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  • Aww, that sucks! They were the cutest together and while I like Emanda and Daniel just fine on Revenge, their chemistry on screen does not compel me to add them to my list of must have RLTLings. And EW to the fact he used to date Miley. Man, for a funky faced girl, she sure does get some hottie boyfriends.


    • Awwwww, The Fug Girls absolutely loved Nina at Fashion Week.
      We've survived many a Fashion Week photo scrum from behind the lenses, and wondered how the celebrities ever manage to stand in front of them without wincing, fainting, or fleeing. But at Monique Lhuillier on Saturday night, we ended up experiencing a bit of it from the other side, because — through the magic of the universe — we were seated directly behind the two boldface names in attendance: The Vampire Diaries' Nina Dobrev, and Matthew McConaughey's fiancťe, Camilla Alves. As in, LITERALLY behind them. As in, while they posed both seated and standing, we were in an abundance of the photos and thus spent our time trying very hard to look like responsible, intelligent, mature adults with unimpeachable posture, and probably failed on all accounts because we were simultaneously trying to get good pictures for Twitter and the those things are often mutually exclusive. It's very hard to be blasť and calm while you're testing out your iPhone zoom and Googling how to spell McConaughey.

      The seats also got us close-up views of the gowns they wore, which in Alves' case was a stunning canary shade and for Dobrev was a beautiful bright blue. We are suckers for color, and they were exhibits A and B as to why the awards ceremonies are such a snooze when everyone shows up in some variation on a flesh tone. Our locale also afforded us a chance to chat informally with Dobrev and, whether we meant to or not, hear much of what she said to other people. And as it turns out, Nina Dobrev is lovely. Sincerely, everything we heard her say was warm and genuine, which after almost six years in the tents we can vouch almost never happens. She was nice to Camilla Alves, putting an arm around her when they were prompted to pose for pictures, and telling her they were best friends now. She was nice when we, two wackadoo strangers in winter coats, randomly popped our heads in to tell her what a hit her red Donna Karan Emmy dress was. She was nice when that led to reminiscing about Giuliana Rancic interviewing her on the red carpet, at which point Dobrev worried about how Giuliana was feeling post-cancer surgery and fretted that she hadn't been able to get in touch with her to wish her "good luck and good energy." She was nice about the clothes — and she was right; they were very impressive best-dressed Oscar bait ("I love awards season," Dobrev giggled to Alves) — and she was nice when we popped up again to suggest she order one of each of them for her closet. She was just… nice. We wonder if it's because she's Canadian. Think about everything kind that great nation has given us: Marty McFly, Captain Von Trapp, Jack Bauer, Celine Dion and her Mighty Fist-Pump of Passion, dill pickle potato chips, and now Elena Gilbert. And what have we done for them lately? Hopefully, this Valentine is a start.
      That's what everyone says about her, that she's just way too nice to be a H'wood starlet. She's probably lucky she films in ATL . . . she might be able to hold onto that Canadian niceness a little longer!


      • I can't believe you haven't posted on this thread in almost 24 hours! Must be a boring TVD day.
        Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


        • Ha! You're mean.

          I'm *trying* to ease off.

          But ANYWAY, Nina retweeted a Eletherine version of the EW cover, that is simply HOT. You know she is going to blow this one up and frame it for Ian's trailer.


          I would so like to see Elena get drunk and make out with Katherine someday. PLEASE.


          • Aww, I think it's sweet that Nina is so nice, but it's also boring. If she was just a little bitchier I would like her a lot more.

            I would so like to see Elena get drunk and make out with Katherine someday. PLEASE.
            I'm sure there are at least 300 terrible fics written about this very thing.


            • Looking for this pairing on gave me so my joy for the last five minutes.

              This is my favorite synopsis:

              i wont say im in love by pyxiegirl reviews
              Damon and Elena are small town country farm kids who are very poor but when their dad makes business with the pierce family to get enough money to keep their farm how will they keep from falling in love with Katherine and Stefan if gay love is forbidden
              Yes, how will they keep from falling in love if gay love is forbidden?
              Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


              • YES.

                HOW WILL THEY.

                Well, I had wondered if Mrs.Paul was there at the Naked!photo shoot . . .

                Nina Dobrev and her hot Vampire Diaries costars Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder are giving everyone a little Valentine’s Day treat thanks to their three steamy Entertainment Weekly covers, which were released on Friday. And Nina tells OK! that she was as excited as her fans to catch a glimpse of the final product!
                “Love it. I’ve never been so naked in my life,” Nina told OK! at Nylon magazine's February Issue party at the Mondrian SoHo in NYC on Saturday.
                And although she’s used to getting hot and heavy with Paul and Ian by now — come on, they film racy scenes for their hit CW show all the time — Nina does admit the shoot was a bit awkward.
                “Those kind of photo shoots, and those kinds of scenes, are always a little uncomfortable,” she added at the Christian Siriano Fall 2012 Fashion Show, “because there’s a lot of people watching you.”
                As for what Paul’s wife and costar Torrey DeVitto thinks of her hubby’s sexy cover… She adores it, duh!
                “Love it. Love it,” Torrey told OK! at the Mara Hoffman Fall 2012 Fashion Show over the weekend. “I was actually at the shoot. I was watching them do it, and I just think it looks amazing. I think he looks incredible, Ian looks incredible, Nina looks beautiful. I love it. I was like, if I was a single girl and I walked past this on Valentine’s Day, I’d buy it.”
                And so would.. we mean, so did we!
                Such a good sport.

                Also! I believe we might have a THREE WEEK hiatus after this week's ep. The next ep will be the 1912 flashback ep, which is suppose to be heavy on what Damon was up to back then. There's a new still of it at the below link, and a little more about the new character Sage.


                Proving that you can't keep a good bad girl down, Smallville alum Cassidy Freeman returns to The CW to bedevil another crazy-hot cast. "I guess they're trying to tell me something," says the former Tess Mercer with a laugh. "When I was cast on Smallville, I was like, 'Really? Evil angry girl?' Because I can't stop laughing in real life."

                In the March 15 Vampire Diaries episode — a flashback to 1912 — Freeman plays Sage, a bloodsucker with ties to the Originals, as well as Ian Somerhalder's Damon. "She [is] really aware of what being a vampire is and owns it," says Freeman, who says it "has been a dream to play a vampire" and that she was "jumping for joy" when she got the part. Sage will also resurface in modern-day Mystic Falls with a murky agenda. "She comes back for good reasons, but she is [out] for herself."
                I'm guessing we will get some olde tymey naked Damon!


                WE HAVE TO WAIT 'TIL MARCH 15.

                I am really not sure how I am going to handle this. *deep breath*

                At first glance, it looks like Damon's 1912 wig is a vast improvement on 1864.


                • It will be okay. We still have fan vids. And the nonstop social media machine that is TVD.
                  Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                  • Wouldn't you watch the heck out of this show?


                    I want the Originals to move to a Park Avenue penthouse, and bring Matt along as their houseboy. Wacky fish-out-of-water hijinks for Finn, Kol cutting a swathe through the debutantes, Rebekah being the ultimate socialite mean girl, and Elijah being Elijah and doing whatever the hell he wants. Klaus can chuck it all in to be a carriage driver in Central Park, and take care of horses. It would be swell!



                      on the vampire diaries last week, witchy esther set in motion a clever scheme to take down her dastardly son, klaus: She bound all of the original siblings together with a spell, so that if one of them were to be taken out, they would all die. This sort of mass annihilation would send panic into the heart of any fan of the cw series (airing thursdays at 8/7c), but elijah’s portrayer, daniel gillies, tells tvline that he’s “never concerned” about his job security. “at this stage, i’m a veteran of death,” he quips. “i’ve died four time on this show alone.”

                      mind you, that doesn’t mean elijah is just going to lie down and give up. “obviously, he’s not going to be terribly happy about” the spell, previews gillies. “they’re now bonded in potential death. It’s going to be pretty terrifying.”

                      so much so that, if there’s one thing the usually moral vampire knows, it’s that now “[esther] needs to be taken out,” continues the actor. Easier said than done, with a sorceress that powerful! But the michaelson brothers – elijah, klaus, kol and finn – and sis rebekah might be able to get the upper hand on mom if they join forces. “when a collective of people know they could potentially die, it makes them powerful,” explains gillies.

                      “i’m really eager to look at that kind of unity between them, because it’s exciting for me when i watch the originals working together,” he adds. “they look like a new television show.” (yes, he’s aware of the fans’ pleas for an originals spin-off and says he’ll do “whatever they tell me. I’d love to be a part of something new like that.”)

                      as for elijah and elena’s blossoming friendship, “there’s going to be some hell to pay there,” teases gillies. After all, she handed over her blood for the spell, which “led him to the gallows in a sense. She really didn’t hesitate to betray him.”

                      but perhaps the biggest threat to elijah’s life is gillies’ new tv project, saving hope, which “starts [filming] in a month or so,” says the actor. When we voiced our concern about what the potential new series means for his diaries alter ego, he assured us that he could do both shows. “when i’m shooting [saving hope], it’s in the off season of the vampire diaries,” he explains, adding, “and i can always come back. … wild horses couldn’t drag me away from the vampire diaries.”
                      squeeing forever.


                      • More from the DG sit down:

                        Their mother’s spell was put into place last week, even though some fans noticed that Elijah didn’t appear to swallow the drink that would bind them all. “In the best of times, I’ll always try and create a question mark,” Gillies says about the ambiguity of the scene. “Even when I was doing that, I was thinking ‘it’s just always nice for them to have the sense of suspicion.’ Look, that’s in the editor’s hands. I did one like that; I did one where I was gulping it down. I kind of just wanted to create something enigmatic.”

                        Executive Producer Julie Plec said last week that Elijah and the others definitely did drink, but Gillies is still unsure of what will happen next. “They really keep us in the dark. They could go down that road. I don’t know. I know as much about my future as you guys do,” though he did admit that it appears that things are already set in motion. “He’s going to have to stop that,” Daniel says.

                        Another important thread last week concerned Elena and her hesitation to basically doom Elijah to death. Hopeful fans have noticed a chemistry between the two actors, a fandom that Gillies is aware of. “Look. Nina Dobrev and I just like working with each other. I think a lot of people just read into that. Maybe we’re a little too flirty with each other, and it just ends up in what we’re doing. That’s all it is,” he says. But will Elijah still be so loyal once he’s realized what she’s done? “I doubt it,” he says. “But then again, he’s able to forgive Klaus for some atrocities. I think that if he thinks people are doing things in their best interest, then he’s probably relatively forgiving. You’ll just have to see.”

                        One of the perhaps unexpected things about Elijah is how warmly he has been accepted by the Vampire Diaries fan base. What does Gillies think? “I’m so grateful for it,” he says. “I’ve never really had a character like this before. My response to it that I’m extremely flattered. It’s what you would hope for, whenever you take a role. I had no idea that he would have the effect he did.”

                        “I was saying something to a journalist the other day, that I think that he appeals to this classical idea of a vampire,” Daniel explains. “God knows we are inundated with vampires right now. We’re just submerged. Everywhere we look, we see vampires. Now, Hunger Games is going to come along and eclipse all of it. Thank Goodness, to an extent. But what’s interesting to me, but I think that [Elijah] appeals to this older idea, this older mythology, this older motif of what a vampire actually is. I think that that’s something that Elijah represents. I could be guessing.”

                        “e does represent something that Bram Stoker tried to create originally. Especially when he’s with [Elena],” Gillies continues. “I think that that’s what also makes their scenes fun. They have an ancient quality to them. Within the context of the show, it’s the doppelganger and Elijah, his much younger self. In a greater sense, with popular culture, something’s resonating that looks like the older vampire and the maiden.”

                        Another thing noticed by the fandom is that Elijah doesn’t seem to have been seen feeding as of yet, despite being a vampire. “I’m eager to see why that’s revealed. It’s really cool, actually. This is a testament to how awesome Julie Plec is,” he says, saying that he and Julie Plec have spoken about holding on to that mystery.

                        Those fans who are enamored by The Originals and would like to see more of them may have an ally in Gillies, who doesn’t directly say that he’d like an Originals spin-off, but seems to heavily imply it. “I always kind of want to see the adult version of this show,” he says. “I’ve said it like ten times in different things. I’m not trying to plant a seed, but I would in a heartbeat. I’d do anything that Julie Plec wants me to do. But if she and Kevin wanted to go and make something a little more adult with these characters, that would be really exciting to me. I do like the idea of getting him closer to this idea about them operating discretely within a contemporary world. I do like the idea of them being somewhere like New York, and operating out of there, and being almost Mafia-like. That, to me, is a really exciting idea. Trying to maintain the secrecy of their condition, but also trying to satiate this desire for power which they all seem to have.”
                        YES. A thousand times YES. I need to see Elijah ruling over Manhattan. NEED IT.

                        If all the other CW shows are tanking, then WHY NOT? The Originals can move to NY, and they can produce that vampire musical I was hoping for. You just know Rebekah and Kol want to be stahs.

                        More from Julie Plec:
                        Now, we'll meet Sage ("Smallville" star Cassidy Freeman), a vampire who helped Damon become the delicously devious guy we met in the pilot.

                        "I haven't seen [her episode], I've only heard that she's awesome," Plec says. "Cassidy Freeman's character is a vampire that we'll meet in our 16th episode, which is the first episode in March back. The episode is called '1912' and it's timed about 100 years ago... when Damon was still the Damon that walked out the door in a huff of disappointment and piousness when his brother was out of control in 1864."

                        Sage, described as "ballsy and sexy and dynamic and fun," will have a major influence on Damon -- whether a good influence or a bad influence, we'll let you decide. Plec adds, "Somewhere between 1864 and the pilot episode Damon became the Damon that we know and love. This episode kind of gives us a little glimpse into that and what this character Sage had to do with it."

                        You may have picked up on a particularly loaded moment between Original little bro Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic) and Damon when they met at the Ball this week. If you recall, Damon suggested that he and Kol may have met before, and Kol said, "You don't particularly stand out," dismissively. When "Dangerous Liaisons" was filmed, the writers had intended to explore a bit of backstory between the characters in 1912.

                        "Our intention was to have them cross in a very fun 'who was that guy?' kind of moment," Plec tells us, "but then we ended up the story went in a different direction. We had a whole great Damon/Kol night out." The moment was never actually written or shot, so don't expect to see it on your DVD extras. It featured a lighthearted drunken bar brawl. "A kind of drunk, don't remember anything, but in our drunk night of brotherhood we had a moment [thing]," Plec says. It'll have to live on in your imaginations.

                        Another thing we won't see? What went down with Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Kol during that era. We know that Kol was daggered and stuck in a coffin around 1912, but Plec tells us we won't get more details in the episode about what Kol did that set Klaus off. When we ask if we'll ever get to see that story unfold, Plec wavers, given the fact that right now, it would appear that the Original family is not long for this world. "As long as the Originals are alive there are stories to tell about their pasts with each other and how they ended up in those coffins," she says carefully.

                        The same holds true for the story of Tatia, the Original Petrova, who we should not expect to see this season. That's a story that will only be told if Klaus or Elijah survives into Season 4, Plec explains. "[It's a question of] how many originals are left to tell the tale when all is said and done. If there's any standing, maybe that's a story we'll tell one day," she teases.

                        There's vid at that link, too, with a bit more from tonight's ep. Some interesting stuff, but mildly spoilery!


                        • Spend 17 minutes listening to Daniel Gillies talk about Elijah (or 'Elijer' in his accent). *swooning forever and ever and ever* :

                          Rachel Leigh Cook is one lucky bastard.

                          Also, he *really* wants an Original's spinoff where they move to NY and are Mafia-like.

                          WE ARE BRAIN TWINSIES.
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                          • If I refuse to watch tonight's episode, it'll be like the hiatus NEVER happens, right??? RIGHT???

                            Oh dear. I'm already almost hyperventilating.


                            • I think I swallowed my own tongue watching this ep. Beeksus!

                              RIC!!!! How many times does a man gotta die, for beek's sake? He truly is the TVD version of South Park's Kenny. I guess we had better hope that Mrs. Paul is actually a ghost or something. But DUDE! Damon was right. She's eeeeeeevil.

                              Also, you knew Damon was going to rig the coin toss. That was totes obvs. And totes in character. And it was totes in character for Stefan to let him. And I am totes going to stop saying totes.

                              I kinda like the way they left things. Finn and Esther were the only disposable Originals, so that worked out well. And we now have (yet another!) way to kill Klaus if necessary. What, does this make the FOURTH possible way to kill Klaus The Unkillable? The dude has AMAZING luck, really. Not so much with women, though. ha!

                              And it's all left very open ended for Klaus and Rebekah to hang around, which I like. And for Elijah to come back at some point, which I SUPER like. Kol can come back, too, because he adds a little bit of elfin pixie danger to every scene he is in. Do love an unpredictable Original.

                              I am actually intrigued by the idea of Bonnie having a vampire mom. Kinda makes the Bennetts interesting for once.

                              Oh! And it looks like I wasn't the only one wondering about Stefan's feeding habits. Damon was wondering, too. And now that's answered, and I'm satisfied. I think it's interesting that he was able to do his rehab alone, though. Kinda makes the whole big deal Lexi made about it seem silly.


                              • But before Elena? Stefan didn't have the redemptive power of LOVE. Blech.

                                Your post made me LOL because I said: OMG! They killed poor Alaric again! And Mr. Is said--swear to God!--he really is the Kenny of this show! He dies every other week.
                                Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.