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  • It is hard to tell in pictures, but Ian and Nina do NOT look like they had a friendly breakup. AT ALL. There is no way those two are still "best friends". I hope somebody puts up video.

    Nina is def winning this breakup. If only because Ian looks like complete shit. Nina should be partying a little and enjoying her life. She is in her early twenties for fuck's sake. But that would be a serious problem for an older guy trying to settle down. Maybe she doesn't want to be doing appearences every second of her life. Nothing wrong with that.

    Unrelatedly, Stephen Amell looks seriously hot in that suit.
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    • Candice and her boyfriend Joe King recorded a single in honor of the TVD finale:

      Candice Accola ‏@CandiceAccola 2m
      In honor of Mystic Falls Class of 2013, @joekingofficial and I recorded something for you all! … #nostalgiaAtItsBest

      It's catchy when it reaches the chorus.

      Anyway, more pics:

      Ian smiley:
      Ian not smiley:
      Ian smirky:
      Ian both pointy and smiley:
      Nina pretty:

      Nina just tweeted this pic:

      That is freaking GORGEOUS.

      Nina Dobrev ‏@ninadobrev 4m
      Matching. Not planned.. But still awesome. #greatmindsthinkalike @JosephMorgan and I this am at Upfronts
      Shipping it! #klelena

      You can see Ian's back from across the room, nowhere near Nina.

      And this, from the Nian thread at FF, just sounds sad:
      We stayed at the same hotel as them in Brussels and Ian seemed so tired when we saw them there. Huge difference from at the con so he's good at faking it. Paul and Torrey went out both nights, Nate was everywhere (lobby, bar, outside, corridors, lounge etc., we bumped into him all night) greeting fans and stuff with Jamie the whole night and Candice where nowhere to be seen. Ian just sat alone in the hotel restaurant and ate dinner and then went up stairs. My point with this is that I think he's overworked and simply don't have the energy to go out and such and rather stay behind. Otherwise he'd gone with Paul and Torrey or something. Maybe not that relevant but that may be why he didn't stop for pictures and stuff.
      They are using this an argument for why it doesn't mean anything that Nina left without Ian and why he didn't come out to interact with fans like she did, but duuuude. That right there is an argument that they did split up. He normally hangs out with Paul and co at cons.

      In other news, I have to find a new TVD and CW insider/entertainment journalist to stalk:
      Carina MacKenzie ‏@cadlymack 56m
      All in all, this week was a really fun last hurrah for my time at Zap2it. Hanging up my press pass pretty soon to try some new things.
      Might take me awhile to figure out who is going to be as accessible and prolific as Carina. She tweets all day long and posts about nearly every show I care about. She was my one-stop shop! Beekdamnit.

      ian somerhalder ‏@iansomerhalder 3m
      So So So sorry I couldn't stop&take photos&sign all that you needed today like I usually do-its a really busy day.I truly love you all
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      • Um, yeah, Ian not interacting with fans is a bad sign. He lives for that shit.

        Based on that picture, I have decided that Nina and JoMo are having a secret affair that led to this breakup. Logic: none. I just like to believe its true.
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        • My gut feeling is that Nina would never do anything that interesting, as she is the world's most boring celebrity - just ahead of DK (or, as I now call her, ManJaw2)
          Bitter Shipper


          • UNLESS Nina is finally kicking up her heels? I'm hoping that's true. I hope Hough is a horrible influence on her and they drink too much and party all summer and get papped looking bleary eyed and hungover!

            If you would have told me I'd click on any Upfront links ophy posted to look at photos of Nian? I would have told you you were crazy! But here I am, clicking and armchair analyzing! I LOVE awkward celebrity breaks-ups SO MUCH.
            Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


            • Nina is waaaaay blander than DK, which is just how I like her. I don't track celebs for the fireworks or the rollercoaster.

              Ian and Joseph:

              Maybe *they* are the ones having the secret affair!

              Phoebe and Nina:

              Or them!

              As more and more pics come out, and *none* of them have Ian and Nina interacting at all . . .

              They have been apart for weeks. If they were still together, you'd think they would be attached at the damn hip (as per usual at these things). The nianologists are steadfastly refusing to see what is RIGHT THERE. Or rather, the lack of what should be there.

              Claire and Phoebe hanging out and looking adorbs (not at upfronts):

              See? This is what a happy couple in love looks like! (j/k)

              A better quality pic of Ian and Nina doing their 'this is how we act professional and put the fears of The CW advertisers at rest' bit onstage:

              ETA Ian earnestly and sincerely explaining lightbulbs to Joseph:
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              • I'm drawing all sorts of conclusions about Nian based on this thread alone, but I'm excited for her to have a fun summer that's free of appearances at socially responsible events! She doesn't have to go full Lohan. Live, Nina! LIVE!


                • I never read this thread anymore, but just like Is, I'm totally clicking and analyzing all the pics. Celeb breakups are everything!

                  Imagine if twitter/instagram existed when Dawson's was on? It would've been amaaaaazing.


                  • Oh, even back then the DC gang knew how lucky they were to be in Wilmy with fans who had nothing but disposable cameras.

                    I can't stop watching the vine vid turnaway.


                    • Okay, that gif is awesome.

                      Not only is Nina not interested in hanging out with Ian the few hours he has left in the States (he leaves for Paris soon, perhaps as early as 5PM) she imported friends from Canada to *make sure* she didn't have to be alone with Ian. And she wants everyone to know it.

                      Nina Dobrev ‏@ninadobrev 4m
                      My girlfriends from Highschool in Toronto @iAMM_lyss @megomau5 #twitterlessjustine visiting NYC for the first time ever! First cab ride.
                      Nina is up front, apparently.

                      As for Ian . . . he tweeted this at the same time *sadface*:
                      ian somerhalder ‏@iansomerhalder 46s
                      In a cafe that I've been going to for 18yrs,alone-summer in NYC.So many amazing memories...

                      BRB off to see how the Nian thread is going to spin this one into puppies and rainbows . . .

                      ETA His emo tweet garnered him some sympathy.
                      ian somerhalder ‏@iansomerhalder 2m
                      @cadlymack thanks for that little heart emoticon text woman-made me smile right back at ya
                      Um . .. you know you *tweeted* that at Carina + the world, and didn't just text her? I think he's fishing for it at this point, tbh. He *wanted* everyone to know Nina was off with her friends while he was in The Cafe de Sadness all alone.

                      ETA2 Holy Beek, STOP TWEETING, IAN.
                      ian somerhalder ‏@iansomerhalder 1m
                      butchhogan's photo

                      That pic is just a quote: 'There are no beautiful surfaces without a terrible depth.' - Nietzsche

                      I am seriously going to stop feeling sorry for you now.
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                      • Oh my fucking god. Nina is running this shit like a boss. Poor Ian. This reeks of some seriously hurtful breakup fight. She isn't even pretending to be nice. Hee. What a bitch. I love it.

                        She def did the breaking up. Or Ian did cheat and is trying to show how sad he is about it. I feel sorry for him.

                        She tweeted her fun plans first. And he followed with his look how sad I am tweet. This was not a mutual thing.

                        JoMo and DG couldn't have taken him for a beer and a hooker or something? What dicks.
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                        • Oohoohoo. One cannot spin "alone."


                          • Ian + Cafe de Sadness = 4evah! This is soooo delicious. Poor Ian!

                            Though, in my mildly sociopathic leanings, I imagine heartbreak for beautiful wealthy famous peeps is a bit different. It's a short-term sting because, clearly, love will find you again. It's really just a matter of when and where.
                            Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                            • Oh, they are in the trenches now. First up is Nina again:


                              What a happy looking burger! She's got a patio seat at Freedom Bistro*.
                              May 16, 2013Final Burger bite with ketchup, guacamole, and French fry. After salad...sangria...chips and salsa. Ahh I'm going to explode. #sofull
                              All her friends! So happy!! happy happy!


                              May 16, 2013Talking, reminiscing, memories of the good ol' days, but in a big new city #galpals #goodtimes #yummmm
                              And are those the Tacos of Moving On I see? Why yes! HAPPY TACOS!!


                              May 16, 2013Tacos much? Don't think I can eat all this... Mind is bigger than my stomach #whoops #funnyphotobombintheback
                              . . . and this is what Ian counters with:
                              ian somerhalder ‏@iansomerhalder 5m
                              #throwbackthursdays Me,East Village NYC Summer 1995 shot by butchhogan 5blocks from where I am…

                              Is that ALL YOU'VE GOT, IAN?

                              In case you are wondering, no . . . Nina never tweets this many pics of herself hanging out with people.

                              *may not actually be the name of the bistro.


                              • Now this shit is more like it. Passive agressive tweets for the win.