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  • gloop! The ep is up at the cw's site:

    Also, prelim ratings are in:
    CW The Vampire Diaries 1.1 3 2.4 mil.
    EW recap of 4.08:
    This is poetic: Elena always loved Stefan because he respected her choice. It's why we thought they were great together. Now, in order to do what's "right" -- and break the rare vampire sire bond Elena feels for Damon -- Damon has to go against her wishes and set her free by telling her not to care about him. Judging from the promo for next week's midseason finale, he won't be able to do it -- yet. So the question is: Does that mean he loves her as much as Stefan does, or did he just accidentally abuse the sire bond again to get her to beg him not to let her go?
    I don't really think that is the question here.

    Back to Tyler, he took Elena with him to find Caroline and had time to tell her that the sire bond doesn't change your feelings, just your actions. So I took that as Stefan being right: Elena's feelings for Damon are real, but without the sire bond, she may not have chosen to act on them. I think of it as fancying a married man. You may really care for him, but you won't let yourself go there because you know it's wrong. The sire bond strips away those inhibitions -- for better or for worse.
    Hmmmm. I didn't read it like that at all, actually. Vampirism strips off some of your inhibitions, I know they have shown us that. So Vamplena *might* very well have decided to act upon her heightened feelings for Damon even without the sire bond. They have not shown us that the sire bond has any effect on inhibitions, except in the instance that your sire makes you do something you wouldn't normally do with some kind of direct order. But your sire can also make you do something you *do* want to do, or something you don't have strong feelings about either way. That's not really directly 'inhibition' related.

    So yes, the question is: If Elena's feelings are genuine, does it matter if the sire bond is making her act on them? Since Damon isn't a married man, I'd say no. But the problem is really Elena having to take everything Damon says so literally. He'd never be able to share his opinion again for fear of coloring hers. What kind of relationship is that?
    Now that is the right question. The important question.
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    • CW The Vampire Diaries 1.1 3 2.4 mil.
      The people have spoken, Julie! DEx = DEcline.

      Bitter Shipper


      • (okay, so I know you aren't bitching. I just wanted to use photobucket again because OMB I AM ADDICTED).


        • Bitter Shipper


          • Upon re-watch, Damon says to Nandi that if she doesn't practice magic, he needs someone who can, but who 'won't flake out on us the way old Val did'. I think that was supposed to be the explanation for why he thought the sire bond spell was valid, even though Charlotte was still sired. He did the sacrifice, but Val didn't follow through with the rest of the ritual (because there wasn't one, but he didn't know that).

            Of course, now I REALLY want to know what she actually used the expression power for.

            Also on re-watch? Great episode. I haven't gone anywhere (except to recaps) to see fandom reactions yet, but I really liked this one, top to bottom.


            • I forgot to mention after jennk's last comment: I thought Lexi was boring in this episode. She did nothing but tell Damon to back off OVER AND OVER AND OVER. Like shut up, Lexi! Get a subplot or something to do.

              I was at a 6/10 with this episode. Lots of little things irritated me. Very much enjoyed the Salvatore Bros. bonding but beyond that? Even the "wild" times with the girls didn't seem like anything resembling a night two vampires and a witch should look like!
              Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


              • Even the "wild" times with the girls didn't seem like anything resembling a night two vampires and a witch should look like!

                I'm just going to keep posting this one until everyone agrees with me that THIS HAS BEEN A GREAT SEASON SO FAR.

                But yes, that scene was one pillow fight away from being an 80s movie. I'm guessing that Jose Molina and Charlie Charbonneau don't get invited to very many high school girls' sleepovers.


                • This gifset from the slumber party cracks me up. Girls Gone Wild!:

                  Ad these from the morning DEx . . . I'm still a bit shocked that we got some of these bits (plus THRUSTING) during the 8PM slot on The CW:

                  Tumblr has gone CRAZY with the DEx gifs. Just about broke my computer. I'm guessing DE vidders around the world are wetting themselves with glee right about now.

                  THRUSTING. Beeksus.

                  ETA its kinda funny how The CW's Standards and Practices makes Elena look like the strangest vampire prude in the world, what with her insistence on keeping her bra on during sex.
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                  • Price's photo recap of 4.08:

                    If I had to trace all of the world's problems to ONE thing, the thing that everyone in the world should stop doing immediately (besides murder, which in the context of The Vampire Diaries is a minor annoyance at worst), it's everybody trying to get all up in each other's business all the time. Think about every major political or cultural issue and it all comes down to people trying to meddle in other peoples' lives. Knock it off, busybodies! Stop trying to legislate morality or dispatch armies when your time would be better spent making a nice sandwich or tending to your herb garden.

                    Because The Vampire Diaries is nothing if not the vanguard of modern social theory, this week's episode "We'll Always Have Bourbon Street" tackled this very important issue head-on. And it was terrific! Just a terrific episode, in my opinion. Last week I feared that this whole siring thing was too nonsensical to hinge a plotline around, and worse, it had the potential of turning otherwise sympathetic characters into full-time cockblocks. But as usual my fears were unfounded because "We'll Always Have Bourbon Street" immediately set about subverting expectations and, if anything, totally agreeing with me that meddling is the worst. Also this episode had tons of other things going for it: Flashbacks! Dancing! Grody sex! Werewolf armies! Phoebe Tonkin looking pissed! Witch drugs! And some good, old-fashioned, nuanced angst. That final scene was comprised of just a few words and gestures yet was still more meaningful and affecting than even the most dramatic speech or sexy montage. Good one, show.
                    I love it when Price agrees with me! Or the other way around, whatever.

                    He wasn't a fan of the morning DEx, with the blood scratches, but I LURVED it. Anytime you mix blood and sex on a vampire show is a good time, in my opinion.

                    But as a side note, it must have been tricky for Nina to line her fingernails up with the blood marks for each take. It's not like she could see where she was putting them.

                    Bonnie busted out this enormous ziplock baggie of witch weed like it was HER JOB. You know I love a witch drug. But joking aside, it was a rare moment when Bonnie was there to cheer people up. Something about seeing her friends be miserable really brought out the sunshine in our moody witch. I liked it!
                    I know, right? I totally liked Bonnie in this episode, and even cared about what was going to happen to her next! Amazing.

                    While chillin' in Damon's bathtub (?) Elena let slip that she rode Damon's pony all around the carnival and Caroline shifted back into judgmental mode. Which caused Elena to get SO MAD and storm out. But let me just say that I LOVED that. Elena SHOULD get pissed off and lose her temper more often! There is seriously just tons of foolishness going on around her all the time. That she's actually starting to get mad about stuff is just good character development. More of this please!
                    ALSO TRUTH, HALLELUJAH.

                    but re: the siring, it turned out there WAS no solution for that. Damon would simply have to command his mental slave to stop being a slave and then he'd have to leave town. So yeah, it seemed like a pretty tough situation for Damon. On the other hand, Stefan seemed relatively enthusiastic about it.
                    Ain't even going to happen. No way, no how.

                    And that's how that particular story ended. Damon wanted to join the Army but he selflessly didn't join the Army in order for Stefan to not relapse into Ripper Stefan. Or something?
                    I guess the moral was that sometimes Damon thinks about others before himself. That's a pretty nice message, but it's not a character arc if we already knew this to be fact. Guys, it's Season 4. Damon has done nice stuff all along. Terrible stuff too, but at this point shouldn't we stop being surprised when he's an okay dude?
                    Again with the agreeing with me and vice versa! (and with everyone else here- we didn't need this part of the flashback).

                    In about a half dozen words Elena made a convincing case that the sire bond ain't sh*t. Tyler had already told her that siring doesn't change emotions, only actions, so she already felt pretty confident that her love for Damon was real and had been present since before she turned. So yeah, it looked like they both were ready to accept the sire bond as a reality and just stand inside their love for the time being. The problem is that Caroline and Stefan seemed pretty certain that Damon would "do the right thing", but they were only half-right. It's just that in this case the right thing was to remain in love? Seemed like a pretty solid decision to me.

                    Yeah, I really enjoyed this ending. It was the rare TVD ending that didn't involve a super-loud ballad or fussy dialogue. Just a gesture and a watery eye and an unspoken declaration of commitment. Nicely done, you buncha writer hotties! Guys, this was a terrific episode in my opinion, maybe one of the best of the season so far. What did you think?
                    OMB. Marry me, Price! The 'right thing' is not necessarily the RIGHT thing! I wonder how many eps it will take for everyone else to accept this? It seems so obvious to me, but from the promo? Probably not so obvs to Stefan.

                    I want to print out this recap and sleep with it under my pillow.


                    • gloop! The ep is up at the cw's site
                      Yay! I just got home from my work Christmas party (where I looked damn purdy in my little black dress if I do say so myself. Take THAT stupid dress pants that don't fit) and the 5 glasses of wine I consumed should enhance my viewing experience. Going to watch now... *excited*


                      • He wasn't a fan of the morning DEx, with the blood scratches, but I LURVED it. Anytime you mix blood and sex on a vampire show is a good time, in my opinion.
                        I was totally icked by that! /bad vampire lover.
                        Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                        • I was totally icked by that! /bad vampire lover.
                          You are! That's one of things I was actually very happy to see, because it solidified the fact that D/E are NOT S/E. Not making a negative comparison here, just saying that two vampires in a relationship *should* look different than a human and a vampire. The dynamic should feel different, the sex should be different, their drives and wants should be manifested differently. That's how I saw that, as a reminder of 'hey, we're both monsters. Sexy, sexy monsters . . . having monstrous fun being sexy.' It was awesome.

                          Now that Elena's feeding issue have been fixed so easily, she should be able to bloodshare with Damon again. Just sayin'. I hope they don't just drop that whole 'it's kind of personal' line of inquiry and never explain it or show it again because NEED TO SEE THAT.

                          They had another long Fraturday on set:
                          ian somerhalder ‏@iansomerhalder
                          Shooting till 3am now on a Boeing 777 going to the left coast LaLa for a day of amazing discovery
                          I thought he was supposed to be in Orlando at a con this wkend, but obvs not. I'm not *actually* enough of a hardcore cast stalker to know these things, or to have their respective schedules tattooed on my chest. Not yet.

                          But damn, I thought we might get some spoilers coming out of a con, and Ian is one of the more likely secret spillers. I'll see what the other boards say.

                          Spending most of your bday on a plane sucks, but hopefully he can have fun later on.


                          • gloop! You had to have seen the ep by now, so get your hungover butt in here to discuss!

                            I am mesmerized by the gif I posted above. There ain't no party like Norman conquest party.

                            I'm wondering why we didn't get a webclip yesterday. WHY WHY WHY.

                            In lieu of a webclip, I bring you the sappiest ever D/E video. So sappy!: The Mirror of My Soul . . .

                            ETA equally sappy vid by the same vidder: "So Damon, what is it that I want?" . . .

                            Oh, Sappiest of Vidders! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN HIDING.
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                            • Flora has her new fangbooks up:


                              • ILOVEDITSOGOOD!!

                                Yeah, so my mom decided today was the perfect day to come help me paint the bookshelves I've been begging her to help me paint, and all I wanted to do was rewatch TVD, read Ophy specs, and search for fanvideos. My afternoon went something like this--

                                Me: Do you REALLY think it needs a second coat? Really?

                                Mom: *blank stare*

                                Me: *blank stare*

                                Mom: Just paint.

                                Me: Ok.

                                Me inside my head: OMFG I hate these bookshelves. I wish I could compel her to go home.

                                Me: Thanks for all this help mom, but I don't want you to give up your whole day doing this.

                                Mom: I know what you're doing and we are finishing these shelves. Today.

                                Me: Ok.

                                Hee! Anyway, on with the show!! I loved Happy Damon, morning sex (blood scratches!!), Stefan apologizing to Damon, Happy Elena, girl bonding, Bonnie whipping out her Witch Weed, Elena's sex hair, Drunk Dancing, Salvatores in uniforms, Elena sacrificing herself for Caroline, Bonnie's witchy powers not saving the day, Damon staring sadly at Stefan as Stefan waits for him on the platform, Stefan admitting Damon loves Elena as much as he does, and THE END SCENE OMG THE END SCENE!!

                                I hated anything to do with the hybdrids (I just. don't. care.), judgmental controlling Lexi, Hayley, and how THE END SCENE OMG THE END SCENE left us hanging.

                                I'll have to watch two or three more times before I can comment in complete sentences.