn't say why.

            She tweeted this pic:

            After tweeting this earlier in the day:
            Kat Graham ‏@KatGraham
            Never had a hangover but pretty sure what I'm feeling right now is a close equivalent
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            • I super duper love this gifset of Stefan and Caroline as roomies. Sweet!

              I would watch that show. But this show is not that show. *sigh*


              • I am most definitely not on the Shane Train. I don't find him that attractive, but I do reserve the right to change my mind in the future if the character suddenly becomes awesome or his hottness factor becomes magnified by his superior wit and snark. OR if they give him a love interest I find myself shipping him with. I'm easy like that.

                Is exhaustion even a real thing people go to the hospital for? I always thought that was code for drugs and/or eating disorder-related issues.
                I've never known or heard of a non-famous person being hospitalized for exhaustion. Only famous people have that luxury. Most exhausted people I know fake a family death or illness to call off work for a few days and lie on the couch and get hooked on Vampire Diaries or Game of Thrones


                • Arielle Kebbel's rehash for 4.07:

                  These things are silly, but I don't care. I love her (Lexi!) anyway.

                  Most exhausted people I know fake a family death or illness to call off work for a few days and lie on the couch and get hooked on Vampire Diaries or Game of Thrones
                  Well, that sounds way better than getting shuffled off to the hospital and poked with sharp things, so I guess regs have it better than celebs. It probably takes a hospital stay, though, to earn you any sick time from TVD if you are a cast member on the call sheet. Kind of affects about a hundred people if you don't show.

                  ETA only ten minutes until linda can finally watch this ep!


                  • I'm not watching anymore.
                    Bitter Shipper


                    • Wait- whut? Why?


                      • They've destroyed Elena and seem to be going that way with Stefan - all to prop up Delena? No thanks.
                        Bitter Shipper


                        • Just kidding!

                          If I wasn't spoiled I'd almost have been tricked into thinking Damon gave a shit about Stefan's hurt feelings.

                          Stefan and Caroline
                          Stefan and Klaus
                          Klaus and Caroline

                          I didn't think Elena changing her mind about the red dress was such a big deal. The way she's acting around Damon is a bit creepy and out of nowhere. I liked Damon's little smile as he walked after Prof Shane.

                          LOL @ the "safe is good" from Caroline. I always thought Stefan = safe choice was for delusional Delena stans, but now I see it's canon. Whatever Plec!
                          Bitter Shipper


                          • Stefan has lost it.

                            OMB Klaroline I could really care about a KlaSteroline triangle.

                            Caroline looks really lovely. I really could not give a fuck about April or Hayley or Tyler. Ah, the not worrying about Jeremy because Damon said so is more obviously blood bond.
                            Bitter Shipper


                            • EDITED because OMB, linda!

                              You keep getting me with that.

                              I was all sad and shit.


                              • I guess you were posting while I was writing my other posts!

                                Why didn't Jeremy kill Stefan in the cave? He can't be all hunter all the time yet.
                                Bitter Shipper