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  • I love when you obsess. It's as good as a Fage Greek Yogurt with Fruit or Honey to me.

    I actually immediately though that was a phone in his hand and had no idea what you were talking about! Hee!

    Also? I have flirted with the idea of returning to TWOP to set several boards straight, not the least of which is the OUAT board. While I find it a smidge eye rolly that *everything* revolves around Elena and I find it a little weird that so many ancient peeps who have been to every corner of the globe are happy to spend a few years mooning over a nice, pretty girl in Mystic Falls I also get that we don't have a show otherwise. And Elena? Is actually really nice and thoughtful and lovely. She's not perfect but she tries so hard to do the right thing by everybody that I don't get why anyone could hate her.

    I also never really felt comfy with the intense Joey hatred in the DC fandom. And, at the very least, Joey was a waffling asshole about 1/2 the time.

    What was I saying? I love TVD for the glorious twisty cheese that it is but I also know that if this show has a "moral" to the story? It's that you shouldn't date vampires. They tend to go all serial killer-y or snap your brother's neck or torture women for sport. They're assholes. Stefan and Damon are both total assholes. Sure, they are hot, romantic anti-hero assholes who will do anything to save the girl (so long as it doesn't mean killing the other--"bros before Elena" is like their motto) and I'd like Elena to be slightly less level-headed and sweet and have some awesome vampire sex. But I really don't want her to "end up" with either of these dangerous lunatics. I don't want her to become a vampire, either.

    One thing that bothers me (and you'll probably have a better answer having watched the early seasons all at once): If Stefan didn't have a little love spot left for Katherine then why did he "have to know" Elena? He came to Mystic Falls for her. And there was some corny retcon that he saved her the night her parents died (am I remember right?) but what did he care about her for if not because she was the doppelganger? I've always felt perplexed by that.
    Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


    • And Elena? Is actually really nice and thoughtful and lovely. She's not perfect but she tries so hard to do the right thing by everybody that I don't get why anyone could hate her.
      I know, right? I really feel like a lot of the hate at TWOP is mostly shipper influenced. She won't love their woobie Damon the way he 'deserves' to be loved, therefore she MUST DIE. But they are too cool to admit to being shippers, so they just coin themselves Damon fans alone, and then seethe about the girl he worships.

      But I'm Team Elena forever and always. She's one of my fave heroines. Not saying she doesn't miscalculate often, but it's almost always from a place of empathy or wanting to do right. Such a big heart that she can forgive all kinds of crazy vampire shenanigans. She won me over forever when she kept trying to sacrifice herself up to Elijah and Klaus, because it just seemed so brave and pure. I know, a lot of folks were like, what a dumbass - but I thought it was lovely that she could accept her death so fully and completely and on her own terms. But she's not so saintly that she doesn't have a monster fetish, because girlfriend sure does. But! I was happy to see how much stronger she has become this year, because she *has* to toughen up if she is going to continue down this path.

      And vampires are SUCH ASSHOLES. Amen to that.

      There was a Racialicious article about how witches are treated on TVD, where someone said "And I'm supposed to find a couple of former-slave-owning serial killer rapists dreamy? Not going to happen." But that's trying to cram vampires into human morality, like I was doing the first week I spent catching up on the show. It's the fabulous and refreshing thing about a show full of morally ambiguous supernaturals, that you can operate outside of the social norms, break every single rule, and truly *be* an asshole without seriously worrying about alienating the other characters or the audience. I mean, it's been forever since anyone even gave a thought to Stefan's body count from just a couple of months ago . . . I can't think of any other show where that would cease to be an issue so quickly. But hey, our serial killer rapists are HOT, so that's okay!

      I'd like to see them follow up on what Alaric said when he forced his way onto the Council: "Some of them may be family or friends, but they are still supernatural. They don't follow our rules or our laws, they look after themselves, and that's what we need to do." If I was human, I'd be out of that town so damn fast, because they are doing a piss poor job of looking after themselves. Klaus promised to 'protect the town', and then compelled a bunch of blondes to come and hang out and wear gold lame and be eaten just a week later. But maybe they were from a neighboring town?

      But, yeah, I agree. Doesn't matter what they say, or how cute they are, they are all dangerous lunatics. Except *maybe* Caroline, who seems to have managed to stay the most in touch with human morality so far. Although, even Caroline has a short list of very questionable acts . . . besides using compulsion and killing the carny, she basically slaughtered two innocent human deputies to save two morally bankrupt (but HOT) vampires. And there was never any responsibility taken or consequences suffered from that.

      If Stefan didn't have a little love spot left for Katherine then why did he "have to know" Elena? He came to Mystic Falls for her. And there was some corny retcon that he saved her the night her parents died (am I remember right?) but what did he care about her for if not because she was the doppelganger? I've always felt perplexed by that.
      I don't think that was a retcon at all, actually! It was pretty early in S1 that Stefan-saving-Elena was revealed, and there seemed to be some weirdness about her parents' death from Stefan even in the pilot. (I just re-watched the pilot today . . . and yes, I'm doing a whole three season re-watch during the hiatus, if the ophyboy takes enough naps). So I think that was always intended to be the story. He went to save her dad, who was the only one conscious, but her dad made him save Elena instead.

      So he pulled her from the car, and then freaked out because he thought she *was* Katherine. And he hung around town for months trying to figure out if she was Katherine just pretending to be a high school girl for some reason (not such a crazy idea, now that we know Katherine better!). Once he figured out that she was nothing like Katherine, he fell in love-thru-stalking. He watched her in a completely creepy fashion. He researched her family history, found her birth certificate, and looked through the hospital records - which is how he figured out she was adopted, and was most likely descended from Katherine. He didn't know anything about doppelgangers or Petrovas (only Damon knew that Katherine's real name was Katerina Petrova), so he didn't know Elena was 'special' in any supernatural way. So we are supposed to think that she caught his interested because of the resemblance (like it was a mystery he was trying to solve), but that he stayed in town because he fell in love with her by observing her.

      Oh, and I don't believe for a SECOND that Stefan doesn't still have feelings for Katherine. No way. I'm secretly a bit of a Steferine shipper. I think he will be the one to save her! Well, someday, when she wants to be saved.

      I LOVE you for continuing to talk to me about this stupid show. I got my mom hooked just so I would have someone IRL to discuss it with, but she has a brain like a sieve and it's impossible to have a real conversation. "Now, wait . . . you said that Steven left town with Nicholas because he was saving Damien, but I thought they were friends, and that Steven was dating Nicholas's sister Rachel? Is that right? Does Ellen know that Steven used to date Rachel? Now which one is the werewolf? Is Rachel also a werewolf? Since Taylor bit Carol, does that means she is a werewolf now, too?" GRRRRRRR.

      ETA because my mom calls Tyler 'Taylor', not 'Tyson'.
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      • at your mom!

        I would rewatch S1 if I had naps to watch over instead of all this stupid editing for all these stupid clients! *sigh*

        I sort of forgot that bit about Stefan. I wasn't that into Stefan/Elena early on. I thought Stefan was kinda Edward-boring. And it was all about the whacked out plot and death count for me.
        Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


        • Wait, I had more to say!

          I think it's really creepy how fandoms (particularly where a triangle is involved) take on this "hate the girl" vibe because she doesn't "deserve" the guy you like best. Totes creepy, IMO.

          I also think that the moral ambiguity of the supernaturals is totally normal, in a weird way. I mean, on the continuum of time humans are pathetic and temporary. And the world is huge. The reason Caroline is so normal is because she's still in high school, trying to play it out in a normal way. Life is REAL long when you're a vampire and you see how short it is for your friends. I wish they would flash forward 200 years when Caroline has lost everybody--not just her parents but her contemporaries. And she'll be very different once she sees what it's like to see everybody grow up, move on, die. She might come back and befriend her friends' children. But she'll probably travel to every part of the world (with Klaus!) and see the lives in Mystic Falls for the tiny little specks they are.

          I'm okay with the supernatural immortal types getting over Stefan's "lapse" but it should fuh-reak the humans OUT.
          Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


          • Yes! I wonder just how much Carol Lockwood knows, really. She doesn't seemed freaked out enough at all. Obvs, Liz knew all about Stefan's Ripper exploits, because she was helping Damon and Elena track his victims. But she was cool that he came back to town, and wasn't really worried about that at all??? Does she know that Damon was actually responsible for that whole slew of S1 attacks, or does she only know that he turned Vicki? It's one thing to accept your daughter for what she has become, but it's a bit weird to me that Liz still trusts Damon the way she does. It's only slightly affected her relationship with him . . . that scene with Bill, where she said she didn't 'approve of Damon's lifestyle' was pretty much all we got. Surely she doesn't know all the horrible rape-y things he did to a sixteen yr old Caroline, or Damon would have been staked by now.

            I would sooooo love a flashforward scene so we can see what Caroline is up to in 2212. That would be crazy awesome.

            Oh, and I forgot to say that Stefan did NOT come to MF for Elena, because he didn't know she existed. He told her that he comes back to MF every few years 'to see Zach and check up on his home.' He just happened to be near the bridge that day, probably hunting bunnies. Which makes sense. We saw that he kept a whole lot of stuff at the boarding house, including his journals, so obviously he must have been using it as a home base for decades.

            I've always wondered about when/why the place was built. Zach indicated that it actually belonged to both Damon and Stefan, so presumably they built it together, but why and when and how where they on such good terms? The last time we got to see them together as brothers was when Damon walked out of the Salvatore plantation in 1864 because Stefan was all ripper-y and sloppy (Damon does hate sloppy!), and they weren't on great terms then. And when Damon showed up in MF in the pilot, he said it had been 15 yrs since they had seen each other and they were on *horrible* terms at that point. So when were they being brothers enough to build a ginormous house back in their old home town together? It doesn't fit anything we have been told in flashbacks yet. Maybe we will find out in the 1912 episode, because it does look like it could date from that era. And yes, with all the sexy female vampire boxing stuff going on, I am most interested in questions of architecture.

            I've also always wondered where 'Uncle Zach' and the previous 'uncles'/house caretakers even came from. Damon and Stefan didn't have kids or siblings. I guess they could have had unmentioned Salvatore cousins in MF, but then it's weird that Zach called Stefan 'Uncle Stefan' instead of 'Cousin Stefan'.

            Ha! Of all the crazy shit on this show, *that's* what I have decided is weird.


            • Much like Damon? You don't do sloppy! I respect that. Perhaps you should start a Twitter or Tumblr with nitpicky TVD questions?

              And, obviously, once Elena is long dead Caroline will get over that whole killing Aunt Jenna thing and terrorizing ol' MF stuff that Klaus used to get up to.
              Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


              • Honestly, I don't think Caroline has even given a thought to Aunt Jenna. I mean, Elena never even brings it up when she's around Klaus either. Poor Jenna!

                When you think about it, Jenna only died to save Caroline. She was the back-up vampire!

                But Carolin's main objection to Klaus seems to mostly center around Tyler's hybrid-ing, and not the folks he, you know, sacrificed.

                Perhaps you should start a Twitter or Tumblr with nitpicky TVD questions?
                Never going to happen. I have no desire to actually be part of the TVD fandom at all. Nor do I want to put any work into it. Just want to discuss it to death with a few peeps. Which means you and my mom. Who I just got off the phone with earlier today after explaining for the THREE THOUSANDTH time who Alaric is, an why he lives with Elena. Oh, sorry. Who *Allen* is and why he lives with *Ellen*.


                • Official synopses for 3.16 "1912":
                  The present-day murders in Mystic Falls remind Damon (Ian Somerhalder) of a similar crime spree a century earlier. In flashbacks to 1912, Damon recalls a beautiful vampire, Sage (guest star Cassidy Freeman), who showed him a whole new way to exist. Sheriff Forbes (Marguerite MacIntyre) warns Damon not to get involved in her investigation, but Damon is convinced she’s going after the wrong suspect. Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Matt (Zach Roerig) resort to breaking and entering in their search for evidence to prove Dr. Fell (guest star Torrey Devitto) is a murderer. For reasons known only to her, Rebekah (guest star Claire Holt), becomes interested in locating one of the town’s oldest landmarks. Finally, Elena comes to a new understanding of the path her life has taken, and Damon makes an emotional confession to Stefan (Paul Wesley).
                  And the episode stills, complete with hilarious wigs and hats!:

                  I hope Damon's confession has something to do with why all of Stefan's hoodies are missing.

                  This hiatus blows.


                  • O.M.G. I completely forgot it was hiatus. I was all rushing around to get dinner on (I'm making my famous enchiladas) and decided to surf the net while my chicken is cooking and this reminded me: NO TVD. *sob*

                    I am woefully behind on TV this week. But still! I had completely forgotten.
                    Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                    • HOW COULD YOU FORGET. NEVAH FORGET.

                      Obviously, you are not sharing my pain. Beekdamnyou.

                      Okay, here are some hiatus vids:

                      For the Delena shippin' heart:

                      I'm mad at you because I love you:
                      But I need You So:
                      My Love Never Ends:
                      You're Everything:

                      For the Elenjah shippin' heart:

                      I can hear your heartbeat:

                      You have to be tough to live in Mystic Falls . . .

                      You can go hard or you can go home:

                      . . . and you should be good at other things, too . . .

                      Lessons in Love:

                      if not, then you know . . .

                      World Go Boom:


                      • So there was a minor kerfluffle in the Nian RLTL fandom yesterday when Nina and Ian were papped separately at LAX GETTING INTO DIFFERENT CABS. OMB.


                        Also, Nina tweeted a cover of a break-up song *plus* a pic of Adele, so OBVS they must have broken up. But then! a report of Nina and Ian being spotted at the Kelly Clarkson concert in ATL on thursday night was uncovered, and it was noticed that their luggage at LAX was vice versa'ed (as in Nina was papped with Ian's luggage and Ian was papped with Nina's), *and* the Nianologists found out they only split at the terminal because Nina was rushing to a dress fitting, and Ian was going tee shirt shopping at Fred Segal. Whew.

                        At that link above, you can see that Ian (and therefore Damon) finally got a haircut. And it's fine. Perfectly acceptable. A second, more heartfelt 'whew'.

                        Ian was also kind enough to tweet their schedule for the weekend. All celebs should be required by law to make stalking them so easy!:
                        Ian somerhalder ‏ @iansomerhalder
                        Oscar weekend in LA-crazy.Independent Spirit awards tomorrow.Ill be there-very stoked&Night Before party.Sunday:Elton John&Vanity Fair-whoa.
                        So you know, now I am hoping for purty red carpet pics. It's interesting to me that they got invites to *the* hottest of the events (outside of the Oscars themselves, of course). The VF party is supposed to be really hard to get into. I wonder if this says anything about how much the TVD profile has been raised lately. Hope so! I want a zillion more seasons of this beekdamn show. Of course, if Ian and Nina's own star profiles are raised *too* much, that could spell doom for TVD. Hmmm . . . .now I don't know what to root for. I should probably check into the length of their current contracts.

                        Bigger pic of Ian's haircut (with bonus nice arms!):

                        You can also see that he is talking to someone named 'French Kote' on his phone. The Nianologists have decided that it must be Nina, because 'kote' means 'kitten' in Bulgarian, and that's what Nina's mom calls her. Plus Nina speaks french. Ship on, you crazy diamonds. And yes, I have decided to ship them, because they make it so easy to do so - also, Delena is kinda hot. Stop looking at me with those judgey eyes.

                        Elijah and Mrs. Elijah looking super hot from a couple of days ago:

                        ELIJAH WHY U SO PERFECT.

                        Now, on to actual show stuff.

                        The upcoming episode titles:
                        3.16 1912
                        3.17 Break On Through
                        3.18 The Murder of One
                        3.19 Heart of Darkness
                        3.20 Do Not Go Gentle

                        I wonder if 3.18 is a crow reference? C'mon, Damon! Don't be afraid to bring back the crows, and that fog thing you used to do.

                        Also, a fan put together a TVD Kill Sheet:

                        I have issues with it! She's fixed some of the more glaring errors, but I still am not sure that you can give Bonnie 'kills' for exorcising the ghosts in ghost world. Does that really count as a 'kill'? Also, Elena should get credit for killing Alaric in that ep when all the handsome men had dinner together.

                        ETA The Damon Salvatore Hair Timeline Tumblr:

                        I'm sure the person who is sloooowly creating this is very interested in Ian's new haircut!
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                        • Wait, Stefan's kill count is higher than Damon's? Hmm. I hate that spreadsheet. It's hard to read!
                          Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                          • Yes, in the age of Tumblr and hover bikes, I do NOT understand why she used a spreadsheet.

                            I would think that *overall* Stefan's actual body count would be higher than Damon's. Not like, onscreen death toll, though. That surprised me. But in like, their history of 160 yrs on the planet, yeah. Stefan may have spent more years not killing at all, but when he *was* killing, he was ravaging entire towns of people. But I guess this person couldn't add in all the victims from Monterrey, and so, since it didn't happen onscreen. But she could have included all the names from his serial killer closet. Those are confirmed kills, after all. That would have super duper upped his total.

                            Ian and Nina were spotted out at Mel's Diner last night, but no pics! *askakgdkfhsgwneudbnskgah*

                            I need to hire my own personal pap just to follow the people on my RLTL list.


                            • They are such an established couple--how do they not get papped together? Josh/Ginny are not "out" as a couple and are not that famous so it doesn't surprise me that they don't get covered (though I would REALLY like to have seen pics of Josh because he's soooo dreamy.
                              Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                              • I think it's the Oscar Wkend effect . . . the paps are all out hunting the bigger game, so the tv stars go unnoticed. I'll bet the paps didn't notice poor Josh at all.

                                And *technically*, Nian is another one of those couples who refuse to say if they are a couple or not, and who try to be more ninja-like. They have never confirmed one way or the other. They have only done a small number of red carpets together in two years, and usually don't do PDA.