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  • So . . . let me get this straight . . . Elijah is gone, Esther is gone, Caroline doesn't love him, the Salvatores have zero leverage . . . nothing is now stopping Klaus from ripping out the Bros hearts, bringing back his hybrid army, locking Elena up in a blood drainage room, and killing everyone in town, right?

    Well, that should make for a very short rest-of-the-season.


    • But first! Klaus and Rebekah have to find a tree and chop it down. I guess.
      Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


      • DanGills has been doing a ton of press lately. From EW:
        Gillies has had a lot of epic moments on TVD (including shattering windows with mere coins and surviving four deaths!), but his favorite was a much simpler scene that didn't make the final cut of a season two episode. "They cut this one moment out and it was my favorite moment," Gillies tells us. "It was the most beautiful piece of writing. I love scenes when they're very, very simple."

        So what moment was it? Surprise, surprise: it was a moment between Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Elijah, which he describes as "succinct and pure." During a scene between the two characters, Elena does something and Elijah just stares at her. "She goes, 'What? What is it?' and Elijah says, 'It's nothing. You remind me of what I liked about being human.'" I liked it. I just thought it was one of the best things they ever wrote." Beautiful writing, indeed!
        And this bit about JoMo:
        As for his real-life bromance with Morgan, who plays his brother Klaus, Gillies says they bonded over something they both love: "Cocaine. We both do a lot of cocaine together, but his is much better than mine. It was just a natural ascension to a relationship. We both just really enjoy mountains and mountains of snow white blow." Don't worry, people, Gillies was clearly kidding. On a more serious note, he says, "He's just such a good guy. I just love Joseph. He's just very, very funny and he's only gotten funnier. It's weird, the cockier he's gotten, the more arrogant and everything, he's gotten funnier." Yeah, we're pretty sure he was joking about that whole arrogant thing, too!
        Ha! This is what happens when you talk to like, fifteen journalists in the same day.


        • Random thought . . . the fact that that Stefan and Damon made each other admit that they still loved Elena AGAIN last night was kind of silly. They have now both proclaimed their love for Elena (more or less) every night for three nights in a row. It had only been 48 hrs since their big confessional in the woods!

          Why would either of them honestly believe anything had changed emotionally in 48 hrs? Seriously a bit dumb. We get it. You both love Elena. No shit, sherlocks. It's kind of the bedrock upon which the show had been built after all. You don't need to go around saying it all the time. Sometimes less is more.

          Also, you realize there are ZERO couples in MF right now, right? Alaric and Meredith were *almost* the one and only couple, and then . .. bang!


          • Okay, I have a little hiatus survival playlist for those who are interested in such things.

            First up, the songs, arranged by season.

            Running Up That Hill - Placebo (Pilot episode - Stefan being nostalgic and emo)
            Cut - Plumb (Stefan and Elena's first time. Ahem.)
            Down - Jason Walker (From 1x06 Lost Girls, Elena tells Stefan she needs him)
            Cosmic Love - Florence + the Machine ( Isobel and Alaric from 1x11)
            Run - Leona Lewis (Bonnie's grams dies)
            All I Need - Within Temptation (The dance at the Miss Mystic Falls pageant)
            Bloodstream - Stateless (Katherine and Damon kiss on the porch)

            Come Home - One Republic (Damon in Elena's bedroom, right before he snaps Jeremy's neck)
            We Radiate - Goldfrapp (Caroline and Elena in the car, this song is just Caroline to me, all golden and shiny and breathless)
            Head Over Heels - Digital Daggers (Katherine's dance with Stefan)
            I Was Wrong - Sleeperstar (Damon compels Elena to forget that he said he loves her)
            Skinny Love - Birdy (Elena prepares for Jenna and Uncle John's funeral)
            I Should Go - Levi Kreiss (Damon lays dying in the S2 finale)

            Are We There Yet - Ingrid Michaelson (beginning of 3x01, Elena waking up)
            Make it Without You - Andrew Belle (Damon gives Elena her necklace back on her birthday)
            Echo - Jason Walker ("I want you to remember all of the things you felt while he was gone")
            Go Outside - Cults (Caroline asks Elena if she is switching Salvatores)
            Will Do - TV On The Radio (from 3x5, Damon and Katherine in the car)
            Torch Song - Shady Bard (Damon finds Elena in the hospital and carries her to his house)
            We Don't Eat - James Vincent McMorrow(Elena and Damon's pillow talk in 3x08)
            Holding On and Letting Go- Ross Copperman (Elena and Damon kiss on the porch)
            Punching In A Dream - The Naked and The Famous (Damon in the shower after the kiss)
            Give Me Love - Ed Sheeran (The dance at the Mikaelson ball)
            Poison and Wine - The Civil Wars (played while Elena was calling the Salvatores in the morning 3x15)

            And I have added to my playlist these songs, which are from (very good) fanvids:

            Dead Hearts - Stars :
            A Thousand Years - Christina Perri:
            Safe and Sound - Taylor Swift :
            Somebody That I Used To Know - Gotye:

            If listening to those songs on repeat are not enough to get you through the next few weeks, I suggest playing the following fanvids at least two or three times per day:

            Give Me Love :
            Now matter how I try . . . :
            I'm mad because I love you:
            You're Better Than Both Of Us:
            You're Better Than Both Of Us (yes, a different one) :
            Love That's The Point:
            Color The Sky :
            If I Bite Your Poison Apple :
            No Light No Lights :
            We Kissed Now It's Weird:
            Can we have a moment? :
            Switching Salvatores:
            When I kill someone they are supposed to stay dead:
            Elijah/Damon Everybody Loves Me:

            Okay, that ought to do it!

            But if it doesn't suffice, I can also suggest a specific re-watch schedule that should ease the pain of separation. Just let me know.

            As for me . . . I'll be over in the corner, sobbing for the next 28 days.
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            • I love how Stefan kept telling Damon to stop pretending he wasn't in love with Elena. It made me think I missed an episode. When was he pretending that? Stefan has been pretending that all season. Damon just got drunk one time and angry fucked another girl.

              Didn't we call that Stefan would take like 5 episodes to get off the human blood when in the past it took decades? He's just like he was last season except he glares a lot more. It takes him less time to come back from tearing bodies into pieces than it did in season 1 when he almost killed that girl that time.


              • I love your list and your sched, ophy! I will be here for you during this difficult time!

                And, yes, Stefan is almost back to being boring he's on such good behavior.
                Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                • He hasn't broken out the hoodies yet, so there is still time to save interesting Stefan!

                  This person has said a lot of what I have been thinking:

                  Quite simply, they dropped the ball on the Stefan storyline and its brought Damon & Elena down with it. They tried to give us Ripper Stefan, but they’ve nearly retconned that whole thing. Stefan said it would take him years to get off the blood bender, but nope, it only took the power of Elena’s magical hooha to convince him to give it up. There’s just no payoff for that storyline. They appear poised to have Damon back off Elena and bring back good Stefan, resetting the board, and I am just not down with that. Where are the consequences? Where’s the character growth?

                  Part of the problem here it that the Salvatores keep having these discussions about their shared love for the same girl WITHOUT EVER CONSULTING THAT GIRL ABOUT HER FEELINGS. Damon assumes she still chooses Stefan over him, and gives up without a fight.
                  And I so agree about this:
                  Elena should choose herself for the time being. I can’t abide by her taking Stefan back with no consequences. He did horrible things, to innocents and to her. There needs to be a redemption story for him. I’m fine with her not choosing Damon right now. When/if she does that, I don’t want it to be because Stefan is broken. And she should be clear to both Salvatores that she’s taking some time and space. They’ve done way too much negotiating this triangle without consulting her. She needs to reclaim her power.

                  Stefan’s recovery from the blood binge needs to take time and be bumpy. This does two things: it makes sense with what they’ve told us, that it wouldn’t be easy, and it gives us a Stefan storyline where we can root for him outside of Elena and Damon.
                  Yes, yes, yes, and YES.

                  The more time the men on this show spend talking about Elena and her future and 'what's best for her' without her BEING IN THE BEEKING ROOM, the creepier it gets. Stop being insufferable martyrs that needs their asses kicked, and start involving THE PERSON you are talking about.

                  TAKE BACK THE NIGHT, ELENA.

                  She *is* most likely better off without both of them (in a romantical sense), but she needs to make that call. And she need to make that clear.
                  Sit them both down in the Salvatore living room with a glass of bourbon (so they have something to throw in the fireplace after she leaves) and say 'listen up, boys. You need each other more than you need me and you love each other more than you love me, and that's okay. We can all be okay with that. So you two take care of each other, and let me and my alcoholic daydrunk guardian take care of me. Stop killing people to save me, stop turning people to save me, STOP MAKING MY DECISIONS.'

                  And we definitely need to see Stefan actually dealing with whatever rehab he is doing on his own, because right now he's too much The Man of Mystery. We get it, he's not St. Stefan anymore. And he's not Rippah anymore either. So we need to figure out this New Stefan, and he's not giving us that much to work with yet.


                  • So true. But my personal opinion is that the best way for Elena to get her power back is through dirty sexin'. I'm kind of hoping they are just setting up some sort of backslide for Stefan that shows he's really not as cured as it seems.

                    Ophy, I'm going to have to pace myself going through those vids to make sure I don't run out before the next episode.


                    • No worries! I'm giving the vidders a few days to mull things over, and then I will be back to post more vids during the hiatus. Hopefully some good triangle ones that use Poison and Wine as the soundtrack. Right now, folks seem mostly obsessed with making 8 billion new Give Me Love vids.

                      None of the ones I posted are Stelena, btw. They are all either Delena, Triangle (my faves), or general TVD.

                      The vid I am obsessed with right now is this triangle vid: Somebody That I Used To Know - Gotye:

                      And the triangle one I was obsessed with last week (although it's a bit dark) is Dead Hearts - Stars :

                      Would so love to see them use those songs in an ep.

                      My next task is to dig up some good fic for the break. That's going to take some serious research, though.


                      • You make me take this show so much more seriously than I used to! I just want them to vamp and make out and kill off lots of random characters.

                        I was pretty horrified by them turning Bonnie's mom. I mean, I'd kinda break up with them for that.
                        Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                        • Okay, this manip creeps me the beek out:

                          ANYWAYS, yeah, I just can't see Elena being okay with Abby's turning at all (for awhile anyway . . . like half an episode). Especially if Bonnie is torn up about it. I'm not saying the Bros had any good choices . . . and it seems like Damon actually spent some time calculating 'which action is Elena likely to get over/forgive first?' before deciding on turning Abby, and he was probably right. She's certainly forgiven him far worse. It was like he made sure this killing had an asterisk, like the way he got lucky with the ring when he 'killed' Jeremy.

                          Again, S1 Damon would have just snapped a neck without bothering to turn her. He may have snapped both of their necks, just to make sure the dead battery plan worked. But this Damon is not that Damon, and I'm glad to see that they are keeping some character progression. You can be snarky and badass and make the tough decisions without indulging in mindless dickitude for dickitude's sake.

                          But! I'm hoping it horrifies Elena just enough, and for just long enough, that it acts as the catalyst for the throw down she needs to have with her boyfriends.


                          • Success!

                            A pretty good multi-character TVD vid using Poison and Wine was uploaded 20hrs ago:
                            I Don't Love You But I Always Will:

                            Okay, for realsies I teared up at the end.



                              From this tumblr:

                              Man, I wish someone would finally just beeking DO it. This show soooooo needs better witches.


                              • Ugh. I tried to go over to TWOP (since nobody is talking to me about TVD HERE, damn you all), but the sheer amount of Elena hate was overwhelming. I had forgotten what a bitter hive mind that place could be. All of the posters sound alike and say the same damn thing. "Elena should DIAF. Elena should GTFO. Elena is the worst. Why couldn't Bex have just BBQed Elena? Whyyyyyyyyyy?????"

                                And they are up in arms over Poor Bonnie, and how evil everyone in town is to Poor Bonnie, and how Poor Bonnie never gets good enough storylines. Um . . . did it ever occur to you geniuses that maybe the exec producers would *like* to give Bonnie better storylines, but that Kat Graham just can't handle the material? Because it certainly has occurred to me.

                                Anyway, that place is useless. They act like Elena = Dawson, and that's JUST NOT TRUE.

                                I was on a Russian Nina Dobrev site (the things we do during a hiatus!), but I don't speak Russian, so this could be a very old picture . . . but it was in a set of bts pics from S3, so I have just no idea when it's supposed to be from, or if that's even Elena in the pic (hey, could be Katherine-as-Elena, right? Hopefully?). I just don't remember a scene like this that has already happened this season . . . . but it doesn't seem possible that it's from an upcoming ep given the circumstances we are in right now re: the triangle. But maybe? They should be filming 3.18 or 3.19 by now, so it would have be from towards the very end of the season, if it's recent. And it was posted in the area that suggested that it was brand new.

                                Anyway, sorry for the long preamble, but this is a kinda boring, but potentially spoilery? and therefore kinda? interesting picture:

                                What does this MEEEEEEAAAAAAAN???? Stefan is not wearing a hoodie, so he can't have completed his transformation back to St. Stefan *already*, right? I almost expect to see Damon peering from behind the curtain in the window, with one perfect crystalline tear on his face. I really don't know how to feel about the possibility that Elena and Stefan are strolling casually around town as a couple again after he opened this season STACKING THE BODIES BACK TOGETHER OMB. And you would have thought they would save any major coupling or re-coupling for the season finale cliffhanger. Maybe this is just a confusing interlude right before Elena decides to sneak into Damon's bed or something.

                                ETA because HA! Upon re-looking, I might have misinterpreted the whole thing. I thought Stefan and Elena were clearly holding hands, but maybe that's just a phone in his hand, and she has hers in her pocket?
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