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  • I was convinced for a good bit of the episode that Elijah knew something and didn't really drink the champagne. I know all the siblings have to be linked for whatever reason, but it would be much easier to just link Klaus to Kol and then off Kol.

    Did we see Stefan and Damon drink the champagne? Cause then my spec is that the spell won't kill all the vampires, just any who drank the champagne and that will be why Elena has to stop the spell in the end.

    Also, while Stefan has always let Elena make more of her own decisions, while Damon has been quick to protect her no matter what, I think that part of the dynamic is that Stefan knows that Damon will do this and allows him to be the bad guy in order to keep Elena safe. Particularly, when Damon fed Elena his blood, I got the feeling that Stefan was kind of happy that it happened. But maybe that is delusional shipper bullshit?

    Did anyone else think Elena and Stefan might get their ex-sex on? I really wish Elena was more prone to bad sexin' decisions.


    • Yeah, Elena's stubborn refusal to indulge in wrongheaded sexin' annoys the crap outta me. Girl needs to get drunk and get laid, and I'm so not picky about when, where or who at this point. After getting her jelly on about D/R, drunken sex in the Grille bathroom, with Caroline. Sounds perfect.

      I was convinced for a good bit of the episode that Elijah knew something and didn't really drink the champagne.
      I wondered about that, too, but Julie Plec confirmed that all of the siblings drank the champagne. The tree of blood spell wouldn't have worked if they hadn't. Poor Elijah! The third Petrova to have wronged you.

      Did we see Stefan and Damon drink the champagne? Cause then my spec is that the spell won't kill all the vampires, just any who drank the champagne and that will be why Elena has to stop the spell in the end.
      This is a great idea! We know Caroline was there at the toast, too. So that ups the ante as well. Esther didn't actually invite *any* other vamps to her party, right? Klaus invited Caroline, and Stefan and Damon just crashed it. I actually thought it was odd that S and D *didn't* get their own invite, as prominent members of the town/council (Damon, anyway). So you may be onto to something there.

      Wasn't the directing awesome in this episode? It moved so fast! I love that they aren't even pretending not to film scenes and shots specifically for fanvidders to use. All the tight, dreamy shots and gorgeous lighting and clothes! And you know that's how they pick their music. That's what happens when your Exec VP is a total fanvid fangirl.

      Julie is looking for someone to make a fanvid of The Fault In Our Stars btw, if you know anybody really good.

      The web clip has me worried a bit that my favorite thing about this season (Damon and Elena's *friendship*, and the way they carry each other - metaphorically) is going to be sacrificed for the sake of creating distance in their *romantic* relationship. I know they've gotta do this for the sake of the show's narrative, but I'm still going to miss the way they work together as a team. Although, if it brings the Salvatore Bros back together, then it's probably worth it for awhile.

      The upcoming ep I am most excited about is the 1912 flashback episode in March . . . it's suppose to focus on Damon and how he went from polite Southern gentleman to the bad boy outlaw. It's probably all about throwing a bone to frustrated D/E shippers and making sure they don't ditch the show, but still. I'm a total sucker for the flashbacks, in all their bad wig glory.

      KW made a funny on twitter:
      kevwilliamson Kevin Williamson Who will Elena end up with? We're so not there yet -- but if you must know. Elena chooses Pacey.
      Uh huh. Laughing forever.

      Also, he and JP were asked some questions about the DC triangle and finale while they were being interviewed about TVD:

      How did you make the final decision?

      JULIE PLEC: This is my favorite Kevin Williamson moment of all time because we were working on a movie together at the time that he was making that decision. He had been agonizing over this because when he created the show it was [the] Dawson and Joey love story and then it came to the end of the show and he couldn’t decide what the right path for Joey to take was. He walked in and he was like, “I got it. I got it. Joey chooses Pacey because her childish love for Dawson has given way to her grown-up love for Pacey but Dawson still gets what he wants. Dawson gets what [he wanted when we] started the show, he gets to work with Spielberg. Dawson’s eternal wish, as a character, was delivered so Dawson found his happiness.” I got all teary-eyed when he said that because it made perfect sense because everything that you had [wanted] in the first episode was delivered on [and] then some in the end.

      How did the fans react to the finale?
      KW: Well, I get it both ways. I get people that were thrilled, and then of course I’ve got the purists who are like, how could you do that? My mother hated me. My mom was like, “How could you do that!? It was Dawson and Joey forever!”
      JP: I was on the set of [a] movie and I got a call from my friend who lives in Toronto. I’m in my late-20s at the time and so is she. She called me sobbing with joy, like heaving [and said], “She chose Pacey.” [She was] so happy.
      I love how KW justifies it. Dawson got Steven Spielberg!!!!! That's just as good as Eternal LOVE!!!!!


      • Psst. I still don't watch TVD, but I love this thread because you guys get so detailed! It's like reading mini-mini-mini-recaps.

        Anyway, quadruple-aw! Pacey's grown-up love FTMFingW.


        • It's like reading mini-mini-mini-recaps.
          I'm happy to do actual mini-mini-mini recaps if you like!

          But yeah, you so need to be watching. You would love this buckets and buckets worth. Best triangle on tv, hands down, because nobody is the Dawson. And Elena could kick Joey's ass. Or at least stake her in the ass.

          I have a list of the important eps that I made for my mom to get her caught up. And now? She's a Klaroline shipper. I was on the phone with her for an hour today while she went on about the horsie drawing, and the "I fancy you", and the "I know" (about Caroline being Miss Mystic Falls) and how Caroline needs to get on that stat. The "I know" was Klaus's "I remember everything" moment! There was even a bracelet involved.

          Not that my mom is wrong. Certainly it's a more entertaining pairing than Forwood or whatever it is that people called Caroline/Matt. And I guess there could be a real future in it, if we can somehow figure out a way to turn the Originals human by the end of S3. Then Caroline could re-vamp Klaus, and he could just be an ordinary killing machine instead of an unstoppable immortal chaos engine.


          • I don't care who Klaus kills at this point. I just want him to take Caroline around the globe during summer break!
            Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


            • I would watch the hell out of that spinoff!

              Maybe they could do a mini-series out of it. "Caroline Forbe's European Vampire Vacation". FABULOUS.

              Julie had an interesting thing to say about Damon from that night . . .
              “Elena is going to be pissed on multiple levels,” Plec says. “The thing with Damon we’ve seen is that when he’s hurt, he lashes out. In a way, this is both the most cruel way he could’ve lashed out, but also shows a peculiar evolution in him as a character because rather than take it out on an innocent human in the middle of the road, he’s striking where it hurts the most [and] very specifically at Elena.”
              I read something similar in a recap as well (can't remember which one), where they noted that Damon's outburst of violence towards Kol was well directed, and in defense of someone else, and *that* showed that his character growth is permanent. A season ago, he would have just snapped a neck . . . any neck. But now, something moral is directing him still, which shows that even in a dark place, love has changed him. He's come so far since S2 Ep 12, where he lashed out and killed a random girl in the road because he was hurt. Really, even a few eps ago when he snapped Alaric's neck, that was a step up from snapping Jeremy's (because at least he *knew* Ric was wearing a ring). It's progress!

              So now we need Caroline's magic vagina to cure Klaus of his eeeevil the same way Elena's cured Damon!

              Or, we can be like isadora and just ignore the fact that he killed AUNT JENNA. And he killed Not Now Dana, and Chad!!!! Why doesn't anyone ever remember poor Chad?

              I liked Jenna. She was mostly useless and pathetic, but she had pretty hair.


              • Who's Chad?

                I sorta haven't forgiven Damon for "killing" Jeremy. I gasped when that happened and I was horrified! He did not know the ring was on. And that just goes to show you should not date vampires if you wanna stay human and hang with your human peeps.
                Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                • And that just goes to show you should not date vampires if you wanna stay human and hang with your human peeps.
                  I know, right? I mean, RIGHT???? That's like the subtext for the whole show. Vampires = BAD FOR HUMANS (or small woodland animals and pets, if said vampire is Stefan)

                  Seems like the only one who has really learned that lesson is Matt.

                  Who's Chad?
                  Well, at least you remembered poor Not Now Dana. Who has her own twitter, by the way.

                  Chad was the poor sap that was with Not Now Dana in the HS gym, when Klaus decided to throw a hissy fit. Klaus compelled Stefan to kill him (and Dana) in the ep The Reckoning. He was also the kid that Klaus compelled to attack Jeremy in the hallway at the 50s Decade Dance. Sucks to be Chad. I have yet to find him on twitter, but that's doesn't mean he isn't on there. Even Damon's Soap Dish and The Salvatore Fireplace have twitter accounts.!/DamonsSoapDish and!/TVDFireplace .

                  Oh, and by killing Not Now Dana, Klaus inadvertently opened up a slot for Rebekah on the cheerleading squad. So it was a useful death!


                  • Nina is kicking it at Fashion Week in NYC, while Ian is doing a photoshoot in LA.

                    I seriously like that blue dress on her, even though it's kind of like a cobweb spun by a giant neon blue spider. Why didn't she wear that to the People's Choice?


                    She wore the wrong shoes with the black Herve Leger, though. I blame it on being Canadian.


                    • One of the problems I have is that as much as I love Elena? I find Nina a little dopey in interviews. Ian too! So if I don't look away? It might ruin the show for me. And that would be A Tragedy.
                      Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                      • I give Nina a break on that because she's so young and sort of newly famous, but yeah, dopey is a good word. I can't tell if that's what they're really like or it's just for interviews.


                        • Honestly? I think they are both space cadets. Sweet and sincere, but just kind of goofy. Ian comes across as the deeper thinker, but he's too bright eyed and optimistic for me. I prefer a cynical bastard, myself.

                          But they seem a nice match, actually.

                          And they are twin flames! We only know this because they tweet '1111' at each other when they are apart. In case you are not a new agey freakazoid or a Nianologist, let Lady Sybilla explain:
                          Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev have found one of the greatest blessings on earth: their twin flame (that's what 1111 stands for). Read all about Nina's tweet, proclaiming that Ian is her "favorite vampire"

                          Ian Somerhalder is celebrating his 33rd birthday today, and Nina Dobrev just tweeted that Ian is her "favorite vampire." But there's more. Nina also used the code 1111 in her tweet, which strongly suggests Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev might be twin flames.

                          As we all know, this past November 11, 2011, it was 11-11-11, so it's easy to think Nina Dobrev might be referring to that. However, her tweet today, December 8th, specifically says, "It's 1111." She can't possibly mean November 11th, because it's no longer that date, so she can only be referring to one thing: 1111, symbolic number for twin flames. Also, the fact that Nina tweeted "It's 1111" and then went on to say that Ian Somerhalder was her favorite vampire would make perfect sense given their explosive chemistry.

                          So let's examine the concept of twin flames and 1111 more in depth:

                          Is Nina Dobrev referring to 1111 as in the date November 11th, or is she secretly telling us that Ian Somerhalder is her twin flame?

                          First off, let's find out what twin flames are. They are two halves of the same soul--one male and one female, like the yin and the yang. It is said that every soul in our universe has a mirror image or a twin that is their exact polar opposite. In order to take the form of a human body, souls must temporarily divide into their male and female halves.

                          They actually *do* tweet 1111, or some variation thereof, fairly often. Nina just did so yesterday, after they both left for opposite coasts.

                          TWIN FLAMES.




                          • JoMo just tweeted a Klaroline fanvid. He's such a shipper! I guess shipping himself with Caroline fills up the empty place Emily Thorn left behind. *sniff*

                            I Enjoy You


                            • Wait, they broke up? When and why? Clearly, I need to read this thread more often even though I don't watch this show.


                              • Ahem.

                                I refer you to page 8 of this thread, where we discussed the recent break-up of Joe Morgan and Emanda. I am still heartsick over it. Especially because she may have already rebounded with Josh Bowman (Daniel Grayson) and that is NOT OKAY.