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  • Official description for 3.15 "All My Children". Spoiler tagging, although it's not all that spoilery. (Feb 16 episode, "All My Children," official description.) "After starting her day with a startling discovery of Damon’s (Ian Somerhalder) latest indiscretion, Elena (Nina Dobrev) is frustrated to find that none of her friends agree with her on how they should react to the Original family’s internal power struggle. Once again caught up in the destiny of the Bennett witches, Bonnie (Kat Graham) and Abby (guest star Persia White) find themselves playing a part in a ritual to appease the spirits of nature. When Elijah (guest star Daniel Gillies) gives Damon and Stefan (Paul Wesley) a dangerous ultimatum that puts Elena in danger, they turn to Alaric (Matt Davis) and Meredith (guest star Torrey Devitto) for help with a plan that leads them to a terrible choice. Candice Accola also stars. Pascal Verschooris directed the episode written by Evan Bleiweiss & Michael Narducci (#315)

    Eeek! So it's got to be Rebekah that Damon hooks up with, right? ELENA GETTING HER JELLY ON. I've decided that this is a major step *forward* for Delena, and not a step back. Also, it sounds like Damon is going to seriously regret the Elijah undaggering!

    TERRIBLE CHOICE. That word phrasing is freaking me out. Hopefully, it's just a choice about which one of Elena's friends has to die for some reason, and they end up choosing Matt.


    • PAMF3TBIC! (posting after myself for the third time because I can).

      I just had a thought . . . Bill Forbes is jacked up on vamp blood, right? *And* he wants to jump right back into werepire (tm Thomas Galvin) torture within 24 hrs??? Anyone see a potential vamp-making problem with that? Because I totally do.

      Caroline could end up with a gay vamp daddy!


      • Oops. I typed too fast.

        I meant BETTAH.
        Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


        • Well, I did assume that's what you meant.

          I have more random 4AM thoughts . . .
          Sooooooo . . . as much as I wanted Elijah undaggered, I'm starting to think it was a VERY bad call. He's going to want Elena dead, right? So that Klaus can't make any more hybrids? Elijah was never on board with creating a hybrid army, and Elena is the key to that. My guess is that Elijah (in 3.15) is going to tell Damon and Stefan that they must either turn Elena into a vampire, or he is going to kill her. Just a guess, though. I don't know how Meredith and Alaric play into this, but it's probably going to be yet another epic fail plan. You can always count on our Scooby Gang to screw it all up somehow. And speaking of Elijah! I really want him to come face to face with Katherine at some point this season. Supposedly, he hasn't seen her in over 500 years, back when he was in love with her. That could be a way interesting pairing.

          As for Damon, his indiscretion has to be with either Rebekah, Katherine or Caroline. This show could do any of those three and I would totes buy it - but! It seems like Caroline has more than enough on her plate, and I really hope that Damon has grown past letting Katherine toy with him by now. So I'm actually hoping it's Rebekah, or someone unknown to us, which will carry much less emotional baggage. I can see Rebekah doing it to get back at both Stefan and Klaus, so that would be in character. Elena 'starts her day with' the discovery, so I'm guessing she walks in on them in Damon's bedroom . . . and why is she going in there, pray tell?

          I was thinking about Jeremy - how cool would it be if sending him to Denver resulted in him returning as a vampire? How safe he is in Denver could depend on whether or not they got rid of all of his supernatural memories when they told him to forget about Mystic Falls. It occurred to me that someone with Jeremy's luck with vampire ladies is bound to get himself another vampire girlfriend while he's away. I secretly want a vampJeremy to come home with his vamp gf at the very end of the season. But! Would his ring prevent him from being vamped? Hmmmm . . .

          I read some spec on another blog that the reason why we have seen no casting spoilers for the fourth coffin inhabitant, is that it could contain the Original Petrova. How FREAKY would it be to open the coffin and see Nina Dobrev inside???? They also speculated that she may have been chosen to bind the curse because she was Klaus' One True Love, and that's why he carts her around. As nifty as it would be to get more doppelganger backstory (and to see Nina do yet another role to perfection), I don't know how that would lead to Klaus' undoing. If that is what we are even working towards anymore.

          I still think Mama Original is in there, and that she can undo the vampire curse. But maybe she can undo the vampire curse on EVERYONE . . . leaving Stefan and Damon (and Caroline, and everyone else) to face the possibility of becoming human again. But there could be a catch - like, they think she can undo it and make them all human, and then right before the ritual happens, they discover it will actually *kill* all vampires everywhere around the world, and they realize it is death they are facing instead of humanity. And Stefan and Damon are still willing to go through with it to rid the world of Klaus and save humanity (and Elena) from all evil vampires, but Elena is the one to fuck up the ritual because she can't bear losing them.

          Okay, at this point I may as well just be writing fanfic again. *sigh*



          • Please link me to your Fanfiction TVD account when it happens.

            I LOVE the idea of Nina being another evil ancestor so I hope that one happens.
            Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


            • I can't write fanfic anymore! I promised myself I wouldn't. But oh, so tempted!

              Julie Plec just tweeted this fanvid- Love . . . that's the point:

              Seriously, I got a little verklempt.


              • Rewatched Ordinary People on Hulu during naptime, and they clearly show Klaus and Rebekah burying their mother. So! Unless he dug her up later (and eww), I guess maybe she's not in the fourth coffin.

                So . . . Original Petrova it is! Although, I don't get why the witches showed Bonnie the necklace in there, if it's NOT either Esther or Ayana (the other olde tymey witch). And I guess we don't know what happened to Ayana . . .

                Elijah is extra hot in the OP flashbacks. And I'd forgotten how much fun it was to see Stefan and Damon in the bar, sipping on Callie the bartender. And that ep had the Delena play fighting *plus* the pillow talk at the end! And a Salvatore Bros beatdown in a parking lot! It was a good one.

                I wonder if someone has put together a compilation of all the brother beatdowns from TVD. I could watch Stefan and Damon going at it all day.


                • The clip from 3.13 is up:

                  I loves it! Stefan and Damon try to out-crazy-eye each other, and they talk about the kiss some more.


                  • It was one month ago today that I got caught up on TVD! That means that six weeks ago, I was still young and innocent and unspoiled by addiction. Damn you.

                    Spending my hiatus watching fanvids.

                    Favorite Damon vid ever: Damon: When I kill someone they are supposed to stay DEAD

                    Same vidder: We kissed, now it's weird
                    Switching Salvatores

                    Oh, and all the vidders on YouTube are getting together to force me to become a Delena shipper, apparently.
                    Timeless Love
                    Thousand Years

                    If you spend all of your TVD time in a Delena bubble, with Delena fic and Delena vids, it really becomes hard to remember that D+E is probably not endgame. Unless KW decides to pull another Creek-like finale on us, I fear for what is going to become of the hardcore shipping folks. Gonna get ugly. The Delena people just seem waaaay more over invested than the Stelena folks.

                    Edited because I'm an idiot and I mixed up 2010 and 2011. *sigh*
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                    • Casting spoiler-



                      Luckily, TV Line is reporting The Vampire Diaries’ latest casting is a “sexy and fearless [female], with a devilish smile.” Another bad girl? We’ll take it! And if that isn’t exciting enough, the role has already been filled by a face familiar to many CW fans: Smallville’s Cassidy Freeman (Tess Mercer), who will play the character Sage.

                      During Season 3, Episode 16, sexy Sage will appear in flashbacks and the brunette beauty’s “allure is felt by the Salvatore brothers and the Original family,” reports TV Line. We know nobody sticks around this show for long, but Sage’s character has the potential to be a recurring role. Can’t wait for this new dose of evil to stir things up!

                      Sage is a mysterious woman who shares a past with Stefan and Damon and knows about the Originals. She appears in a flashback to 1912 (episode 3x16). She is described as sexy and fearless, with a devilish smile.

                      When I first heard about this casting, I thought this might be Damon's indiscretion. But not if we don't see her until 3.16 . . . unless that is misdirection, and she *is* going to actually show up in 3.15 and be the gal that Elena catches in bed with Damon the morning after the ball. And yes, I'm only speccing that it's going to go down that way, I don't actually know.


                      • More deets on the EVC/JoMo breakup:
                        Our hearts collectively broke a few weeks ago when word came out that Revenge leading lady Emily VanCamp and Vampire Diaries' star Joseph Morgan had broken up.

                        Now, Emily is opening up about what went wrong, and the reason is a common one: distance. "I'm working non-stop in L.A., he's working in Atlanta. It kind of makes it impossible," she tells Canada's Flare magazine. "It doesn't take away from the love that two people have, and I think he's extraordinary."

                        Emily's been being spotted kissing co-star Joshua Bowman, though insiders say the relationship isn't serious. And Emily herself says she's still looking for "The One." And apparently, "The One" should have a very good sense of humor!

                        "It's all about making me laugh. I can be quite serious sometimes so laughing is key," she reveals.

                        "I think it's important to be with a guy who has a strong sense of integrity. That's how I was raised, and that's something I look for. And humility. I think people who lack humility are really annoying."

                        I still think it sounds like she did the dumping (and then the poorly chosen rebounding). Poor Joe! Not the classiest thing to be talking about in an interview, even if she did admit that he's 'extraordinary'.

                        ETA that there is spec that JoMo is dating Claire Holt (Rebekah). They do tweet at each other a lot, but it seems pretty friendly-ish.
                        We were so sad to learn Vampire Diaries’ Joseph Morgan (Klaus) and Revenge’s Emily VanCamp (Emily Thorne) had called it quits — they were a gorgeous couple! But she’s rumored to have moved on quicker than a judo-master Hamptonite to her co-star Joshua Bowman, and while it seems like the exes are still friends, that must be hard to watch. But eagle-eyed TVD fans have been asking us one question: Are Joseph Morgan and his on-screen sister, Claire Holt (Rebekah), an item?
                        The pair did seem to become fast pals on the Atlanta set. He even invited her (and his Original brother Daniel Gillies) to the Immortals premiere in November. And yes, she tweeted that adorable photo of the two of them together, but Joseph’s been known to take cute snaps with Kat Graham as well. But he rarely tweets at Ms. Graham, while his Twitter timeline is full of replies to @MissClaireHolt.
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                        • They have already released an extended promo for 3.14 (the one with the fancy dress ball), and it's kinda spoilery. Kinda sorta really spoilery in some sense. Kinda sorta SERIOUSLY SPOILERY. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.


                          MAMA ORIGINAL!!!!! I do have to ask, though . . . um . . . why the fuck does she speak perfect english? Shouldn't she speak whatever Jewish Vikings spoke a thousand years ago?

                          I kinda wonder if this is somehow misleading . . . like, she's definitely in Mystic Falls in a non-flashbacky way, but it *wasn't* her in the fourth coffin. Maybe Mikael fed her blood, so after Klaus killed her, she turned, and had to dig her way out of the ground and she's just been hanging around for 1,000 yrs? And maybe what is in the fourth coffin is still a mystery? Because if not, then it's kinda lame for them to spoil what has been a giant mystery in a promo.

                          ETA that Julie Plec is NOT happy about this promo being released. She's asking people not to watch it. Which means that the CW really *did* spoil something major without permission.
                          julieplec julieplec
                          Dear fans, try to stay strong and spoiler free until Thursday. (And 'getting naked' does not imply getting a new love interest, FYI.)
                          1 hour ago

                          So, @MichaelNarducci, what's a good quote for when circumstances out of your control conspire to ruin your life? 'Cuz I kinda need one.
                          Twitter is BLOWING up with people who are furious over this promo being released so early.

                          OMB, what if Damon sleeps with MAMA ORIGINAL????!!!! I would plotz. That woud be AWESOME.
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                          • Wow, so nobody here let themselves get spoiled? Y'all are strong-willed.

                            It's TVD Day!!! I'm a tiny bit excited.

                            Since this show is all about family, I kinda sorta REALLY want there to be a HUGE revelation that Elena is somehow part of the Original Family. Like, the Original Petrova had a kid with Klaus (after being betrothed to Elijah, of course- no angst without a triangle) before Mama Esther sacrificed her to bind the curse to the moonstone. So that would be why the Petrova bloodline is so very important . . . it's actually Klaus' bloodline, too. I totes want them to want Elena to move in to the fancy new mansion and be their great-times a bajillion- granddaughter/niece, etc. Elena needs new parental figures, after all. And oh yeah, DRAMA.

                            I am totes all over the idea of Aunt Rebekah and Uncle Elijah. THAT WOULD BE AWESOME.



                              It's funny that he called the daggers 'dessert' since that's what Damon called the dagger he planned to kill Elijah with at that other dinner party so long ago. I love a good callback.

                              Finally we have a name for the Original Petrova! I'm sad that Tatia's kid wasn't Klaus' though. I still think that would have been epic. Super happy to have more backstory, though, and to know that Petrova gals inspire brother triangles everywhere they go. And so Elijah is going to want Elena dead or turned, and Klaus is going to want her married off and breeding. Definitely a conflict of interest. Maybe Mama can solve that for them.

                              The Bill Forbes stuff was unnecessarily long and a bit of a yawn. I mean yes, it gave Caroline a storyline, but it's not like we didn't know this was going to happen in some way as soon as Dr. Mrs. Paul jacked him up with Damon's blood. Kind of poetic that it happened the exact same way to him as it did to Caroline though (in the hospital, with Damon's blood).

                              When they said the stake had Elena's fingerprints on it, I immediately assumed it was Katherine behind everything (since she and Elena have the same fingerprints- duh). But I can't imagine what kind of motive she could possibly have for targeting council members. None of this new plotline really adds up yet.

                              Poor Finn! Not only does he look ridiculous, but he's been daggered for 900 freakin' years . . . he probably couldn't even understand a word anyone was saying around him because they weren't speaking in Viking Hebrew. (Y'all did notice that most of our lovely Viking Original's inexplicably have Jewish names, right? It's just weird, that's what I'm saying. ) Of course, Mama has been daggered the longest, and yet she speaks perfect English, which makes no bloody sense whatsoever.

                              But oh! The Family Drama!!!! So soapy, I loves it.

                              THIS SHOW. IT KILLS ME.


                              • I'm still holding out hope that there will be a twist and we will find out that Elena belongs to the OF. Whose last name is apparently going to be Mikaelson (sons of Mikael) according to this Canadian promo:

                                I so badly want Elena to have a family . . . even if it's a big fucked up vampire one. I will watch the hell out of this show if it becomes Vampire Dynasty.

                                As for the serial killer . . .

                                1) It's Meredith and her alibi is not real . . . always suspicious of 'airtight alibis'. Don't you think it's weird that she knows one of the most closely guarded secrets in town . . . exactly who all the vampires are? You know Sheriff Forbes keeps a lid on her daughter being a vampire, so how did Meredith know??

                                2) Alaric. His ring is malfunctioning and causing him to blackout and do crazy things, even trying to kill himself. It didn't really seem like anyone else was ever in the house with him, did it? I like this idea, because it brings up implications for Jeremy as well.

                                3) Katherine, because of the fingerprint idea. But why?

                                4) Tatia Petrova. Also because of the fingerprints. Highly unlikely, because why??? and how??? HOWEVER! It was Tatia's blood that started the vampire process for the Originals. How does that make sense UNLESS SHE WAS A VAMPIRE? Maybe Esther and Mikael experimented on Tatia first, to make sure the spell would work before they actually stabbed their own children to death. Therefore Tatia would be a vampire, and roaming the earth still. If Nina is expected to play Tatia, then it might explain why they haven't had her do any Katherine scenes for awhile (since that's all very expensive and difficult).

                                5) It's Matt! He's jealous that he hasn't had an interesting storyline in so long. Or ever.

                                ETA to say that I thought it was really funny that Stefan got so butthurt over Elena asking about the medical examiner's death. Um . . . If you were just recently STACKING THE BODIES BACK TOGETHER OMB, then it's perfectly reasonable for someone to ask you if you have been doing any murdering lately. Just sayin'.

                                And we still don't know what Stefan's been feeding on, or how he can let his emotions for Elena back in, and yet not be crippled with guilt and feeling suicidal over STACKING THE BODIES BACK TOGETHER OMB. I guess we are just supposed to stick with the lame ass dimmer switch explanation. Which really just means 'we as writers of TVD don't have enough time for Stefan to legitimately recover his humanity and still be a viable part of a love triangle so let's just glide over all of that,mmmkay?'.
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