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  • Julie and Caroline Dries preview tomorrow night's ep! There's some delicious new clips in here:

    A Salvatore on each arm! *swoon*


    • More EW pics here. Just scroll down. I super love the one that is all Nian-y and smiley. And naked-y. Her butt is basically up against his nekkid junk. Mrs. Paul is lucky that's Ian and not Paul!

      Also, Ian basically says that Damon is ready to move on and get his mojo back:

      "You'll start to really see Damon shift from being repressed and stomped on to really making a shift and getting back this mojo he had," Somerhalder told "He realizes, 'I could cut my losses and move forward and be OK.'"

      Chatting with the star, he admitted that he's pretty sure there's nothing Damon could do to truly sway Elena into reciprocating his feelings. "I think Matt, Tyler or even the family dog would have a better chance at getting Elena than Damon would," he said. "The thing that this man has done to this poor teenage girl is an insurmountable amount of bad and I can't foresee her turning unless he could get her away from vervain and compel her to forget everything he's ever done. Killing somebody's brother is totally the best way to say I love you! I think she's probably done with the Salvatore brothers for a while."

      As Klaus (Joseph Morgan) pointed out in the recent episode "Bringing Out the Dead," the worst thing for Elena might just be the company of either Salvatore brother. "What each of them has done is unforgivable. It's time for her to move on," Morgan added. And we all know how Damon likes to "move on" — get naked and sudsy with lots of women. "Damon, no matter who he gets it from, needs his mojo back," Somerhalder says. "He's been pining for Katherine and pining for Elena — Damon's not a piner! He needs to stop falling for the Roses of the world and get back to doing what he does best." And what he does best is what Somerhalder says he's most excited for fans to see in upcoming episodes: "Damon back to that Season 1 Damon, the Damon that really had righteous reasons but ill intentions and that's why we loved him."
      As long as keep on having some angsty D/E moments, I'm all for Damon being swagger-y and sexy again. Maybe we'll see the longing-ness and jealousy come from Elena's side the rest of the season. That would be cool. Especially if poor Stefan has to watch Elena be crazy jealous and worried about Damon all the time.

      This interview with JP about tonight's ep is only a bit spoilery. But if you are a purist, you might want to stay away.

      Apparently, Katherine does not return any time soon, which has me bummed. I was so hoping for doppelganger hijinks in formalwear tonight. Wouldn't it make sense for Katherine to be trying to find out if the new developments mean she doesn't have to be on the run from Klaus anymore? I'd be tempted to seek protection from Esther if I were her, since by running away she was actually serving Esther's purpose in keeping the curse from being broken. But I guess we don't see her.

      Also, we will find out the mystery behind " how could the original witch have been in the coffin if she was just helping Vicki from the other side a few eps ago?" My guess is that it was Ayanna on the Other Side, and that Ayanna is also connected to the Bennetts somehow. Only Rebekah called their mom 'the Original Witch', and we already know that Rebekah was wrong about her mother being really dead. She was only dead adjacent.

      I'm most excited about Elena and Elijah having scenes together! I'm easily pleased that way. Been waiting for this since he was undaggered. So you know, a whole 21 days, beekdamnit. If Elijah wants to take this opportunity to get into Elena's pants, then hooray!


      And no, Tyler/Caroline do NOT count. Nor do Bonnie and Jeremy. Beeksus. Elena and the Salvatores have all had a looooong dry spell. (Not as long as poor Finn and Mama O, though!)


      • I really want Elijah and Elena to date, too.

        But I do think the kiss was squandered. It wasn't nearly hot enough. And I don't get why they can't have Elena get a little drunk or something and make out with Damon like Tyler and Caroline got to do! It's just one little slip up.
        Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


        • The BTS vid of the EW photo shoot as hit YouTube finally:

          Oh, with the arm and finger strokage! Ian's all like, yeah naked in bed with my girl. This is just a typical Sunday morning, y'all.


          • In related news? While I am deeply disinterested in them and their precious causes? I would pay top dollar for that sex tape.
            Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


            • Seriously.


              • Interview with Julie Plec. On the spoiler meter, I'd give this one a 3, I guess? Not terribly spoilery at all. But some interesting stuff.


                This was my favorite bit:
                Do you think Elena cares for Elijah and sees that he’s a good person?

                “Some major, major stuff goes down that will be interesting and surprising for the audience.”

                Do you see that there’s more there than just a working relationship?

                “Yeah. Absolutely. The whole character of Elijah – and I’ve said this before, but I can’t say it enough – has been such a glorious surprise to us as writers, because it’s really been as much of Daniel Gillies and what he’s brought to the character, that has fed into what we want to give to the character. So of course, when we decided that there needed to be a Big Bad Evil Vampire in the middle of last season, that paved the way to the introduction of Klaus, in a million years, never would we have said ‘Oh! And then one day he’ll have this magnificent and lovely friendship with Elena!’ You know? And yet, that has evolved over the course of a season and a half worth of stuff for Elijah and for Daniel. So we kind of like to watch it as it happens, more than we even like to lay the map for them, because they bring so much to it. And then we are able to play with that a little bit. Next week definitely is very much rooted in the foundation of this compassion that Elena has for Elijah.”
                I read somewhere else that Elijah was never meant to be Klaus's brother . . . but DG was just so beekdarn good they decided to go with the brother route. So glad!

                Also, she says that we are not going to see a Tatia flashback this season. Grrrrrrr.
                And there are no plans for an Originals spinoff. Double grrrrrrr.

                Oh, and in the beeking ugly body art competition, we have this gem:!/Damon_Princess...489664/photo/1

                Dude. Ian would NOT be impressed. And Damon would just snap your neck, and call it a favor.


                • Well, I'm retiring from any further TVD speculation because JULIE PLEC IS SMARTER THAN ME.

                  I just can't with this show. Everything killed me tonight.

                  But I haz a sad that Elena is not going to get her fucked up Dynasty-style vampire family. I was really hoping that would be true.


                  • Loved all The Originals and their family dramz! Loved Klaus being all bratty sibling! LOVED. Mr. Is said: Klaus is kinda immature for his age.

                    And I was all HOLY CATS I really didn’t get how hot Klaus was until this episode. And I was all aflutter about that UNTIL the end when I realized I really didn't get how hot Ian Smolderholder is when he's banging girls who look like the actress who played his sister that he had incesty feelings for on Lost. Wowsers. I don't think sex with Elena would be that good, to be honest.

                    LOVE Klaus/Caroline SO MUCH. JM brought the heat for reals tonight. He has Pacey-quality puppy longing in his eyes. Emily Thorn totes traded down if she is sleeping with her costar now.

                    I'm actually weirdly bored by the triangle right now and I'd be fine with Elijah and Elena being BFFs that hold hands and watch art movies. Maybe Elijah should move to NYC and hang out with Blair Waldorf. Blair would love a vampire boyfriend! They are both owned by Alloy Entertainment. A crossover is not impossible. Remind me to write up a pitch for that tomorrow. I was actually mad at Elena for lying to Elijah!
                    Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                    • Aww, I loved Klaus/Caroline too, but that picture he drew of her with the horse made me laugh.

                      I support drunk, hurt, angry sex-having Damon 100%. I hope there is time for jealous Elena before she gets set on fire or whatever was going on in the promo for next week.


                      • I was FURIOUS with Elena. Do NOT FUCK with Elijah!!!!! I was actually reaching my hand out to the screen to knock the glass from his hand. He's your best option, sweetheart. (Since you clearly have a vampire fetish and all). Such a brilliant move for the show, though. They make us adore a character so much that we are actively rooting AGAINST our so-called protagonists. We are supposed to want what Team Elena and Salvatore want, not hope for them to fail! Of course, the good news is that Team Elena and Salvatore have a long history of epic failure. What are they batting nowadays, 3 successful plans to every 145,153,9873 ridiculously failed ones?

                        Kol is such a dick. I LOVE him and his tiny evil elfin face. The actor is such a sweet guy on twitter, too.

                        Apparently, that little bit with Damon (where Damon recognized him) was supposed to lead to a flashback scene in an upcoming ep, where Damon and Kol got drunk together in a bar back in 1912. But it got cut from the script and was never filmed. SAD.

                        I want to see them become friends and go carousing about town together now that Damon has his swagger back. Alaric can gaze longingly at them from across the Grille. Elena can join him, and E&A can be all frowny and a little bit worried and whole lot jealous. hee!

                        I'm finding Klaroline to be so sweet and honest that I have a hard time remembering that HE KILLED AUNT JENNA. Beeksus, Caroline. RUN. But have dirty, conflicted guilt sex with him first. Oh, and get that bracelet back. Maybe ask him for one of the stolen Louvre paintings post-sex. And a pony. And then, RUN.

                        Poor Julie Plec has been up all night counseling distraught shippers on twitter. Seriously, ALL NIGHT. The woman is a saint. She started at 8:00 last night, and didn't stop until 5:00 this morning. People say the craziest shit to her. Some poor kid in Siberia (literal Siberia, not metaphorical Siberia) whose mom is dying of cancer wrote her a three page essay on how much her life sucks and how she only believes in TVD. And Delena shippers wrote her to say they are tired of 'being used'. Stelena shippers tweeted to her that she better NOT start catering to the whims of delusional Delena'ers.

                        Apparently, she also gets death threats often. Fandom has become such a crazytown! I'll bet the DC writers are glad twitter wasn't around back in the day, and they didn't have to provide therapy every night to suicidal Daisy freaks.

                        I hope there is time for jealous Elena before she gets set on fire or whatever was going on in the promo for next week.
                        Supposedly, she goes to Casa de Salvatore the next morning to tell Damon about Esther's plan, and he and Rebekah are still all hot and naked in bed together. So yay for that image!


                        • I spent the entire episode rooting for The Originals.

                          I completely forgot that Klaus rid Mystic Falls of that bore Aunt Jenna! That makes me love him even more. I kept thinking his worst offense was making Stefan interesting. I could see how both of those things might be a problem for Caroline's romantic interests.

                          While I will enjoy some horrified Elena over Damon's bad boy turn? This only serves to make Delena never happen (or pushes it off indefinitely). I feel bad for those fans in way. Except I don't feel bad for those fans because HOLY CATS that was hot.

                          Also? HOW can you really choose at this point? I mean, obvs Stefan is way more interesting now that he's kinda murderous. And Damon is always going to do something awful when push comes to shove (like bang the vampire that just tried to kill you).

                          I also didn't really buy the theme of Damon trying to control Elena while for her protection but that Stefan never did. Is that true? I honestly can't remember an example of that. If that's true then I think I'm Stelena (just for this week).
                          Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                          • It is true! It's like the defining difference between the two brothers when it comes to her.

                            Pretty much throughout all of the end of S2, Stefan let Elena decide how to deal with the upcoming Klausageddon, whereas Damon was all "This is crazy! You're going to die! Why isn't anyone listening to me about how stupid your plan is!", until he just couldn't take it anymore and boom! he tried to turn her. Remember? It was very much the same kind of thing. Stefan said, "He took your choice away because he loves you" and Elena said "Well, then he doesn't really know what love is." Right before the turning attempt, Stefan and Damon had a talk about how Stefan puts his trust in Elena and her choices because she put her trust in him (Stefan). And the he said, "She puts her trust in you, too", and Damon said "Well, that doesn't say much for her instincts, then."

                            And even a few eps before that, they had that exchange where Elena was like, "You never let me make my own decisions, and *this* is my decision" and Damon was all like "You crazy bitch, who's going to save your life while you are off making decisions?". And then as soon as Stefan was safely stuck in the tomb, Damon had Bonnie spell-trap Elena in her house so that she *couldn't* make her own decisions. Compare that to Stefan and Elena in the driveway when Klaus showed up, and Elena told Stefan to close his eyes and let her go, and he did. Damon could never have done that . . . he would have just gotten himself killed being the Big Damn Hero, mouthing off to Klaus and giving him the crazy eye.

                            So I thought last night was super in character for all three of them.

                            As for how do you choose? Duh, that's easy. CHOOSE ELIJAH.

                            When in doubt, always choose Elijah.

                            While I will enjoy some horrified Elena over Damon's bad boy turn? This only serves to make Delena never happen (or pushes it off indefinitely).
                            That's funny, because I actually thought last night's ep was a sign that D/E are going to be endgame for the S3 finale. If they had been pushed into a relationship at this point in the season, I would have assumed an angsty break-up by end of season. They both need some space. Damon has to work on his trust and possessiveness issues, and Elena has to work on getting some clarity about her own feelings. She has to work out this Stefan stuff, too, before she can move on, and this will give her the time to do that, hopefully. She *still* can't seem to admit that Stefan can't be with ANYONE right now. He's got too long of a road ahead.

                            Also, seeing Damon get his bad boy swagger on will a) make her jealous and show her that she can't just walk away from how she feels about Damon and b) show her that to actually be with Damon, she has to love him for everything he is. Monster and man.


                            • Oh! So you remember when I spec'ed this:
                              I still think Mama Original is in there, and that she can undo the vampire curse. But maybe she can undo the vampire curse on EVERYONE . . . leaving Stefan and Damon (and Caroline, and everyone else) to face the possibility of becoming human again. But there could be a catch - like, they think she can undo it and make them all human, and then right before the ritual happens, they discover it will actually *kill* all vampires everywhere around the world, and they realize it is death they are facing instead of humanity. And Stefan and Damon are still willing to go through with it to rid the world of Klaus and save humanity (and Elena) from all evil vampires, but Elena is the one to fuck up the ritual because she can't bear losing them.
                              Well, other folks on twitter are discussing the same idea after last night's ep. Not the humanity fake-out, just the ridding the earth of vamps part. That by 'all' her children, Esther also means all of the vamps created by her children, because their blood links every vampire on earth, and they are also an abomination caused by her actions.

                              What a twist if it's Stefan and Damon (and Caroline, and every vamp) facing death at the end of the season, instead of Elena. I do still love this idea! I have all of these fic ideas about the Bros. finding out, and then looking at each other, and being all "Fine by me. Seems like a good day to die." And then writing their wills together, and writing their final letters to Elena *sniff* (but not telling her anything ahead of time, of course). Stefan leaving everything to Elena, Damon leaving everything to Alaric. Ha! Total Salvatore brother bonding moment.

                              And then Katherine finding out and teaming up with Elena to screw up the final ritual with some doppelganger hijinks. I so badly want to see Katherine and Elena team up to save the Salvatores someday!

                              Oh, beekdamnit. Broke my 'no more spec'ing' rule already.

                              If that's *not* what this ritual is about, then I think Elena should sit down with Esther and have a heart to heart. They don't HAVE to kill all her children. Just find a spell that will dessiccate and bind Klaus (like the one used on Michael by Abby), stick a dagger in Kol The Asshole, and make Rebekah captain of the cheerleading team. Finn seems like a decent guy, Elijah is moral and awesome, Rebekah will be happy and behave if she can just have her teenage dream. Problem solved.


                              • The extended promo for 3.15:
                                The Canadian promo:
                                The webclip:

                                If you are concerned about shipper spoilers, don't watch the web clip.

                                Yeah, this shit is getting FUCKED up. We are so far away from where we were just last episode triangle-wise. Crazy. And Stefan turned away from the cup of blood? WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? I mean, yeah . . . I guess it could mean that he has been rehabbing himself back on the bunny blood all by his lonesome, maybe? Well, whatevs . . . I'm just glad to know that we will be seeing Elena get all jealous over D/R. Not sure I'm crazy about just how much Damon does not seem to give a shit about Elena, though.

                                Why do the Canadians always get the best promos? Stupid Canada.