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  • That would be a great idea for a spin off. Occasionally Elijah would drop by and taunt him.

    New rehash:

    Have not watched it yet, but it's hosted by Malese Jow.

    Oh, and speaking of DG, he was at Channing Tatum's bar last night with Ian and Nina in NOLA. There's a pic floating around of him and Ian, but I have not sourced it.

    ETA TV's Top Couples is still going on:

    DE made it to Round Four, but they are up against a Glee couple. So . . .
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    • Not that anyone cares about this, but the guy in this pic sitting between Julie and Candice *is* Candice's boyfriend:

      It's Joe King from The Fray. d'oh!

      Now I know why she tweeted a link to this interview with Joe King recently:

      On a personal level, the 32-year-old hitmaker found himself in a “place” he’d never been before. Married when he was 19, King is now divorced, with some free time and some new “beginnings.”

      “Post-divorce and dating girls… Man, yeah, I’ve never done that. I’ve only been with one woman, so I definitely started to experience things and new ways of thinking. Making this album became this self-discovery thing,” he said.

      The result, in part, is lead single “Need a Woman” featuring Trombone Shorty, with the hooky refrain “I need a woman by Friday.” The first lyric: “I get addicted to beginnings.”

      "It’s about loving the beginnings of something, the flirtatiousness and that energy.”
      And this tweet makes even more sense:
      Candice Accola ‏@CandiceAccola
      Last night was one of my favorite Eps!And if you didn't cry at the end with @TheFray 's Joe King singing Ungodly Hour then you have no soul.
      And Julie was tweeting about Trombone Shorty while in NOLA.

      julieplec ‏@julieplec Just had a life-altering music experience and his name is Trombone Shorty. Holy wow. #neworleans
      Anyway, just wondering about the sequence of events . . . Julie went to a The Fray concert at the end if July, got invited backstage to meet them, and invited them to visit the TVD set in August. Is that when Candice met Joe? Or did all of that happen because Candice was *already* dating Joe? When did Candice and Zach split?

      I suppose I could comb through twitter and put it together, but nah.

      ETA Oh! And this explains why Candice spent half of her holiday break in Denver. That's where Joe is from.
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      • DG and RLC in NOLA:


        • Fangirl

          Could Damon die? Has Ian been cast in 50 Shades yet?
          Bitter Shipper


          • Oh, that's a good one. Just a beautiful vid and great song choice with interesting VOs.

            I especially love it whenever Klaus decides to captain the Good Ship Stelena . . . or really any time he gets all up in triangle bidness. Going to miss Gossipy Klaus when he moves on to NOLA.

            Okay, off to do some YouTubing of my own.


            • Since linda posted a S/E vid with a Daughter song, I'm posting a D/E vid with a Daughter song.

              It's from Angelurooj90, and it's 3 months old. But I must have missed it earlier, because I don't think I saw it when she first uploaded.

              D/E 'I Only Bring The Heat' . . .

              Another classic I didn't post when it was first made by Angel2010 back in August. D/E 'Brother's Girl.' . . .

              A brand new elegiac vid from naphie88 that suits my current mood perfectly. 'The Worst Day Of Loving Someone' . . .

              D/E. 'Drumming song' . . .

              D/E 'Get Up' . . .

              Elena/Jeremy (not like that, pervs). 'I can almost see you' . . .

              I guess there's no point in posting S/E vids, since linda doesn't like the ones I choose anyway!

              So here's Stefan/Rebekah instead. 'Lullabies' . . .


              • I don't like the D/E ones either.
                Bitter Shipper


                • Yeah, but I don't post those for you.


                  • I feel isolated.
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                    • Don't feel alone, girl! That vid awakened my (half-hearted) Stelena shipping!

                      I really, really do ship them over Delena, though shipping isn't my primary pleasure on this show--actually many of my primary pleasures have been destroyed by Elena becoming a vampire so now I'm wondering if I should become a bitter shipper instead?

                      I just can't ship anything this soon after Dair. It's too painful. So it's better to just keep my distance from TVD fandom in order to continue to enjoy other aspects of the show.
                      Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                      • S/E. 'I wanna be with you forever' . . .


                        • Dianne Sylvan's 4.12 recap:

                          She replaced 'the cure' with the THUNDERDICK! this time.

                          Elena, meanwhile, started getting all spunky when Rebekah had her and the others chained to that library table for what seemed like hours, and we get to keep Spunky Elena at least for this episode. I want whoever’s writing her dialogue right now to keep doing it. I could really like Elena if she wasn’t so freaking NICE all the time, if she rocked her vampire snark – if she tried to learn how to be a good vampire Elena instead of a vampire version of human Elena. We seemed to be headed in that direction when she was hooking up with Damon, but then they completely screwed it up with the whole sire bond thing. Regardless of how this whole THUNDERDICK! situation shakes out, she’s got to put on her big girl panties and her ass-stomping boots, pour some gasoline on her Petrova Fire, and get down to business. I want to see genuine badass Elena, not momentary “Oh, I did something naughty and now I must atone extra hard” Elena. I want to see the Salvabore brothers have to deal with an Elena who’s fully herself for herself and doesn’t give the furry crack of a rat’s ass what they think – they can either accept who she wants to be and help her reach that for herself, or they can jolly well fuck off and go a’moping all over the US if they please.
                          Starting to think the writers just don't want a 'badass' Elena, because they have worked so hard to keep a distinction between Elena and Katherine. But yeah, more agency for Elena absolutely.

                          KLAUS: So…what kind of spectacular coitus-mojo have you been working on Elena that makes her forget what a murdery sociopath you are?

                          It’s a reasonable question, but the best part is that Klaus’s motive in asking has nothing to do with Damon whatsoever. Klaus wants to know what exactly Damon does to make Elena forgive him – what he says to her, how he makes all his sins seem like nothing…because Klaus wants to do the same with Caroline, and having killed Tyler’s mother, it’s looking pretty grim on that front.

                          DAMON: Do bad things for good reasons – not only do you still get to do bad things, you might eventually get laid someday.

                          I’m assuming this is a lesson Damon learned after he fell for Elena – when he first arrived back in Season 1, he did plenty of bad stuff that wasn’t for good reasons. A lot of his actions back then were born out of wanting to get Katherine back, but there are others, like compelling and using Caroline, that had no believable basis in “higher good” whatsoever. I think that was one of the first things he figured out, once he started having genuine human feels.
                          Just a tiny pont of disagreement . . . compelling and using Caroline was ABSOLUTELY part of Damon's plan to get Katherine back. Otherwise, he had no way to get invited into the Founder's Day party to get his crystal back. Caroline was also pivotal in the part of his plan to discombobulate Stefan and drive him out of MF. The only naughtiness from early S1 that was *not* arguably part of the overall plan was killing Zack (but he kinda had to in order to get out of the cellar) and turning Vicki. Everything else fell under Damon's definition of doing bad things with a purpose.

                          But I agree with her that Damon probably would never have put things into 'is this forgivable' categories until he fell in love with someone whose forgiveness he actually needs to have.

                          Bex’s House

                          BEX: My brother’s dead. I am sad.

                          STEFAN: Yeah, I knew they were going to kill him, so, now you are mad.

                          BEX: I am mad.

                          STEFAN: We get THUNDERDICK and stick it to all of us. Everybody happy.

                          BEX: Well maybe not Elena, since she hasn’t actually said she wants–

                          STEFAN: EVERYBODY HAPPY.

                          BEX: Oh, okay. THUNDERDICK for everybody, yay yay.
                          ETA Oh, and a clarification . . . I was only addressing S1 Damon 'naughtiness'. S2 naughtiness, like Jeremy's much abused neck, (and poor Jessica's killing) obvs fall under 'unforgivable' by Damon's own categorization. There was no noble purpose there. But that's where he gets saved by the grace of Elena . . . she *is* an extremely forgiving person, even when confronted by what the perpetrator might see as an unforgivable act. She forgave Damon snapping Jeremy's neck, even though he did not deserve for her to. And she forgave Stefan almost driving her off Wickery Bridge for a selfish reason, even though he did not deserve for her to. That's the core of who Elena is, so it was right that Damon said that about her.
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                          • Oh, and I didn't post the rophydoes recap for 4.12 yet, right?

                            She meditates a bit on the necklace (which I suppose is still down in the cavern where vampires can't enter):
                            I’ve seen a lot of stuff on tumblr lately about the necklace and what it signifies. Mostly I’ve been forced to just scroll past it all because a) I don’t have time to read things when I’m trying to get these recaps out, and b) there is just so much hate between fans and it’s so depressing. But the gist of the argument, I think, was that the necklace is either a Stefan/Elena thing or a Damon/Elena thing or a Rebekah thing, thank you very much, and everyone wants to convince everyone else which it is.

                            But the thing is that it’s all of them. Yes, Damon kept finding that necklace and giving it back to Elena and that was so important, because from the first time he put it back on her in Fool Me Once it represented his growing determination to be real with her. And then when he returned it to her in Rose it was all about accepting that his feelings weren’t more important than Elena’s and Stefan’s and that maybe at the end of the day he’ll be happier if he lets them be happy. And then finally when he returned it to her in the season three premiere it was about hope – it was about telling her all was not lost. Sure, it was a devastatingly romantic moment for Damon and Elena and heralded what was to be their year, but it was also about Damon letting Elena hold on to Stefan and keep him close, because that is something that she needed to do to make it through her birthday, and every day after that till she could cope with the idea that he was lost to her.

                            Because, you know, as much as the necklace is important to Damon/Elena, it is also unequivocally a symbol of Stefan’s love for Elena. He gave it to her in the first place, after all, and it was to protect Elena from Damon – and it wound up protecting Damon from himself. If he’d been able to compel her early on before he knew her and grew to love her, who knows the kind of damage he could have done to his relationship with her. Damon/Elena could have been all over before it even started if it hadn’t been for that necklace. And no, Stefan did not give Elena some tacky piece of crap that he found on the floor of a speakeasy, okay haters? He gave her something that he felt inexplicably connected to in a moment of confusion and despair. He gave her something that was inextricably tied up with feelings of love deep down inside him beneath the compulsion to forget the person the love was about. And that’s why he gave it to Elena 80-something years later, when the love he felt was all about her. Stefan gave Elena something that represented hope because that is what she represented to him.

                            And now, you guys, hope is exactly what he represents to Rebekah, who first owned the necklace and who teased him with the idea that it had brought her love.

                            The necklace is important to all of them: Rebekah, Stefan, Elena and Damon. It’s ridiculous trying to pretend that it belongs to one ship or another. It belongs to them all.
                            I woud like one of the first things a human Stefan and human Rebekah (assuming we ever get there) do together is go down there and get her necklace back! That would be beautiful.

                            Anyway, she makes a case for Stebekah which is super lovely, but she's very evenhanded about it (and realizes it's not an OTP, even if it brings to OTP feels).

                            And she also has an interesting analysis of Elena's actions in this ep which are worth a read.

                            Oh, and although she had valid problems with the Klamon convos, she makes the same point that I have about Elena's capacity for forgiveness.

                            But the fact is that Elena forgiving Damon is all about Elena. It really has nothing to do with Damon, and that’s why I feel he got closest to the truth when he simply said that some people have a higher capacity for forgiveness than others. After all, people can pretend this is just about her forgiving Damon all they like, the fact is that she has forgiven Stefan for things that are just as terrible just as easily. Elena forgives everyone. I’m pretty sure that if Rebekah actually apologized and put killing her down to protecting her family, Elena would forgive her too. Heck, she forgave Elijah when he basically did the same thing. She forgave Tyler instantly when he almost got her killed and hugged him about it. She’s just a forgiver, okay? It’s what she does.
                            I always thought that Rebekah and Elena could clear up everything between them with a single moment of vulnerability on Bex's part. Elena was (in 3.08) very inclined to be sympathetic to Rebekah, and that should all still be there.

                            Now this gets messy:

                            And when Damon does bad things with a purpose these days, the purpose is always one Elena approves of on some level. Basically he’s either doing horrible things in the name of saving her life or keeping someone she loves safe. Whether or not she would have the audacity or the ruthlessness to do these things herself, she is, on some level, grateful that Damon has the audacity and the ruthlessness to do them. Therefore she is in no position to forgive him for them. She simply condones them, however uncomfortably.

                            Look, I’m not trying to split hairs here. I do get that there are some circumstances in which forgiveness and condoning are a messy mixture and it’s hard to say which is which. An example of this is the way Elena always saw love as a mitigating factor. Remember when she said back in season 1 that Damon believes that everything he’s done has been for love? That mattered to her. Where love is his purpose, Elena respects that, whether it’s love of her or love of Katherine or love of his brother or love of anybody at all.

                            But stuff like abusing and trying to kill Caroline had nothing to do with love, and Elena has to know that, and yet she forgave it. That’s the weird part – the fact that she has always forgiven Damon for harming the people she loves, in the name of his own selfish purposes or in the name of nothing at all. That’s the big ‘Why?’
                            Again, everyone keeps forgetting that Damon targeted Caroline and used her FOR A PURPOSE. It wasn't just about being a dick, although he was TOTALLY a dick. And yes, I guess he didn't have to be SO DICKISH to have her serve the same purpose. But it wasn't a random act or the same as the Jeremy neck snap. Even killing her when he was done with her was part of his 'cause mayhem/drive Stefan away before saving Katherine' plan.

                            But hey, wevs. It's been a long time since S1 and people forget the details.

                            And I think if Elena were compelled to tell the truth about it the answer would be threefold. First, she forgave Damon because he changed – because he proved multiple times over by repeated life-saving of her and the people she loves, and by other means, that the person who did terrible things for the sake of it was not the person he wanted to be anymore. Second, she forgave Damon because she wanted to – because she couldn’t help needing him and wanting him in her life – because whether she likes it or not, she was falling in love with him from the moment they met. And thirdly, she forgave Damon as she changed – as she grew up and realized that there are no absolutes in this world – that it is possible to be bad in the name of good – and that she was going to need to be able to go to that morally grey place herself if she wanted to survive and keep the people she loves safe.

                            And look, I’ve figured out a way to be okay with Damon’s explanation, more or less. I say to myself that between the lines what he meant is that he’s changed into someone who is only bad with a purpose now, and that that’s the reason why Elena forgives those earlier ‘Let’s get drunk and drown Carol Lockwood’ type transgressions. But I don’t feel that was made clear enough in the script. It came off like Damon was pointing to some fundamental difference between him and Klaus and Damon would never, because self-righteousness is the very most of UnDamon – because he is all about owning his misdeeds and seeing them for what they are.
                            Yeah, I saw it very much like that. Like Damon was sharing with Klaus a secret that Damon had *learned* over time. It's the same secret that will lay the foundations for Klaus' redemption arc in the spin off. That's what this convo was ultimately about. Planting spin off seeds.

                            Oh, and planting seeds that will hopefully allow them to get around Klaus killing everyone when he escapes the Gilbert living room. Because killing Elena and Jeremy and Bonnie? Not the best way to get on Caroline's good side.


                            • That Klamon conversation, to me, was ALL about the Klaroline feels. JoMo's face when it became obvious what he was asking Damon, just killed me.

                              I felt like this is where Klaus' mind was, post-Carol murder. He seemed very reserved in the episode between and I had fangirled in my mind that he was depressed about Caroline. So, I loved it when he expressed that. That Klaus was so desperate to fix this somehow, that he would admit this most vulnerable thing to Damon, of all people, was just beautiful. It wasn't about Delena at all, it was all about the Klaroline.

                              The first recap ophy posted is exactly how I felt about Elena in this past episode. I like her so much more when she doesn't try to be so nice. She is nice, but I need her to have some backbone about it. A more badass, self-assured, Elena is very high up on my needs for this season. She has changed, even before her transformation. She knows that the price to keep them all alive is very, very, high. I think she has decided that whatever they have to do to keep themselves safe, is worth it. And I agree. They are basically at war every day of their lives. Elena is just learning to do what it takes. Its sad to see it happen to her, but its totally necessary to survive. The Elena that led Kol into her house, to the slaughter, with no remorse is not the Elena we started with and that's a good thing.


                              • Eh, I doubt we should get too invested in KC feels. As delicious as they are, it's obvs never going to happen. *sigh*

                                I'm trying to let go. It ain't easy.

                                And yeah, that convo was chock full of shipper goodness, but I still think that it's going to be the theme underlying the spin off. We know Cami goes to Klaus to study good vs. evil, so I expect they will be expanding largely on exactly the sort of thing Damon told Klaus.