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  • Staring at this forever:


    ETA this stuff here:

    New stills from 3.14:

    I like Rebekah's dress better than Elena's, by far. And I think Finn got a haircut! Elijah must have taken him to his stylist.

    Sneak peek promo clip with bonus triangle tension!:

    This clip makes me think that Esther really does want to to talk with Elena and reveal she is part of the OF! That might be a bit of a leap, though.

    Promo stills from 3.15:

    It's the next day and Rebekah is still wearing her ballgown! WALK.OF.SHAME. So that's the answer for who Damon sexes up, I guess. Unless she got it on with Matt.
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    • I finally got to watch this! Good times!

      Loved when Damon was all: Hey, remember when you killed dad? Get over yourself. Heh.

      Tatia! LOVE IT. Mom "took" Tatia? Whu? And how could Tatia be anybody other than Elena? Or Caroline? I choose Caroline. But any will do. Did Mommy let the witches live because she's a witch?

      Also loved Stefan's hurt fee-fees of being thought of maybe being a murderer. I mean, REALLY Stef!? WTF.

      I am finding the Bonnie mom subplot snoresville.

      I actually really enjoyed the Caroline plot and thought it was cool that her dad chose to die. He got a choice--much more than many others have gotten. And his was a truly informed choice so that was awesome.

      I was also thinking that what I really want is for Elena to marry Matt and have a nice, normal life. Being in the middle of vampire boyfriends is dangerous and stressful!
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      Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


      • And how could Tatia be anybody other than Elena? Or Caroline? I choose Caroline. But any will do.
        Tatia is the original Petrova, the one the doppelgangers were based on, so she would look exactly like Katherine and Elena. I don't think Caroline has anything to do with it?

        Yeah, I'm already over Bonnie's mom. Actually, I'm pretty much over Bonnie in general. I read somewhere that Kat Graham is a bit of a diva, and doesn't get along that well with the rest of the cast. It might be why the character gets marginalized into a boring plot device. I would be happy to ditch Bonnie if it would help pay Elijah's salary, and we could keep him forever.

        This picture! LOVE.!/Dayna_Barter/s.../photo/1/large

        There's definitely a contingent of fans out there who think Matt would be the best endgame. So boring, though. So bland. Elena would never be actually happy with him, and he'd always be wondering if she was comparing him to a Salvatore. I just can't get behind that at all.


        Speaking of Kat Graham, she said in an interview that people should have paid attention during Caroline's b-day in the tomb, especially the location. It was the Fell tomb, Elena teased Matt about being chased by Honoria Fell's ghost, and Meredith is a Fell. So . . . . the Mystic Falls stabber might be a Fell ghost, targeting Founding Council members who it perceives as vampire sympathizers? That would explain why Alaric and Bill didn't know who attacked them, even though they were stabbed in the front. Just an idea.


        • I feel like Bonnie is mostly used now as a plot device when they need something magic to happen. I would be willing to like her more if they gave her something more interesting to do.

          I really did not want the original mom to be in the coffin. I thought that was too obvious for so much build up. Still excited to see what the whole family gets up to.

          Obviously all the dinner stuff was the best.

          Matt as endgame would be my choice in actual life, but really it has to be Damon/Elena/Stefan for me. Or she ends up with Matt but occasionally has some Damon/Stefan on the side.

          I feel like I liked this episdoe but also found a lot of it boring somehow? Like I definitely appreciated the storyline with Caroline's dad, but didn't really want to watch it.

          I have no good ideas about who is doing the murdering but having an alibi definitely made Meredith look more guilty to me.


          • See, glad you watch this show now Ophy because I seriously miss everything. Why didn't Damon/Stefan go all: Wait, you're in love with Elena, too!? Ha! I would love if ALL FOUR OF THEM were kinda in love with her. FLASHBACKS. This show nevah mentions a character without bringing them forward. Fun times ahead.
            Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


            • Yeah, there's spec out there that, since the doppelgangers are supernaturally created by Esther, they are fated to repeat the patterns of the originator (Tatia). So, since Tatia had a child young and out of wedlock, and was in the middle of a brother tug-of-war, Katherine and Elena were destined to have the same happened to them. Of course, Isobel, a non-doppelganger but of the same line, had a child young and out of wedlock, too, actually. (It would be funny if we found out that either John's brother or Alaric's brother had a thing for her.)

              Good thing Elena only sleeps with non-babymaking vampires!

              Oh! If my spec is right, and Tatia was also turned into a vampire by Esther, that would make it part of Elena's destiny, too . . . Tatia, Katherine, Isobel . . . (and I have heard rumors that this new Gilbert girl from the 1912 flashback ep was also turned into a vampire . . . not that the Gilberts should have anything to do with the Petrovas, but still).

              So apparently, the producers try to be super sparing when it comes to having Nina double (or in this case triple) up on roles. I think we would all feel cheated if we didn't get to see her play Tatia in at least one flashback, though.

              Okay, the way I would write the next ep . . . Esther wants to talk to Elena (we know this from the preview clip), and I still think she's going to a) tell Elena that she's part of the family and wants Elena to call her grandma (Which means they have to go find granddaughter Katherine, too- she and Elena can share a bedroom at the Klaus Haus!) or b) that she and Elijah are giving Elena the choice of either death or being turned in order to prevent Klaus from making more hybrids, or c) she is going to make Klaus apologize to Elena for all the terrible things he has done to her. Or all three! I vote for all three.

              I can totally see Mama making Klaus apologize to everyone he's hurt. That would be so awesome. It would be quite the list of people, even if they just stuck to Mystic Falls folks. Maybe that's what the ball is for!

              I also want to know if vampires created by Originals are stronger/faster/better than other vampires. That could make sense, right? If they are supposed to be a purer form of vampire (as Klaus said in the 1920s flashback ep), then you'd think that would be true. Elijah could offer to turn Elena himself, so that she would be a stronger and more bad ass vamp than Katherine *or* the Salvatores.

              As for both sets of brothers falling for Elena, I think it's telling that Klaus has never shown any interest in her at all (beyond her doppelganger-ness), and he was clearly faking his interest in Katherine in 1492. Elijah, though, had a serious attraction to Katherine, and has seemed to like Elena despite himself. And Klaus goes for blondes only now . . . it's like the brothers had opposite reactions to the end of their affair with Tatia. Deep down, Elijah wants to re-create his love for Tatia, and Klaus runs from it.

              If Elena isn't actually related to the Originals, then it would be super fun to explore something with Elijah. He, at the very least, should let her know how much he admires her (which he so obviously does). That was my fave part of the Handsome Men's Dinner Club, when Elijah asked Stefan where the lovely Elena was that night. Ha!

              Anyway, I think that's going to be the big tension for the next few eps . . . with the Salvatore boys trying to save Elena from being vamp'ed by the Originals. Which is interesting, because Elena *does* get vamp'ed in the actual books, but it seems like that woud be a terrible way for the show to go.



                The books also introduce Japanese ghosts.
                Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                • Doesn't Elena also eventually come back as some sort of human/spirit winged being or something? If they vamp Elena there will be very few humans left.


                  • Yes, but Elena isn't actually human. She wouldn't even exist if not for Esther. I mean, for show purposes she is basically human, but she's kinda not really. It's just Matt, Alaric and Jeremy. Hmmm . . . all of our humans (even Elena) have died on this show at least once. And of course, so have the vamps. Everyone is undead! (Except Bonnie, I guess, since her death was more of a fake out).

                    But I am totally with you. Do not want Elena vamped. Nobody does, which is probably why the whole issue is going to cause so much tension.

                    Of course, watch me be totally wrong, and it'll turn out that the Originals don't want to vamp Elena after all. Maybe Esther just wants to chat with her about their mutual taste in jewelry. But it just seems logical at this point.


                    • This Klaus/Charlotte (I assume they should re-label her Tatia- whatever)/Elijah AU vid is creative and pretty well done:


                      Tatia's flashback:

                      I love this fandom, and they way they jump on any hint of a pairing. I'm going to go look for Bol vids now (Bonnie/Kol . . . oh come on, you know they are probably out there).

                      Also, the director for 3.14 tweeted this pic of emoStefan . . already wearing hoodies again!

                      That does not bode well for Damon's romantic prospects.

                      ETA Ha! I didn't find Bonnie/Kol, but I did find Kol/Caroline!

                      (Kolaline?) This fandom is so craycray.


                      • Just re-watched Our Town to see if I could pick up any clues about the Mystic Falls Stabber. Definitely got to be a Fell ghost!

                        1) Meredith says to Alaric: "I'm a Fell. I come from a long line of Founders. May they rest in peace."
                        2) The party was at the Fell tomb
                        3) Elena says, teasingly, "Matt's being haunted by the Fell ghost!"

                        So! I'm guessing that Meredith is actually *controlling* the Fell ghost. And one of the reasons why we had the whole 'Ghost World' episode was to establish the idea that ghosts can be given a physical foothold by someone related to them. I'm guessing that Meredith knows a witch, and she resurrected a Fell to kill off the Founder's Council members because the Council is basically just a tool of the town's supernaturals now. It's been rather thoroughly corrupted from it's original purpose, and that could easily piss off a Fell ghost.

                        According to the TVD wiki, this is the info on the Fell Family:

                        My money is on Logan Fell, who might definitely have an extra grudge against Alaric as well. Plus he's mad at the Council because he died in their service, and they basically threw his body out with the trash and covered up his death. Twice.

                        I think Meredith summoned up Logan, and Logan is doing all the stabbing. According to Julie Plec, Meredith and Logan are cousins, so she certainly has a motive! And that would explain how she knows who all of the vamps are in town . . . because Logan told her. Caroline wasn't a vampire when he was staked, but as a ghost he would have been able to figure that out. Ghost World established that the ghosts are all around us, just hanging out and peepin', and that they pretty much stay up to speed on everything.

                        Also, Logan is a vengeful little fucker, as demonstrated when he kidnapped Caroline to get back at her mom.

                        Well. That mystery is solved.
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                        • *fans self*


                          Now if only the actual show would take things in this direction . . . my OneTrueEndgame!

                          ETA here are the other covers as well as some of the mag text.
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                          • Yikes. I was looking at how low that sheet is on Ian's hip for an embarrassingly long time.

                            That cover with just Ian/Nina might be the hottest thing. It definitely made me rethink my position on whether I care about the RLTL.

                            I like the text on the covers: "meet the 'shippers' - TV's weirdest fans.' Y'all don't even know the half of it. I feel like Vampire Diaries doesn't even scratch the surface of shipper crazy. But maybe I'm just not involved enough in the fandom.


                            • Yeah, everything that jennk said x 2.
                              Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                              • Oh, and there's more. If you want to start feelin' the RLTL, we have this one:

                                And there's a gallery with some outtakes here:,,2056....html#21117090

                                Fandom variations here:

                                The cast is having fun with this one . . . Matt/Alaric says he is making TShirts, and Zach/Matt is making posters of it at Kinkos.


                                Stefan/Tiki's Grandad/Damon (as per Julie Plec's request):

                                Alaric/Jeremy/Tyler (as per Paul's request):

                                The Ian/Nina cover is seriously winning the cover poll:

                                It's definitely a pretty intense shipper war! I go on tumblr a lot (like a lot a lot) and people get steamed up about all kinds of things on there, especially when folks re-blog Delena stuff and tag it as Stelena. Julie and KW come in for a lot of vitriol and haterade. Even entertainment bloggers and journalists get a lot of heat if they are thought to have a preference. It all seems to be happening on twitter and tumblr, though.